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One of my least favorite words . . .

I’m currently dealing with a major adjustment. It’s not anything bad. It’s actually really good, but as many of you may know by reading my blogs . . . I am a creature of habit. The sky can be the wrong shade of blue and throw me off for the rest of the day. Clearly that’s an exaggeration (of sorts), but that’s really about how it goes.

I have my way of doing things, and my way works for me. Maybe it doesn’t always work as well as I’d like for it to, especially where blogging and responding (to anything) is concerned, but it works. I have my schedule, my routine. It took me a while to get all that figured out, to fall (or force myself) into a routine where I could work efficiently. When I stopped just writing books and jumped into blogging and all the ‘other stuff,’ that was another major adjustment – one I still hadn’t figured out but had finally accepted that I sort of couldn’t figure out and just had to go with. It took me a long time to find my routine, and when I did, I grabbed hold of it with iron fists. So . . . I have my routine, and it works.

I should be talking about it in past-tense, right? I really should.

So yeah. Adjustments. I’m not very exceptional at adjusting. I’m not even good at adjusting. I’d only consider myself passable at adjusting if there’s no time limit on how long is acceptable for whatever adjustment to take place. Even just writing the word adjust (like I did fifty times just now) makes me cringe. If my anxiety were a physical (living) thing, that particular word would be like little imps slingshotting rocks at its face. Maybe only few of them at first, until realizing that those imps are forcing said physical anxiety (I’m picturing it as a giant) to go a direction it doesn’t want to. I’m thinking as I write this that it should be the other way around – the anxiety should be a little imp. I suppose if it were as simple as being able to kick a tiny thing that’s pestering you, I likely wouldn’t have to deal with it at all. Such is life.

Wow, digress much, C?

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I let everyone know why I’ve been sort of absent. I haven’t been out in my shed much, some days not even once. On the days I have been out here, it’s only been for a few hours at most. That’s unfortunately not long enough for me to get (or keep) caught up with things. (This has also unfortunately caused me to get behind on the Positivity Journal. >.<) I have quite a few messages/emails to respond to and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get out here for long enough to do all that. But it’s sort of like with the blog comments – I’d rather take a bit longer to respond and actually respond than just send a shortened thing back that seems to ignore absolutely everything someone said. I’m getting ready to go back inside in a bit, so to the few of you who’ve sent me long emails/messages, expect to be getting a ‘I’ll get to this ASAP’ message here shortly.

It’s going to take me a while to figure out how to make this work. Hopefully little can be put between ‘a’ and ‘while’ in the last sentence, but knowing me? Well . . . there’s no telling.

I’d imagine that whenever focus shifts again, that will force me back out here despite whatever is going on. And if you’re wondering what I’m talking about with ‘shifting focus’ then I’ll say that I’m hoping to start getting book 1 of the trilogy ready for release relatively soon. I have a date in mind (I always do), but whether or not I hit that one is going to depend on how soon I get it back. (Then how soon I get it back from the next person, and so on.) (Also, I’m not putting the date out there yet because I’m not sure whether I can manage to hit it.) But yeah, once I can start putting certain things with that in motion, that’ll pull me back out here for sure. Not saying that being out here while working on that would help with response times because . . . yeah, no. I am saying that being out here working on that might force me into a new routine which would (eventually) help.

I’ll just have to see how everything goes. Please be patient with me while I’m figuring this out. (Also, I’ll probably be on Twitter more so than anywhere else, strictly because it takes me less time.)

I hope everyone is having a super great weekend. I’ll be spending time with Husband, probably trying to get caught up on some TV shows. 🙂

(If any of this makes no sense that’s likely because I’m not entirely coherent yet. >.>)

33 thoughts on “One of my least favorite words . . .

  1. I’m going to guess that there’s no Wifi in the shed. Have you ever considered trying to fit an hour of blog/comment/whatever time into the day? I’m terrible at this sort of stuff, but I know some people who do the on-line stuff while eating breakfast and lunch. The writing is the bulk of time in-between.

    • No, there’s still internet in the shed.
      Husband got a second shift job while he’s still in school. Pig (my dog) got used to him being inside ALL THE TIME, so I’m not wanting to leave her alone all day. Plus, I’m not really used to having all this other stuff to do. lol

      IF ONLY I could get all this stuff done within an hour. I wouldn’t have any problem with doing it in that case. (Unfortunately, I’m so bad at multitasking that I can’t do much more than play Spider Solitaire while I’m eating . . . Also, don’t eat breakfast.)
      If I could figure out some way to do this stuff faster, that would be great. I’ve kind of given up hope of figuring it out/finding balance, lol. Just going with it, doing what I can where I can and feeling guilty in all the spaces between for not ever doing enough.
      And terrible at this sort of stuff? O.o
      Do you FEEL like you’re terrible at this sort of stuff?

      • I hear you on a sudden change in responsibilities. I’m having to do a lot more now that my wife has a full-time job and the kid has homework. It’ll be even crazier when my parents (who we live with) are gone for a few weeks and I’m the only one around to cook dinner.

