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I have a new favorite. (Friday Music)

I was so excited about posting this video that I went ahead and wrote up a post for it yesterday. In all my excitement, that post ended up being all of 1,825 words which is just . . . not okay. This is me trying again.

(Keep it brief, C. You can do it.)

Sorry, I definitely needed a little pep talk to keep myself calm enough to write this.

Okay. I’m sure some of you out there know me well enough for you to be aware (either by figuring it out on your own or me telling you) that I can be a pretty . . . fickle person. I have a difficult time picking favorite anythings. My favorites always change with my moods (for the most part), so I sort of gave up on picking favorites. (At least one favorite.) I usually see the differences in everything and, no matter how similar anything might be to something else, it’s always like apples to oranges. (Though, admittedly, I do have a favorite apple. Gala, if you’re wondering. Is that ironic? Maybe.) I can’t ever choose. Something I love one day will be something I just like ‘pretty okay’ the next. So when I find a favorite, it’s like a freaking miracle. And when I get to the point that I claim a favorite, that’s not likely to change.

Even when I narrow things down into more specific lists, I still can’t ever choose. I don’t have a favorite superhero movie. (Like choosing between The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy is impossible for me despite them both being ‘group superhero movies’. They’re just too different.) I don’t even have a favorite Lord of the Rings movie because I like things about each of them (and dislike Frodo always). And what I mean by saying I can be fickle is that I can put all my affection into something one day and seriously just not give a sh- . . . erm . . . just not care about it the next. That’s just how I am. (Obviously there are a few exceptions, as always.)

So, as I said, MIRACULOUS when I find a favorite.


It happened in a similar way to how I found Geographer. (My favorite band, and one of few favorites that I’ve stuck to.) I heard a song, liked it, didn’t really pay much attention to it, and moved on. I didn’t even do what I usually do with songs I like (which is email the name of it to myself). I must’ve been being lazy that day, which happens. Then I heard the song again, and I sent it to myself. (I heard it on So You Think You Can Dance, actually. I have another song in the Friday Music archives that was also found on there. It’s: Daughter – Medicine.)

I woke up yesterday with that song in my head (the song this post is about), so I came out to the shed and listened to it. When I get to that point with music, the first thing I do is look up the lyrics. I could say I was being lazy yesterday as well, but I was actually just not coherent yet, so I looked up a video with lyrics rather than what I usually do. (That’s go to SongMeanings. I like reading what people have to say about lyrics.)

Listening to that song while reading the lyrics was like getting punched in the gut for me. (Also, hearing it on that show did NOT do it justice.) A lot of that might be to do with the fact that it made me think of something I’m currently working on. (Not currently as in this blog, but currently as in the book I’m working on.) That always gets to me.

It hit me so hard that I needed to listen to a non-studio version of it. I needed to do that because I was seriously concerned in one real listen that it was going to take over my favorite. So what I needed to do was hear what this dude’s voice sounded like outside a studio. Because, you see . . . Mike Deni (from Geographer)? His voice is flawless live. FLAWLESS. So I was thinking I would hear this song being sang outside a studio, be totally put off (but still like the song recorded), and that would be that.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

I watched a video of him sitting there with just him and his guitar. My eyes got all big. My jaw dropped. And the feeling went from a gut-punch to feeling like a massive slab of concrete had been dropped on my entire torso. (Not getting into how a massive slab would only be on my torso. Not the point.) That was exactly what it felt like.

I’ve got the feels from music before, of course. I get the feels from music quite often. Different sorts of ones. And yeah, I’ve had a similar feeling from other songs, but never like that. Never. Now I must explain why.

Mike Deni’s voice is flawless. It’s damn near perfect. It’s pretty much perfect.

This guy? His voice is perfect, at least to my ears. This is what the perfect voice sounds like to me. I said, “Oh my god,” and, “I just can’t,” seriously about a hundred times between yesterday and today, all to do with this. (I’m actually not exaggerating on the number. I feel so bad for my poor Husband, having to listen to me . . .)

