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After a week of writing . . .

As I said a few posts ago, I took this past week for writing. Not surprisingly, I’m feeling much better (in comparison). I spent (most of) that entire time writing on New Series (8, if you’re going by my What’s in the works? page). I’ve said before on here that I’ve had some major issues with getting this series out of my head. I really think a lot of that is to do with timing and not being able to write as consistently as I used to, with releases/blogging/Twitter/anything that isn’t writing pulling me away from writing.

Book 1 . . . it took forever (for me) to get out. I started it in February, hit a brick wall very early in, then took about a month off of writing. I got back to it, figured out a way around that (particular) wall, then hit another (smaller) one. It’s gone on and on that way from the get-go. I’m six months into this series, and it’s been the longest I’ve been actively(ish) writing on one without having the first (garbage) drafts finished. (Excluding the first series I ever wrote, which I typically exclude from everything.) That’s pretty strange for me. I don’t like it. But such is life!

At the start of the writing week, I had a few chapters of the third book written. At the end of it, I’m happy to report that I’m over halfway finished with the third book (if the word count continues to hold in the way it has been). I’m also happy to report that (for the most part) planned events in this one have gone (pretty much) the way I’d thought they would. What a surprise!

I’m wondering if part of the issue with this is the sort of . . . evolution of it. If I look at my three separate fantasy series – Reave Series (2), Completed Trilogy (4), and New Series (8) – they are all very different. I always focus the most on characters, and the Reave Series is a prime example of that. The story IS the characters, more so than the ‘world’ they’re living in. (That’s not saying the world isn’t important or has no impact.) Completed Trilogy has the world taking a bigger part in it, impacting the characters in more atypical ways than that of the Reave Series. The world was/is bigger (or maybe I should say different), and that was pretty difficult for me to get down. (Thus the start of more detailed mapping, more detailed character/information sheets, more detailed lists.) It was harder to keep it all in my head.

New Series is . . . MASSIVE. It’s the first time I’ve undertaken having multiple viewpoints in one book (though in Completed Trilogy the books aren’t all from the initial main character’s perspective). So, not only is it having to tackle that (voices and all), but it’s dealing with multiple arcs, multiple backstories that need to be told (in the right way at the right time) and dealt with in the head of whichever character is telling that part of the story, multiple races with their own rules/ways of being/focuses, etc. That’s not mentioning how much detail is going into the actual locales, and from getting one place to another. And as I said, I’m a completely character-driven writer, so there being so much of a focus on everything else has been . . . an experience, that’s for sure. Completed Trilogy definitely helped with that. I wouldn’t have had a chance in hell at writing this one if not for that one. (That seems to be the way it goes . . .)

But something happened during this week of writing. I actually wrote. Even adding the POV of a different character . . . it went pretty seamlessly. This was the first bit of substantial writing I’ve gotten done in that sort of time span in what feels like freaking forever. And it feels good. I’m not sure if that’s having a (much) better feel for everything, or if I had the time needed to really get into it, or both. (Probably both.)

This is the first time in a while that I feel like I need to write, not for my mental wellbeing, but because the characters and story have finally clicked hard enough in my head that they must get out. (And I’m not talking about little bits of getting out here and there, I’m talking OUT.) The characters are no longer content enough (yet grumpy) about me potentially pinning them to trees so that I can carry on with things and get back to them when I’m able. If I were to have a conversation with this group of characters, telling them I need to do just that, it would go as follows . . .

1: *stares at me for far too long* I’m not letting you pin me to a tree again. Are you that ignorant?

Me: I’m sorry. I have a lot of things I need to do.

2: So do we.

3: But if she has things she needs to do, shouldn’t she do them? I mean, she’s helping us, isn’t she? Shouldn’t we be quiet for a little while if that would help her get us out of her head so we can live?

4: I’m sure we could keep ourselves occupied while she’s away.

1: Shut up, 4.

4: *grins*

Me: I really am sorry. I don’t want it to be this way.

5: Why don’t you try time-splitting again? Obviously it would be difficult. We all *looks around at the others* know you want to tell our story. So tell it.

Me: It would be pretty much impossible with writing rather than editing. I’m worried pinning you to the trees will end up being necessary.

6: This is bulls***.

Me: I know.

7: Is anyone going to tell me what I’m doing here?

Me: I am. Just give me some time.

