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I don’t know what to call this . . .

I really have to apologize for how absent I’ve been the last week or so. Granted, it’s nowhere near the sort of absences I’ve had before. I have gotten behind with responding to things, especially on here, but I’ve been sort of popping in and out of everywhere else during the week. (Twitter, GoodReads, etc.) Obviously this wasn’t the ‘I’m going to disappear for a month without saying a word anywhere’ sort of break that happens when I’m writing and lose complete track of the days.

I am a bit frustrated about it, partially due to all the stuff I’ve been wanting/need to get done, and partially because I’d finally gotten caught up with everything and am now behind again.

As per usual, I do have an excuse. It’s probably one of the most ridiculous ones. Though valid (in my opinion), I have nothing to show for it.

I’d had something bothering me for months (work-related), and it finally came to a point where I just had to fix it. So I did. It was only after doing as much (and spending several days doing nothing else) that I realized . . . it was essentially pointless. What I’m saying is that I had a really good reason that turned out to be a not-so-good reason, and that frustrated me to no end. I could’ve been doing all that other stuff I need to do.

I guess this is one of those things you have to just get over and move on from, which is easier said than done for me. It will probably bother me for longer than I care to say.

Moving on . . .

I did two takes on the video Q&A this morning (technically yesterday morning now). It’s very frustrating when you forget important bits in one, remember in the other, but in the other you forget other important bits that are included in the first. (Yes, I know that was worded horrendously.) I’m thinking about chopping it up (so I can have the answers I’d prefer) and splitting it into separate videos. It ended up being about 40 minutes long, and I’m not sure that anyone wants to sit for 40 minutes straight watching/listening to me talk about things.

I’m sort of proud of myself. I think that’s the least I’ve stammered in . . . a very long time. Possibly because I had answers pretty planned out in my head beforehand. Or maybe that’s because I replaced all the places where I would’ve fumbled over words with umm and like and you know. (‘You know’ like I’m having a freaking conversation. -_-) Oh well, you can’t have everything. And I definitely suck at talking, so yeah. Probably better this way than trying four times to get one word out.

I DO have to ask . . .

For any of you that actually have intent to watch this . . .

Should I split it into separate, shorter videos? (This is assuming I could figure out how to do as much.)

I want your opinions!


I guess that’s really it for now. I’ll be trying to get caught up everywhere, and get back to that to-do list that I typed up last week.

Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂


49 thoughts on “I don’t know what to call this . . .

  1. Put it out as it is. But should you wish to split it up, I can either do it for you or show you how to do it (if you have a half decent video editor).
    PS: you are not alone in doing things that you think you should do and get way behind in the things you have to do.

    • I just feel like I might as well split it up to make it easier for people if I might potentially use bits from each video. I don’t know.
      I’ll figure it out. At some point. LoL

      Have you had the same problem recently?

      PS) I’m going to respond to your email before I go to sleep. Promise.

  2. I would split it up into ‘episodes’. Most people won’t sit through a 40 minute Youtube interview and multiple videos means you can have this be more than a one day event. It also would increase the chances of someone finding you in a web search depending on the tags you use.

    • I’m sure I’ll end up doing that, when I get around to it. I’ll have to rearrange all the questions and whatnot though. Also need to see if I can figure out how to edit videos. I’ve never tried to before.
      Obviously it’s taking me an unacceptable amount of time to get this done.
      Sorry it took me a month to comment back. :/
      Hope you’re doing well. (I need to go stop by your blog!)

      • I’ve heard that editing videos is easier than people think. At least after the first time. As for me, I’m a week away from getting writing time again. My son has been home all day, so I can’t get any work done.

      • It probably is a lot easier than I’m worried it is. It’s just finding the time (which I’m sure you can relate to!).
        I’m glad you’re so close to getting your writing time back. Good for the mental wellbeing. 🙂

      • Time is definitely a rare commodity these days. Amazing how summer seems to be worse than other seasons for writers. I’m sure the editing will be easy to handle once you get a moment and push through any jitters.

      • That it is . . .

        This summer has definitely been a rough one here, in terms of actual writing. I guess it has in general, with how little I’ve gotten done as a whole. (Apart from releasing another book and all.) Definitely not as productive as what I’m used to.
        I guess summer is the time when people crawl out of the woodwork and do other things. I mean, not ME, but other people. I do find that fall/winter seem to be better for it overall.

