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Bad Headspace . . .

Being away for four or five days doesn’t seem very long at all. As I mentioned in the last post, sometimes I disappear for a month or so from everywhere just to write. That’s usually the only thing that stops me from being ANYWHERE for any (decently) substantial length of time. So I guess this newest (small) break (of sorts) was a pretty new sort of experience for me.

I’ve taken actual breaks before, where I don’t ‘work’ at all. Usually when a new video game comes out. I’ll spend a week or so playing it (bonus points for couch co-op because that means I get to spend time with Husband too). I’ll take a bit of time here and there when I’m waiting for other things to happen because . . . hey, might as well.

I know I’ve mentioned before that when I’m not working, I want to be working. (And will be ‘plotting’ (as much as I ever really can/do) books out while I’m doing other things.) The last few days haven’t been an exception in that regard, but there was one definite difference.

Usually, when I’m inside, I’m wanting to be in my shed. Even if I’m not writing at that point, or editing, I want to be out here because this is my space. This is where I check the rest of the world at the door and get to think about nothing but work. (Is it work if you love it?) The last few days have been an exception because I honestly just did not want to be out here.

I worded that wrong. I wanted to be out here. I just couldn’t.

It’s sort of weird (maybe) how it happened, but I’ve been in one of the worst headspaces I’ve occupied in a pretty long while. (It was a piling.)

It started with me getting utterly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have to do. I get frustrated at how long it takes me to do . . . pretty much everything. So I think I was just over-thinking a lot of these things. Asking, “How am I supposed to get all this done and have time to EVER write again?” rather than saying, “I just need to (mentally) shut up and do it.”

That alone would’ve been fine enough. I’m pretty used to having quite a bit on my plate. (Or am used to juggling multiple plates at once. Or, er, used to having multiple plates that I will ‘juggle’ one at a time of.)

I watched a TV show the other day, at the ‘start’ of this bad headspace. It’s probably wrong of me to do, but I’ve been blaming a not-so-good mood going from that to undeniably horrible on that show.

I started watching Cold Justice last season. I’m kind of weird with shows like that. Love detective shows, but some . . . no. (The way I explain it is: I have no issues seeing a [prop] head in a box, but I have issues if the show shows how said [prop] head ended up being in said box. Meaning, I don’t like/can’t watch CSI.) I watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds while my husband was deployed. Then I had to stop because, no matter how interesting the show was to me, it just got to be too much. (I’m weird about blood in shows/movies. I don’t mind seeing it there as long as I don’t have to see how it got there.)

Anyway, I love detective shows. I love trying to figure out who the bad guys are (usually do) and why they did what they did (usually do). But there are certain sorts of things that really . . . bother me. When I start thinking about real people doing the sorts of things I’m watching, whether or not it’s plausible, etc. . . . yeah, that really gets to me.

So yeah, Cold Justice. Even though that is them going around working on REAL cold cases . . . I’ve been pretty alright with it. Sure, there have been the moments of, “Oh my god,” or, “blah blah, that bastard, blah blah.” I don’t have the ‘disconnect’ that I have in shows like Sherlock, or Elementary, or The Mentalist (which used to be one of my favorites) because there’s no ‘this isn’t real’ barrier. I get angry a lot of the time, watching it.

Anyway, a few episodes ago, it was a check-up one. And they had John Walsh on there hosting.

So I got this bright idea to watch The Hunt with John Walsh.

Big mistake, C. BIG MISTAKE.

There I was, already at the beginning of a horrendous mood, and I watch an episode of that show. I almost cried. The entire show, I was almost in tears at just how . . . messed up (not wording that how I want) it all was. Then I was torn about how good it is to have stuff like that out there, when the ‘person’ is still on the loose. (I really hope someone catches that . . . . man. (Not wording that how I want to either.) I don’t care that he’s as old as the hills now. Don’t freaking care.)

