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I’ve been doing stuff.

Last time I was on here, Fable was consuming my life. I’m glad to say I finished that all up (for the most part) a few days after. I guess the awesome thing about cutting back on posts for whatever reason(s) is that I feel like I actually have some stuff to say.

The past couple weeks have gone like this:

Finished Fable 3. Rather than writing on the new book, I’ve been editing the trilogy. I started going to the gym with my sister and my husband. Feeling better in a lot of ways because of that. I have more energy and am somehow more tired at the same time. I got distracted early into editing the last book of that trilogy (a couple days ago). I was looking through Herald’s memory and realized that I’m missing part of the spin-off I started writing for that one. I wanted to break the world that day (because I HATE REWRITING). Doing more work was out of the question with all the anger and rage, so I tried out what I was talking about in ALL THE COLORS. It did not work. Yesterday I didn’t work at all, which was mostly due to timing and other plans. Husband and I went to see Divergent. I was PLEASANTLY surprised by it and I really think it’s one of the best YA book-to-movie adaptations so far. (Side-note: The Maze Runner looks amazing, but I haven’t read the books yet. Might wait on that.) After returning home from all that, it was too late to go to sleep because I had a basketball game to watch last night and there was no hope in the world I could sleep for a few hours and wake up for it. I was up for about 24 hours. I did not make it long enough to watch the game. (I’m so thankful for DVR.) Now here we are.

I’ll admit that I didn’t realize it had been QUITE as long as it had since I’d been on here last. I guess I was just really caught up in editing, but I reckon that’s understandable when it’s been such a long time since going through that trilogy. It’s been difficult trying to work on it because there are just SO many details, and all the time that’s passed, etc.

Still, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by that as well. It definitely has it’s problems, but most of them are fix-able. (Apart from anything having to do with my capabilities. There’s also the timeline flub in the last that I’m STILL not quite sure how to fix.) I really think it won’t be long before I’m ready to let that one be read, which I mentioned on Facebook after finishing up with the second. There’s something in the first that I definitely need an opinion on. My mom has been asking me about it, but I’m terrified to let her read that one despite asking her to. O.o

I’m not sure how often I’ll be on here. I really want to get that trilogy (closer-to) ready. I just feel better in general when I don’t have a list of five million (exaggeration) things I need to be working on all at the same time. If I get that one to the ‘wait point’ (where the Reave Series currently is), then it will just be writing until the first ‘wait’ is no longer a ‘wait’. (Then more editing…)

At least I’ve been doing what I know I need to where the books are concerned (which is editing and not-writing), even if it bums me out a bit. I’ll get there eventually. I just want to have them as close to ready as I can get them.

So yeah, I’m really not sure how often I’ll be on here to say one way or the other, but just know that I’m working (for the most part) and trying to get more books ready to be released for those who are waiting. 🙂

I really hope everyone has been well the past couple weeks and whatnot. 🙂

15 thoughts on “I’ve been doing stuff.

    • I wish I could be writing at the moment. It’s back to editing right now. The writewritewrite will happen at some point. Hopefully soon-ish.

      How is your writing going?

      • Finished a 30,000 word novella last weekend. Now I’m moving back to a half completed novel I put aside last year.

      • I’m ridiculously sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I haven’t been on here at all.

        How are things going with the half-completed novel? Is it a bit-more-than-halfway-completed novel now?
        And congrats on finishing the novella! 😀

      • No worries. Read your post from yesterday. I ended up deciding to write a second story with the same characters from the novella. It may turn into either a two novella or three novella series. So, the half-completed novel … remains half-completed.

      • I gave up on writing standalones. I get too attached to characters and never feel like the story is as ‘told’ as it COULD be. (Always turns into more . . .)

        At least you’re working on something that (I’m assuming) you’re enjoying. I’m sure the half-completed novel will be completed eventually. As long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing, that’s all that really matters. 🙂

      • Writing Northville is a challenge — which makes it both frustrating and enjoyable at the same time.

  1. Between books and blog, distractions and duties, and all the other gazillion unspoken indulgences with family and friends; life can be a whole bunch of crazy ! Kudos gal for managing it all ! Keep going !

    • Haha, I can’t really say I’m managing it all.
      I haven’t been on here or Twitter in pretty much forever. I’ve just been writing. O.O

      Hope you’re doing well!

    • Haha, doing stuff is definitely awesome.
      I don’t think I’m making an impact on the world, but one can dream . . .

      (Then one can look at that picture you posted forever ago about stars and dreams being dead. XD)

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