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What’s In The Works?

This page explains what I’m currently working on, what is in the works, and what I’ve done that’s sitting still. It’s mostly to cut down on all the confusion when I’m posting entries where I mention multiple series, but honestly might make it all worse. It’s probably best to put this out rather than me being the only person who knows, then consistently talking about it. Apologies in advance if it’s confusing. This is just my system (or part of it).

They go in order from the point they were WRITTEN (which is what I have them labeled as), not by what I’m actively doing, how far along they are, or how important they are to me.

If there is a * in front of a series, that means it’s completed (writing-wise). If it’s underlined, that means there is some sort of news on it.

(Series with Active News: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, SA)

(List of priorities at the very bottom will change when larger milestones are hit.)

(Random note: When I say ‘run-through,’ I mean ‘edit.’ That’s just what I often call it.)

(It goes: # of books in series (regardless of whether they’re completed or not, if I know how many it will be), if it’s finished (writing-wise) and [the time frame I wrote it in], the number of drafts (only applicable if series is complete), what I did the last time I touched it and when that was)

Check back to keep updated!



*Series 1:

Genre: YA, Paranormal

6 Books, Complete (2010-2012), 6th Draft, Last Run-Through February 2015

Note: I currently have no intention of ever releasing this series. They were the first books I ever wrote and infuriate me accordingly. It’s possible that I may release them at some point in the future, when I have the time/patience to make them good enough. I don’t have either at the moment.

August 12, 2014: I’ve really been putting some serious thought into trying to fix this one. It’s all a matter of finding the time . . .

December 2014: I’ve pretty much decided that I will get this ready to release at some point. Again, it’s all about finding the time and taking care of other priorities.

February 4, 2014: Finished a rough run-through of the entire series, attempting to determine whether it can potentially be salvaged or not. It’s possible. Maybe. Possibly. I might get back to it later on this year, after a few more releases and things settle down a bit.


*Series 2 (Reave Series):

Genre: YA, Fantasy

4 Books, Complete (August 2012-November 2012), 10th Draft, Last changes made February 2015

Book 1 (Reave) Released: December 4, 2013


Book 2 (Elude) Released: July 14, 2014

Elude Reveal

(Check out the My Books page to see more about them!)

NEWS: As of 7/16/2014, two beta-readers have finished book 3. 🙂

August 12, 2014: I need to get book 3 to another beta-reader, and book 4 to the first. (The first is currently going through a different one.)

February 5, 2015: I’ll be starting to arrange the photo shoot for the remaining books in this series soon, for the cover art. Planning on releasing B3 in a couple months. 🙂


Series 3:

Genre: YA, Dystopian

? Books, Not Finished, Started February 2013, Last Writing Done August 2013

Note: I’ve only written a few chapters of the first book. I’ve tried working on it several times, but have found it very difficult to do as much. I do have intentions to get back to it at some point, but I have no idea when.


*Series 4 (The Ten Kingdoms):

Genre: Fantasy

3 Books, Complete (June 2013-July 2013 [Yes, that one came out VERY FAST]), 7th Draft, Last Run-Through December 2014

Book 1 (Lameria’s Gift) Projected Release: March 2015

TTK LG Reveal

Note: These books are not Young Adult. I just want that put out there as fair warning before I start releasing them.

NEWS: As of 6/11/2014, I’m mostly-finished with another run-through of it, currently on the third book. Hoping to get the first to a beta-reader soon.

July 28, 2014: Book 1 is in the hands of the first beta-reader.

October 2014: The front cover for B1 is finished.

December 2014: B1 has gone through multiple beta-reads.

December 10, 2014: I’m working on the last run-through before formatting.

February 5, 2015: B1 is totally finished, waiting for release. Projected: Early March 2015


Series 5:

Genre: Fantasy

? Books, Not Finished, Started August 2013

Note: This is a spin-off of sorts for the previous trilogy. Book 1 is not completed, but it’s on my to-do list, though not my immediate one. If people want this series to happen after reading the trilogy, that will give it a higher priority than it currently has. It’s difficult to write on in a different way than Series 3. It makes me sad. (I was talking about the book/story making me sad, but it being difficult also does.)


