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Oh, hello there.

I haven’t been on here in nearly a month. Coming off a three week break BEFORE this unannounced absence . . . I feel kind of bad.

As usual, I’ll spout off my excuses:

I was sick. I really was. For about two weeks or so, my body was bound and determined to keep me feeling like absolute garbage.

I’ve been writing. Granted, I have no idea how the writing went during the worst of that ‘I’m sick’ stuff. I’m guessing I’ll have to do a ridiculous (RIDICULOUS) amount of editing on it. Thing is . . . I do that anyway. No harm done there.

That’s really all that’s been going on here, for the most part. Made a few nail polishes and whatnot, and that was fun. I think I played Tropico one day, or maybe two. I honestly can’t remember. That might be due to the KICKING MIGRAINE I currently have (being unable to remember). Not sure.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get as much writing as possible in on this new series. Given 3/4 of all my blog posts are me talking about how impossible I find ‘balancing’ . . . I suppose it makes sense that I haven’t been on here. It’s been really good for me, I think. It’s been a LONG while since I’ve had/made the time to get a substantial amount of writing done. And getting a substantial amount of writing done I am.

I’ll probably keep up this trend for at least a little while longer, depending on. Don’t ask me, “Depending on what?” because I honestly wouldn’t have an answer for that as of now. (I’ll add again about the migraine and how it’s hindering my ability to form proper thoughts. Don’t ask me why I’m even posting right now when I don’t have a clue what I’m saying.)

I need to update the links on the My Book section because Reave is available in more places than just Amazon. I should probably do that. I’ve been intending to for . . . a long while. During that long while, the thought process was: I should probably do that. I’m going to do that. Oh, hey, I’m doing this other thing that takes me all day rather than doing the thing that would take all of five minutes THEN that other thing.

I also need to check around and see if anyone wants to review Reave. I should probably do that as well. Yep.

Does anyone else get ridiculously stressed out over that sort of stuff? Like the, ‘I for real need to do this and not doing it stressing me out waaaaay worse than actually doing it or maybe it isn’t and maybe the other would stress me out worse and I just GAAAAAAAAAAAAH’ ??

Yes, that was an absolutely horrendous run-on sentence. I make no apologies. That was totally how it went down in my head, or . . . how it WOULD have, if my head was not currently torturing me.

I should really stop writing because pretty much all I’m talking about is my migraine.

I hope everyone has been doing well the last several weeks. If you haven’t been, I’m sorry and I would give you a hug if I could. Unless you’re like me and have issues with physical proximity, in which case we could all give one another a wide berth and call it a day.


(I probably shouldn’t be writing anything right now . . .)


26 thoughts on “Oh, hello there.

  1. Welcome back. Glad you’re feeling better. (Tuan made the joke first.) Getting reviews is rather nerve-wracking, but it’s best to simply say ‘if you read it then feel free to review it’. Demanding a review can backfire depending on the person you talk to.

    • Thanks. πŸ™‚
      And it was a pretty appropriate joke.

      I would definitely NEVER demand a review. I wouldn’t want anyone to leave them if they didn’t want to, you know? I just need to seek out some reviewers and email them, but interacting stresses me out so badly that I put it off and put it off (I could write that about fifty more times). Not to mention the waiting around for however long to get an absolutely horrible review. I know that’s all part of it, but it’s terrifying.

      • Makes sense. There are plenty of book review blogs out there, but one has to be patient. Unless you market on a daily basis, it’s hard to get a flow of reviews in. Most indie authors are too busy with a day job or life to do that.

      • I’d imagine it would be pretty difficult to get a steady flow of reviews even with daily marketing. I suppose that would all depend on one’s definition of ‘steady’ . . . XD
        It definitely does take a lot of patience.

  2. Hey you!

    It’s great to hear from you, rambling, run-on sentences, migraine and all πŸ™‚ Glad you’ve gotten some serious writing in during your break from here. That’s super great news. I myself have been failing miserably in that department.

    Also, seeing as you updated your list of where we can get your books, I shall have to order one soon. I’m so very behind on my books, but once I get it (probably still in a month or two), I will certainly review it on my blog and goodreads.

    I’m also looking into book review blogs for my one job, and if I come across any that would fit for Reave, I shall pass them along on here.

    As for feeling stressed over not doing one thing because you’re doing something else. Yes. All the time.

    Feel better chika! (Don’t ask me where that came from)
    ~ Jess

    • So I was going to just order a copy, and then I thought hit me. Is there a way I can get a signed copy from you?

      • πŸ™‚ I’m sure we could manage that.