      • There has been an oddly high number of planned events this summer. It’s like people take time off and forget that those who work from home might not have that luxury. After all, who takes over when I’m being dragged to the beach?

      • I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot more going on nowadays than there used to. Husband and I visited his family and he was talking about how weird it was that there were all sorts of events going on in his town. (He’s from a VERY small town.)
        Sort of weird. I would probably think it was awesome if I could be around other people without having anxiety attacks and/or becoming extremely sad (and/or angry) at the state of humanity.

        Haha, totally feel the beach thing. A lot of people in my ‘real’ life can’t really seem to grasp that if I’m not doing this stuff . . . it’s not going to get done. That’s why I had to decline a beach trip with my sister this summer, unfortunately. There’s always just so much to do.
        But I do think beach trips (and things along those lines) are good to do on occasion, even if it makes us (me, at least) insane/stressed during.

      • I’d be happy if I felt like I was being given a choice in attending these events. There’s always this level of stress and aggravation going into these things. It doesn’t help that I’m usually sitting around watching the clock. Nobody really talks to me at these things beyond a hello.

        I tried declining these things, but that seemed to set off guilt trips and arguments. My personal favorite was ‘fine then we’ll all stay home’ after I said I wanted to get work done. It’s like nobody remembers that I hate the beach. 🙂

      • GAH!
        How much worse does it make it when you’re just SITTING THERE?
        That’s the sort of thing that really makes it intolerable for me.
        (Seems like we spend our time in much the same way when forced into things. The sitting around does give one time to ponder on plot issues though . . .)

        GOTTA love the guilt trips. I guess I’m lucky that my husband and I are usually in agreement about whether or not we want to go places, so I don’t have to deal with that from him. But my family? HORRIBLE. It’s like . . . the world is NOT going to end if I don’t go to whatever thing. It’s not. My sister is the worst about it, but it does make me feel nice when she wants to include me.
        I don’t want to say that I’m a FAN of the beach, but it’s one reason that I might justify being outdoors now. (I’m really getting to where I don’t like being outdoors in general, apart from looking at it.) That’s probably just because I’ve only been to beaches a few times.

      • It drives me nuts because I listen to everyone talk about their jobs. I also end up grazing on whatever snacks are around. Then the inevitable ‘why aren’t you smiling? don’t look bored.’ comments. Apparently, an incredulous look and sass isn’t the best response to that.

        My wife is terrible at guilt trips, but we live with my parents who are pros. If we don’t go then they give an excuse and don’t usually tell us. A few awkward conversations have happened when receiving well wishes for a sick child who was really as healthy as a hyperactive gibbon.

        I prefer parks, zoos, and lake sides where there’s shade. Also sand gets everywhere.

      • I guess that when jobs are all anyone has to talk about . . .
        I couldn’t really complain about that because anytime I’m talking to anyone, it inevitably leads back to work for me. Kind of hard to find other stuff to talk about when you work ALL THE TIME.
        I like snacks, so I couldn’t complain about that either. (Unless they’re the sort of snacks that I’ve been trying to keep away from . . . Then I would probably justify it with, “But I haven’t had this in soooooo long.” *chips)
        LoL. I’ve mastered the ‘smile when you’re uncomfortable/bored/etc.’ thing. Kind of have to when you’re uncomfortable pretty much at all times. There are certain times when smiling makes people talk to you, and other times where it’s just enough to get them to leave you TF alone. I’m pretty good at figuring out which is the best to do.
        Gah, that makes me sound horrible. Again, I’ll say: Anxiety.

        Hm. Are your parents doing that because they’re passive aggressively guilt tripping you, or because they genuinely don’t want to go? The sick child thing sounds to me like, “Yeah, I didn’t really want to do this anyway. Thanks for giving me the excuse to not have to.”

        Shade is always preferable. And yes, sand is pretty freaking horrible, but I do like looking at the water. I’ve given up on getting a tan though, which would’ve been a lot of the reason for going before. I was in Florida for a week last summer (er, summer is now over so I guess summer before this last one), mostly at the beach, and I went back home almost as pale as I left. Don’t got time for that.

      • Trying to remember my original comment. Hope I get it right.

        I tend to find a corner to sit in and count the minutes unless someone talks to me. My family consists of teachers, doctors, lawyers, and a scientist. As the artist, I’m odd man out and seen as someone who should be saved from himself. I’m always hearing his people think I screwed up by following writing.

