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My first experience with piracy, thus far.

I’m trying to process my feelings right now, and I’ll admit . . . I’m struggling with it. I’m also trying to figure out whether it’s ironic that only yesterday I read an article about someone’s opinions on the piracy of books and thought, ‘Hey, chick. I’m totally in agreement with you on this.’ Then I disregarded it (mentally) and moved on. (I’d link to the post if I still had it up or remembered whose site I read it on.)

So yeah, if you haven’t guessed by the title of this post, Reave is being pirated. Every so often I do searches for it and I’ve never found anything like this. I altered the search slightly today and that popped right up.

I’m . . . upset. I try to keep my opinions to myself, especially with issues that are bound to get someone all riled up about something or other (which is pretty much anything), but yeah, I’m not going to do that right now. I am genuinely upset, and I’m going to explain why. When I explain why, it’s going to sound rather similar to what I read yesterday. It probably won’t sound as great because I’ll admit that my hands are shaking and being as upset as I am right now is like sticking a screwdriver in the cogs of my brain.

I could get into a massive spiel about how I have not yet made back the money I spent to release one book, let alone both of them. I could get into that. I could get into how unbelievably difficult it is to do this financially, and do it in the way that I feel is right (which is by not putting out crap, which takes a significant amount of money that is not easy to come by). Believe you me, I could get into that thoroughly. I could get into how unbelievably frustrating it is to have all these books essentially waiting to be released, and to be unable to do so DUE TO FINANCES. Let me tell you that one of the most amazing feelings in the world is when someone enjoyed one of your books and wants to read the next one badly enough that they ask you about it. What’s NOT so great is having to say, “I’m sorry. I don’t know when I can get that next one out. I’m trying as hard as I can.”

Yeah. I could get into that. Past what I’ve said just now? I’m not going to.

What I AM going to get into is this:

Did you know I’ll give out free e-books of Reave? Yeah, I’ll do that. I’ll give out free e-books in exchange for a review. Send me a message on GoodReads. Send me a message on Facebook. Send me an email. Comment on my blog. Believe me, I’d be more than happy for you to contact me directly and express genuine interest in my book, then I’ll send it to you so you can read it. You get a free e-book. I potentially get more exposure (which IS most important to me). You leave a review, and other people who might’ve been on the fence about my book(s) might be able to decide one way or another. You might love my book and tell all your friends and family about it. You might love my book and tell me, which is seriously one of the most fantastic things ever. When you’re struggling to follow your dreams and start your career? Yeah, hearing that helps. It keeps you fighting through all the struggles. It gives you validation for what you’re doing, and when you’re constantly struggling to feel like you’re good enough to do what you’re doing? You have no idea how much the one sentence of ‘I loved your book’ can do.

It can do a lot.

I actually wrote up a post about two weeks ago to tell everyone that I had every intention of taking Reave off Smashwords in order to enroll it in Select (on Amazon) SO THAT I COULD DO THE PROMOS TO MAKE IT FREE FOR CERTAIN DAYS. I didn’t end up posting it due to that adjustment I wrote about last week. I was thinking I’d wait a little while. I just got the first book in the trilogy back from the first beta-reader and I needed to get that ready to send off to the next. So I just needed a bit of time to fit it in.

Let me assure you that exposure has been my biggest goal from the get-go with this. I get it, people. I’m a new author. If you haven’t read my books, you might be hesitant to spend the money and take a chance on me. There’s a stigma with self-publishing and you know what? That stigma with self-publishing is often justified. How do you know if I had a professional editor? How do you know whether my book is going to be riddled with errors? YOU DON’T, AND I GET IT. Let me just add here that I did not self-publish due to an inability to land an agentI self-published so that I could keep all rights to my work, and to ensure that what was put out was what I wanted put out. Full stop.

But I’ve seen some self-published books that make me want to pull my hair out. I have. So please believe me when I say that I get it.

My willingness to give away free copies of my book is not because I think it isn’t worth being paid for. It’s because I understand. It’s also because I have the faith that my work can stand on its own feet. Given that I have QUITE A FEW BOOKS to release, I’m more than happy to throw one of them out there. Sure, some people will hate it. That’s inevitable because not everyone likes the same stuff. That’s just preference. But the thing is? If I give out a free copy of Reave, someone might love it. Someone might love it enough that they’ll want to read every book I put out. It’s insane to me, but it’s happened so I know it can happen. Am I losing there by giving out a free book? No, I don’t believe so.