        I will have to order a copy because the only one I currently have is my proof from before I released it. I really should’ve ordered more after I ran out of the ones I had. Anyway, I will check around and see what the cheapest shipping I can get would be. (Are you in the US? If so, what state?)
        After that I can let you know and we can do that on paypal.
        It’ll take a little while for a copy to arrive here. Probably about a week and a half if past orders are any indication of that.
        Does all that sound all right? It was all I could think of for it. You’re the first person who’s asked for a signed copy over the blog! πŸ˜€

      • HOORAY!

        Actually, I am in Canada, province of Ontario, and city of Thunder Bay. Also, I just realized that was extremely backwards… oh well. Would you still be able to ship one to me? I sure hope so. Let me know how much and when you get a copy. I’m sure Reave is worth waiting for πŸ˜‰

        I’m the first over the blog?! Whoot!

      • Okay, so I have some really not so great news about the book-mailing.

        I think the absolute CHEAPEST I could get is about $30 for shipping, but that was by doing the thing on the internet (which I won’t rely on). My husband called UPS (rather than the postal service, which is who I usually mail through) and talked to them with the information you gave and they said $37 . . .
        They ALSO said that along with that, it was likely you would have to pay some sort of tax when it got to you. -_-

        I can’t tell you how angry I got over it all. I just don’t understand why I can send the exact same thing to ENGLAND (WHICH IS ACROSS AN OCEAN) for $18. It just makes such little sense, if any at all.

        That is a RIDICULOUS amount of money for shipping a book. Don’t you think so?

        I’m sorry it took me a couple days to get back with you. I’ve seriously been so frustrated over it.

        Let me know what you think about it.

      • Well, that’s rather expensive. More for shipping then just the book, and twice the price, when our countries are joined vs sending it to countries across the water.

        I feel bad that you got frustrated, but thank you for putting so much time into looking at how to obtain a copy for me. That really does mean a great deal.

        As for ordering the copy, well, I shall get one online and ship it to myself, and if I’m ever in the states, I’ll contact you on here… and maybe, if I’m lucky, you might be doing a signing or promotion, and I can come by and get my copy signed.

        Sound good?

      • I KNOW!
        (Sorry for type-shouting at you there, but I just think it’s ridiculous.)

        Your plan sounds like a plan. Definitely let me know if you’re ever in the states! Or maybe if I’m ever in Canada . . .
        I’ve never been before, but who knows? I really would like to travel.
        I’m totally digressing, haha.

        Anyway, yes, it sounds good.
        Hope you’ve been doing well! πŸ™‚

    • Haha Thanks! I felt like a moron after posting that yesterday.
      And HEY YOU as well! How have you been? πŸ™‚

      Yes, I’ve definitely been getting some serious writing in. Hoping to stay on track with that for the rest of this series. It drives me nuts when the stories get so ‘formed’ and I can’t get them out fast enough.
      But oh noes. 😦 What’s going on with you not-writing? Are you just busy? Hopefully it’s that and not writer’s block. 😦

      I would absolutely love for you to review it whenever you can. πŸ™‚
      And I would also absolutely love for you to send me links to any blogs you stumble across that might fit Reave. Finding the ‘fit’ is the difficult part. (Well, that and getting myself to actually email people because I stress out so badly about that . . .)
      If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing that makes you have to look them up? I’m just curious!

      LoL, Do you ever wonder if just doing the thing that stresses you out would stop it all? I think it would be easier if the other side (doing it and everything that follows after) wasn’t just as stressful, if not more than. I dunno. I just woke up and I don’t even know if I’m making sense. XD

      Don’t know where the chica thing came from? One of my best friends used to call me that all the time, so I’m pretty used to it. πŸ˜€
      And thank you. I’m feeling much better today. I only hope it stays that way because I took my last migraine pill yesterday and don’t feel like running to the store (or WON’T if another hits).
      Hope you’re doing well!

      • I’ve been good. Busy but good, which yes, does explain my lack of writing. Although it’s more a lack of willingness to start writing that’s been holding me up the most. I have a story that’s finally become formed enough for me to write, and low and behold I even have the initial chapter written. I’ve just been having difficulty sitting down to start the next chapter. Perhaps I’ll do that today – courtesy of your inspiration.

        Right now, my internet has been not working for almost a month at my building (I currently have my phone tethered to my computer just to do this much), so I’m behind on my book reviews. HOWEVER! I shall make sure that Reave gets a prompt review. It helps when there’s a connection with the author.

        I’m currently working with a small publishing company in Thunder Bay. The company only publishes North Western authors, but we have an Indie service branch to help self-publishing authors too. I’m putting together lists for both branches, as we offer blog tours as one/part of our services πŸ™‚ If I find any, I’ll post them here for you. Or… maybe on another blog post if I can’t find this one πŸ˜›

        You make sense, but I don’t have an honest answer for that. Sometimes I find I’m less stressed because there’s less little things now that I’ve done them, but the little things always come back so… it’s a toss up really.

