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Playing Catch-Up: Birthday, Geographer, Skyrim, New Book

The last couple weeks have been a bit . . . hectic. I suppose that would be a word to call it, but I’m not entirely sure anyone else would agree with me. Hectic for me might be a little more appropriate. If I move out of my shed in general, that makes my life feel hectic. Silly, but that’s just how it is.

Between my last post and now, I had a birthday that put me one step closer to thirty. I still have a few more years left until that milestone, but it does feel somewhat strange to be undeniably closer to thirty than twenty. I think I said last year around this time that it was nice to finally ‘feel my age,’ but I guess the best way to say that is: “I’m finally at an age that’s closer to what I feel.” Or I’m getting there, I suppose.

Birthdays are a bitter time for me. (If anyone wants a good dose of [hilarious] bitterness, check out Bitter Ben‘s blog.) I don’t know why that is, but they just are. Maybe it’s the wrinkles I’m getting on my forehead from scrunching my face up all the time. (I guess parents are right when saying your face DOES stick that way. Mine is certainly doing as much. -_-) Every birthday is just another bit of validity as to why they’re showing up (those wrinkles). Maybe it’s just that I don’t like getting gifts. Maybe I don’t like the attention (I don’t, which is why I’m MORE THAN FINE with hardly anyone knowing when my birthday actually is).

Now, Husband knows I’m not the biggest fan of gifts. I’m also not a fan of surprises in general, as I like to have as much control over my life as possible (not really possible, but don’t burst my bubble with this). He got me a surprise before my birthday. That was two tickets for us to go see my favorite band, Geographer, again. After the initial overload of all the things I was going to have to mentally prepare myself for (PEOPLE?! I HAVE TO BE AROUND PEOPLE?!) and things I had to get sorted (I HAVE TO BE AWAKE AT A CERTAIN TIME?!), we were super excited about it. Cut to the evening of this show and there a line of storms sat, RIGHT OVER the interstate we would have to drive for a couple hours to reach our destination. Our car isn’t the best in the rain. I have anxiety attacks every time there’s a downpour here because our car is REALLY not the best in the rain.

As much as I love Geographer (which is such ridiculous amounts that you can’t even imagine), we discussed the situation and decided it wasn’t worth potentially dying over. They will tour again, and I will see them then. But I was sad. Very, very sad. I’m STILL sad.

You have NO IDEA how amazing they are live. Seriously. If they weren’t so amazing and I didn’t love them so much, I wouldn’t put myself in a crowded room of people that can all potentially bump into me. (Please excuse me while I go [mentally] vomit at the thought of being in such close proximity to that many people. Don’t ask me how you can mentally vomit. I do it all the time, but can’t explain it.)

Anyway. Sad.

If you’ve liked my Facebook page, then you might’ve seen the update on there where I was also complaining (on the night of that missed show) about how I had played Skyrim and couldn’t stop thinking about snowberries. Still having that problem, but it comes and goes. I played that again for a little while yesterday. Let me just say that I save that game a ridiculous amount of times due to all the anger and rage (*Jeremy Clarkson voice for ital. there*) I feel when dying and losing even five minutes of playing. (ALL THOSE ALCHEMY INGREDIENTS THAT I’LL HAVE TO PICK UP AGAIN!) So yeah, played it yesterday. Didn’t save for about an hour. Died. Lost all those alchemy ingredients. Turned it off.

I should write a post about WHY that game made me so angry that I couldn’t play it for such a long time. I might do that.

I know I haven’t been on here in a while (two weeks), but I did write up a few things that I may (or may not) post at some point in the future. They weren’t the typical book-type stuff. They had/have nothing to do with that at all and are essentially me just rambling off about random things. (Like Star Wars and Batman, not together.) Might post them at some point.

I’ve also been writing on the new book/series, which has (surprise, surprise) taken up most of my time. I had one night where I finished four chapters. (Longer ones.) Don’t ask me how. Most of the time was spent in the same way as before, with me having a bit of trouble (or more than) getting it out.  There was one night that I sat here trying to write, and at the halfway point of my awake time . . . I still hadn’t completed a chapter. It’s been frustrating, but despite the odds . . .