        The sick kid excuse is more to keep the peace. The excuse ‘I don’t want to go’ doesn’t cut it and starts fights. It gets really bad when I have work to do because nobody thinks that counts since I work from home.

      • Okay, I totally get it, and I can relate.
        I don’t have family members in those sorts of occupations, but pretty much everyone in my family is the ‘never sit down, if you’re not sweating you’re not working’ sort. I dealt with the same thing. Even with family members who have a more laid back approach (than say . . . my parents), I sort of dealt with that stuff from for a while. A lot of it had to do with my schedule and being nocturnal. Waking up in the afternoon somehow equated to me ‘not doing anything’. And you know people don’t have to say that for you to know they’re thinking when they look at you. (You say, “I just woke up,” and there it is.)
        It took several years for that to be alright. I honestly don’t think my mom really understood that I was WORKING until she started reading my stuff. Then it was like, “OH. THAT’S what you’ve been doing.”
        Yep. That’s what I’ve been working my ass off on for a few years now. But now she’s super supportive of it, and that makes me feel great.

        So I’m sorry you have to deal with that. Not that it would or could stop you, but it just sucks to have people belittle what you do. (Especially family.) I know how infuriating it can be.
        Because, yep. It’s not work if you’re working from home, right?

      • Yeah. Nobody gets the working part of what I’m doing. They still think I’m goofing off. I don’t even get a break since my dad is retired and always around the house. So I’m always on edge about interruptions or something that will draw me away. Anyway, I’m just starting to rant in a circle here. Should probably try to do some editing before bed.

      • Slowly, but surely fixing Prodigy of Rainbow Tower. Hoping to get it done by middle of next week. Then a day off to do some October blog prep and possibly buy Godzilla on DVD. After that off to the next book. I’m still hoping things get easier as I move along.

      • It’s the middle of next week (gosh, I’m horrible at this), so did you finish up with Prodigy of Rainbow Tower?

        I’m wondering if I would like Godzilla more watching it the second time. There hits a certain point in the movie where I really started enjoying it. I was just bummed out how far into the movie that happened . . .

        LoL. Always hoping things get easier when moving along. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

      • I finished Prodigy and am about to start Allure. It depends on how much the sick 5-year-old lets me do tomorrow. He says he’ll behave, but the sound of him getting mommy with the removable shower head says otherwise.

        I think a lot of people went into Godzilla expecting him to be there the entire time or at least more present. Instead they go the other monsters, which I found rather interesting. The funny thing is that I watched a bunch of old Godzilla movies before the new one, which kind of prepared me for him not being around all the time. Personally, I think his low activity made that last fight scene so much sweeter.

      • Ah, so he IS sick right now. That’s no fun. 😦
        I hope you were/are able to get some work done, and also that the little one feels better soon.

        I’m not really sure what all I was expecting going into Godzilla. I know I didn’t expect that dude (nice word usage, C) to die so early into it. It wasn’t necessarily that I was expecting Godzilla to be in it ALL THE TIME, but I guess I just thought it would be more !, if that makes sense . . .
        You’re absolutely right though. I guess it did make the big stuff at the end seem that much more epic.

      • He’ll be fine. They’re having him stay home so he can get 3 full days of medicine and as a precaution. He’s already breathing better. I’m guessing I’ll have to put off my editing of book 3 until next week. Maybe tonight, but I’m starting today exhausted.

        It was because of the commercials and trailers. They played it up like it would be that dude going up against Godzilla for the whole movie. There was only one scene with the MUGO in the commercials up until the movie was already out. I think that did some damage because it was very misleading. I’m trying to remember a movie from way back that had a trailer that horribly represented it. I think it was a drama or comedy that was trailered like an action movie.

      • Are you still exhausted as you were a few days ago? Hopefully not . . .

        I don’t know that I saw very many trailers for it. Well, the trailers, yeah, but not the TV-spots. (Always fast-foward through commercials.)
        I thought the MUGO things were pretty cool to watch/look at, so that didn’t really bother me. I think I just need to re-watch it to see how I feel about it now.

        I could get into a spiel about advertising, but I know you’re busy and I don’t want to bother you.