I was genuinely upset. Then something frustrating happened while I was still trying to deal with all the not-good-feels from that. I went to sleep, woke up, got frustrated by something else, and the story moves on.

My point is that every time I thought I might be getting out of that headspace, something else would happen to pull me right back into it. (Many, many things over the few days.) I had all this stuff I needed (still need) to do, and I just couldn’t. I didn’t feel like I could deal with any of it, and I said something I have never once (to my knowledge) said before this point.

“I can’t even be out here right now.” (My shed.)

So I played Skyrim. That was what I did. No matter how frustrating that game is or can be, I really felt like I just couldn’t. I don’t ever really get to the ‘I can’t work at all’ point because I’m always wanting to write. Getting other things done means I can get back to it, so I’m always wanting to do something.

I’ve woken up every day of the last few thinking, ‘Maybe today will be the day [where I’ll be able to get back to it].’ And it just kept not-happening. Got upset yesterday when I went inside because feeling like I couldn’t be out here is just . . . not right.

The shed is, like I said, my place to check the world at the door. I didn’t like feeling it had turned into something else. (The place where I got completely overwhelmed by absolutely everything and could do absolutely everything apart from what I want to do [write].)

It took me a really long time with this to realize that taking breaks for myself is alright. When my anxiety sets off for whatever reasons it does . . . it’s okay to take some time and recenter myself. (I’m talking about when my anxiety gets me to the ‘I can’t function right now’ point, which it occasionally does.) I guess that even though I know as much, it’s still difficult for me to put all the stuff I need to do out of my head. But I really think that not letting myself get to where I have been this week is important. I don’t want to get to ‘shut down mode’ ever again. I honestly felt like I’d just . . . crashed. (When you open your laptop, ready to work, and it shuts itself down with updates only to take FIVE YEARS to reboot. That’s something to compare it to, only it was a crash rather than a reboot.)

So I’m popping in to say that I’m not completely done with this pseudo-break. I think I’m going to take the rest of this week (which is almost over) and next week as well. I’m going to write, and I’m going to try to make a REALISTIC schedule for myself. (For writing/blogging/etc./etc./etc./etc./etc./etc.) I also need to figure out how to rearrange these questions for the video Q&A in order to split it into separate ones. I’d already had them arranged a certain way. Anyway, that’s on the to-do list as well – trying to tackle all that.

I think that just setting up something I know I can tackle will be best for me. That way I’m not stressing out about absences (because everyone will expect them) and whatnot. I’ll still be able to write. Theoretically.

I WILL be posting something tomorrow, so check back for that (if you want to).

And I’m not saying that I won’t be stopping in anywhere this week, only that I might not. I will be trying to get caught up with responding to emails/messages/comments/etc.

Hopefully this schedule thing will work out.

Sorry this was so long.


The battle continues . . .

37 thoughts on “Bad Headspace . . .

  1. Do you play Minecraft at all? That’s my go to video game now for getting out of a funk. Mostly because of the creative aspect. I get to build things easily and create fun stuff.

    Take as long of a break as you need. You are what’s important. 🙂

    • I’ve actually never played Minecraft. (Shameful, I know.) I watched my husband play a bit of it once and I totally didn’t understand it. (I’m pretty sure that statement will make me sound like the biggest idiot in the world, but it just looked weird to me.) I know it’s supposed to be really fun and all. I might play it one day, but I’m still trying to 100% Skyrim. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, right?)
      But all the new games are coming out soon, and I’m stoked about those. The new Tropico (LOVE games like that), Destiny, and the new Borderlands. I’m REALLY looking forward to those. I’m worried about them all pulling me from work though, which DEFINITELY wouldn’t help with getting caught up.

      I’m not even sure that Keflings would’ve gotten me out of that mood during the worst of it. And that’s seriously the happiest game ever.

      Thanks for saying that bit at the end. It’s kind of easy to forget about that sometimes, and deal with all the ‘not doing what I should be doing’ guilt.

