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I still don’t like the word.

I wrote a post last week about having to make some major adjustments. I’m still working on all that. It’s getting a bit better, or I suppose I’m just getting somewhat accustomed to the schedule. Of course there’s one major issue with getting partially adjusted.

I got EXTREMELY far behind again. Catching up with things had seemed to be becoming a bit easier than it used to, so we’ll see how that goes this time. I do have a (partial) solution to what’s (currently) keeping me behind.

I can’t be out in my shed during the entirety of my awake hours anymore, so . . . I’m going to have to do some work *gasp* inside.

I’m not happy about it. Not even a little. The shed is my comfort zone. It’s where I get stuff done. But this is just the way things have to be for right now, so yeah. There are a few things I have to do out here due to needing certain files on Herald (laptop), and any form of book-related writing/editing will need to be done out here. Today, I’m going to try responding to blog stuff/messages/emails inside. I’m not sure how well that will work out, but if it works, I might have to do it that way for . . . ever? Talk about time-splitting, right? This would definitely be an actual split in time. (Shed-work-time and inside-work-time.)

Now I’m thinking about Doctor Who. (No, still haven’t watched any of the Capaldi episodes. I’m (mentally) holding onto Matt Smith and my mind is still refusing to let go.)

Anyway. This is all a major bummer. It’s just now ‘writing weather’ or ‘shed weather.’ It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, so yeah. This is one of the small chunks of the year where I can be out here comfortably for extended amounts of time, and it’s usually when I get the most accomplished. (Book-wise.) I have to admit that I’m more than slightly tempted to pull the disappearing act again, just so I could get a substantial amount of (book) work done. Okay, it’s more than a temptation. I’m contemplating it. I have about two months or so of ‘nice’ weather (or ‘tolerable’ weather) and the major part of me is saying, “I COULD GET SO MUCH DONE.” But I’d still have to spend a bit more time inside every day, sooooo . . .

Yeah, I honestly can’t say what I’ll end up doing. All I know is that today, I’ll be working on responding to stuff. (At least for a chunk of the day. Whether I’ll get all that done or not . . . who knows?) I should be getting book 1 of the trilogy back today, and I’ll need to be getting that ready to hand off to the next beta-reader (who I’m hoping will tear it apart as requested). That won’t take me too long, but it will definitely keep me occupied tomorrow and possibly the following day, so don’t expect to see me around for long (if at all) then. I don’t know what’s going to happen after that. All I really know is that I won’t actually just disappear without saying something about it. If I choose to spend the writing weather actually writing, I’ll let everyone know. It might not be a super bad idea, with how things are going right now. I don’t know. I’ll need to do some thinking on it.

I’m going to write for a little (????) while then go inside and start tackling all this.

Also, I was behind on the Positivity Journal. I DID manage to get caught up on that, so yay. 😀

So yep, that’s what’s going on here. Hope everyone is doing great. 🙂


20 thoughts on “I still don’t like the word.

  1. That sounds like quite a conundrum you have going on there. I think I have your solution, though it may take some imagination, which I know you have in droves (you’re a writer for goodness sakes). You need to contact Dr. Who and get him to lend you his time machine. You take as much time as you want in the shed, then you get in your time machine, go back in time to earlier, and do your inside work. Once you are finished, husband, video game, and TV time.

  2. Haha, I’m on the tail end of a week long vacation and I have done nothing, all week except read, color in my coloring book, and play video games. Not a single word has been written, and you know, it feels good. I’ll be writing again come Monday, but the chance to let my brain do stupid, fun, mindless things without any stress has been much needed.

    • I can’t tell you how badly I want to search down my coloring books after reading your comment.
      I was gaming a couple weeks ago, and you’re totally right. Sometimes it does feel extremely good to just give everything a break. Usually writing is my break from everything, but sometimes I just feel so guilty at how much I SUCK at all this ‘other stuff’ that getting completely away from the computer for a little while helps.

      • Yeah. I’m in a bit of a slump at the moment and it’s getting a bit self destructive in terms of my goals. Goals aren’t achieved by rolling over and saying “I dun wanna” self! >_< I've had my break, now it's time to beat my chest and get things done. Grr…

      • I was just thinking that I was getting back ‘into’ it, and then yesterday hit me and I honestly just wanted to sit around and watch TV all day. It’s so hard to push yourself to do something when you’re just not feeling anything.

        I really do hope you’re feeling better this week. 🙂

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