So you might be wondering why this upsets me at all, right? If exposure is most important, if the readers are what matter, why would this upset me?

I’ve put literal blood (cut my hand open on a binder while editing), literal sweat (I write in a shed and an AC in the summer out here doesn’t work as well as one would hope, and that’s not even getting into what it’s like in the winter), and literal tears (I cry while writing/editing quite often) into my work. Just like so many other authors out there. I’ve worked my ass off for years now trying to fortify the foundation of something before starting to build it. My workaholic tendencies (if it/they could be called ‘tendencies’) have damaged more than one relationship in my life. What I’m saying is: The work is most important to me. I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile here, and the goal is to potentially make some sort of difference. I can’t accomplish that if I’m not focused on the work.

So seeing my work on some seedy, backwoods channel that set off the antivirus on my computer? Equate that to seeing your daughter standing on street corner doing I’m sure you can guess what. My books are like children to me. They are, and the street corner thing is how I’m feeling right now. (Along with feeling like there’s a line of people with their middle finger up in the air in my direction sounding off a chorus of, “F*** you, C.”)

Disregarding the ratio of pirated copies to legitimately bought copies . . . All you people who downloaded it?

Yeah, you could’ve just asked me for a copy. Just saying.

And so there’s no confusion?

Here is my Facebook account: C. Miller on Facebook

Here is my GoodReads account: C. Miller on GoodReads

Here is my email address: Email Address (Yes, that is a photo of my email address. Clicking on it will not send me an email. Call me crazy, but I’m just really not feeling like dealing with spam today.)


Here’s to hoping I can get this taken down swiftly and that any free copies of my work given out will be my choice, as it should be.

(Yes, I know this sort of thing happens. Knowing it happens does not make my feelings on it happening to me irrational or invalid in any way.)

** I’m coming back to this a bit after the fact to add a few things. (Along with taking out one somewhat passive-aggressive remark.) Some of the anger (and similar emotions) . . . it’s worn off a little. Now I’m mostly upset, like legitimately sad/down-upset. Here are the things I want to add:

  • Please, people, respect the hard work of authors and other artists. Some people put their work up for free on sites, or do free promos, or give out free copies. Some people don’t ever do any of that. Please respect their wishes for their work, whatever those wishes may be. I like to think that most people wouldn’t walk into a store and take something simply because they want it. This is the exact same thing. If someone doesn’t want to give out a free product, that is their decision.
  • This is a smidgen bigger than I initially thought. I’m still trying to figure it all out. Doesn’t help that my antivirus keeps getting set off. But I don’t have a clue what any of this stuff is or anything about any of the sites. Working on it.
  • I’m kind of internally warring with myself on this. (Though don’t get me wrong, that sucker is coming down off the sites if it’s the last thing I do. Because I did not put it there.) I guess some people wanted to read my book, right? And that’s good. It really is good, yeah. And you know what? If this was actually impacting anything in a positive way? I just might have left it where it was despite how gross I feel about it. (Not saying I would, only that I would’ve thought about it.) But the truth is that it isn’t. There hasn’t been an influx of reviews or ratings anywhere. There hasn’t been an influx of sales. I’d be totally happy with ratings/reviews (even a sentence, if that’s all someone had to say) and a bit of word of mouth. So if anyone who downloaded a copy of my book off some random site I didn’t put it on is actually reading this? I genuinely hope you enjoyed it. I do. If you did? Tell your friends/family. When/if you do so, it would be super great if you could direct them to one of the legal avenues of obtaining my book. If you seriously cannot afford to spend the $2.99 (less than an order at Starbucks, just saying) to obtain my book legally? LET ME KNOW.
  • I feel like I have a lot more I could say, but I’m seriously just upset and can’t decide if I want to go inside and get away from all this or bury myself in writing and get away from all this.

(Coming back WELL after the fact to clear one thing up. Looking back at this post now and seeing the bit where I give out my email, I’m realizing that could potentially be taken the wrong way. I wasn’t saying that I don’t want to get emails from actual PEOPLE. I was talking about ACTUAL spam, which is much more likely to happen by just typing my email address out. Just wanted to be clear.)

67 thoughts on “My first experience with piracy, thus far.

  1. I’m sorry to hear this. I’m not an author, so I can’t begin to understand how you feel. Though, it must feel awful to know that something you have created has been stolen in this way.