  2. Wow. I’m going to stay away from that show. As weird as it sounds, is there any game or show that you could use as a mental palate cleanser? I get into some odd moods where I don’t want to do anything, so I have a few DVDs that I veg out on to bring myself back to some form of normalcy. Good luck clearing your plate.

    • I’m definitely staying away from it too.
      My dad (who knew how upset I got over it) ended up telling me that both people featured on the first two episodes (I think they were the first two) are dead now. CRAZY stuff.
      (I think one got in a shootout or something with police and the man from the episode I watched was found dead in a creek or something. Please don’t hold me to that. I haven’t checked for the validity of it because I honestly just don’t want anything to do with it ever again. But that’s what my dad said.)

      I thought Skyrim would work because I mostly zone out (collecting alchemy ingredients) and think about where I want to go next with the new series while I’m playing. It did make me want to write, but didn’t really help with the mood.
      The (gradual) writing this week has helped more than anything, but I haven’t gotten as much of it done as I hoped I would. (And the week is halfway over 😦 . . .)

      I DID see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday and that honestly helped a good deal with the mood.
      I’ve definitely been in an odd one. Still not entirely out of it, but I’m hoping that by Monday I’ll be back to 100%. Really hated posting this. Wow, I’m rambling. Sorry.

      I’ll need some luck with clearing the plate.
      Good luck with your release! Exciting stuff! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all will go well with it. (And with/for you in general.) 🙂

      • I think this is why I’m limiting my TV watching to comedies. My books have been touching on some dark events, so I need positive things. Too much on TV seems to be geared toward shock and gore, which is confusing. I can handle some of it, but I need more lighthearted stuff in my viewer diet.

        If it helps, I think every author has the ‘wish I got more done’ week. I’m there now. I’m hoping to edit my 6th book before next Tuesday when the toddler is out of school. After that, my wife starts a new job that means I’m the sole kid wrangler on weekdays. I won’t be able to crank out work until he goes back to school. So I’m editing for the foreseeable future and even that’s going to be limited. Guess that’s easier to get through than a mental funk.

        Good luck with your Giveaway and i hope your second book is going well.

      • I understand about limiting the TV, especially when writing darker things. You sit there with all of that in your head and it can be sort of disorienting to have it in front of your face after. Gore in movies/television really bothers me (not in books, oddly enough), so I keep clear of that for the most part. (Seems like it’s getting more difficult to do.)

        My ‘wish I got more done’ week turned into a ‘wish I got more done’ month. Really not happy about that, but I’m working on it. (Along with the mental funk.)

        Did you get that 6th book edited before the toddler was out of school? I hope so.
        I definitely wouldn’t say that’s easier to get through than a mental funk. Big changes in scheduling can mess with SO MUCH. I mean, I’m sure you have your set times to do whichever things, and trying to alter that can seem pretty impossible when you don’t really have any time to fit everything in. Along with hoping that made sense, I also hope you were able to get something figured out with that.

      • Gore definitely seems to be on the rise. Odd is how nudity or anything sexual still gets a bigger negative reaction. That’s just a pet peeve/curiosity of mine that I can’t seem to understand.

        I hear you about the ‘wish I got more done’ month. I expected to get a lot more done, but it felt like everything was against me. Now I wonder if I have to work twice as hard in September, but things are still going to be tough. I might be looking at a nasty slow down of progress for a long time.

        I got the 6th book edited, but then I found out that I uploaded the barely edited version of the 5th book. I couldn’t find the edited version, so I had to race through that one again to fix it up. Not really sure what happened there. That pretty much through everything off for me and the weather has been good, which means no indoor days. All I’ve managed to do since then is write all the posts for September. No outlining, editing, or writing since I just can’t get the time. By the time I’m free to do things, I’m exhausted and it’s 8 PM. He goes back to school next Wednesday.