*Series 6:

Genre: NA

3 Books, Complete (August 2013-November 2014), 3rd Draft, Last Run-Through February 2015

Note: Books 1 and 2 are written. 3 is a few chapters in. I will finish it at some point, but whether I release it is questionable. It’s kind of filthy, for one thing. I’m not so exceptional at writing contemporary, for another. My ratio at finishing them in comparison to Fantasy novels is NOT that great (apart from Series 1, which is six completed ‘contemporary’).

Note 2: I decided to release this series. It’s just too funny (in my opinion) not to.

November 5, 2014: Started writing on B3 again.

November 15, 2014: Finished first draft of B3. (B 1&2 are on second drafts.)

January 15, 2015: Finished a run-through of the series.

February 5, 2015: I’m planning on releasing the first in this series relatively soon. It needs to be sent off for editing, and I need to get the cover art done.


Series 7:

Genre: Probably NA, Fantasy

? Books, Not Finished, Started February 2014, Last Actively Writing June 2014

Note: This is a spin-off of the Reave Series. It’s more for my own amusement/sanity than anything, and I have very little intention of releasing it when/if finished. If there was a high (and insistent) demand for it in the future, that might sway me.

NEWS: As of 6/11/2014, I’ve gotten a little farther through the first. Not much, but I have written on it recently.


Series 8:

Genre: Fantasy

? Books, Not Finished, Started February 2014, Last Actively Writing February 2015

Note: Again, not YA.

NEWS: As of 5/17/2014, I’ve halted on the third book to work on other projects (so that I can come back to this with less on my plate). Whenever I’ve gotten a few things accomplished, this will be what I get back to. I’ve finished the first two books, along with a short story for this series.

August 12, 2014: I’m approximately halfway finished with writing book 3.

August 14, 2014: I finished writing book 3. Obviously I was WAY OFF with the previous update as to how far I was into it.

September 13, 2014: I finished writing book 4. Started on book 5.

October 30, 2014: Partially-done with B5.

January 2, 2015: Still partially-done with B5. Hoping to finish writing this one within the next couple months.



SA1 (IS NO LONGER A SA): 3-4 Books, Complete (February 2014-December 2014), 3rd Draft, Last Run-Through March 2015

I only have one, and it’s attached to the Reave Series. While I could technically group them together, I don’t feel like I should. Despite taking place during the same timeline with a (later) known character (MY FAVORITE, apart from Aster), it has an extremely different feel and is also told in third-person POV, opposed to my preferred first. I can’t really classify them together (not while feeling good about it) because I have sincere doubts that it could be put in the same YA category when I finish. It’s very difficult to write about Reapers and keep the books *cough* tame enough to be classified as YA. And with the particular Reaper it centers around . . . there’s really no way. I do have intentions to finish and release this, but I’m not actively working on it. When my plate is a little less full and it gets closer to a time where I could feasibly release it (can’t until the entire series is released), it will get a higher priority.

NEWS: As of 6/11/2014, this is the most recent book I’ve worked on. (Yes, I know I talked about ‘priorities’ there at the end, but sometimes you can’t help what you want to work on.) I’ve gotten quite a lot farther into it, and it’s seeming like it will end up being a short story rather than a full one. I might be able to finish this one soon(ish), but that will depend on whether I have the time to do as much before needing to focus full attention on books that will be releasing sooner.

December 2014: Worked on this from 11/16/2014 – 12/9/14. I’m almost finished with the first draft, but I had to put it aside to get S4B1 ready for release. I was totally wrong about the length of this. It’s easily going to be twice the length of the longest book I’ve ever written. I’ll either be releasing it in two or three parts when that happens, but it will need a lot of work before that point. (And I still can’t release it until after I release S2B4.)

January 2014: Did a run-through of this. It will definitely NOT be YA, and it will be released in either three or four parts, due to the length.

March 2, 2015: Finished another run-through of this.



2 Books Released (Head over to the My Books page to see more about them!)

21 Books Written (+ 1 short story) (Off about the number, due to being undecided over how many books SA1 will end up being. Will update this number after I’ve made a decision on how many times to split it.)