You see how excited I am about this? I told myself to be brief and this is 1,000 words again. (It’s not as long as the other one, and that’s good.)

Now I’ve hyped it up and I’m sure a lot of you will be like, “Yeah, I don’t get it.” Totally fine. This is all just my opinion.

But yeah, Geographer is my favorite band.

Now I have a favorite musician.

So I give you . . .

Hozier – Like Real People Do

Below is the version I’ve listened to the most. How many times, you ask?

Yeah, I’m not answering that.



27 thoughts on “I have a new favorite. (Friday Music)

  1. Wow, you’ve been on fire on the blog lately. What is up with that? I guess you’re positivity journal is working. Maybe if I start my bitternicity journal, I will start getting all kinds of feels about bitter music that I will like.

    • I know! What in the world?! (I don’t know what’s up with it, to be honest.)

      I guess it really is working.
      LoL, you’ll have to tell me how that works out. XD

      Totally random, but I think I pulled a muscle in my forearm trying to get Pig to let go of her ball. I am a weakling. Bummer.

      Also, I’m getting ready to respond to your text. Not that I needed to say that on here when I could just text you. >.>

    • Thanks! I really love him . . . probably a little TOO much. (That happens . . .)

      Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Winter Soldier yet. 😦
      We were going to see it in theaters, but were on a tight budget that month (like pretty much always) and another movie took up our ‘going out’ money.
      We need to go buy it.
      How was it?

      • I loved it. Saw it twice and it’s one of the best superhero movies I’ve seen. Combined very nicely with an action-packed spy-like movie and Captain America really got to show why he’s awesome.

      • That makes me want to see it more than I did. I haven’t heard anyone say a word about it, so I didn’t really know what to think.
        I enjoyed the first one. I’m not exactly sure what it was, but there was a different sort of ‘feel’ to it compared to other superhero movies, at least in my opinion.

      • Weird. It was the biggest action movie this year until Guardians of the Galaxy came around.

        I think the different thing with Captain America is that he has that old code of honor and isn’t flashy with his abilities. He’s only an enhanced human, so he doesn’t fire lasers, grow claws, or do anything that other superheroes do. I don’t know what it was about the way he was presented in the first movie and the sequel. Best way I can explain it is that Chris Evans really played him off as a guy you can trust and depend on. Maybe because he was tortured like Wolverine and Spider-Man or egotistical like Thor and Iron Man. Just a boy scout soldier who wanted to stop a bully.

      • I know. I didn’t hear anything about that OR Days of Future Past. Still haven’t. Definitely need to see both of them . . .

        I agree with everything you said about it. I really think he’s fantastic as Cap. But as for the feel of that first movie, it just seemed a bit . . . GRITTIER to me than they usually do, if that makes sense. Not that it WAS, but that was the ‘feeling’ I got from it.
        Anyway, I think it’s really cool that he’s already been a superhero and he’s so good in this role that you sort of forget all about the other one.

      • I never got around to Days of Future Past. I’ve kind of left X-Men movies behind since the 3rd one. I’m always being told how great they are, but I get only so many movie trips per year. I heard it was very Wolverine-centered, which I’m kind of burnt out on.

        Grittier certainly is a great word because it involved WWII, so I think it fits. I got an ‘old movie’ feel from it too up until the end when it seemed a lot brighter if that makes any sense. I’m talking about when he wakes up.

      • Gah. That third X-Men movie was just . . .
        I really enjoyed First Class. (To tell you how much trouble I'm having concentrating right now, I had to go look at my movie case to remember the dag on title for that.) I don't think it was the BEST MOVIE EVER, but it was good. I'll end up buying Days of Future Past at some point. But hey, if you're not interested in watching it, you're not interested. I'm pretty burnt out on Wolverine everywhere as well, to be honest.
        I did see Hugh Jackman on Fallon a little while ago. Really surprised by him.

