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And Stuff . . .

It’s been a pretty great week here, which is always a fantastic thing to be able to say. I’ve got (most of) another week down in the Positivity Journal, which is good. I’m still not sure if that’s actually helping, but I’m still glad to be doing it. Maybe these last two weeks have just been better, or maybe writing down all that stuff is extremely beneficial for my state of mind. (It is.)

Surprising that it’s been less than a week since I posted on here last, which is good for me. It’s even more surprising that I feel like I have twenty million things to talk about.

I’ve been absolutely consumed with writing the last several days, to the point where I pretty much did nothing else. Seriously, pretty much nothing else. I’ve had bouts of LOTSAWRITING somewhat recently, but those were mostly due to trying to utilize what time I was giving myself to write. This week it’s been NEEDTOGETTHISOUT writing, where the story must be told and you really don’t have much of a choice but to do it. I kept telling myself that I had stuff I needed to do (always referred to as ‘other stuff’ in my PJ), that I was going to get behind again after pretty much getting caught up (whodathunkit?), but I was seriously concerned about losing momentum with this. And truth be told, I was just happy to feel like that again. (Where I was so excited about writing that I stayed up until my eyes felt like they’d turned to sand, then woke up a few hours later to get back to it and repeat the process.) I could probably (definitely) keep the rest of the series going in this way, but alas, responsibilities and all . . . (Can’t completely ignore one child [series] just because another is demanding attention.)

I’ve watched quite a bit of shows (somewhat) recently (though not during those few days of writing). Had to get Hulu so I could get caught up with Once Upon a Time before it came back on. STOKED about that now that I’ve finished season 3. While watching that, there kept being adverts for Sleepy Hollow, so I gave that a try and watched all of the first season. I was pleasantly surprised by that, mostly for the premise. (I do have to say that I wish I’d gotten hold of the script and whatnot before they filmed it. [If you stick your ring in the wall and it stays in the wall when it raises, how is your ring back on your finger when the wall stays up the entire time????????]) Sure, the acting could’ve been better (it did get better), but the whole concept was/is just super cool to me. Looking forward to that. (Also, as angry as the season ending made me, I have to give props to any show that can make my eye twitch due to the ending and my frustration over it. *cough* Lost *cough*)

I was going on IMDB to look up something a bit ago (I am on there a lot) and saw that James Corden will be taking over The Late Late Show. STOKED. I’d never been into those late night shows until a few months ago. Husband and I gave Conan a try (he used to watch it when he was younger) because nothing else was on. Then I got hooked. Then got frustrated due to how often Conan re-airs episodes so we started watching Jimmy Fallon now that we have Hulu and there’s a backlog of episodes. LOVE IT. Well, I love everything about it apart from ol’ whatshisface on there. (Still trying to figure out why hosts need a host????) Anyway, I saw James Corden when watching Doctor Who, so I’ll probably at least give that a try. (Glad I didn’t give up on those shows when catching a bit of Seth Myers before starting with Conan. And can I just add . . . Has ANYONE ELSE noticed that Seth Myers looks exactly like Ben Stiller????)

Anyway, all those shows have given me a somewhat different perspective on actors. Like Vin Diesel. I was pleasantly surprised by him. Still really dislike Jason Statham, no surprise there. (No, I do not like him.) It’s been pretty cool. (Can I also add . . . I want a baby Groot. So bad.) Good wind-down shows while I’m having my cup of milk before bed.

I’m excited about this week. I’m going to be spending the day with my mom (hopefully tomorrow), which I haven’t done in a while. I’ll also be getting to see some of my favorite people in the world (that I haven’t seen in an unacceptably long time).

Destiny is coming out, and I’ve been looking forward to that for . . . long time. Sure, they took the split-screen co-op out (WTF? GAAAAAH! >.<), but I’m still going to give it a shot. If I like it, Husband and I will have to buy ANOTHER copy (yaaaaay for money-drains!) to play it together. But I’m hoping it’s as good as it’s hyped up to be. Stoked, yet apprehensive. Trying not to get too stoked (because then I get the kind of upset where I start shouting about split-screen co-op being removed) because I don’t want to be disappointed . . .

Got some really fantastic reviews for Reave pretty recently, and that makes me super happy.