        I do chores between book sections when I’m editing. If not that then I watch a single YouTube video. At least for me, I need that 5-minute break to recover my energy. This tends to boil over into half an hour, but I get it done. Though I might have a mental issue with things not getting done early because I go nuts if things are left to the last minute.

        I kind of stopped feeling like I was screwing up when I realized that people were going to say it anyway. Figured I would be happy making some progress.

      • That’s part of it, with the change in responsibilities. It might sound bad (or odd), but I was pretty used to him doing certain things and now I feel like I need to do them because he’s working full-time (with overtime) while also being in school.
        Gets sort of crazy when both partners are focusing on their careers. O.o

        I can see needing the break between editing sections. The most I’ll ever really do is play a game or two of Spider Solitaire or something. If I get on the internet while I’m doing that, it gets so distracting and I get out of ‘the zone’. It’s much easier for me to just stay at one speed.
        I know what you mean about things being left to the last minute. I can’t stand that feeling.

      • Crazy covers it pretty well. You kind of hope the other person can take some pressure off the homestead stuff, but it’s hard to ask for it because it isn’t like they’re sitting around all day. I assume. I really don’t know what my wife is up to when she leaves the house. I take her word that she works.

        I actually don’t know if I have any card games on this laptop. Never really bothered to search. I try to maintain the speed with editing, but it’s been getting really trying. I’m still in the books that I feel I’ve read over and over again.

      • Divvying up responsibilities is so difficult when both people are busy. I can’t even imagine how much more so when there’s a kid (or more) involved. The dog makes it difficult enough, with me being out in the shed.
        LOL. Hopefully that’s what she’s doing when she says she’s working.

        I don’t even want to admit how many games of Spider Solitaire I’ve played on here. >.>

        A question about editing and the difficulty of going through books multiple times . . .
        Are there some of the books that you get excited to go through again regardless of how many times you’ve read them? I’m like that with some, but there are others that are just . . . no.

      • I think it gets tougher when the two people have artistic endeavors and there’s a battle for time. My wife scrapbooks for fun while I write for a living, so we butt heads on who gets to ‘work’. It usually ends with the kid choosing the winner and then making sure the other person doesn’t get any quiet either.

        There are a few, but lately I’ve been going through the really old ones that I’ve been reading for 10+ years. I’m looking forward to reading Books 6-8 again since I haven’t gone over them as much or at all. 1-3 is definitely the chore and 4 is getting there. 5 is kind of a gray area for now.

      • I’ve always thought scrapbooking was so neat. I’m just REALLY not artistically inclined. I do take a lot of pictures and always have, but I can’t scrapbook.
        The only thing my husband really wants to do on his downtime is game, which I’m totally fine with. I always have something to be doing if he wants to play something we can’t play together.
        That’s hilarious about your kid choosing. XD

        At least there are some in the series that are still fun for you. That’s something to look forward to. 🙂
        Editing does turn into a major chore after doing it for an extremely long time though. I bet you can’t wait to get back to writing.

      • It’s neat, but I’m realizing how predatory a world it is. I think it makes more sense to use what you have around the house since the word ‘scrap’ is in the name of the hobby. Yet people have made businesses around special paper, stamps, and everything else for this hobby. So people that want to sell or compete go for the ‘real’ stuff. The truth is that there’s no money in it unless you sell scrapbooking supplies and are a good salesperson. Needless to say, my wife has been suckered in a few times.

        Fun is going to be a relative term. Book 7 is actually pretty brutal for a few of the characters. I really didn’t pull any punches breaking one of them down, but it crushing didn’t really stick completely by Book 8. More that the character became prone to sudden acts of sadism toward a rival, but kept getting stopped. Not really sure how else to explain it without spoilers.

      • Talking about getting suckered into scrapbooking stuff . . .
        Those Cricut things? (So weird to spell it like that.) I’ve wanted one for about five years. I do not scrapbook. -_-
        It’s hard for me to go into craft stores. I don’t craft (apart from making make up), but I want ALL THE THINGS. (‘But I might do it one day . . .’)
        I’d never even thought about ‘scrap,’ and yeah, that makes sense. After all, spare buttons can be found anywhere. And yet you must buy a pack of four buttons for $10 for scrabooking. (I don’t know if that’s accurate, but seems about right. That stuff is EXPENSIVE.)

        How do you feel about breaking your characters down? (For me, how I feel about it depends on how I feel about them.) I’m really interested in what’s going on with book 7 to cause this character to do what you said toward the rival in the 8th. Must be something extremely serious. (Obviously that’s not a ‘tell me about it’ thing. Just looking forward to figuring out what it is.)

      • Not really sure what a Cricut is. I’m not crafty at all.

        It’s a hard thing to do, but breaking a character can be necessary for them to grow. It doesn’t always mean a positive growth, but that harsh catalyst can be what keeps them fresh in a long series. They’ll recover in some fashion . . . I think.

