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Catching up (or trying to) . . .

I’m really not feeling so great today. I mean that in a sick sort of way, not a headspace sort of one. I’m hoping whatever it is gets out of my system quickly. Obviously I’m not happy about feeling under the weather. I had plans today, like real life plans. I was going to go see my one of my best friends because it was the last day I could do as much before she has her baby. So yeah, I’m frustrated at my body for choosing today (of all days) to be like this. Out of my hands though. It’s not like I can do anything about it other than be frustrated.

I’m actually inside (rather than the shed) right now. Trying to write up a post on here while listening to music is not easy. I’m wondering if I’ll accidentally slip any song lyrics into this . . .

Since I can’t spend the day – or part of it – doing what I intended, I’ll be trying to play catch-up.  I’m going to try to tackle responding to everything. I’m seriously so far behind it’s ridiculous. I’m kind of at a loss as to how I was managing this for a while (maybe headspace has a lot to do with that) and I’m completely at a loss (as always) as to how people do manage all this stuff on their own. When I stress out about this to my husband, he always says, “You’re only one person.” That’s the truth. I usually wish there were more hours in the day or that people could find a way to function on zero sleep. Right now, I’m wishing I could split myself into two people just to get stuff done (then go back to the one person when possible). Then again, if I were split in two, both C’s would be arguing over who got to write and who would be doing the other stuff. It would probably come to fisticuffs, now that I’m thinking about it. I should probably stick with wishing I could function on zero sleep because I really don’t think I could get along with myself.

Anyway, I do have some good news. Now that I’m done rambling about splitting myself in two, I’ll share that . . .

Things are looking good for getting the first book in the trilogy out on the date I’m planning. (AS OF NOW.) As always, that’s subject to change. Things can seem to be going awesome one minute, then in the next you realize you’re so much farther behind than what you thought. Time gets away . . .

But yeah. I think this will be the soonest before a release that I’ll have had the cover art finished, so THAT’S awesome. (Along with being awesome, it’s a major relief.) As far as I know, I’ll be getting the copy (of the book) that’s sent out right now back in the time frame I need it to get everything else done. It all seems to be going smoothly, or as smoothly as it can, which is something I’m not really accustomed to. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed when not typing with them, in the hopes that there are no bumps/obstacles/roadblocks. There probably will be, if my experience with this tells me anything. I’ll hope for a speed bump rather than something major.

I just wanted to share all that, to keep everyone updated and whatnot. 🙂

*fingers crossed*

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. 🙂


(Also, while I’m responding to things . . . if there are any weird words thrown in there/major typos or if I’m not making very much sense? We’ll say that’s due to listening to music while doing anything.)


8 thoughts on “Catching up (or trying to) . . .

  1. Feel better and hope things run smoothly with the books. You have a point with the split in two idea. Neither will want to do the ‘non-fun’ work. This is why I’d never trust a clone of myself. I’d kill him before he could go evil . . . or has that already happened?

    • LOL.
      That’s a scary thought – killing a clone of yourself. (But they have all the same skills!)
      Now I’m wondering how interesting it would be to actually see ‘yourself’ from the outside. Could you really trust any clone to be the same though? REALLY scary thinking about them potentially going evil, latching onto all your worst qualities and sticking with those. O.o
      HAS it happened? O.O

      Thanks though. I don’t know if it sounds bad, but I’m more focused on the ‘things running smoothly with the books’ aspect than feeling better. Trying to tell myself that I have the time to not be at 100% because right now I’m mostly waiting on book stuff. The waiting game drives me nuts.

      • Stand next to each other in front of a mirror. Though it would probably depend on if the clone follows your diet and exercise regime. Skills are always a weird thing though because such things aren’t genetic. Maybe the trick is to be the evil one before the clone can do it. Practice your maniacal laughter just in case.

        The book stuff definitely seems to take precedence at times. Especially when you’re waiting. Not enough walls to bounce off of.

  2. Every so often (to the extent that it is now my personality trait !) I feel very grouchy without being exactly able to point out what is causing it. And I notice that it happens mostly with women. How do men sort their feelings?

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I know the feeling, when you have so much work to do and can’t seem to get it all done. Always wished I could function without any sleep (at least for one night), but somehow I always fall asleep!
    Can’t wait to read your book!

  4. I can’t believe you have your cover art for it already. I’m still in the middle of Elude, trying to process all the bombs you are dropping on Aster and you are doing another one? I can’t keep up! Why can’t I be a faster reader!!

  5. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in all things writing-related that everything else seems like a distraction. Sorry you’re under the weather. That just makes getting things done all the more difficult. Hope you’re better today.

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