Also made a new friend, which also makes me super happy.

am starting to wonder if some of my real life friends have gotten completely fed up with my workaholic ways and have zero intention of ever speaking to me again. That doesn’t make me super happy.

Painted my nails a color called Blue Suede Shoes, which makes me want to wear my pair of blue suede heels (had to get them on principle). Not that I wear heels because . . . totally don’t. Not that not wearing heels stops me from purchasing heels because . . . totally doesn’t. I keep hoping that one day I’ll have an excuse to get out of my pajamas and out into the world, where people do stuff. The excuse would be a friend that would pull me out of my shed. Yeah, Husband and I need to get out more.

This is starting to turn into a generalized yet more thorough version of my PJ, so I should probably put a stop to this post despite feeling like I could go on (and on and on). I’ve just been in a good mood (which is a nice change from that horrible one that wouldn’t go away), so yeah. I’m thinking that getting consumed by writing has more to do with it than anything, but we shall see.

Hope everyone is doing super fantastically awesome and stuff.

(Apologies for any [non-purposeful] errors in this. I am extremely tired.)

22 thoughts on “And Stuff . . .

  1. I don’t know if it’s out yet, but there’s supposed to be a dancing baby Groot coming to stores at some point. Might be only in Disney stores. I want one even though I don’t have anywhere to put it and will probably lose it to my son.

    A few episodes into Season 2 of Once Upon a Time after getting Seasons 1-3 on DVD. I rarely get to series when they’re on TV since I’m so busy. Also seeing so many of my shows get canned early kind of soured me. ‘Almost Human’ got Fireflyed and that kind of hurt. Trying to get into ‘Legends’ with Sean Bean, but I’m scared to get burned again.

    Congrats on the new reviews.

    • I will probably have to get it if it does come out. I loved the movie as a whole, but that was honestly my favorite part. (I don’t know if that’s sad, but the adorableness was almost unbearable. Also, Groot was my favorite character in general, oddly enough.)
      I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it either, and can’t think of anything to actually do with it. (Other than giggle, which would probably get old.)

      I usually get to shows when they’re airing, but if I miss an episode (like with OUaT), I have to stop watching it. That happened to me NCIS: LA, unfortunately. I usually watch a show halfway through being awake when I’m eating, then another one before I go to bed. So I TYPICALLY have the time to fit that in.
      I wanted to watch Almost Human, but I missed the pilot and couldn’t. :/
      Was it good?
      I’ve thought about watching Legends. How is it?

      And thanks! 🙂

      • It seems to be coming out in December of this year.

        Almost Human was good, but they put the episodes out of order, preempted, and did what they did to Firefly. I loved the interaction between the characters. Thankfully, I DVR the shows in case I’m going to miss things.

        Legends is interesting. Kind of slow because it focuses a lot on Odum’s mental state and how his deep cover identities are affecting him. It’s also rather violent at times.

      • I’m wondering if they can/will make it look right without it being ridiculously expensive.

        That’s weird about them being out of order. O.o
        I’m probably one of the only people who’s never watched Firefly. Husband and I have talked about it, but we just haven’t gotten around to it. He likes Nathan Fillion. A lot of that is due to Halo.

        We usually DVR things. What happened with OUaT was moving. Then we moved again. Then at some point switched cable providers. So we ended up missing a lot within the last year and a half.

        I guess some violence is expected with the subject. Is it gory violent or action violent?

      • I didn’t see Firefly until the movie came out. The thing with the order was that a few executives thought the episodes worked better in a different way than how they were produced. It was about drawing audiences in and not telling a coherent story.

        One of these days I’ll get back into Season 2 of OUaT. Own the first 3 seasons on DVD, but I’m not allowed to watch them until the wife is around. That tends to be where things go south because she goes to bed early.

        Best example of Legends violence would be ‘Taken’. At least as close to that as you can get on TV.

      • Gotta love when stuff like that happens . . .

        I really love OUaT, just for all the craziness of it.

        I’ve never seen Taken. I wanted to. I should probably watch that . . .

      • Violence doesn’t bother me so much. It’s bloodiness/goriness that does. Certain aspects bother me more than others.
        I just think the whole idea for that movie is awesome.