  2. Balancing the world of blogging and marketing with our need to produce more work can be challenging. It seems we just find a good balance and something throws it out of whack again. Sigh. Good luck finding yours. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, it’s definitely a challenge. Some days I’ll think one is more important than then other (for whichever time), then wake up the next day and be SURE it’s the other. Balance between the two seems sort of impossible for me. It’s always spending more time on one than the other. (Which majorly affects my happiness, going weeks without hardly touching a WIP, which sends me into ‘hermit-mode’ where I’ll do nothing but write and get all sorts of stuff done.)
      But you’re totally right. Feels like every time you get (somewhat) comfortable, something happens.
      Thanks for the luck wished. Hopefully we’ll all find some sort of balance eventually. 🙂
      (Sorry if this was sort of all over the place. I’m inside and listening to music right now, the latter of which being a big no-no while I’m trying to write anything. Surprised I’m not typing song lyrics between words. ha)

  3. I totally agree that balancing the blogging/marketing portion with the actual writing/production portion is difficult! Good luck figuring it out, because I haven’t yet.

    I also find it interesting that Twitter takes you the least time; it takes me the most time and is the first to go when I have to cut things out of my time schedule.

    Best to you!

    • LoL. Maybe SOMEONE will figure it all out and then share the secret.

      See, I’m convinced people would think something is wrong with me if I said that Twitter takes me about an hour on a good day. (Like . . . what are you DOING on there?!) So I understand it taking a while. But an hour seems alright to me. Blogging takes up a MASSIVE chunk of my day, but I do enjoy it much more than Twitter. (Apart from being able to leave a few sentences of absolutely zero worth like I do on there. But then I could get into ‘value’ and it being debatable. Are you maybe seeing why it takes me so long on here? hahaha)

      Best to you too! (I really think we need all the crossed-fingers, wished-luck, etc. we can get. Maybe it’ll stick for someone one day. XD )

  4. Hey there, C. I’m not a big fan of adjustment either. I am quite a creature of routine too. I wish that I could break routine sometimes too, but it really is a challenge. I feel you too. I hope you get adjusted as soon as you can!

    • Thanks, BF.

      Yeah, sometimes I would LOVE to break routine (like doing something fun) purposely, but my brain is just like *screeching tires* ‘NOOOOOOOO’.
      But the whole HAVING to adjust to something thing and it being a continual thing? Yeah, that sucks.

  5. Good luck with your release. You know what’s most important in your life. I’m actually abandoning a project at the moment due to it making me way too stressed to complete appropriately. I’ll return to it later when time isn’t such a pressing issue. I know what you mean abut routines though. I’d be sunk if I couldn’t put myself on auto-pilot for at least part of the day.

    • Thanks. 😀
      Jury is still out on whether it’ll happen then or not. Have to wait and see . . .

      Are you having to abandon the one you drew the pictures for? 😦
      Abandoning them is seriously one of the worst things ever (feels like it), but you can get back to them. I’ve had to do that with several, unfortunately. There are a few that I write on here and there and some I don’t know that I’ll ever finish. :/
      My auto-pilot has been removed for maintenance, or something like that. It’s seriously messing with me, trying to adjust. Still working on it. Getting there. Definitely missing the auto-pilot . . .

      • No, the one with the pictures is my constant project, This was a short story I picked up with an impossible to meet deadline. I have to remind myself that I must not set impossible goals; I’m not at the level yet where I can create, write and revise a short story to my satisfaction in under a month. But it did feel awful to let it go. I’ll come back to it, of course, but for now, it’s in the trunk.

      • AH, okay.
        Not setting impossible goals is difficult, don’t you think? I’m always wanting (or needing) to do too much. Then you get overloaded and nothing works out the way it should. *sigh*
        But the good thing is that you still have part of that short story (at LEAST the idea for it) waiting for you to get back to it. And progress is progress, so you’ll have more on it for later, and that’s good. 🙂

      • Yes, I still have that part of the project, and I do have lots of ideas for it. I think the crush of defeat is weighing me down though. This week I haven’t wanted to do anything. I need to get off my duff and fix that. 😀

      • Gotta love having ideas. I wish I had more time to get around to all mine . . .

        GAH. The crush of defeat. I hate that feeling. I know I’ve majorly been lacking SOMETHING since all the piracy stuff. Feels like I’m moving at half-speed and can’t get completely back to normal. I’m sure it’ll happen at some point.

        How are you feeling motivation/drive-wise this week?

      • Well, this week I’ve been dogged every day by a migraine that’s still hanging on. But, I managed to get one short story finished at the expense of all the housework. I desperately need coffee, but there’s not a clean mug to be found in our house 😛

        How about you?

      • Oh, I totally meant to ask in that last comment. How is the work on your constant project coming along? Did you get that issue with the protagonist sorted out?

      • Eh~ The novel comes out in bits and pieces. The protagonist isn’t sorted out to my satisfaction yet, but I’m hoping he’ll get in line eventually. There’s so much set up and not enough of him in it. I probably need to restructure some things, but I’ve rewritten the first third of this novel so many times that I just want to get the thing done already!

      • LoL. I feel ya there. ‘I just want to get the thing done!’
        I think I live in a near-constant state of that. Gets so frustrating!

        Maybe he’ll get himself in line without you having to get him there?

      • I think what I’m going to need to do is to restructure the story… AGAIN and somehow give him more agency in the beginning. I need to give him things to do that will effect him later. Some deep thinking is going to be required.

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