      • Still drained because of having to take care of the sick one. I think a side-effect of the medicine was hyperactivity, which caused a few headaches. Things should be semi-normal by tomorrow when he goes back to school. Then I get to attempt editing a 445 page book in 3 days, but I’m not going to cry (much) if I fail.

        I let the commercials go because they give me time to get food and drink. I did like the MUGO, but was a little disappointed that they weren’t Rodan. (Classic Godzilla enemy/ally that’s a giant Pteradon.) Though I heard Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidora might be in the sequel. Now I’m sure I lost you. 😛

        I’ve done the spiel too. It’s all about cherry-picking scenes to grab audiences. Once they’re in the seats, the game is over and the money is counted. Longevity at the box office doesn’t seem to be a target.

      • Is the kiddo all better now? I really hope so.
        >.< I can see the hyperactivity being a major headache, even if you weren't trying to get some work done.
        How did editing that 445 page book go?

        Haha, yeah, you did lose me a bit with the old Godzilla stuff. I think I saw one or two of them (at least bits and pieces) when I was young, but I honestly can't remember anything about them. No matter how I felt about the first one (reboot), I'll be looking forward to the sequel.
        Along that same vein, have you heard that they're doing another . . . god, I can't even think of the name of that movie. (Probably because I'm listening to music and can't concentrate for crap. If there's any weird wording going on in these comments, I'll blame it on that.)
        PACIFIC RIM. That's it. They're making another of those.
        I went into that with extremely low expectations and it was EXACTLY what I wanted out of it. Bonus was that it was sort of funny in a few spots.

      • He’s much better, but he’s now used to staying up late. It’s been really wrecking havoc with the schedule. I’m hopefully going to finish that 445 page book tomorrow. Got less than 100 pages to go.

        I heard about the Pacific Rim sequel. I’m curious how that’s going to work considering the ending of the first one. I expected to simply have fun, which I did. Once I tried to focus on the plot and characterization, I started to groan. So I stopped that mature junk and went back to my inner child. Maybe the Kaiju will fall from the sky in the next one. I say Godzilla crossover.

      • Has the kiddo’s sleep schedule got straightened out by now?
        And I’m hoping you were able to finish up with those last 100 pages in the week (>.<) it took me to comment back.

        Yeah, that was EXACTLY my question with Pacific Rim. They didn't exactly leave it open for a sequel. But I'm sure they can think of something. It's not like it REALLY has to make sense. (At least not TOO much sense, only enough to pass.)
        That was the mindset I went into it with – that it would just be fun. I think the acting got to me a little more than the plot.
        I suppose they COULD have them fall from the sky, or just have a new portal/crack/whatever that was open up.
        Atlantic Rim? XD
        And a PR-G crossover would probably be a spectacle to behold . . .

      • Sleep schedule is still a work in progress. He’s realized the ‘joy’ of staying up late, so it’s become a battle. He pushes it to the point where I have to step in and then the arguing begins. I finished the last 100 pages and I’m already onto the next one. I’m so going to be insane by the end of this slog.

        No idea what they’re going to do. Something about it mentions a possibility is working off that guy who mind-melded with the creatures. More than likely a new doorway will open up and the heroes will be called out of retirement.

      • Well, I’m sure he’ll get over all the joy of staying up late eventually. Or, er, at least I hope he does, for your sake. I know I always wanted to be up late. I’m pretty set that my brain is at its best when it’s dark outside.

        I’m glad to hear you finished that one up and are another step closer to getting through all of them. LoL, I feel ya there. It really does seem to get sort of torturous past a certain point. At least when you get done this time, you may never have to touch them again (unless you want to). That’s something positive.

        I didn’t even think about the mind-melded dude being a possibility for them coming back. Now I want to re-watch it. That seems to be a recurring thing when chatting with you, lol.

      • I hope he does too. It makes it impossible to do anything else because you never know when he’ll come walking in. Crime shows, action movies, and late night comedies are out until I know he won’t catch me.

        I really hope I don’t have to touch these again. I’m just hoping I’m not horribly burnt out when I get around to the later books that haven’t been published. Hate to have them suffer. Bad enough that I’m still unsure about the crazy plot of Book 8, which makes sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time. I focus on the Chaos Goddess and it kind of shows.

        Eh, I don’t think you really have to re-watch it. To me it feels like they’re going to be pulling at straws and will have to do a major recap to make sure the audience isn’t confused.

