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Positivity Journal, Week Three

Yesterday I got to write ‘Day 21’ down in the Positivity Journal. So I’ve kept with it for three weeks now, and that’s pretty cool.  Apart from a few stray days here and there, things have been going well here. Sure, there was yesterday where I was dealing with some major dizziness/general discombobulation. The positive of that was getting to write the word discombobulation. I love words, and all . . .

There have been the other negatives. One of those being that playing Destiny has gotten me far behind on . . . pretty much everything. Okay, okay, I’ve written a bit as well (though not anywhere near the amount I did the week before this last one), and that hasn’t helped with getting caught up. The positive to that is . . . I’ve written. The positive to playing Destiny is that I’ve got to spend some time with Husband. Also, it’s fun.

There was even a ‘family’ sort of ‘issue’ the other day that took up an entire page to explain due to my unhappiness/frustration over it. And yet I was still able to find a positive in it.

I really have to believe that the PJ is a positive thing for me all around. Even on the frustrating days, it’s nice to actually pick out something good that happened, write it down, and say, “Okay. This is the thing to focus on here.”

I’m sure there will be the odd irredeemable day here and there. (Such as the day where I was trying to get some stuff done and my internet was refusing to cooperate. That day was filled with – after – after – of me complaining about the internet, not to mention the generally negative remarks of things along the lines of ‘this figures’.) Such is life.

I’m sort of adapting it as I go along. I started keeping a ‘Stat Count’ early into it. Every day (or night, depending on), I’ll write a few things down to keep track of. They get their own positives and negatives. Being able to write down [+16,011 words written] one day was both unbelievable and fantastic. (That was during the writing week, where I needed to get that part of the story out. Getting that many words out in one day has its downfalls. Such as being so out of it by the end that I’ll be missing two words from every other sentence. It happens, and it’s fixable.)

I just think it will be really awesome to look back one day and be like, “Yeah, so that must’ve been one of those days where I did absolutely nothing but write. That must’ve been a great day.”

I’ve seriously been keeping track of basically everything, even down to ‘Wrote a chapter. S8, B5, C2 +3, 777.’ (That’s the most recent one, and it was done yesterday when I was recovering from all the dizziness. There’s no telling how horrible it is.) So not only will I be able to look back and know which book I was working on, but also the chapter, which will be exceptionally cool for the ones that stick out pretty far in my memory. “Yeah, that was a horrible chapter. Definitely not going to be comfortable when my mom reads that.” (I don’t need to write that sentence down to remember it, and yes, that chapter mentioned at the top of this paragraph is definitely one that messes with the comfort level. I’ve been writing a lot of those lately, seems like. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right, if it can make me uncomfortable.)

My inner ‘control freak’ must be having the time of her life with this. I can only guess because she tries very hard to keep herself quiet. (Doesn’t always work.) (Okay, enough of talking about some aspect of myself in third-person.) My days have been structured, and that’s more comforting for me than I can even explain. I’d almost wonder if that would make me more willing to step out of my comfort zone (which pretty much just requires taking ONE STEP ANYWHERE), or at least better able to handle it, but if my latest experience at the Post Office is any indication? Yeah, I’m still just as awkward and uncomfortable. Don’t even want to think about that, but even my husband said he could tell how uncomfortable I was, and he’s usually all, “You did fine.”

I do worry about myself sometimes. Then again, I worry about pretty much everything all the time. Take today, for example. I’m still on the first page of the PJ and there are two separate bullets about different worries. That’s me.

That’s basically it as far as what’s going on, but I do have one more thing to say.

I had an idea yesterday to start a new ongoing post, of sorts. They’ll be short and something I could for sure make the time to write up weekly. I’m not sure that anyone would want to read them, but . . . short. Enough said there, with how my posts seem to go (long), and a few people still read those for some reason. So maybe. I guess I’ll just have to try it out. Sort of like how hardly anybody checks out my Friday Music posts, but I still do them anyway from time to time. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I honestly don’t even know what I’m talking about at the moment. Still not coherent.

Anyway . . . I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I’ll be working on getting caught up, but if it takes me a bit to respond to things, you can assume I’m playing Destiny. Or writing. Or working on getting caught up with something else.


Oh yeah, one more thing? I am pissed off about Master Chef. Just saying.


8 thoughts on “Positivity Journal, Week Three

  1. thats a big word there, good reading, keep it coming, having one of those days myself, than had a tire blow out on the way to pick up daughter from school, really, who does that.
    But like you I look for the positive always,

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your tire. That’s never good. 😦
      Hopefully your daughter didn’t have to wait long.

      I usually DON’T look for the positive, which is what’s making the PJ so great for me. Keeps me from dwelling on the negatives, like I’m inclined to do. It’s really nice being able to see the positives. 🙂

  2. I had a great week last week with the writing. When I started making sure that lunchtime was all about my book instead of blog, that started making a difference. I’m finally getting to the point where I’m thinking about it again.

    • 🙂

      You know I’m super glad to hear that you had a great week (or day) with anything.

      Getting to the point where you’re thinking about the book again?

      I’m glad to hear the summary is coming along well. (I know that was a text and not a comment, but still.) Hopefully you get that all sorted soon and can get with the writing! Exciting stuff!! 😀

  3. Wow that’s incredible! I commend you for taking the time to keep track of your positives every day. That must be a lot of work! Definitely not something I could do. I can’t even bring myself to do the dishes, most days. x__x

    • 😀
      Well, I’m keeping track of positives and negatives, but trying to remind myself to focus on the positives. And I’ll be honest, I add as many small positives to the day as I can, just to try and keep things in a certain perspective.
      I think I make it more work than it really has to be, haha. It’s not so bad as long as I do it as it goes rather than letting a major chunk of the day go by without adding. Doesn’t seem like it takes so long then. And I’m getting speedier with the stats and whatnot, so that’s good.

      Hey, don’t feel bad. Me and dishes? Yeah, no. Just no. I’ll ‘do’ them if I have a dishwasher, or if I ABSOLUTELY MUST. Otherwise? No. I’m lucky that my husband is totally fine with doing them. Because there is just SOMETHING HORRIBLE to me about dirty dishes. I can’t stop thinking about bacteria, and I also just can’t stand the feeling of food.
      I’m kind of weird.

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