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Updates after an unplanned absence . . .

So, I’ve been completely absent for nearly a month now. I need to apologize for that.

(I’m sorry!)

It wasn’t planned. I wish I could blame Mercury being in retrograde again, but it is right now and honestly when it started is around the time I started getting everything straightened out. That would’ve made sense (or as much sense as Mercury in retrograde actually makes) as to what was going on with me several weeks ago. I don’t have the excuse.

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re just . . . bleh about everything? Of course you do. We all do.

I had a little more than a week of that. I don’t know what was up with it, but I seriously couldn’t force myself to do much of anything. I worked a little here and there, and just wasn’t feeling it no matter what I tried to work on. Wrote up a few blog posts during that time. Didn’t post them. Then I gave up and just played Skyrim until I felt a little more like myself. I take that back. I played Skyrim until I reached the point of, “I need to work regardless of how I feel. I’ve got too much s*** to do.” Then I worked until I felt more like myself.

I do have my theories to explain the weirdness. I think I was (and still am) overwhelmed. I was bogged down by not just trying to get this second book ready, but trying to get OTHER books ready (so I can eventually focus more attention on new things), also trying to work on new things, all the while trying to figure out how in the world to balance social stuff (at least the internet-sort). I’m used to working a lot (all the time) and prefer it that way, but I think I just hit some weird sort of breaking point that stole absolutely every bit of my motivation/drive. I did NOT like it. I’m used to being stoked to get out of bed every day so I can get to work.

There were also a few road blocks to getting book 2 ready, which left me kind of fumbling around not knowing what to do or what to say to anyone. So I stayed off everything until I would have something a bit more definitive to say.

Let’s see . . .

I have to delay book 2 a bit. Not long, but I was hoping to have it out within the next few days (with my projection). Not going to hit that projection. I don’t have a more set day yet, but I should be able to give everyone an update within a week or so. (*fingers crossed*)

I should have an update about the cover within the week as well. All I can say there is that it’s in the works.

I did (most of) another run-through of the trilogy. I’m currently part of the way through the last book, RIGHT AT the part where the time line flub starts. I wanted to be able to tell everyone I’d finally gotten that fixed, but I can’t because I haven’t.

I did some writing here and there on a few different things. The standalone short story that goes along with the Reave series, and also the ‘spin-off’ (of sorts). I actually got quite a lot done on the former of those.

Book 3 of the Reave Series is already in the hands of a beta-reader and has been for a couple weeks now. I’m really happy to report that people are liking the second book more than the first (LIKE ME!). I’m even happier to say that, last time I checked, my beta-reader was liking the third book even more than the second. (YAAAAAY! That’s SUCH a relief.)

Said beta-reader gave me cupcakes in exchange for B3, so I wasn’t joking before about taking bribes in all forms of cake. Not really. I was going to give her that one anyway, but I do love all forms of cake. By the way, THEY WERE THE MOST DELICIOUS CUPCAKES EVER. Not joking there, or exaggerating.

I passed on an opportunity to go back to Florida with my sister. I’ve been upset about that. I wanted to go, but there’s just TOO MUCH going on right now and I couldn’t justify being gone for ten days. Sad face.

I’ve been going back and forth about whether to release the third book in the Reave Series after the second, or to release the first in the trilogy. I haven’t decided yet. I’ve been wobbling about that for a few months now, but I’m leaning more toward first in the trilogy. That will all depend on a few variables, and I’ll keep you all updated either way.

Let’s see . . .

I went through books 3 & 4 in the RS as well during all this time. I didn’t print them out due to how few changes I made on book 2 the last run-through. Couldn’t justify ‘wasting’ money on the ink . . .

It gave me migraines. I hate going through books on screens, for so many reasons. I probably won’t do that again, ink costs or not. I really don’t know how people can use e-readers. >.< Well, I do know, but I just can’t do the ‘screen’ thing. I digress . . .

I think that’s really about it.

I just need to get my What’s in the works? page updated now to reflect all this and whatnot.

I’ll try to be on here a little more often. There will be a few days (hopefully soon) that I won’t be able to, due to busyness with B2, but I will definitely say something on here before that. I hope nobody else was bitten by the zero-motivation bug. That was seriously one of the worst things ever for me. I hope it never finds me again.

16 thoughts on “Updates after an unplanned absence . . .

    • It’s definitely best quality-wise, that’s for sure. O.o

      Is it always like that this time of the year? I know sales are typically better when it’s cold out, but you would think with people going to the beach and wanting to read a book there . . .
      Maybe that’s just for commercials.

      • Not sure since I’m still at the beginning of my 2nd year doing this. It does seem that there are slow periods right after or before big events. For example, January is slow because people spent so much for Christmas. June might be slow because school is letting out and people are going outside. Vacations tend to be more July/August. It’s hard to tell at times.

  1. Know how you feel. I’ve been sluggish for a couple of months now and I think a big part of it is the overwhelming nature of all of the things I need to do on my various writing projects — sometimes the reaction to that is to do nothing.

      • Yes. I’m working on the final edit of my novella. Hope to finish it today as my Father’s Day gift to myself. Once I’ve done that, I’ll be moving on to the second novella length story involving the same characters.

      • Well that’s good news!
        I hope you finish up with that edit as planned (and have fun doing it!) and that writing the next is enjoyable enough to keep any sluggishness from setting in. It’s seriously one of the worst things ever.

      • Well, I’ve picked the hardest work in progress to break through the sluggishness. A story told from the first person perspective of three different characters is not an easy thing to do. 🙂

        Hope you’re making progress on all of your various stories.

      • No, that’s definitely not an easy thing to do.
        I’d never tried tackling multiple first person POV’s in a book until this new series. Did two in one book and that was difficult enough. Trying to get back into it correctly after a break (which I tried to do yesterday) was even harder. >.<

        Sometimes working on the hardest one is best. Then you get in the mentality of, 'If I can do THAT . . .'

        Thanks. I'm always trying to make SOME sort of progress.
        I hope you finished up with your editing yesterday! 😀

      • Yes. If I can get this done and do it well, I think I can write just about anything. And, yes, I finished the editing. Novella #1 is done. Now I just need to decide if I should turn it into a novel or write the rest of the story as Novellas #2 and #3.

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