      • I actually have issues with both, to be honest. It’s not really that I mind it EXISTING (people like what they like), I just don’t want to see it (people don’t like what they don’t like). I’ve always been like that though. Equally negative reactions here. I guess some people just have larger issues with whichever things. *shrugs*

        Getting behind on things can definitely throw you off. (I’ve been behind on things for . . . a really long time. Really messes with everything.) Hopefully your September will be good and there won’t be too much of a need to work twice as hard. There’s really not too much worse than a slowing down of progress. >.<

        Okay, I just want to make sure I'm getting this straight. Like . . . you PUBLISHED a barely-edited version of book 5? Oh my god. I can't even . . .
        Did you EVER find the edited version somewhere on your computer? (After fixing the other?) That's so weird. WHERE DID IT GO? Gah. Technology.

        Hopefully the toddler getting to school will give you your 'you time' and you won't be so exhausted. As always, fingers crossed for you. 🙂

      • I’ve become impartial to both. Maybe because I use both in my stories and understand that it sells. That and I loved the old action movies with over the top violence.

        I need to find out what I have to actually do in September. I think the hardest project is using what I know now to fix up the previous books. I did it with Beginning of a Hero and found that I’m still burned out on reading those. Only so many times I can go through them before it feels like a chore.

        I think I mistook the edited version for the old version and deleted it. So I had to spend a weekend reading the book and uploading the new version every night to keep things flowing. Hopefully I cleaned it up to the point where it was at before. Really looking forward to school starting.

      • I don’t mind any of it at all in books. Well, I sort of take that back. I don’t know how I would handle reading a really raunchy book (mostly because I’ve seen some of the words used and find them unrealistic and . . . . . . . . erm . . . . just no). But yeah, I have both in mine as well and it doesn’t bother me for the most part.

        I understand about getting burned out with reading them. You go through them like ten times and it really gets to a point you don’t want it to get to. (The ‘I do not want to touch this ever again’ point. But of course you do.) It really does end up getting chore-like, no matter how much you love the stories/characters.

        How many of the books are you going to go back through? Is that the September goal?

        Wow. How badly did you freak out about all that with the wrong version? Did you somehow manage to remain calm (possibly just because you knew you HAD to fix it and freaking out wouldn’t solve anything)? I would’ve had a meltdown of epic proportions.

        Haha, I can only imagine how much you’re looking forward to that.

      • The September/October goal is to get through all of them. I already have books 1,5,& 6 done. That leaves me with 2,3,4,7,& 8. Once I get all of those cleaned up, I can start in on the next book. Though I might be forced into a small break between the two projects.

        I didn’t take it very well. Especially since I only had a weekend to fix it before my solo parenting time kicked in. I didn’t make it, so I put in a few late nights throughout the week. I’m sure there are still some typos in there and I hope to talk to my editor at some point. It’s pure chaos until school starts and I can get some breathing room.

      • Oh my gosh. Are you dreading it, or are you just going to be (at least somewhat) happy to have your work time?
        Totally random question. You print your books out to edit them too, right? I was just wondering if you had them building up in your house like I do here. It’s to the point now where I honestly don’t know what to do with them.
        I should take a picture of them all and post it somewhere . . .
        (Completely off topic. Apologies.)

        I can only imagine the scrambling going on when you were working on that. But you have to calm down to make sure you don’t miss anything during. I can only imagine how hard it was to TRY calming down . . .
        How much time did it take when you would upload a new copy for it to replace the initial one?

        I was going to say that I guess this sort of thing just comes with self-publishing, but you know what? At least we can go back into our books and fix them if we need to. 😉
        That’s something to be happy about. (Trying to look at the bright side here, but my stomach is still sinking thinking about that happening to you.)

      • I’m dreading going over 2-4 since I want to reread 7 and 8 before jumping into 9. It’s more that I’m not 100% confident on how to do the changes, especially the dialogue tag removals.

        I actually stopped printing them out because little hands got into them with pens, markers, and chocolate ice cream. One time I found a grape ‘hidden’ in the manuscript. I did gather a pile that was up to my knee, so I took them to a nearby Officemax for shredding because I had already typed in the changes.