    I hope you get this sorted quickly ):

    • Now that I’ve calmed down about it a little (and have at least stopped shaking), I’m more sad-upset than mad-upset. I’ve been on the verge of crying for several hours now, to be honest. I think I’m the most upset strictly because getting it in the hands of readers is so important to me, and I WANT it to be free. I just don’t want it done THIS WAY. It’s kind of difficult coming to grips with the fact that it was actually STOLEN. I’m just . . . I don’t even know.

      But thanks. I hope so too. And thanks for commenting. I sort of worried I was being a bit too >.< in this (which I don't like being on the blog), but I'm trying to tell myself I have the right to be unhappy about it.

      • You definitely have a right to be upset about it! I write a little (no where near enough to publish!) and I know how hard it is to share that with one person, let alone the whole world! Publishing is a big step.

        I know authors that are glad that someone cares enough to pirate their books and I know authors that dread it happening to them. Everyone is different. The important thing is that you remember that you have actually created this work. It may have been stolen from you, but it is your name that is on the cover 🙂 i know it’s probably a small consolation at the moment, but it is such a great achievement 🙂

        Don’t let them get you down, okay? 🙂

      • Well maybe that’ll eventually turn into ‘definitely enough to publish.’ 🙂
        It really is difficult to share it with a single person. Publishing is terrifying enough on its own without this sort of stuff. O.o

        LoL. I only WISH it was thinking that people care enough to pirate my books. I’m thinking it’s more like, “Oh! Here’s a free book! I’m gonna get this!”

        Thanks for saying that. I really am trying not to get too down. This is definitely doing a number on me though. But I really appreciate that. 🙂

  2. I had my book pirated. I read a lot of crap about how it is a good thing. I still put them on notice that they were violating the copyright and I would do all I could to protect it. They took it down with a “you are going to miss a lot of exposure” kind of message. Who cares? Like you, this is my work and I should decide where it goes. So it is only available on legitimate sites.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. 😦

      Obviously exposure is good, but what you said is exactly how I feel about it. We should have the right to decide where it goes, period, and I’m really not comfortable with it being put out in this way. Also, I don’t have a clue just how long it’s been available, and it hasn’t impacted anything. I’m all about exposure, but you have to wonder if the people who download them illegally would actually spread the word to others to make it even SOMEWHAT justifiable. As far as I CAN tell, it’s been up for MONTHS, and if I couldn’t tell ANY sort of difference with it? Yeah, I can’t really feel it’s worth it.
      It seriously sucks that this has to happen. :/

  3. This makes me angry. I feel your frustration…..I support new/indie authors and this saddens me. I’ve also have followed your blog for quite some time and read about your process.

    Is there anything you can do about those sites?

    • Thanks, Jolene. I don’t want to make you angry or anything, but it’s nice to know I’m not totally off-base with how I’m feeling here.

      I’m going to get it removed. I honestly just don’t understand how these sites can manage to not get shut down. I’m really baffled by the entire thing.

      • It would baffle anyone…. but my anger is merely out of respect for you who worked so hard at making your dream a reality and you did that, yet there are people out there that want to ruin such an amazing moment for you by stealing YOUR work.

      • Thanks. I really appreciate that.
        I’m trying very hard not to let it ruin anything, but I’ll admit it’s messing with me. If I wasn’t so determined with everything (work), this probably would’ve done some MAJOR damage where motivations/aspirations are concerned.

  4. It’s happened to me a lot. One site in particular has everyone on there from indie authors to every Stephen King book on the market. People are trying to shut them down, but they have too much confusion around them. They also have malware in their site, so I don’t think they’re going to be getting very far.

    Mind me asking, which site it is? I might have run into it and can tell you how to get it removed.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Seems like it’s happened to everyone. I just really wish I could’ve found this when it first went up.
      That’s sort of what I said in another comment – I don’t have a clue how these sites are still running.

      This is a big cluster-(I’m sure you can guess the next word), at least for me. I don’t understand half this crap. I actually found it by different blog posts on WORDPRESS (feels like a stab in the back) with info on how to get it. Looks like ‘smartmediasearcher’ or something, but on the posts it’s a different one. (Is that the one you’re talking about?) But I actually searched on that thing and it came up MULTIPLE times, so I’m super confused about whether getting one taken down will leave the others up. I’ll get it all figured out.
      They have guidelines to request removal and ‘if you don’t follow them, you’ll be ignored’. That had me EXTREMELY infuriated earlier. Sorry, morons, whether I follow the guidelines or not doesn’t change the fact that you’re distributing my stuff illegally.