It both went how I intended and didn’t at the same time. Certain things (all of it) took longer than I thought they would take, which caused me to leave it off before I was sure it would be left off. I suppose that doesn’t matter. This series is kind of different from any of the others I’ve done. Every book in those other ones have been one part of a larger whole. This entire series is just . . . one long story rather than the individual pieces. At least it’s seeming to look that way.

I don’t know if I said before, but I’ve written one of my favorite characters ever in this series. Probably my second-favorite non-MC ever. That’s made it a lot more fun than I think it would’ve been if he wasn’t there. Anyway, I need to update my What’s in the works? page now that I’ve finished that one up.

On to the next, I suppose.

Hope everyone has been well! 🙂

Also, I’m going to see Godzilla this weekend and I am STOKED. O.o

Sorry this was so long. I’ve been trying to keep them shorter, but it’s been a while . . .


25 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up: Birthday, Geographer, Skyrim, New Book

  1. Congrats on getting the second book of your series done! My novel’s off to a development editor and I’m trying to find distractions… You’ve reminded me that I’ve not yet beaten skyrim and my file’s been untouched for like a year! Hmmm

    • Thanks! It’s always great to finish one and be so excited about it when it’s in the first draft (pretty much the ‘garbage draft’) that you can’t wait to get it to the point where it’ll be ready to release. I try not to get ahead of myself. I still have to write an undetermined amount of books in this series before I can even THINK about that. (And there are a handful of others ahead in the ‘release line.’)

      As for distractions . . . WRITE ANOTHER! Haha, that’s always what I’m thinking about when I’m waiting for one thing or another. ‘Time to get started on the next . . .’

      Skyrim is also good for distractions (and life-consuming). I have a legitimate problem with never beating certain types of games. I don’t think I even got close to finishing the main storyline with my other character on there (started a new one). I just wanted to explore, do alchemy, wash, rinse, repeat. And all the side-quests. I have a problem with needing to do all those in every game EVER.
      It’s definitely good for a distraction, and time-filling. 🙂

      Now I want to go play it again. XD

      • Wow your brain is busy!! I’m still trying to figure out what to do with a sequel. I have a hard time getting story ideas but when I do, I can write a whole novel lol. Love what you said about garbage draft. That’s how I feel about first drafts too. And skyrim haha i totally get lost in side quests…. Maybe I should start over since it’s been so long…. But I own so many houses!

      • Yeah, it’s definitely going ALL THE TIME. I either can’t fall asleep because of that or end up basically falling over because my brain has exhausted itself. Never know which it’s going to be.

        Hooligans In Shining Armour is going to be your first release, right? When do you think that will be out?

        Thanks, haha. I’ve been using ‘garbage’ too often in my non-book-writing life lately. I’m surprised it hasn’t popped up in any books yet, but that’s probably more to do with setting than any restraint on my part.

        That was my mindset when starting Skyrim back up. It had just been so long since I’d touched it that I didn’t think I’d have any clue what I was doing (and didn’t). I’m sure I could’ve figured it out with the former character as to not make all that progress worthless. I just got so angry before that I didn’t want to even look at the screen with that character again.

        I think I only owned one house with the other character. I could be wrong, but I know I only USED one house. It had my alchemy lab and I was content, haha.
        I AM looking forward to building my own this time. That expansion wasn’t out when I was playing it before. Exciting! XD
        That game is a collectors worst nightmare, or their dream, depending on how you want to look at it.

      • Hooligans… At development editor then I’m hoping not too many changes, then hope to start sending query letters beginning of June. You should copyright garbage draft haha. And I have lots of catching up on skyrim. Didn’t know about expansion. Probably will just start over. I’m off to stalk through your blog now!

      • Ah, querying. I hated that. One of the good things about self-publishing is that you don’t have to deal with querying agents. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t write a good letter. But I have issues getting to the point of anything, so that’s not surprising. I’m definitely glad I won’t have to do that again, but I will cross my fingers for you!

        I will ALSO cross my fingers for you that you don’t need a ridiculous amount of changes when your book gets back from the editor.

        Haha, maybe I SHOULD copyright that . . .

        Sorry it took me a couple days to get back with you. I’ve been playing Skyrim . . .