        It takes a few hours for the new one to upload. Depends on the site traffic. I hope I got everything, but I might double check at a later date. My editor might go over it again if she has the time. It is a big benefit that we can fix these mistakes rather quickly. Though it doesn’t help any paperback sales . . . not that I have any of those.

      • It’s really hard to do one thing when you want to do another. That’s how I end up disappearing, losing track of time, and . . . well, you know how it goes with me, given I complain about it on here pretty much always.
        Can I ask how you feel about dialogue/action tags? I’m guessing you’re replacing the dialogue with action ones. I was totally clueless about that for the longest time, and I sort of want to hold onto things that I like doing. It took me a long time to start phasing them out to the action tags. At least doing MORE of them. I still put dialogue tags in about half the time. I can see the benefit of action tags, but sometimes I just want to make SURE people know who is talking and that’s always the best bet. Who knows how I’ll feel about it a year from now?
        Sorry to ramble about that. I just wanted your opinion on it.

        LoL, Yeah, I can totally understand you not printing them out now. I can’t edit on my laptop though. It messes with my brain and just doesn’t work. WTH is up with the grape? Did he just smash it between pages? XD

        Gah. I don’t think I could ever destroy all these drafts. (Even though I keep every draft saved after inputting changes.) I seriously have no space, but I just can’t.

        I was wondering about that, with how it went uploading a new version. There are some things in that first book that really irk me. I made the changes on it a while back, but I never uploaded the file because I was terrified the world was going to end.
        It’s definitely good that we’re able to do that though.

        I feel like I’m one of the only people left that still reads hard copies of books. I’m surprised you don’t get many paperback sales.
        Also, another totally random question . . .
        Since you’re enrolled in Select, I was wondering how things have been going with that since Amazon started with the Unlimited (or whatever it is).
        Sorry for asking so many questions. O.o

      • Working by phone for the next hour, so I’ll try to cover this:

        1. No idea about the grape. I assume he tried to make jelly.

        2. I use dialogue and action tags. Usually I combine them, but I had a lot of short, extraneous ones that I’m trying to remove. I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s a fear that some I’m deleting are needed because while I know who’s talking, the reader won’t have a clue.

        3. I see a lot of downloads on my books now. It might shrink some of the actual sales, but not by much. That and I still get some money from the download.

        4. The thing about uploading a new file is that it’s for future readers. We’re always improving and finding mistakes, so we might as well take advantage of the upload benefit. At least that’s my thought.

      • I read that phone bit and was wondering why in the world you’d worry about responding to me while you were trying to work.

        1) That would be hilarious – the jelly thing. Or if he wanted a raisin. I guess it’s funny regardless. Maybe he put it down and forgot it? Maybe he was hoping to go back for it later? Maybe he was hoping you’d find it and have a treat?

        2) Your worry is my worry with that. I’d definitely rather be clear about who’s talking so that there’s no confusion. It’s hard enough trying to make sure that what you’re seeing/what you know translates.

        3) I really have been wondering how that’s going for people. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on making the first in the trilogy Kindle Exclusive, but it will break my heart a little to do it.

      • Not so much working, but my son was home and that tends to force me to use the phone. He goes for my laptop if he sees it, so I play with him until he ignores me and then check the WordPress app.

        The dialogue tags are odd and might even come down to preference. Some people hate having things spelled out for them and declare ‘show, don’t tell’. You work to that crowd and you find another crowd that couldn’t figure their way out of a revolving door. Basically, there’s always going to be somebody that’s confused with what you do. Best to do what’s comfortable while continuing to evolve your abilities.

        I haven’t really talked to anyone else about the Kindle Unlimited. I’m wondering too now.

      • Oh, wow. Stupid moment, sorry.
        I don’t know why, but I saw ‘phone’ and think my mind went back to you saying something about working with your editor over the phone. As I said, stupid moment.

        I agree with everything you said, about the tags, and in general about all that. You can’t please everyone and the best bet is to just do what feels right and keep trying to improve.