1: I am not letting you pin me to a tree again.

2: *nudges 1*

1: *shakes head at 2* I’m not.

4: Is everyone going to ignore the fact that I’m her favorite here?

6: You’re being an ass. She likes all of us.

4: But we all know I’m the favorite.

7: *looks at me* Can we talk later about why? Because I really don’t understand that.

Me: I’m really not allowed to talk to you about that sort of thing. It would mess with the dynamic.

2: You know you shouldn’t be talking to us at all, right?

Me: I know. I’m just trying to explain.

4: Am I the only one who’s getting this? *looks around* No? No one? Seriously? I can fix all of this. *grins at me* You know you want to spend time with me.

Me: I know, 4. I know. Time for the tree.

4: *gapes* You’re not serious.

Me: Completely.

7: I guess being the favorite doesn’t always help.

Me: Seriously, everyone. Trees. It would be better if you could pin yourselves there. I don’t know if I can make myself do it right now.

1: Are you forgetting that we’re not currently someplace that makes pinning ourselves to trees feasible?

2: She’s not forgetting.

6: I’m not going back in that forest until I absolutely have to. You’re out of luck with the trees.

Me: Can’t you just go shut yourselves in rooms then? At least for a little while?

5: I’m fine with that.

3: You’re coming back for us, right?

Me: Of course. Hopefully in a few hours.

Everyone grumbles a bit and starts walking away.

1: This is what happens when we have a human writing our story. We already have to deal with her taking too much time to eat, and gods, she sleeps for an eternity. Doesn’t she realize how much we have to do?

Me: I can still hear you, 1.

1: *shrugs just before turning a corner*

There are a few waves and a few glares before everyone else disappears.


Yeah, I need to get this story out. If it gets to the ‘I’m having conversations with my characters on my blog’ point? Yeah.

Anyway, the point of all that is this: I AM going to try time-splitting with this. I’ll be cutting down on my posts on here, as I mentioned. (At least for the time being). The plan is to do two ‘update’ type posts monthly, around the first and third Monday of the next few months. I am wanting to bring back my Friday Music posts (to pop in and say hello, and to share some of the ridiculous amount of music that I like). I’ll probably do two of those a month, maybe on the second and fourth Friday’s. I’m also planning to do a few stray ‘fun posts’ here and there, which could be about anything and come at any time.

I’ll be spending this week legitimately trying to get caught up on things while time-splitting. The plan is that doing this will KEEP me caught up, but I’m not sure. I’ll really just have to see how it goes. If this doesn’t work? I’m pretty much out of options.

In other news, some interesting things were going on while I was away. For one thing, Charles Yallowitz released the newest book in the Legends of Windemere series.

Also, they’ve opened up the crowdsourcing to potentially make the Frostbite movie, the second book in the Vampire Academy Series. I know I’ve said on here before that I love (LOVE) that series, and a lot of that has to do with the friendship(s) involved in it. (I wrote on that in Female Friendships, if you want to check that post out.) If you’ve read the books, you know they only get (SOOOO) much better after the first. I really, REALLY hope the second movie gets made. (They really seem to be LISTENING now, which I think they could’ve greatly benefited from doing with the first.) It seems that word hasn’t gotten out about that as well as it should be, so I wanted to make sure I said something about it on here, in case any of my followers are fans and don’t know about it. You can check out the campaign here: Frostbite on Indiegogo.

One more thing. I’d been deleting the ‘news’ bits on my What’s in the works? page when I would update. I think I’m just going to leave them there and update below them from now on. That way if anyone is THAT interested, they can see how progress actually goes.

Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty fantastic, by the way . . .

That’s all!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sorry this was so long . . .


24 thoughts on “After a week of writing . . .

  1. Thanks for the shout out. It seems your various series are showing some versatile in terms of scope. Though I think many stories are taking a more character-focused approach because readers want to connect instead of being bystanders. Good luck with the projects.

  2. It does get overwhelming when working out a massive series – all the plotting, pondering and whatnot that goes along with it . I’m kinda intrigued with and interested in these conversations with your characters (perhaps another series?)

    Best of luck with your actual!writing (I’ve got some [re]thinking to do)

  3. The conversations with your characters are pretty funny. Reminds me of the Robin Hood that Kevin Costner did way back in the early 90’s when they were running from the sheriff and someone said, “To the treeeess!” It also reminds me of my conversations on my Bitter Realm posts. I guess this is probably the only bit of info we are going to get from you for a while on that series, huh?