      • Thanks. I’ve thought about picking it up when I found it for cheap at Best Buy. Don’t know why I never did.
        I’ll probably go check out the content advisory on IMDB. I tend to do that before seeing any movie that worries me, and sometimes the ones that don’t as well. Sort of interesting how things written down can sound so much worse than they actually are.

      • Maybe because we throw our own images into it. I’ve done that when I read about a ‘horrific’ scene in a movie. Then I see it and it’s nowhere near what I thought it would be.

  2. Curious you haven’t mentioned the new series of Doctor Who – I’d be interested to hear your opinion of Peter Capaldi [or are you still missing Matt Smith?] I thoroughly enjoy this new incarnation of the Doctor, and look forward to how the rest of the series shapes up.

    Glad to hear of the positive reviews for Reave (yes, I’ve postponed reading it for the time being, but I do promise to finish it and post my own review… soon)

    • I haven’t mentioned it because I haven’t watched any of it yet. I know, I know. I’m not just missing Matt Smith. I’m holding onto him and somehow convincing myself that if I don’t watch that regeneration episode . . . it didn’t happen.
      I really will get to it eventually, when I feel like I’m emotionally able to.
      Hearing that you’re enjoying it gives me some hope, so thanks for that. It’s kind of a relief, and might potentially be softening the blow.

      Like I said, I totally understand about the reading. You’re busy and have your own stuff to do! 🙂

  3. I’m the same way with heels. I have a bunch, but nothing to wear with them and no reason to wear them. We should find a way to wear our heels and hang out. lol

    I’m also curious on how you feel about Capaldi. I’m loving this new series and I think Clara has definitely been written better this go around.

    • LoL, Yeah, I forgot to mention the ‘nothing to wear them with’ thing. It’s true. I have so many of them and pretty much nothing to wear them with. I actually had all of my shoes stolen out of a storage unit (FOR REAL) a few years ago (along with some other things). So I had to build my collection back up. Still working on it.
      We really should find a way to do just that. 😉

      I still haven’t watched any of it with Capaldi. 😦
      Thinking about Matt Smith being gone sends massive waves of sadness washing over me. But I WILL get to it.
      I really am glad to be seeing people say that they’re liking him. I’m ALSO really glad to hear that about Clara.

      I have an email from you that I need to respond to, don’t I? Or was it your turn? Or was it mine? I can go check.
      Apologies if it was my turn. I got carried away (seriously) with writing for the last week. I’m working on getting caught up with everything right now, so I’ll get on that!

      • It’s my turn again!
        I was hoping to get to your newest email before you left, but I’ve been scrambling today because Husband and I are going to play Destiny.
        I’m not sure if you’ve already left or whatever, but I really hope you all have a good time on your trip! (I at least wanted to make sure I said that beforehand.) 😀

  4. Happy that you are posting quite often and that the Positivity journal is working for you 🙂 I totally agree – Seth Myers and Ben Stiller, do have a lot of similarities.

    • It’s weird how much I’ve been posting lately! Especially given that I’ve gotten a lot (A LOT) of writing done. I did get behind on quite a bit of things though. (Like responding to everything . . .)
      But the PJ has seriously been great. Takes up quite a bit of time, but it’s worth it.

      THANK YOU for agreeing with me on Seth Myers/Ben Stiller. It sort of just hit me one day and it’s been creeping me out a little since. I don’t know how they’re not on those lists of celebrities who look like other celebrities.

  5. I think Vin Diesel gets a bad rap for those Fast and Furious movies (so unrealistic, but I love that about movies) , but he has done some surprisingly decent movies too. And how could you not like him as Groot?
    How was your visit with your mother?

    • Hm. Does he have/get a bad rap?
      I didn’t really have much of an opinion on him before seeing him on there. (Sure, I’ve enjoyed a few of his movies.) But he was seriously not ANYTHING like how I expected and that was pretty awesome.
      I loved Groot. He was my favorite character in GotG. Did you end up seeing it? I’m guessing yes since you mentioned that, but still, you never said anything to me about it.
      Or maybe you did say something to me and I just don’t remember. That’s a possibility and if it’s the case . . . apologies in advance. >.<

      Me and my mom ended up not having our day yet. Haven't had a day with just me and her in a super long time.

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