        I should definitely do more looking into the Unlimited thing.

      • Unlimited and being KDP exclusive helps if you’re having no luck with the other platforms. I tried, but nothing happened. At least I didn’t hear anything until I took my book off the others. Then I discovered how many people I know own a Nook.

        As for the phone thing, we’re working on a better system. Kept missing each other.

      • A lot of people I know own a Nook, and I was forever being asked, “Is it going to be available on B&N?” So that pushed me to make sure it was on there, but I also wanted to ensure it was available to anyone that wanted it. But the ratio really isn’t ‘there’ and that has me doing some serious consideration about Select. I think I’ll make the first in the trilogy exclusive, just to see how it goes. All trial and error.

        Hopefully you get a better system worked out with all that!

      • I hope so too. I think we’re going to try email and then use chat or the phone to go over really rough spots. I’m also doing a pre-editor run on my own to make sure the plot works. Though that seems to be more of an ego-killer than anything else.

        Doesn’t hurt to give KDP Select a try. One friend of mine has a Nook, but said he found a way to buy the books on Amazon and read them on the other device. So people do find a way.

      • It’s really awesome that you have an editor so involved in the process rather than just, “I did this part. Here you go.”
        There seem to be so many ego-killers with this, I wouldn’t even know where to start with listing them off. Not that I really have any ego to be killed, haha.

        I’ve thought about taking Reave off everything to try it out (because I don’t even have the cover art going for the trilogy yet, but that will be happening soon), but I don’t know about that. I’m just curious if it would make a difference.

      • I’ve had a few friends try to help with editing and only one person helped out a lot long ago. Most try to rewrite the story or pick on something to complain about. My wife tended to rail against any character who talked without contractions, especially if it was Luke and he was trying to act dignified to a noble. Don’t even get me stared on her taking everything that happened to Nyx personally. Needless to say she’s not my editor and I just have her read the books for continuity and sense once I’m done.

        It’s hard to say if it will have a difference. Amazon does seem to be doing more with KDP Select people now. I think they’re implementing monthly bonuses or something for the Top 100 authors and books for that month. I got a message about it, but I don’t think I’m going to make the cut. I think it’s all about comfort though. You can always drop out after the 90 day period too.

      • You’ve had people try to rewrite the stories? That’s . . . . weird. I have a hard time finding people who will actually go nuts with the ‘red pen’ (like I ask them to).
        With the rewriting, I guess I’ve had something similar enough happen – attempts to change eye colors, or move around who is saying what (which would both mess up so many other things). Just weird stuff, but not the actual story.

        That’s funny about your wife and the contractions. XD
        That was one thing I was worried about with mine because I know how difficult it is for some people to get past seeing words without so many apostrophes. But sometimes it’s the only thing that fits a certain character, especially in situations like the one you mentioned.

        I HAVE to ask what’s up with her taking things personally.

        I wish my husband could/would read my books, to have another pair of eyes. (Definitely need lots of those.) But he’s dyslexic and doesn’t really read, so . . . (Plus he already knows everything that happens and reading them would be like repeating the same thing 50x.)

        I didn’t know that about the top authors with Select. That’s really awesome. 🙂

      • All I can guess is that they thought they were helping by making it better. It stems from not knowing what an editor actually does, which is more grammar, spelling, and structure, It made it hard to go through the fixes because I had to sift through the bad to get to the good.

        My books are based off a Dungeons and Dragons game from college. My wife was the player behind Nyx and she still has trouble separating from her. The character wasn’t nearly as badass in the game due to the rules making spellcasters weak at the beginning, so she had a habit of charging into battle and getting knocked out. It’s one of the reasons I gave Nyx in the book a lot of power at the start of the series. Had to retain the temper, aggression, and leaping into battle somehow.

        Sometimes it helps to have someone who sits and listens to your original idea. I know I need one of those. My wife tries, but her ADD makes it a challenge.