      • I didn’t even think about him staying up late preventing you from watching what you want. >..>

        Are you just unsure about the plot because it’s crazy (like that it would potentially be off-putting) or because it would be TOO MUCH (difficult to keep up with)? Or is it something else?
        To be honest, I really love when things get a bit crazy in books, as long as it’s feasible. It’s nice when things stray from the set paths that are usually taken. But yeah, if it’s focusing on the Chaos Goddess, a lot of crazy would totally make sense. 🙂

        I think I was talking about re-watching Pacific Rim. I just like re-watching (and re-reading) things in general. There are some that I never would, like Ghost Rider 2, which is what my husband and I use as the ‘badness comparison’ for everything.

      • I think because all of the plots prior and after are rather ‘serious’ in that they are true fantasy quests. Save an heir, escort a noble, protect a town, find an artifact, etc. Then comes ‘heroes trapped in gnome-made figurines and dropped in a marketplace while the Chaos Goddess causes trouble’ . . . seems like a silly episode before the heavy stuff begins.

        Never saw Ghost Rider 2. For me, ‘The Spirit’ is something I wouldn’t watch again.

      • I’ve seen people complain about the second books in trilogies and things like that. Means to an end or something (like it’s ‘filler’). I actually think having some lighthearted stuff thrown in there is GOOD. With my first series, I would ‘intentionally’ (that word is always used loosely where it pertains to me writing books) add ‘fluff scenes’ to re-humanize characters when things got to be TOO MUCH. I really just don’t think shi- . . . er . . . STUFF needs to be ‘going down’ all the time for things to be interesting. The ‘smaller’ things (in my opinion) are great opportunities for readers to potentially connect with characters on a different level (on top of what they hopefully already have). I mean, nobody is going to be fighting ALL THE TIME. You know?
        I honestly think the Chaos Goddess causing trouble sounds fantastic and fun. And if things really start ‘going down’ after that, then I guess this book would be like the deep breath before the plunge or whatever. (Plunge is a strange word.) Sounds like a good idea to me. And I honestly did grin about the ‘heroes trapped in gnome-made figurines and dropped in a marketplace’ bit. It sounds FUN!

        I could tolerate the first Ghost Rider, but that second was just . . . oh my god. The thing that really got me about it was that the CGI looked GOOD. I still can’t understand why they would spend the time/effort on that when the acting (and everything else) in the movie was just garbage.
        I never saw The Spirit. Contemplated it and decided no. I heard it was pretty bad. :/

      • It’s definitely hit and miss with ‘filler’. Those types of stories can work very well if they focus on character development like they do in various animes. The trick is to simply make an impact on the story in some fashion, but most people only pay attention to the first and finale of a series.

        The deep breath concept definitely works for this, but there are two results as well. It opens up the door for a future villain and causes a hero to walk away for a personal reason. So the rest of the series definitely wouldn’t work without this chaotic romp.

        Let me put it this way with The Spirit. Somebody hits somebody else with a kitchen sink in the first fight.

  3. I agree that splitting it up is a good idea. I’ll watch it either way but in this day and age, everyone’s so busy, 40 minutes might be too long for a lot of folks with their busy life.

  4. Splitting up the Q&A sessions into shorter videos is best, perhaps with each video episode with its own theme (presuming some of the questions/answers are thematic – i.e. your creative process, character development, etc.)

    • Splitting it up seems to be the consensus, though I did have someone say they’d prefer it to just be the one video. I’ll for sure have to rearrange the questions.
      I tried to do as much one day (organize them in a thematic sort of way . . . rhyming), but some bleed into others. I’ll get it done eventually.

  5. I vote to split it up. Not only will it be easier to sit and watch, but it also gives you content that you’ve already done! All you need to do is post 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing your answers!

    • Splitting it seems to be the consensus, so that’s what I’ll do.
      Sorry that it’s taking me so long. I really will get it done. Eventually. Hopefully soon. Ish.
      LoL, I’m kind of sucking at life right now. (Obviously, if it takes me this long to get something this easy done. Well, not easy for me because . . . talking. But still. Wow, I’m rambling. Apologies!)

  6. I like splitting it up into serpents the sections idea. It would me you can spread this out over a couple of days. Also, more people would probably watch it if it’s shorter as not everyone has time to watch 40 minute interviews all at once 🙂

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