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Friday Music: A duo of songs that MUST have been written about me

(Beginning note: If you only listen to one of these, please let it be the last one.)

Relating to music isn’t an uncommon experience. I think most songs (like all aspects of art) are pretty open to interpretation. An artist might be writing about one set experience, but we listen to it (or look at/read it) and relate it to some aspect of our own lives. That’s really what makes art so freaking beautiful, in my humble opinion.

Finding a song in that aspect really isn’t difficult. There are songs about love, and breakups, and troubles of all shapes and sizes. Those are easy. Those are experiences that pretty much everyone shares in some way (even if only loosely).

There have been two songs in my life that – after listening to the lyrics – caused me to stop for a second . . . then burst into hysterics at the similarities they had to my actual way of being.

Up until very recently, I’d only heard one of them. I think I was about eighteen the first time I came across it, and even still . . . it fits me pretty well. (That’s probably obvious if you read my blog or know me even a little bit.)

That song is: Motion City Soundtrack – Everything is Alright.

I’ll say that I never thought I would hear another that fit me so well. Then I did. It wouldn’t have fit me at all if I’d heard it when I was eighteen years old, sort of drifting through life and not doing much else. But I’m CLEARLY not eighteen anymore. (And if the song says anything, it’s that ‘drifting’ is not okay for me now.) If not for Pandora . . . I probably never would’ve heard this. I’m so glad I did. So I give you . . .

My new ‘me song‘: Air Traffic Controller – Hurry Hurry

I stop to smell the roses

My body decomposes

If I could sum up how I feel basically all the time? Yeah, that would be it.

I probably shouldn’t laugh at that song.


20 thoughts on “Friday Music: A duo of songs that MUST have been written about me

  1. Um, just an FYI, it isn’t Friday on the West Coast yet. I will just have to wait for a few hours before I can listen to any of these. That last song? I can see you bumping your head up and down in your shed to that one. That is an awesome song.

    • It was Friday here! I think it was almost right on the nose when I posted this.
      (Why do people say that? It makes no sense.)
      (Nosense. XD)

      If I only listened to music in the shed (consistently), then yeah . . . it’s possible I might do that. I’m not really a head-bobber though. I tap on things a lot when I’m listening to music. And sing HORRIBLY.
      I really like that song.

      • Wow you knew what day it was! That was the impressive part.
        Right on the nose saying? Well, that leads me to a discussion about a lot of different sayings. A lot of them don’t make sense, and a lot of them needed to be updated and I’m frankly tired of hearing a lot of them. But whatever, we just need to invent our own dictionary and maybe convert a few others into using it.
        I’m not either, but I do enjoy listening to music when I write. For some reason, it seems weird when I don’t.

      • I know. I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with the days lately. A good part of that is because I put the day of the week along with the day in the PJ. There’s been a bit of confusion here and there, but that’s always the case. GO ME!

        I like a lot of sayings, to be honest. But we totally should make our own dictionary. Along with the words, we could come up with our own sayings. On the subject of noses, the first could be . . .
        ‘As the nose goes.’
        I don’t know what it could potentially mean, but I like the way it sounds.
        Any ideas?

        Sometimes I wish I could listen to music when I write . . .

    • Sounds like you went to a pretty cool college?

      I listen to that first song every once in a while, have a good laugh, and move on. It’ll probably always get a chuckle out of me.

      • I went to a party college, actually. The ‘life soundtracks’ kind of started when all the people I drank with left for one reason or another. Then I was left with the non-drinking friends and this ended up being something that a few of them did.

      • And when you’re going through the drinking phase, making life soundtracks instead just really doesn’t sound so awesome.
        (Unless they were to be played while drinking.)
        (This is where I add that I am SO glad to be past that.)

      • Actually it gets pretty funny. Nearly everyone has Piano Man by Billy Joel and then there’s chaos. Things like ‘Land Down Under’, ‘This Means War (Busta & Ozzy)’, and ‘Duhast’ get thrown in there.

      • That’s a great song. I’ve always loved We Didn’t Start the Fire. And now I’m thinking about Bruce Hornsby because I thought about Billy Joel. It happens.

        Haha, Those sound like some pretty awesome mixes. Gotta love the completely random ones. And I always love that totally random songs stick with people and remind them of certain things.
        Now I want to make a life mix. Great.

      • This is true.
        I really should sit down and do that one day. Problem is, I get so attached to songs that there would probably end up being over 100 on it.

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