      • I guess one way to look at it was that there actually was some good hidden somewhere in the bad. (We were talking about editing. I know it’s been a while.)

        Ah, definitely understand about your wife being attached to Nyx in that case.
        Somewhat unrelated, (more than a little unrelated) . . . I started playing this game, Kingdoms of Amalur. Some of the characters have talked about Windemere in it, so I thought that was super cool. 🙂
        It’s a pretty alright game.

        Yeah, it’s really nice to have someone to talk about book ideas with. (Always after the fact.) Husband doesn’t give much input, but it helps to just get all of it out of my head. Sometimes I’ll straighten some things out that way. He’s the only person I’ll actually talk about all that to until people have read the books. I don’t like giving things away.

      • I’ve heard of that game. Only because I saw the Zero Punctuation review of it on YouTube. Honestly, I get nervous when I hear that something has Windemere in it. Makes me think that I’m going to have to deal with people assuming I stole the name. I get enough heat for having a main character named Luke.

        I agree that spoilers are a problem. That’s why I have 1-2 friends who are in the ‘trusted’ gang. I can reveal future events to them for feedback before I start trying to write the story.

      • It’s a pretty alright game. It’s no Skyrim or something, but nothing really is. I haven’t played it in a few weeks. Kind of want to get back to it for a bit and just zone out. Then again, I could totally get back to Skyrim and waste the next however long of my life. Rambling, sorry.

        I can get the nervousness with the names. I guess with that, one way to look at it is you were writing those books long before that game came out. Then again, people are stupid. It might be bad, but that’s something I have to remind myself quite a bit . . .
        . . . . . What in the world can people actually say about you having a main character named Luke? Not every fantasy name has to be something like TROGDOR.
        People. *sigh*

        Gotta love the ‘trusted’ gang. They’re good to have around. I even get nervous letting people beta-read, worrying they’ll accidentally (or not so accidentally) let the spoilers roll.

      • I never got into the long games with no ending, so I’m not really sure about those. Always knew I’d get absorbed and fall behind on stuff.

        Very true about the ‘people are stupid’ part. I still remember people claiming that Queen copied Glee’s song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. I wish I was joking there. As for Luke, it was all about Luke Skywalker. No kidding.

        I only have two beta readers. Everyone else either tried to rewrite my books entirely or quit because they don’t want to know spoilers until the book comes out.

      • I have a problem with those sorts of games, and I tend to drag things out for FAR longer than necessary. (Is that obvious with chatting? haha) But there’s always so much to DO. I’m like level . . . NINETY (maybe 88 or something) in Skyrim and I still haven’t actually finished the storyline once. >.>
        It really is difficult to pull yourself away from those kinds of games. I don’t even want to get into what Final Fantasy XI did to me or how much of my life I spent on that. But I do miss playing that, even now.

        Glee like the TV SHOW Glee? You’re not serious. O.o

        I can’t see how people would have issues with Luke’s name due to Skywalker. It’s not even the same GENRE. And like the name Luke is off-limits because of that one character. -_-

        That’s weird about people not wanting to know spoilers before the releases. I think I get asked for that sort of stuff more often than anything else. Or people try to play up the ‘friends/family’ card, which totally doesn’t work with me.

      • Last Final Fantasy game I played was X, but I have more fond memories of 9. Now it seems like the stories and characters are all the same with very similar worlds. Kind of disappointing to me. Though I’m only guessing. An RPG is beyond my free time these days, but dear god I miss those things.

        I’m serious. Some fans of modern fads that cover classics don’t realize it’s a cover. So when they hear the original, they get things mixed up and make idiots of themselves.

        Some people seem to think a name gets one high profile character and then it’s forbidden. I think it’s more of a fan thing than logical sense. Nothing should encroach on a fandom’s territory.

        I don’t get asked for spoilers any more and I probably wouldn’t give it to anyone outside of my little circle. Did it once and the person twisted the information to spread it. Had to block off that plot path because of it.