        Yeah, I get what you're saying about Captain America. That would be a good way to put it with the 'old movie' feel. Maybe if I watched it fifty more times, I might be able to figure out how to put the feeling I got from it. lol

      • What is it with #3 of superhero movies that makes them so mediocre or bad? Spider-Man 3, X-Men 3, Superman 3, Batman Forever, etc.

        I’m probably going to wait for Days of Future Past to show up on the Premium channels. Did that with Desolation of Smaug and it allowed me to get work done while cursing the name of Peter Jackson. Not allowed to do that in a theater.

        I think the original Captain America’s feel is more apparent if you watch it right before the new one. The sequel seems brighter and . . . shinier.

      • I don’t know, but I agree. So many of the #3 superhero movies were just . . . horrible. I think that ‘dancing’ scene in Spiderman 3 will haunt me forever.

        I haven’t seen Desolation of Smaug yet. I was so upset with the first Hobbit movie that I’m sort of hesitant to watch that one. I know I’ll get to it eventually. Did you not like the LOTR movies or just the Hobbit ones?

        I might have to do it that way, with watching the first Captain America again right before the second. I’ve been wanting to re-watch it anyway and that’s the perfect excuse.

      • I think that dancing scene haunts people that haven’t even seen it.

        I felt obligated to see it and it went about as smoothly as riding a shopping cart down a cobblestone road. The same jarring feeling to the buttocks too. I liked the LOTR movies because they felt epic and respectful. Not too much was changed and it was more an issue of things being cut. The Hobbit trilogy feels like it’s been padded being the point of sanity.

        Might want to put Avengers in there too. Cap 2 works off that movie. It’s odd how the Captain America films seem to be running closer to the Avengers stuff.

      • Is it that infamous? Do people who haven’t seen the movie Youtube it or something? Gah. That’s scary.

        That’s a nice image – a shopping cart down a cobblestone road. I can only imagine what that would do to someone’s buttocks. (Another odd word, don’t you think? Buttocks. Maybe not? I’m probably not awake enough to be commenting yet today.)
        That was A LOT of my problem with the first Hobbit movie. I mean, you look at LOTR, and pretty much everything that COULD be real WAS real. (Within reason, of course.) I loved that they took the time to make all the costumes, and that makes it timeless. In twenty years, it won’t have too much outdated CGI to make it almost unwatchable. (This is like the initial Jurassic Park. They took the time and it still looks great.)
        Then watching the Hobbit, it was just . . .
        It was such a disappointment in that regard. Everything looked fake. Now that I’m thinking about it again, was the CGI in it really even THAT MUCH BETTER than LOTR? And those came out 10-15 years ago. So sad.

        If I throw the Avengers in there, I might just have to re-watch all the other ones, with the exception of the Iron Man movies. I can tolerate the first, but Iron Man 2 was one of very few movies that I couldn’t actually sit through. And I like him in The Avengers, so I don’t get it.

        Do you watch Agents of Shield?

      • I think people YouTube it and it was mentioned in several reviews afterwards. Buttocks is a strange word. Seems sillier than butt and rear.

        Jurassic Park was great because they used animatronics too. I heard the next one is doing the same thing. More robots than CGI. As for the Hobbit, it really did look like the CGI was too much and poorly done. Especially with the white orc. I think they should have saved their money and I stuck to the book with only 2 movies.

        I didn’t mind Iron Man 2, but I was looking forward to War Machine turning up. As for adding the other ones, you really don’t need them that badly. The reason I said Avengers and the Cap movies is because both deal predominantly with SHIELD and the organization’s inner workings. I didn’t get into the series though. Too busy and I’m still cutting back on my TV shows.

      • That’s weird. I guess I just can’t see why anyone would YouTube one of the worst parts of a movie they didn’t actually see. I suppose there are stranger things? It definitely wouldn’t convert anyone to a superhero movie fan, that’s for sure. O.o

        Buttocks really is a strange one. And you’re right about it seeming sillier.