      • I think they stay running because they find copyright loopholes or hide behind walls of fake contacts. It’s not something I know a lot about and only a big name author would have a shot of taking them down. The rest of us are kind of stuck.

        That site doesn’t sound familiar. I’m suddenly blanking on the one I was thinking of. If you report all of them in one contact email then it should get rid of them, but I guess it depends on the site. I know the site I find mine uses a torrent site called Zippyshare, which is what I contact to get rid of everything. I added in the last time that I’ve had to do it 4 times already and it’s getting ridiculous.

      • I don’t see how there ARE copyright loopholes with illegal/unauthorized distribution. Blows my mind. And yeah, I don’t have a clue about any of this stuff.
        You’re totally right though. I really think only a big name author would have a shot at it, but then you have to wonder if they’re so big that they even care. Gotta love legality and people saying ‘screw you’ to the little guy because the little guy can’t do much of anything about it. So fantastic.

        If you think of the one you dealt with, will you let me know? I need to do more searches, but even getting to where mine is was sort of . . . strange. It didn’t pop up with that site, just the blogs that led to it. Really weird. (And how shady is that?!)
        I haven’t searched on any of the torrent sites. I should probably do that.
        Like I was saying in the last comment, about the ‘take down policy’ or whatever? They require you put your address in it. I’m really not okay with putting WHERE I LIVE on some shady site. I’m really not.

        FOUR TIMES though? Seriously? You’d think they’d realize by now that you’re going to find it up there and require they take it down. Why freaking bother putting it up?
        People. >.<

      • The Internet and eBooks cause some weird things. Also copyright laws are only legal within the country they pertain to. At least that’s what I’ve been told. It could just be that people of other countries simply don’t listen and you’d need a lawyer to stop them. It’s really a mess and most of them get out of it by having a ‘report copyright infringement’ page that might not even work, but allows them to say that the ‘option’ is there.

        I keep trying to think of the site, but I know I had to report it to something called zippyshare. That was the torrent hosting site, so I filled out the copyright report thing. I believe it requires all that contact info too, but I’ve never had anything happen. I think it’s for them to check on you because they take copyright infringement seriously. Again, they’re just the posting site and not the one causing the issues.

        Actually, I think it’s at 5-7 times. What happens is that somebody posts on the forum and sets up a ‘bounty’ for the book. Another person goes to Amazon, gets a copy, hacks it, and puts it up on Zippyshare. They hand in the link and get the fake money that was promised. So they’ve gotten what they want before I find them and get it taken down.

      • Yeah, I totally spaced about the different countries/copyright laws stuff. I could get into a massive spiel about morality here, but I don’t want to take up that much of your time. lol
        Are there really sites that have the ‘report’ stuff leading to nothing? -_-

        Okay, that makes me a little less hesitant if you’ve had to put the same information down when doing yours. It just seems . . . . .SHADY to me, when every window of their site tries to put viruses on my computer. (EXCEPT for the page with the ‘report’ info on it, which is kind of funny.)

        Okay . . .
        Are you effing SERIOUS about the bounties? WHY? WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THAT?
        That just . . .
        It makes no sense to me.

      • There are sites with fake report pages and morality doesn’t seem to be a universal constant. Some people can barely spell the word.

        As far as zippyshare, it’s only a torrent uploading site. It’s simply used by the people who are getting the illegal copies. They probably have thousands of uploaded files every day and a skeleton crew. It’s the connected sites that are the problem, but you have to get them at the source which is where the book has been uploaded. I do agree that if it’s trying to put up viruses then you have a problem. Figure that people that try to get your book will be infected too.

        I wish I had an answer for that last question. I’ve asked it to (not on that site since that would mark me for harassment), but all I get is ‘people are jerks who want something for nothing’.

      • Fake report pages is just . . . >..>)

        If they KEEP putting your stuff up there? Maybe you should talk to a lawyer. :/
        But I guess if they’re consistent in removing it, that’s at least something. I’d imagine you’re a pro at take-down notices now.

      • Lawyer would be money that I don’t have. That’s why they keep doing it to indie authors. Also there’s that issue of them being out of the country, so the laws apparently get really screwy. You also need to be able to locate the person behind the site.

