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Reave by C. Miller (Book Review)

A really great review by Charles Yallowitz! 😀

Legends of Windemere


I thought I knew how I would start this review as I was coming to the end of, but that ending was a real brain scrambler.  Not in a bad way, but in a way that what I thought was going to be revealed wasn’t exactly right.  I was getting curious about the story’s slow pace since it felt like the ending would be rushed.  Instead, it’s left on a fantastic cliffhanger with one of the best final lines that I’ve read in a long time.  Very thankful that I read this after the sequel came out because of this.

The world that is painted is gritty and cruel from the beginning.  It lightens up a little as Aster, the main character, matures and develops.  Still, you never shake the sense that there is harsh classism in this world and a person can get beaten at…

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