New Look.

Yes, I have changed the look of my blog.

I don’t necessarily believe that warrants a blog post, so I’m honestly at a loss as to why I’m posting anything right now. I will blame it on an overloaded and frazzled brain (which is true, but perhaps not entirely relevant . . .). As I’ve stated more than once tonight (after being asked once), “I cannot brain.”

Overloaded, yep.

Anyway, so yeah, the point was that I changed how it looks. I think it’s more aesthetically pleasing, though I might be biased due to having my favorite color on here now. Or close enough to my favorite color.

Lovely Tuesday morning here. Chilly and perfect for writing, but . . . my brain. Hope everyone else is finding this to be an equally lovely Tuesday morning, but with better brain-usage-capabilities than I’m currently having.

Onward to reading and hoping that my brain will go from cannot to can.

I feel like a zombie with the ridiculous amount of focus on BRAINS.