      • I’ve played most of them (FF) since VII (apart from 8, 9, and 14). Well, I guess not most of them because some have come out on PSP and whatnot, and I haven’t played those either. Eight was the one with the kid who had the tail, right? Can’t remember. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the most recent ones. They still look fantastic, which is something FF has always been steps ahead with. I guess the battle systems really bother me. I miss the wait-time battles, where you had to actually THINK about moves. Seems they don’t want to make those anymore, but games have changed so much in general. I also don’t think any of the newer ones have had as fun/interesting ways to level up as the others.

        That’s just sad about the covers. Maybe my level of sadness over it has something to do with how much I love Bohemian Rhapsody. You’d think that if people loved the songs so much, they would’ve seen/heard the originals at some point. (Even if just by searching for the song to listen to it.)

        About the names/fandom territory stuff . . .
        Yeah, that’s just ridiculous.

        I guess people have got to the point with asking you for spoilers that they finally realize it won’t happen. Usually people will ask me just the one time then stop. There ARE a few that continually make the subtle (or not-so-subtle) hints about wanting them after I’ve already said no. Or better, the, “You’d think that because we’re family . . .”

      • 8 was Squall with the Gunblade. Kid with the tail was Zidane from 9. I wonder if the ‘turn-based system’ went away because a lot of people don’t have the patience for it. That short attention span issue of the modern human has caused a lot things to fade away. That’s one of the reasons I’m not that interested in the new ones. I liked the turn-based battle system because it felt more strategic to me.

        Most of the people making the mistake with the songs (and movies) are young. They’re at that age where you don’t realize that anything ‘cool’ could appeal to you. Though even at that age, I could find out and acknowledge something was a remake. You’d think in a time where information was at our fingertips, the confusion would be happening less.

        Actually those that were asking for spoilers have stopped talking to me altogether. Can’t say I’m that upset about it.

      • I will forever be getting 8 and 9 mixed up.

        What you said about the lack of patience and the short attention span is pretty much undeniable. My husband and I talk a lot about video games (along with playing them), and that’s sort of what we say about how ‘horror’ games are no longer ‘scary’. They’re just NOT. And they USED to be. But it really has to be just because people are so impatient. They also want to feel like major badasses when they’re playing, so having to conserve bullets? Who wants to conserve bullets? (Thinking about old Resident Evil games with that.) You used to actually have to PLAN out what you were going to do in games. No one wants to actually THINK anymore. :/
        I don’t know. It really makes me sad. I’m worried there will never be another game like that again, with the battle systems of the old FF’s. You’re right about them being more strategic. The newest ones look like they’re going to be more grown up versions of Kingdom Hearts, and that’s just NOT FF. (I want strategy, NOT hack-and-slash with them.) It’s a bummer.

        It really is sad that we have so much information at our fingertips and are such freaking morons.

      • I loved Resident Evil 2 in college. My friends and I played that a bunch. Parasite Eve was another one that I found. That running out of ammo was frustrating at the time, but it really improved the sense of fear now that I think back to it.

        I wonder if the current games are going to eventually bring back the old ones. People will want more of a challenge or it’ll become some type of fringe genre. I’ve been out of gaming for so long that I’m not really sure what’s going on.

  3. Dear Headspace, You need to stop being so negative. That kind of stuff is reserved for me and only for ideas for my blog. You may now stop bothering C so she can start getting back to what she loves and what I like reading. She has books to write and no time for you negativity. Hey, Headspace Iater. You’ve got others to bother.
    Bitter Ben

    • Haha. If only Headspace would’ve/could’ve listened to you!
      I’m sure I could’ve written up some DOOZIES (word of the day) for your blog over the last month and a half or so. Problem is, I wouldn’t want to have my name on them. I’ve actually put some thought into making an anonymous blog (LIKE I HAVE THE TIME) and calling it: Things I Double-Hate.
      That would be fun.
      I definitely have books to write. So many books. SO MANY BOOKS.

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