  5. I found my book on one of the piracy sites, too. I thought about going through the steps to have it removed (or ask my publisher to do it), but when I saw the virus warning, I figured most people would be hesitant to download it. I can’t even be sure they would get my book. I don’t want to try and download it to find out. I don’t want a virus. So I guess if people want to risk getting a computer virus, then they can have a go at it. They may very well regret it. But I understand your frustration. We work so hard on our babies–not just with the writing but with the marketing, too (maybe more so with the marketing), it’s a shame to see someone just turn around and make it available to anyone as if it was their own. Good luck with the removal process.

    • You would think the virus warning would be enough to deter people, but who really knows? I’d imagine just getting on most of those sites is ASKING for a virus and yet people still peruse them anyway.
      I AM chuckling a bit at what you said – ‘If people want to risk getting a computer virus, then they can have a go at it.’
      Is that karma, possibly? Maybe so . . .

      But yeah, it’s extremely frustrating – people absolutely disregarding other people’s work/effort.
      I don’t even want to get into marketing. I don’t want to say I work harder at it, but I can easily say that (for me) it’s much harder to do that in general.
      It really is a shame, all of it. :/

      Also want to make sure that I say I’m extremely sorry it happened to you too. >.<

      • When I read that post, it hadn’t happened to me yet, and I said so in my comment on her post. But a short time later, I found my book on one of the piracy sites, so I guess I spoke too soon. 😦

      • 😦
        I hate the ‘spoke too soon’ thing. And I suppose this is one of those instances where knocking on (or touching, if you want to go with the British way of doing things) wood would do very much good. Unfortunately.
        Do you mind me asking which site you found yours on? I don’t know which sites are ‘popular’ for this, and I’m trying to be thorough.

        Could you not find a way to contact them to take it down?

      • Honestly I don’t remember. I decided it wasn’t worth the energy to take it down. It seems unlikely people will download something that triggers a virus warning. Plus, those sites aren’t all that easy to stumble upon. Maybe my book is even up on the site you listed.

      • It seriously wasn’t easy to find that site, so yeah. I guess you’re right about that – with the difficulty AND the risk/inevitability of viruses.
        That site where I found mine? Just being on it for a few minutes tried to put 6-7 viruses on my computer. So I’d for sure be wary if you look for yours there. >.<

  6. Sorry you were hit. Even I was pirated. And who pirates poetry??? It was one of the malware sites but I still had mine downloaded. It is sad and frustrating….and wrong. I think our best defense is to keep reminding people that downloading books like that is wrong. As I tell them, if it sounds too good to be true (legit), it is. Only way to get my books free is on Amazon or directly from me. Good luck.

    • 😦 I’m so sorry to hear that.

      I can see people pirating poetry, because I GUESS everything is fair game. But doesn’t that frustrate the crap out of you when you post poems on your blog all the time? If someone wants to read your poetry, they can stop by there and enjoy it WITH you (by commenting/interacting) rather than doing that. (Kind along the lines of giving out free copies, I guess.) Does that make sense? I’m a bit out of it today, so I’m not sure it does.

      I guess that really is all we can do – remind people of all the points you said. I guess the threat of viruses isn’t enough to deter everyone.
      Thanks for the luck wished. Hopefully you don’t get hit with it again.

  7. That’s just terrible. I’m so sorry that you had to go through this and are still going through it. 😦 Just another worry of my own.

    • Thanks. I know we’ve emailed a bit about it and whatnot, but yeah. It’s definitely a legitimate worry. It seems to happen to everyone, unfortunately.
      I’ll be honest, this has FOR SURE made me glad that I don’t say more about future books than what I do.

  8. This is such bullshit. I cannot wrap my head around someone not wanting to pay 2.99 for a book. Really? Do the world a favour and kill yourself. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. I follow a few blogs that are written by author’s and I usually read their books (sometimes it takes a long time to get to them, but I do read them) and I will post about what I thought. And I always pay for the book. I can’t imagine not paying for a WHOLE book that I read. And especially with ebooks that have prices so low I could probably find more change in the crack of my ass than what a standard price for an ebook is. Sorry this happened to you. And we should come up with a better name for this then piracy. I’ve always hated that word because of the romantic connotations it has. We should call it Goatfucking, or something equally shamefull.

