Friday Music: Lifehouse – Between The Raindrops ft. Natasha Bedingfield

I ran the risk of posting a song with copious amounts of screaming (as that is what I’m in the mood for today). To spare you all having to listen to (at least the beginning of) that, I went with a fail-safe.

I first heard Lifehouse in middle school – their first single that everyone knows – before getting on the school bus one morning. I’ve loved them ever since, which is pretty impressive because my music tastes tend to change at least once a year. Lifehouse might not be a fail-safe with anyone else, but they are with me.

This song is beautiful, as is the video for it. I’m sure you’ve probably heard it, but if you haven’t and like Lifehouse . . . give it a listen.

Hope everyone has an absolutely lovely weekend.


Out of curiosity . . . has anyone else noticed that Jason Wade (the singer) hasn’t aged at all in thirteen years or so?


One of the best things EVER.

I know it’s not Friday, thus making it entirely off the schedule for a music post. Given that this isn’t a DIFFERENT song (and really, last Friday was more of a joke than anything), I couldn’t help myself.

BF ‘got’ me this yesterday, because I’d shown her the real video the other day. I don’t know if her ‘giving’ it was due to how catchy the real song is, how hard I was laughing about it (tears) when I showed it to her, all the talking I was doing that day about the sort of music in the above video, or just because it’s so freaking beautiful and she knows me well enough to know I’d appreciate it immensely.

I also don’t know whether to be impressed or surprised that such a ridiculous song could result in this. Regardless of how catchy it is, how well those dudes sing, or any number of other things it has going for it . . . two totally different worlds.

This up here is MUCH more my speed, if you will. I do enjoy a good laugh, but speeds are speeds.

Now if I could only listen to this enough times that the words would stop playing over it in my head . . .

PS) I’ve been saying for a week that I want to somehow hire Benedict Cumberbatch to do an active narration of my life (THAT VOICE!). I’ve got the soundtrack now – those two. All three of them following me around would be absolutely fantastic.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

PSx2) I think I’m a little too old to refer to myself as a girl, ever.