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I have a lot to do.

I’m trying to get them all separated into things I want to do and things I need to do. I don’t typically do posts where I lay out what I need to get accomplished, but I have to figure this out anyway and might as well make a post out of it. These are not writing/editing related. I have a list of those on my What’s in the works? page, and I update it occasionally. If you’re interested in what’s going on with me in that regard, you’re more than welcome to check that page out whenever and see if I’ve updated it. (I’ve been updating it every two weeks or so, roundabout. It’s more so for when I actually accomplish the goals on there.)

These are in no (real) particular order and have no set time limit (as I have no idea which order I want to tackle them in):

1) I need to get a mailing list sorted out. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now, but I really need to get that done. It would strictly be to keep people informed about when I have a release. I might do a quarterly ‘newsletter’ as well, but wouldn’t post anything from that onto here or the same in reverse.

2) I need to get the questions I’ve received for the video Q&A into a cohesive list. (One that might travel in a relatively straight line to prevent me from getting too far sidetracked and end up rambling forever.) There are still a few more days before I’ll attempt to tackle that, if anyone else wants to contribute questions. Really, I welcome anything for it. You can check out the post if you haven’t already. (Also want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that’s shown interest in it, and asked me questions. I really appreciate it.)

3) Decide whether I need to actually make all these spreadsheets I feel like I need to make, or if I can put that off for a little while longer.

4) Catch up with responding to things.

5) Get my sleep schedule sorted out because I really do not like being awake during the day.

6) Figure out how to get this muscle in my cheek to stop twitching. It’s extremely distracting. (I’m guessing it’s stress-related.)

7) Get a little more organized on Twitter.

8) Figure out a way to get organized in general that won’t take months upon months of cutting into my work time.

9) Reach out to more reviewers for Reave. (If you’re interested in that, let me know!)

10) Write up some rather important emails without causing more facial twitching for myself.

11) Get book 1 of the trilogy to the first beta-reader.

12) Figure out if I want to release that one next or between books 3 and 4 of the Reave Series. (Probably and preferably between 3&4, but that depends on several factors.)

13) Figure out what the hell I’m doing.

14) I really dislike odd numbers.


Okay, one more thing.

I haven’t ‘liked’ near enough pages with my personal Facebook account. I have a lot of blogging buddies on here and I would like to ‘like’ your pages. It’s MUCH easier for me to keep up with what’s going on with people by looking on there rather than on here (at least for now).

If I haven’t liked your page, please feel free to leave a link down in the comments and I’ll go do that.

Hope everyone is doing well!

15 thoughts on “SO MUCH TO DO

    • Thanks. It’s calmed down a bit now. I’m just hoping it doesn’t come back.

      If I figure out a way to manage number 14, I’ll definitely be writing about it. 😉

    • I know. It would help if it didn’t take me forever to do just about everything apart from writing. This is all part of it, and it just . . .
      I just suck at it. haha

      I have a legitimately hard time asking people to do things. So even though you offered (WHICH IS AWESOME), I’m sitting here thinking about all the stuff you have going on with your own work. It just makes me feel guilty to think that I might impede on someone getting their own stuff done. I probably need to get over that a bit, because I know people wouldn’t offer if they didn’t want to.

      I’ll definitely be needing more beta-readers for this book. There are some things I really need opinions on due to internal debates about cutting them. (I don’t typically cut things from books because I feel like they’re there for a reason.)

      If you ever have some free time, let me know!

      (Also, #9 would be great (sorry for this coming up AFTER you purchased it) and just . . . yeah.) 🙂

  1. Heya, heck of a list there!! I’ve never actually been a beta reader or written a review for a novel, but I’d be interested in helping out with both of those, as long as you don’t mind a relative ‘newbie’ (the beta reader thing I can probably figure out, since I have to proofread my own work. Just be warned, I can be vicious with red ink 😉 )

    My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/authorjonwasik I just saw that you have your own, I am now following it 🙂

    • Yikes, I just realized Elude, which I’ve already ordered, is book 2 in the Reave series, lol. So either way I’ll be reading Reave 🙂

      • LoL, I’m so sorry about that! Now I’m worried you’ll hate the first one then have both of them.
        I can send you the first (for all your trouble), if you want to leave a review for it at some point. >.<

    • Yeah, I know. It would help if it didn’t take me forever to do everything but write. lol

      I’m pretty vicious on myself with the ‘red’ ink. (Mine is usually more than just red.) I don’t want to say that I LIKE seeing ‘red’, but I always know that’s just to make it better.
      LoL, I consider MYSELF a ‘newbie,’ so I have no issues with that. I just worry about cutting into other people’s work time.

      Thanks for the ‘like’. I’ve liked yours as well. 🙂
      Also, how do you pronounce your last name? Is it a hard or soft a? (And I guess I could ask about the i as well . . .)

      • Hey if I’m volunteering to beta-read, it means I’m willing to take the time 🙂 I set aside time, more and more these days, to just read, because for a long time I let my life get so busy that I didn’t take the time to read. I found that lack of reading to actually be detrimental to my writing, lol. So anything I read of yours I would read in that allotted time 🙂

        Also the whole buying part 2 before part 1, it was no trouble at all, don’t worry about that! I’ll be glad to write a review for your novel 🙂

        You’d think as a writer I’d know what a hard and a soft ‘a’ sound like, lol, but the best way I can describe it, the Wa is pronounced like you would in the word was, and the second half is pronounced just like the word sick. Wasik=wa-sick

      • I know what you mean. My life has been so busy for a WHILE now that I haven’t had the time I would like for reading. I need to change that, but sometimes I honestly feel like I don’t have the time to breathe.

        Thanks for offering to do a review. 🙂

        To prevent myself from sounding like a moron and STILL mispronouncing it, I just said ‘W’ for your last name in the video. I hope that’s alright . . .

  2. I love that you had to make 14 because of your dislike of odd numbers. What is going on with the twitch on your cheek? I get a twitch in my eyes sometimes and it makes me bitter. I’ve got all kinds of things wrong with me. Back, knee, feet getting numb..what is wrong with me? Perhaps I need to stop working so hard.
    When you say you need reviewers for Reave, what do you mean? I did a review for you back last year when it came out on Amazon right? Do you need it elsewhere? I can do it elsewhere if you like too.
    By the way, I’m pretty sad that I won’t get Elude soon because I had it sent to work and I’m off this week. AARRRRGGGH!

    • Haha, yeah, I really don’t like odd numbers . . .

      I don’t have any idea what was up with the cheek-twitching. My eyes twitch quite a bit.

      I guess all that is to do with getting older. My hips are screwed up, and my jaw, and ESPECIALLY my neck. It’s all a mess.
      Did you have any injuries for all that?

      I’m just trying to find more reviewers in general. For Amazon/GoodReads/blogs/etc. (Or B&N/LibraryThing/pretty much anywhere.) Especially GR and Amazon though. I think they get more traffic there than anywhere else.

      I guess you’ll be getting the book tomorrow then?!

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