    • Before I get to actually RESPONDING to your comment, I just have to say two things.
      1) I seriously laughed so hard over this. I’m always glad when that happens, but it’s especially needed at the moment. So thanks for the laugh(s).
      2) What you said and how you said it? That’s a bit more on-par with what was actually coming out of my mouth here on the other side of the screen. (Only there were quite a few more F-bombs dropped.) This was definitely one of those times where I wanted to put aside my ‘starring out’ policy. But I feel better to have it on here somewhere, so thanks for livening up the post. XD

      Yeah, I really can’t wrap my head around it either. I keep saying that $2.99 is less than a drink at Starbucks, sooo . . .?
      And if you can’t find it in the crack of your ass, I’m sure it could be found in the crack of your sofa. You know? I mean, that’s completely disregarding that I’ll give them away for free and that you can get it on SmashWords for half off with the coupon code I have on here.
      It takes me a little longer to get around to reading books than I’d like. Partially to do with time, but mostly to do with me only reading print books and those can get rather costly. (Especially when you’re trying to scrounge money to put your next book out.)
      I didn’t even think about pirates being romanticized. But you’re absolutely right. It should be called something to reflect how shi**y (>.< stars) it is.

      Really, thank you for commenting. And thanks again for the laughs.

      • Well thank you. I sometimes forget that my language can be a bit much (as my poor wife reminds me) so I will try to clean it up a bit. I’m glad I made you laugh, though, at such a crappy time.

      • I didn’t think your language was much of anything but honest, lol. I would never ask someone using sentence enhancers to clean it up on my blog. (Now if someone was trolling or just writing streams of curses without any rhyme or reason, that would be TOTALLY different.)
        I (obviously) don’t control what other people do, and I wouldn’t want to. People say/do what they say/do, and you just have to go with and/or deal with it (depending on). If people perusing blog comments have issues with that, that’s not my problem. I can only control myself.
        And I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to releasing the books that have more of my typical (bad) language in them. I guess dropping the F-bomb every other sentence in real life (slight exaggeration) makes it seem unrealistic to NOT curse at least every once in a while.
        Anyway, what you said (in the initial comment) was extremely easy for me to relate to, and I appreciate that. 🙂

  9. I’ve read a lot about how pirating isn’t bad for Indie Authors, etc. and spent a lot of time on the fence about it, but ultimately, I’m with you on this. Pirating anything is wrong… why else do they put commercials at the beginnings of movies about it?? So it’s wrong to pirate something from hollywood that has hundreds or thousands of people’s work put into it, but “good” to pirate the work of a single individual? No one will convince me of that. I’m sorry this happened to you. I would be totally freaking out – and then ranting just like this. And yes, your feelings are completely rational and valid.

    • Yeah, there’s the whole ‘exposure is exposure’ thing, but . . . I dunno. I think maybe there are certain sorts of exposure that are MUCH better than others. And really, are the sort of people who download books (illegally) regularly going to be the sort that would turn into genuine followers of your work (meaning that they would get it by legitimate means)? I’m not so sure. Obviously I could be completely wrong about that, but I really didn’t see any difference at all of any sort. So yeah, I just don’t know about all that.
      But for real though. How is it bad to do it for one sort of thing (big movies and the like) and good for another? I don’t know, to me all this comes down to where and how someone wants their work to be available. I just can’t think it’s right for someone to steal it and do whatever they want with it, exposure (of any sort) or not. Illegal is illegal, in my opinion.

  10. One of the things my publisher did in the front matter of our ebook anthology was to ask people who have pirated or thought they have a pirated copy to give something back to the author in the form of a review. Maybe you could do that in the future. It’s hard because the digital age makes it all but impossible to prevent piracy from happening. We just have to use it to our advantage. I’m sorry that it happened to you. 😦

    • You know . . . that’s a really fantastic idea. At least maybe then something good (or maybe just positive in any way) would/could come out of it. For me though, there’s still a major worry that the pirated copy is somehow . . . not how I put it out. (Sorry, I could’ve worded that better, but I can’t brain very well right now.)

  11. I’m Sorry that happened to you, Your right our books and plays are like our children and it’s like they’ve been kidnapped. I get scared every time I talk to a potential studio exec, or anyone concerning our work, I hope you get it resolved.

    • All of it really is just so scary. I feel like this more than justifies my paranoia with my work.
      Thanks though. I hope I get it resolved soon too. And I hope you’re doing well. 🙂
      (Also, thanks for the shout out on the blog the other day.)