8 Completed Books in the ‘Release Queue’ (Meaning the series as a whole is complete, has several edits on it, but is waiting for one thing or another)

9 Completed books that will probably never see the light of day (I’ve changed my mind about that)

4 Incomplete series

4 Completed series


My List of Work Priorities (As of 02/05/2015):

  1. Getting book 2 in the Reave Series prepared for release
  2. Releasing it
  3. Another run-through of books 3 & 4
  4. Another run-through of Completed Trilogy (Series 4 up top) (Partially crossed out because I’m partially done)
  5. Get book 1 of that trilogy into hands of beta-readers to prepare for release
  6. Get back to work on Series 8
  7. Get S4B1 ready for release
  8. Release that
  9. Finish SA first draft
  10. Do a run-through of S6
  11. Finish S8 and first run-through
  12. Another run-through of books 3&4 in the Reave Series
  13. Another beta-reader for RS book 3
  14. Get RS book 4 into the hands of beta-readers
  15. Figure out what to do for releases
  16. Potentially go through S1 again
  17. Be able to cross off 4 of this list (which means finishing up with S4B3)
  18. Arrange for photo shoot for remainder of S2 + SA1
  19. Cover art for S2B3
  20. Cover art for S6B1
  21. Another run-through of S6
  22. S6B1 to editor
  23. Another run-through of SA1
  24. Redo interiors for Reave and Elude
  25. Find time to breathe (Because that’s possible . . .)


16 thoughts on “What’s In The Works?

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  2. Wow you are such a prolific writer!! I think I can learn a lot from you about how to get my work out there! You’ve got your work in so many different places, too! Man, I should really get started on my sequel haha.

    • 😀
      I type REALLY fast, and I’m getting to where the first drafts (garbage, lol) are just the ‘bare bones’. First run-through will be adding everything else and fixing the mix-ups that inevitably happen when you’re a pantser. It’s easier for me to fill in the blanks, which might be due to the quality of my writing going up while I’m editing (doing it on paper).
      I guess you can really start accumulating books when you’re a hermit and it’s all you do. haha
      I never thought I’d be working on so many things at once. It gets kind of difficult sometimes. (That’s putting it lightly…)
      I kind of HAVE to write an entire series before releasing the first, just because I don’t have a clue how it will change along the way. I can only color in the lines when the picture is complete, but that’s just what works for me.

      Yeah, Reave is available in a decent amount of places. A lot of people go Select when publishing on Kindle, but I had several requests for it to be available for the Nook so that took away the option for me.
      Trying to figure it out as I go along!
      I’m DEFINITELY not the best person to ask about getting it out there. I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing with that. Marketing is by far the biggest challenge for me. (Again, hermit. >.>) One day I’ll figure out something that works and spread the word.

      Sorry this was so lengthy! I have a tendency to do that . . .

      • Haha we are writers!! We tend to do that. Sounds like you process to writing is similar to mine. I realized why I’ve been so slow with this one…. Ridiculous research required. And the prequel/sequels are still gonna take more of it, though not as much.


        That’s one great thing about writing fantasy novels. You only have to do however much of it, then you just make up whatever else you want. haha

      • Sorry I suck at life and it took so long for me to reply to this.

        I can imagine sci-fi would be difficult. I know I was working on one a while back that could ALMOST be classified as that, and I’ll tell ya . . . I just really did NOT want to do any research on the sort of stuff I was writing.

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  6. Two things that come to my mind when reading all this. First, you have an amazing mind to not only have all these things in your in/out basket, and to keep them balanced but also to write them so fast! Second, when you talk about being busy, you are not joking. You are dedicated to such a marvelous degree that I have no idea how you do anything but do all that. Now I see why you struggle with Twitter, Facebook and blogging. How do you keep it all straight? It must be such a blessing/curse to have all those things rolling around in your head. How do you ever have time for anything like responding to little old me?

    • First . . . I genuinely appreciate you saying/thinking that.
      Second . . . No, I am not joking even a little about being busy!
      Definitely have been doing a lot of struggling with it lately. Kind of feel like I’m drowning with it sometimes. I just wish I had some actual time for writing now. Maybe one day . . .
      I honestly don’t know how I keep it all straight, but I’ve been able to thus far. Maybe there will be a point in time that I have so many going on that I WON’T be able to. (Possible. Well, possible if I ever get a substantial bit of writing time again at any point ever.)

      Even with not-writing, I honestly don’t know how to keep up with everything. I honestly just don’t know. lol
      But I’ll always respond to your stuff. It just might take me a little while. XD

      (This page isn’t even mentioning all the stories I WANT to get to and haven’t started yet. I have quite a few of those . . .)

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