      • Haha no worries… I still need to get started on skyrim! Though I think I’ve found my inspiration for my prequel and sequel so I really shouldn’t lol. Yeah I’m just gonna try with agents and see what happens. If not, now there’s an alternative 🙂

      • Oh! If you’ve found some inspiration are you going to get writing?!
        I was going to say that I wished I would’ve decided on self-publishing sooner, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t. It gave me the time to make everything better.
        But yes. It’s definitely good that there’s an alternative. 😀

  2. Congrats on the second book getting finished. Sorry about the concert and Skyrim. Those RPG’s can be rough on the temper and nerves if you don’t save enough. At least it isn’t the much older days where saving wasn’t invented like the original Mario Bros.

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I’m still bummed out about the show, but such is life.

      Yes, those sorts of games can DEFINITELY be rough on the temper. My husband saw how many saves I have on there and I think he was a bit floored. I guess it’s lucky that there’s the counter for saves or else he would never have known…
      It’s kind of necessary to over-save when something random can pop up out of nowhere and kill you. Better to take the ten seconds and save than have to redo over an hour worth of playing time.
      Gah. I don’t even want to THINK about not being able to save in games.
      I’ll spare you from me rambling about how video games have changed over time. Husband and I have discussions about that quite often.

      • I did the same thing with a game called ‘Drakan’ on the PS2. Saved every few minutes, but by the end I saved after I killed every enemy. You flew a dragon for a lot of it and the aerial combat controllers were a bit clunky. Once you found yourself fighting 2 enemies, you were doomed even with the best breath weapon. Mostly it was the camera angle putting the second (3rd or 4th or whatever) out of sight, so you couldn’t really dodge them.

      • I never actually played that.
        From what you said . . . I’m glad I didn’t.

        I was actually getting in the habit of saving every time I killed something in Skyrim. Gets easier when you’re a higher level though.

      • It was a really tough and obscure game. Not for those who get angry at dying or forget to save. Though they don’t have a place to hold extra inventory in the game. So I filled up an entire courtyard will potions, extra weapons, and armor. Not sure if there was a decent leveling system since it’s been a long time since I played it.

  3. Thanks for the bitter shout out. It’s pretty awesome to see your blog and a link on someone else’s. I think that is the whole reason I do an In Case you Missed It one every week. So I can let other people check out funny comments I get and so I can give them a link.

    Anyway, like you know I’m pretty bitter about birthdays too. I just think other people hijack it by asking you stuff so much that you can’t just enjoy the day. Your head spins so much from all the attention that the day is over before you can figure out what hit you.

    I love Skyrim, but can’t stand the amount of time it took to save and the amount of time it took for you to go places and the amount of time it took from your life when you died. I just couldn’t complete it, knowing all the time it took.

    Congrats on getting another book complete. This means there will be a never ending supply of C. Mill books to read in my future. I’ll never have to wait long for them right?

    Bummer about the concert. I would have let you borrow my car if it meant you could go to the concert. Stupid rain is always sabatoging my plans too. Though sometimes it does keep people away from me, which is always a good thing.

    I’m so sorry you are closer to 30. That was a depressing time for me. Just think how bad it is now that I am north of 40.

    • No problem. 🙂
      Everybody should be following your blog. Well, I say that, but then you’d have to deal with people like me commenting on all your stuff, which would take up your time for getting that book written. Then you’d find a new best friend and I would be sad.
      I’m just joking. I think everybody SHOULD check out your blog.
      By the way, husband was going through some of your posts on here while we were watching TV the other day and he was pretty hysterical. XD

      You’re right about birthdays. If I get texts from more than one person in a day, it typically throws me off. I’m like, “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?”
      I’m kind of pathetic, but the birthday was like that.

      I’ll partially agree with all that stuff on Skyrim. I don’t really think it takes long to save though. Sure, longer than just hitting a checkpoint or something, but it’s not bad. I wish it would just randomly autosave rather than only doing as much when you go somewhere. I also don’t mind how long it takes to go places, but I DO mind the load screens (which is related to traveling, in a sense). I just don’t think there should be load screens when you enter a building within a town that you’ve already sat through a load screen for. And DEFINITELY not the length of those load screens. (loadscreensloadscreensloadscreens)
      Anyway, it really does take up too much time in general.