        No, I rarely use it, but I’m glad you’re used to it! Makes me feel much, much better. Hope the evil migraine is gone. *hugs*

      • I feel you with the ‘busy but good’. I’m always busy, and the good fluctuates. haha
        I’ve definitely had those moments where no matter how badly I want to write, I just can’t/don’t/won’t. It usually happens when I get hung up at a certain part. Then everything is fine when I get past it (which can sometimes take quite a long while . . .).

        I hope you were able to get that next chapter written (and more!). How is that going? I get so frustrated when I have something that wants to be written and it just doesn’t happen.

        GAH, I’m so sorry that your internet has been out. Is that all fixed now? I hope so. It’s really difficult to get by without it when SO MUCH has to be done on it.

        I’m trying not to get upset about the shipping cost again.

        I didn’t know you all offered blog tours. That’s super cool. πŸ™‚
        I’ve thought about doing one of those. They can get pretty pricey though.

        The evil migraine hasn’t reared its ugly head in for a while, and that’s a huge relief.
        Hope you’re doing well!

      • Well, I definitely suck at using Twitter. I’ve never done a ‘webinar’ before. Sounds . . . scary.

        10AM Pacific is 1PM my time, and I’m unfortunately sleeping then usually. (Nocturnal)

        Thank you for thinking about me. Will you let me know if you learn anything interesting from it?

      • Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since your reply! Don’t I feel like a complete ass.

        Webinars aren’t that scary. You sit and watch a video, while listening to someone talk about it. You don’t need to interact at all. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see it, so I have no tips at the moment. If I ever learn tips for Twitter, I will certainly pass them along.

      • I’ve been really horrible about getting on here. Haven’t been for nearly a month until today. I need to get better at that . . .

        I don’t know if I would have the patience to sit and watch a person talking about something for however long. I’d be thinking about all the stuff I needed to work on! Maybe if it was something REALLY interesting . . .

  3. So glad to see you’re back for a visit!

    To do lists have been a problem for me lately as well. But you just gotta sit down, actually physically write it on a sheet of paper and stick to it.

    Mental lists just get piled under all that clutter. Use a gel pen! πŸ™‚

    And I would so offer my services for a review, but my blog probably does not have the audience you are looking for.

    I hope your migraine goes away soon and you feel better!

    • πŸ˜€ Thanks. Glad to see you as well!

      I do love making lists. That one particular thing is more forcing myself to actually do it. I don’t know that writing it down would do much of anything because I would still be sitting here like, “GAAAAAAAAAAAAH TALKING TO PEOPLE!”
      It’s not so bad when I’ve chatted with people before, but the initial bit is just so weird, especially with that in particular. “Hey. I don’t know you at all. Do you want to do this for me?”
      I guess my mind totally disregards that reviewers love reading and all that. It just makes me feel so weird.

      I’ve contemplated making a massive order of gel pens from JoAnns (looked up the site after you talked about it!). I already have a lot, but I run through them like crazy and might as well. (I’ll have a lot of editing to do when I finish up with this writing!) XD

      Do you mean intended audience like they wouldn’t be interested or audience as in amount of followers? Either isn’t a big deal to me, honestly. If you’re interested in doing that, I’d be more than happy for you to. Everything helps. Do you have GoodReads?
      If you want, you can email me at cnmill(dot)acc(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know your preferred format. πŸ™‚

      The migraine finally went away at some point last night and I was able to get another chapter written on this new book, so that’s good. It will be back because it always comes back eventually.
      I hope you’re doing well and that you get your to-do lists straightened out! πŸ˜€

    • Hahaha. We’re friends, so I’d like to think we could force ourselves to hug each other. But maybe the awkward high five is best because they’re sometimes worse. Bonus points if it’s awkward enough to beat the awkwardness of hugging.

      Yeaaaaah. I have to take a bit of time away from writing (*sadface*) to get caught up on here and whatnot. Twitter is going to be the real pain to get legitimately caught up on. I have more DM’s than I want to admit piled up and never responded to . . .
      I DO need to go through on FB and actually like pages with my personal account so it counts to people’s total likes. Another thing to do . . .

      By the way, here in a bit I’m going to mosey on over to your blog and check out this entry that got Freshly Pressed. (WOOOOOOO!)
      (Another by the way, ever since you texted me with that, ‘Freshly Pressed’ has popped into my head several times. Every time, I just keep thinking about how weird it sounds. “I’m freshly pressed.” “You’re freshly pressed.” I keep thinking about objects that actually get pressed.)

      Bonus points to me for finding a way to use the word mosey.

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