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GoodReads Giveaway for Elude (Reave Series #2)!

Elude Reveal

Giveaway dates: August 4th – September 4th

Check it out here!

11 thoughts on “GoodReads Giveaway for Elude (Reave Series #2)!

    • I’m so sad, Jess.
      It kind of killed my soul a little not to put CA on there as well, but I was just thinking about potentially ending up with $80 or so in shipping costs and I really just can’t afford that. (*fifty sad faces*)
      I’m still so confused (and irate) that shipping to the UK is seriously HALF THE COST of shipping to there. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

      Maybe I should’ve just done one copy and put ‘all countries’.
      I really should’ve done that, probably.
      That's what I'll do next time, whenever that may be.

      • Don’t be sad! It’s not like I’ll never get a copy. Speaking of, my Reave copy should be arriving in the next week or so, I’m excited!
        Oh I COMPLETELY understand. Plus I’d rather you be able to give more copies away with lower shipping costs, because it means more people get to read your fantastic work. (I know I haven’t read your book, but I know it’s fantastic).

        Hindsight. Some days I just want to beat hindsight up for being such a know-it-all jackass. 😀

      • I know I already messaged you on GoodReads, but I really am so glad you enjoyed Reave. (If you saying it should be arriving in the next week is ANY indication of how long it’s been since I’ve been on here.)

        Seriously though, next giveaway will be one copy available to all countries. I’ll definitely include the first and second books as well. I should’ve put on this giveaway that I would give one of each, but again . . . hindsight. So many things later won’t make sense if people don’t read the first.

        Haha. If we could actually locate Hindsight, we could gang up on it and beat it senseless together. Know-it-all jackass is a perfect description for it. XD

      • I seriously loved it! It’s such a great start to a series. Well, you have to ensure that you can afford to send a copy to Canada, I mean, it’s crazy expensive, and for the price of shipping, you could give away another copy of your book, and I’d rather see another copy go out to a reader who will love it, then have CA put as one of the countries.

        Haha. I like that plain and totally agree with the new description of Know-it-all jackass 😀

        Also, I live relatively close to the border (maybe an hour away), so I might ship it to a parcel pick up place in the states and drive it back over to Canada. First I need to get a new passport… -_-

      • 😀 I’m so glad! I really can’t say that enough, lol.

        Well, the way I’m kind of looking at expanding the countries is that it would make it available to more readers, which is just as important.
        I mean, that’s sort of the reason I didn’t go with Select on Amazon (though the first in the trilogy might be Amazon exclusive, at least for a little while). I wanted to make sure it was available to as many people as possible, and some people only have Nook’s. I have a friend on here who wants a paperback version that isn’t available to get in her country. That sort of kills my soul, that someone wants to read it and actually CAN’T.
        So I’m definitely going to do the next giveaway differently. In fact, I might put up another one for just Reave and do all the countries.

        Can you do that sort of stuff with shipping?! That’s insane. And awesome.

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