  12. So sorry to hear that REAVE has been pirated:(. I think it’s a question of educating people to not think of books as a disposable commodity and I completely understand your frustration, especially as I know you’ve been really generous with making REAVE available. Hope you manage to get it sorted soon.

    • I guess the question is whether or not we CAN educate people about that. :/
      It really is frustrating in general, but especially so in that regard. I’ve wanted to make sure from the get-go that anyone who wanted to read it COULD read it. That’s what pushed me to go with SmashWords rather than initially enrolling it in Select, but the ‘visibility’ just isn’t there when you’re starting out. I dunno.
      I hope I manage to get it sorted soon as well. It really is crappy that this happens to people. :/
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I seriously appreciate it.

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  14. This stinks! I do wonder though, I had thought that my book was pirated, but I don’t think it actually was. I showed my husband what I thought was a pirate attempt because I found a website that looked like it was selling my book without my permission, but he told me it was basically a kind of mirror website. What that means is that it’s a spam website that just takes images from other websites and information from other sites and shows it on their site as if they are really selling your item. However, they aren’t and no one who tried to buy it there would actually get your book. It’s just a scam to get people to click on things and then spread viruses etc. So this might be what happened for you? I can’t say for sure. I’d have to go out and look and see and of course you do’nt really want to click on anything on these sites!

    • I think I know the sort of sites you’re talking about. I’ve seen my books on a number of those, and I’m always confused as to what they are and whether my book is on there due to the ‘expanded distribution’ stuff. I’ve just sort of left those as they are and not really thought about them.
      This one was DEFINITELY a pirated version – a ‘click and get it for free’ sort of thing. I’m definitely not clicking on it. Just opening the page where it was available tried to put a virus on my computer. Thank the freaking heavens for antivirus, right?

      Just a fair warning, it was sort of difficult to find. I had to alter my search and the site it’s on wasn’t what immediately popped up. What DID pop up were different blogs (on WordPress -_-) that had the information on how to get it for free. I’m hearing this happens a LOT, so you might want to do some thorough checking if you’re worried about it.
      People suck. >.<

      • Welp, people do definitely suck. I was just telling someone that I’m so cynical now that I’m hardly surprised when people do shitty stuff. I don’t really get it! I don’t know these people who would do this. Or if I do, I don’t realize it. It’s pretty terrible.

  15. Your story made me burst into tears, because (1) this is how I react to unburden bad feelings and reading your post I felt angry and powerless, and (2) I am finishing a book that took me & partner 2 yrs to complete and I thought “what if this happens to me?”.
    I relate to every word you said on both posts. I buy e-books from Kindle and iBooks (these are the two places I usually got books) and I also get some free ones when authors decide to give them away. When a writer/author is not writing, we are reading, read is part of writing work. So, bad or good, there is always something to learn from reading books. Besides, writing a book is not an easy job, it is nothing like some TV series make people think, it is very hard work, especially if you have a day job. Your book is like your child, you where there when the idea was born and then you developed it until it becomes a grown-up.
    After I calmed down while writing this to you, my pratical side kicked off. No one should never ever go through this. It is against the law to steal other people’s properties, so stealing an intellectual property, a book, should be illegal and there should be some punishement to this kind of people. My point is that if there is some legal action authors could take against this kind of people, they will think twice before stealing books. If they know there will be some type of punishement if they are caught, like when police caught thieves that stolen a car, there will be less and less of this situation. People may disagree but it is my humble opinion.
    I also agree that it is easier said than done, but I need to say something. I am really sorry that you or any other author had to go through this situation. Good luck with the removal process, lots and lots of hugs (xoxo) to show that I care and I also can’t stop asking myself WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THAT?

    • I am SO sorry to have caused you to cry. I know it wasn’t my fault that this happened with the piracy, but I feel bad for you being that upset by it.
      1) I felt pretty angry and powerless by it all too.
      2) I REALLY hate to say this, but the piracy seems to happen A LOT. After posting about it happening to me, I realized just how often it does happen. BUT. There are some good points. Well, I use ‘good’ loosely here.
      It seems like more often than not, you CAN have them taken down. There seem to be a few sites/outlets that people can’t get around (with nonexistent or faulty ‘report’ pages and the like). So it’s definitely something to be on the lookout for after you publish. Set up Google alerts and consistently do searches. But it was kind of difficult to find mine. There were blog posts that led to the site where it could be downloaded. The site itself didn’t show up in searches. So if it’s something you’re really concerned about, make sure you’re checking all that.