        I really do hope the next Jurassic Park keeps with the animatronics. (I’m looking forward to it in general.) I think a lot of people didn’t like the third, but I even liked that one.

        Yeah, the CGI was just TOO MUCH in The Hobbit. I agree COMPLETELY about the white orc. That/he/it was just horrible, in my opinion. The goblins really bothered me too. I was more disappointed seeing that than I was with seeing the second Transformers movie, and that’s really saying something.

        I don’t know what it was about Iron Man 2, but I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve wanted to give it another try. I just need to find the time/drive to do as much.

        It took me a while to get into the TV show. Most of the first season, if I’m remembering correctly. :/
        I like it quite a bit now though.
        I should probably cut back on some shows, but I get a little too attached to most of them. >.<

      • Put in fan reviews of the movie and in mocking homemade music videos. The scene was oddly infamous soon after the movie came out. I still know people that haven’t seen it and admit it’s because they don’t think they can sit through dancing Peter.

        The third was iffy. I think it took a lot from the two books and pieced it together with a flimsy plot. My biggest issue with it was that most of the ‘fodder’ characters all got taken out within the same 5-10 minutes. So every dinosaur that came afterwards had no sense of lethality.

        The goblins and white orc looked so . . . squishy and soft.

        Iron Man 2 seemed to push Tony as a jerk and had a bunch of Deus Ex Machina that made little sense. The new element’s origin? The bad guy being able to make something that only Tony could make beforehand? I guess an issue was that one never had a sense that Iron Man wouldn’t save the day and get the girl.

        I being careful with the shows I get into now. I have so little free time. On that note, I really want to watch Constantine.

      • Not being able to sit through dancing Peter is a pretty legitimate reason to not watch that third movie, I think. Or maybe just fast-forwarding through it or something. But the whole ‘Venom turned me emo!’ thing was just . . . . . no.

        I BELIEVE I read the second book when I was young. (Talking about Jurassic Park.) I really can’t remember though. Weird that I would’ve read the second and not the first, but I’m pretty sure.
        Hm. I get what you’re saying with it though. Didn’t a lot of people have issues with the velociraptors having the feathers on their heads? (I might’ve misspelled that. I’m feeling too lazy to check.)

        Squishy and soft white orc/goblins . . . yeah, I can see that. LoL

        I really don’t have a clue what it was about Iron Man 2. I actually have that one, so I COULD try watching it again. And yeah, that sounds pretty cool, with someone being able to make something only he’d been able to.
        That’s kind of the thing with those movies though. No matter how hopeless they seem, some part of you always knows how they’re going to end. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I know it does some people. (Then again, EVERYTHING bothers someone.)
        Speaking of (Iron Man) . . .
        Have you seen the new Avengers trailer? SO excited about that. Kind of love James Spader after The Blacklist, but it’s crazy thinking about him going from Stargate to all this. Now I want to watch Stargate.

        I should probably take your approach to new shows. I’ve got so many of them that I’m watching now.
        Constantine premieres tonight, right?
        You’ll have to let me know how it is. (Well, you don’t HAVE to, but it would be nice if you did.)
        Then again, I don’t know if I should watch it. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep ever again.

      • Don’t even get me started on Venom . . . or Deadpool from Origins Wolverine.

        I think people had issues, but it was recently discovered that Velociraptors really did have feathers. So we could see that change.

        I did see the new trailer. Looked pretty interesting. I’m waiting for something with a little more meat because I’m confused on why Hulk is going after Iron Man. Also I’m taking bets with a friend on which character will die. It’s Joss Whedon, so I’m betting on Hawkeye after he reveals his feelings for Black Widow or they start a public relationship. As odd as it sounds, I think I’m more excited about the possibility of a Wonder Woman movie.

        I’m hoping Constantine is good. The reviewers are reaming it and saying it isn’t like the comics. He’s more Dean and Sam Winchester than Constantine according to one guy. Though I like ‘Supernatural’, so I might not mind.

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