    • Oh, I’m definitely loving these characters. That’s what makes it so freaking difficult to not be working on this series as much as I want to. If the characters themselves aren’t keeping me entertained while I’m working on it, the dynamics between them does the trick.

      Yeah, that’s for sure going to be all anyone gets from me about this series for a VERY long time. I actually regretted just posting what I did. (They’re not ready to be looked at yet, haha.)
      There’s some really awesome stuff in this series and I am NOT letting any of that slip.
      But you know me. I don’t tell people what my books are actually about until I release the blurbs for them. (And my blurbs are so vague!)

  4. Hah!, I’m only working on one novel that maybe, possibly has a sequel and I’m having a tough time of getting all the events to line up like good little duckies. Good luck with your undertaking!

    • Working on one novel is definitely hard enough! I don’t know about you, but when I started out with this, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into!
      How is yours coming along?
      Thanks for the good luck. I’ll for sure be needing it. Transitioning from having multiple books going on in my head (or ideas for them) to actually having them GOING? Yeah. That . . . yep. It really makes for a lot of brain pain. (You’d think it would help to get them out . . .)
      Good luck with yours as well! (I think we all really need it, lol.)

      • Yeah, I’ve scrapped and restarted this one three times so far, as I come to insurmountable plot holes. Easier to just change everything in the beginning than to bend things awkwardly to where I want them, Doubtless more believable to a reader, too.

        Mine’s… going. My secondary character is still occupying too much space in my head, though today I scrounged up something else for my protagonist to do. Now I have to coax him to be likable enough to be sympathetic in the first half of the book. I don’t think he’s all likable now. We’ll see how it goes. The good thing is that I can see the specific problems with this version, which is a step above the last few, in which I knew there was a problem, but I couldn’t find it.

        Thanks for the luck. I’ll put it to good use! 🙂

      • Gah, I feel your pain there. With my first series, I’d written the first two books, realized they were too horrible to keep, then had to re-write. I still used (altered) bits from the original though. So I know what you mean in saying that it’s easier sometimes that way, at least compared to bending when you have so much that would require the bending. But I really think that rewriting was WAY harder than just writing. >.<
        As long as it's better for it in the end, that's what's important. It seems like you've got a leg up on it. (Why do people say that? So weird.)

        Hm. I guess my next question is whether the MC is SUPPOSED to be extremely likable. This might just be my opinion, but I think if you make them interesting enough at first (while being somewhat unlikable), people might hold out to see how much they progress throughout the story. That leaves a lot of room for personal growth, which could potentially make people relate to the character even more. Does any of this make sense or am I just thinking it does?

      • I actually get a little bit of a thrill at the prospect of a rewrite, until I remember that I have to deal with blank page of doom to do it. (Evil blank page of doom.)

        The MC doesn’t necessarily have to be likable in this case, but the reader does have to be sympathetic towards him, for the events of the second half of the book to have the desired impact. And right now he’s kind of a brat. I don’t know if anyone would sympathize with him when I need them too. We’ll see. I’ll have to tinker with him some more. 🙂

      • Haha, That’s a good thing to call it. It can all seem so daunting when you’re starting out with essentially nothing and know how far it has to go. But so much fun as well. 😀

        Maybe it’s a writer thing, to think a lot of your characters are unlikable? I know I’ve had that worry with several of mine, especially MC’s.
        Hm. Maybe it’s easier for us to think secondary characters will be the most liked since you don’t get far enough in their heads for them to be as potentially ‘annoying’ or ‘whiny’ (or whatever)? I’ve never really thought about it, but now I’m doing a lot of pondering on that as I sit here.

        I guess the next question is if he’d possibly be easy to RELATE to, if not sympathize with . . .

      • Yup! They’re markers, and coloring in the lines is pretty much all you need to do for them. I see a lot of tutorials use stamps for the line art, and then just color them in with the copics. It’s like coloring books for adults!

      • I found them just by searching YouTube for “Copic Tutorial”. The biggest downside to Copics is that they’re expensive. $4 for 1 pen.

      • I will have to look that up, thanks!

        But, erm, yeah, I definitely can’t afford to spend that much on something I probably couldn’t use right to save my life.

        That was pretty much the most horrible sentence ever. Apologies!

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