      Haha, yeah, ‘never ending supply of C. Mill books’ is what I’m going for. I’ll really be glad to get more of them released. No, there probably won’t be another wait as long as the one between Reave and the second. I’m working on getting them out sooner. I’m hoping to release one every 3-4 months after this one comes out. That’s the plan, but we shall see…

      LoL, your car is a PRETTY GOOD distance from here. It’s not that our car is bad; it’s just bad in the rain. I reckon that’s what you have to deal with when you have a lowered car. -_-
      I appreciate the offer though. haha

      Is that your way of saying that you have more reason to be depressed than I do? I suppose that would be true as far as age goes, but I’m still unhappy about it.
      I have too much to do. Wish time would just stop flying so freaking fast.

      • You know what is funny is the fact that I have almost 4000 followers, but I barely know any of them, I barely follow any of their blogs back, and only about 50 or so like any of my posts, and only about 20 or so comment on any sort of regular basis. And you are probably the only one that not only replies to my comments, but also write more than a paragraph, so in the end, you are the best friend because you take the time, even though you are super busy and sometimes can’t reply for several weeks. On top of that you even did a shout out to my blog, even though most of your readers are probably wondering who the heck this doofus is. Is it any wonder why you are my favorite friend?

        Well, I guess we are just glad that the birthdays are over and we can concentrate on doing our thing instead getting all this unnecessary attention.

        As far as Skyrim goes, I think it might be that I didn’t download it, but just played from the disc that made the load time insufferable. Regardless, I didn’t have a year (or more) to devote to it, so I moved on, reluctantly. Now, of course my current obsession is BL2 which is a fantastic game and so fun to play with my crew, (though I wish I could somehow find a small window to play with you and your hubby).

        I am of course so stoked to be reading your next book ASAP, and can’t wait to get the inside scoop, (title, the setting, the newest artwork) before everyone else, and just counting down the days until it comes out. You said August right? Stop making me wait so long!

        That would be a pretty long drive to get to Kentucky. I’ve been to most of the 50 states in this awesome country (I think around 38) but Kentucky is not one of them. Maybe someday. So you have a lowered car? That would make it hard to drive in the rain. Just sucks that you couldn’t go to see your favorite band. 😦

      • You have like 4000 followers?!
        Holy crap. O.o

        I guess that makes sense, with hardly any of them liking/commenting/whatever.

        I’m surprised you don’t have a problem with how much I write on my comments. I’ve commented on some before where they’re longer than the entries people post hahahaha. I feel bad because that gives you more to respond to. >..<
        Sorry about that. :/
        I also shouted you out on Twitter earlier, but no big deal. haha

        Honestly, when we downloaded Skyrim onto the XBox, I think it actually made the load times longer, believe it or not. Tell me how THAT makes sense. -_-
        It really is hard to find the time to devote to it. I STILL haven't beat the main storyline (or come close to, even with all my hours of playing). That's probably because I'm reluctant to beat those sorts of games. SIDE QUESTS!

        We really do need to find some time to play BL2. We've been talking about it forever.

        I'll be honest, I still haven't thought of a title for B2. Will have to do that REAL quick. (Got all Southern for a second there.)
        I'd be counting down the days for it coming out if I knew what day I was releasing it on, haha.
        This one is NOT going as smoothly as the last, that's for sure!
        It should definitely be out before August. I was hoping for this month, actually, but it will end up being next month.

        You should visit Kentucky sometime. Not much to do here (I'm sure some would debate that), but it's really pretty (not debatable). Yep, lowered car. O.o

      • I like how much you write on your comments. It makes me feel like you are actually reading stuff that I say, which most people don’t. Some will just read the first few paragraphs or the last few and just comment on those. I know they haven’t because they comment on things that weren’t even the point of the post. It would be like if someone pretended to read your book and talked about how they liked Aster’s dad, when that was only talked about in the beginning. Makes me want to read that thing. Soon!

        Side quests are the things that extend games when you just don’t want to end the game. I just know that as soon as I finish a game it is hard to go back for another. That is why I extend them as long as possible.

        No title yet? I wish the Spurs would get a title, just like you will for your book. Whatever the title is, the book will be great. You know, having a second will help sell the first too you know. People will want to read Reave first before they do the second. Get ready to be selling some books.

        Summer reading! I can’t wait to get back to the world of Reave. It’s been a while and I miss it!

        If I ever get to Kentucky, I better get a tour of the famous shed and get to see Harold and all the post it notes. It will be like visiting Graceland.

      • Haha, yes, I always read entire posts.
        I do get that vibe sometimes, like people only read the first and last couple sentences. I guess I can understand. You don’t want people to think you’ve forgotten about them or whatever, but I’d rather wait until I actually have the time to read all of something. People might not know, but I feel better about it.