      Writing books really is EXTREMELY hard work. I don’t have a different job, and I honestly don’t know how people can do both. It’s exhausting. But it’s so amazing at the same time.

      It’s taken me a while to calm down about this a little. I’ll be honest, it really did a number on me. Mostly because I just felt so VIOLATED.

      But you’re absolutely right. This IS illegal. I actually contacted a lawyer after this happened, just to do some checking and figure things out. (When I say ‘I’ contacted, I mean I had my husband call because I have extremely bad anxiety and talking to people I don’t know on the phone is almost impossible for me.) The thing is that lawyers cost money, and usually it’s an amount of money that indie authors don’t have. I think this is a kind of ‘preying upon the weak’ scenario. I’m sure they know a lot of indie authors won’t have the funds to file lawsuits against them or whatever. (Or maybe that they would be too unknowledgeable to do as much. Accurate where I’m concerned, because I don’t/didn’t know much of anything about all this.)

      Anyway, I HAVE calmed down a bit about it. Still feeling violated, but I don’t know. I guess I’m just (re)accepting that people tend to suck. (Unfortunately.)

      I’ll cross my fingers that you and your partner don’t have to experience this. It seems there are a lot of authors who are happy to have their work up anywhere. I’m not okay with those sorts of sites, but that’s just me. So if you’re not okay with it, I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

      I’ve tried to stop myself from asking that question. (WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THAT?!) I can’t stop myself sometimes. I never like the answers I come up with.

      But I sincerely thank you for the hugs, and another thank you for stopping by. Sorry it took me a while to get back with you. I get behind with commenting sometimes. (Most of the time.)

      Best of luck to you. 🙂

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  18. Njmagas’ idea was brilliant. I’ll do that.

    If it’s any consolation, a lot of those sites don’t actually have the book; they merely allege to. This is because they want eyeballs; ie have people searching for it land on their page, so the sites can then claim to have X amount of visitors daily, and sell ads.

    When you actually try to download the file, you end up with malware on your computer. Which, I guess, is fair enough punishment.

    Having said that, I’m on the “any kind of publicity is good publicity” camp on this. I have even contacted bittorrent to ask them how to legally have them distribute my first book, Pearseus: Schism, for free (sadly, I never heard back from them).

    Having failed with that, I made the book available for free on Goodreads. Since I don’t promote it actively, it’s only been downloaded 6 times in the last couple of months.

    I’ve also found it on a number of sites claiming to offer free downloads. I ask myself how many more people would possibly risk downloading it from malwareRus.com instead of Goodreads. My guess: not many. Fewer than 6, obviously.

    That’s why I don’t worry about piracy at this stage. In my mind, obscurity is my enemy; not goatshaggers (to misquote John). Maybe if I sell thousands of copies each month this will change, but for now, when I’m happy to reach a hundred sales, I shrug it off.

    And I wouldn’t worry about an agent or publisher stumbling across a pirated copy and thinking any less of my writing skills. I think even less of an agent who needs to download pirated copies… 🙂

    • WHEW! This comment is along the lines of what I occasionally leave people. (I like to think of them as mini-novels 😉 )

      I think the idea for that was/is brilliant too. It’s really good any time you have the potential to spin a negative into a (possible) positive.

      I didn’t know that, about some of the sites not actually having the files. I’ll admit I didn’t test it because I don’t want to put a virus on my computer where I keep all my work.

      I feel that it should all be down to what someone chooses to do (or not do) with their intellectual property.
      And yeah, I totally understand how some aspects of it could POTENTIALLY be a good thing (if you agree with the ‘exposure is exposure’ thing). If I’d noticed any positive amount of anything due to it, that might’ve changed my outlook. But personally, I’m just not comfortable with it. I think putting it up there myself would’ve been a completely different thing than it being stolen.

      I don’t even want to get into non-active promoting. I’m so bad at promotion in general, and yeah, I don’t want to get started on that. I’ll probably end up rambling about something completely unrelated to what you were saying for some ungodly amount of time.

      The last bit, about agents and publishers? To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about that. I was just thinking about readers.

      Anyway, I think I covered (most of) the bases here! Apologies if I didn’t. I’m feeling a bit scatterbrained at the moment. Thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion though. You’re the first person I’ve seen say that they tried to get their work up on a torrent site, so that was cool. I just think it’s so interesting how everybody feels so differently about all this. Such is life . . .

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