        LoL, yeah, it would be pretty funny if someone read the first book and was like, “I LIKE HER DAD!”
        I’m trying to imagine what my reaction would be. Probably just copious amounts of laughter.
        It will probably be like . . . one month exactly(ish) before the next is out.

        As for side quests, I just always feel like I need to do EVERYTHING.

        I thought of a title yesterday. Kind of had to because it’s time to get the title put on the cover, haha.
        Apparently the way I work is coming up with titles last minute. But I’m already playing around with one for B3. We’ll see if I end up using it.
        I do like the second book a LOT more than the first. Hope other people do as well.
        And we’ll also see if 2 boosts 1. I like to think it will. I’ll let you know if it actually does anything.

        Thanks for being so excited about it. Even if that excitement is faked or exaggerated, I still appreciate it. (Not saying it is, just saying.)

        Haha, yes, if you’re ever in Kentucky, I will give you a three second tour of the shed, which is about all it takes. XD

      • I’m proud of you for reading whole posts. I have to admit I don’t always, cause there are so many out there, but I always read all of yours. Priorities you know. 🙂 I usually try to at least get the gist of them, so a comment I make at least makes sense. I usually know when someone hasn’t read the whole thing because I usually have a point and it isn’t always in the first paragraph. That’s fine though and it makes me laugh. I just appreciate anyone reading cause honestly I used to do this blog with no reader AT ALL. So anyone that reads it is cake(and we all know how much you like cake.) Speaking of which I had some Funfetti Stars and Stripes cake for Father’s Day and it was awesome.

        I always hesitate to do story missions before I do a ton of side missions, cause I don’t want the story to end. Besides, I like to level up so I don’t have to use potions and all kinds of crap. In fact, I guess you could call me a Video game hoarder. I want every item, every potion and all the monies and I never want to give them up. That is why I always save and always go back to a healing place over and over before I will use a healing potion. I’m weird that way, but the game and everyone else can just deal with it.

        I have no idea what your title is 😉 and even if I did know, I would never tell anyone. I hope that the font works out and hope that the best one happens. You know which my favorite one would be. Just sayin’. But whatever one you choose will be awesome.
        I can’t wait to see the growth of Aster (and you in your writing) in the next book. It’s gonna be epic. I think I’m more excited to get it than I think I am to get my Spurs Champ gear. I hope maybe someday I can get them signed? Regardless, you’ve got me hooked in this world, and I can’t wait to see where you go with it this time. (Maybe she will get to touch grass again?)
        You should know that I am not faking it. I don’t get excited about much, but when I do I fully commit.
        Tour of the shed: This is where Harold goes, this is where Beatrice goes, here’s where my feet go, and (pointing at head) here is every world that is in my imagination!

      • I can’t skim posts. I’ve tried a few times, but I’m always worried there’s going to be something later that I might not want to ‘like’ (or have my picture on there that I liked it). I did that on accident one time when I first started blogging and I’ve been super careful since.
        Also, I usually like to comment so people will KNOW I’ve actually read them (and also because I typically have a lot to say on occasion). I really need to get better about keeping up with bloggers I like a lot, but it’s easier for me when they have FB pages and post the links on there rather than sludging through the copious amount of people I’m following on here. (Is that bad?)
        Maybe I should clean that up a bit. Hm.

        I do love cake.
        I’m glad you had some for Father’s day that you really liked. 😀

        I’m actually the same way in video games! I hoard ALL THE THINGS!
        LoL, in BL, my inventory is still half-full after selling because, ‘I might need this.’ (Even though I have never used it and will never.)
        I hoard things in pretty much every game. JUST IN CASE. That’s why Skyrim is a dream for me.

        Haha, thanks for being so excited about reading the next book. Aster does quite a lot of growing in that one. Well, in general, really. (Which wasn’t difficult with how . . . . . . *cough* unknowledgeable about certain things she was. That’s a way to put it.) I would like to think my writing has improved. I wrote them all forever ago, but with editing and all . . .
        Come on, you can’t be more excited about than your Spurs Champ gear.
        And yes, I’m hoping you can get them signed. I’m sure we can figure out how to get you a signed copy of the new one (which would be much easier than signing a copy of Reave).
        And maybe, about the grass.

        Haha, yeah, the tour of the shed would pretty much be that.

      • Yeah, I guess you need to represent that picture when you are liking/commenting so yeah I guess it makes sense to always know what you are talking about. Except for me. My Bitter Ben persona gives me an escape clause whenever I say something stupid. Cause you know, I can always claim that it made me bitter. Trust me, I’ve said some stupid stuff before. The thing is, most people on WordPress are so great that they let it slide, cause they are mostly cool. This is why I know you will probably forgive me for me rant on animals. (Or maybe not. I hope so though.)
        How could I not be excited about the next book? I’ve been waiting almost a year. I was thinking of reading the first one again, but at the slow, glacial pace I read books, I wouldn’t have enough time. (I assume it’s coming out tomorrow right? Nope, just impatient.)
        I am pretty excited for my spurs gear, but they are just shirts and no one else really cares about the Spurs around here but me, so they can wait. If I was in San Antonio, it would be a different story. Though if I was there, I would probably have only Spurs shirts, so it is probably a good thing I don’t live there. Though it would be nice to talk with anyone who was an actual fan every once in a while. Oh well, the life of a basketball fan in a city that lost their NBA team, and their desire to talk about basketball, huh? It’s a bitter life right?

        However you want to work a signed copy would be awesome. Can I send you my CC number and you can just charge whatever a signed copy would cost and you can send it to me? I want you to get an author’s autograph rate.

      • Yeah, that’s part of it. Representing the picture or whatever. *sigh*
        I sort of envy your escape clause, if I’m being honest.

        LoL, I have no issues with you ranting about animals. (I didn’t really consider it a rant.) Everybody is entitled to their opinion, to like/not like what they like/don’t like. As long as it’s just a dislike and you’re not talking about going on an animal killing spree, I’m fine…
        And I love elephants a ridiculous amount (which I know I’ve said), but who could think of anything bad to say about an elephant??

        I’m glad you’re excited about the book. 🙂

        Definitely feel your pain to have nobody to talk basketball to. I’m lucky that I got Husband into it. Also definitely know what you mean about if you lived in San Antonio. I have quite a few UK shirts…And a few pairs of shorts. And a couple hoodies…
        Maybe you’ll make friends with another Spurs fan soon.

        Haha about the CC number. I was thinking more along the lines of me ordering a copy, sending it to you, then you could just PayPal me for that amount. (Which would probably be a bit cheaper than ordering it off Amazon, even with the shipping.) If you want to do it that way, it’s the only way I can think of.
        LoL author’s autograph rate. Funny.

  4. Belated Birthday wishes C !! I am getting closer to 30 too and I have mixed feelings about it! A part of me feels proud and happy that I do not look half as my age (insert a happy dance here !) and a part of me is affected (badly) at work. People do not think I am mature enough to handle certain roles (that’s the first impression atleast). Helloooo can someone look at my potential too !!???? But you know what they say – 30s are the new 20s ..so the party doesn’t really stop at 30!

    CONGRATULATIONS on completing your second book ! Super proud of you ! I still have not got a chance to read Reaves (guilty !!) . How do I get hold of a copy here, in India?

    • Thanks!
      Wow, you do look WAY younger than that!
      I looked younger than my age for a little while. I was told at 22 that I didn’t look old enough to buy cigarettes (18? Seriously/), which blew my mind. Sadly, those wrinkles are starting to get the better of me now. It had to happen eventually, I suppose. I’m sure almost all of it is my own fault for not taking better care of myself (sunscreen, etc.).

      I’m sorry that you have trouble at work because of that. It seriously sucks. At least you get the chance to prove them wrong though, and that counts for something!

      I’m just concerned about how fast time is passing. It really does seem to go faster when you’re older (A LOT faster), and that makes me feel like I need to get everything done NOW.

      Thanks. 🙂
      I have no idea when that new series will be finished and to the point where I can start releasing from it. Maybe at some point eventually, but I still need to release the rest of the Reave Series and that trilogy before this new one.

      I just looked and it said the paperback still isn’t available there. I don’t know what’s up with that because when I contacted CreateSpace, they said it was about the ‘expanded distribution,’ which I DO have. It’s been a pretty long time for that to potentially show up. Maybe I should contact them again.

      I would almost just send you a copy due to how frustrating this is, but the shipping costs would most likely break my bank. 😦

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