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Writing and Releasing . . .

I wasn’t actively writing on a different series around the time I released Reave. I honestly can’t remember what I was doing when it came time for me to say, “All right, this is what I’m focusing on and there’s nothing else in the world.” I don’t even think I was editing, but I could be wrong about that when considering all I did work-wise for months and months was EDITEDITEDIT. I honestly don’t know and I’m feeling too lazy to look back through my blog and check. Yes, I am that forgetful, where I would need to go through here to figure out what I was doing at any given time. (I know when I wrote whichever books, but apart from that, everything blurs.)

You see . . . I have a one-track mind. I do one thing until I’m done with it, then I move on. If I try to do something else, I’m constantly thinking about the one thing. That distracts me from doing anything else satisfactorily. Such is life. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get better with that, and there for a while . . . I was. I was doing the time-splitting thing, where I would be on here/Twitter/etc. for half my work hours, then editing (because I wasn’t writing at that time) for the rest. But the honest truth is that it drives me insane. I don’t like to be fixating on something when I’m doing something else. That worked better with editing than it did/does with writing. I get ‘editing-brain’ a few hours in, and everything turns into a haze of WORDS, so cutting the time isn’t a bad idea there. (Obviously it worked better when editing, because I haven’t been on here often since I started writing the new series.)

I’m on the second book of that new series (which—as of now—is comprised of an undetermined number of books), and I’m a pretty decent amount through it at that. It currently rests at about 40k words. That’s approximately halfway through where I typically leave them off when writing. By the time I’m through editing, they usually end up at around 100k. It works for me. I was going to explain about my editing and why it goes the way it does, but that’s a bigger digression than I intended in this so I’m just going to leave it now and save it for a different entry.

My point is that I’m right in the thick of this story. The first book (foundation) is over, and it’s getting bigger, more exciting, etc.

Here is my issue (of sorts, but not really):

New Series will have to be put on the back-burner while I refocus on the Reave Series. I’ll be having to get book 2 ready. After it’s released, I’ll do another edit of books 3 and 4 before anything else. That’s just the way it goes. I work in straight lines.

I’m wondering if that’s been my issue with writing over the past week and a half/two weeks or so. In the back of my mind, I know I’m getting ready to have to turn onto a different road and switch gears. I think I’m already sort of distancing myself from this new one, and yes, that’s all good and whatnot (it’s what I have to do). But it makes me sad. While the writing (so far) isn’t as good as I’ll say the trilogy I wrote between the Reave Series and this one was/is . . . it’s the most fun I’ve had since. At least the most consistent fun. It’s not as stressful as the trilogy was (and still is when editing). I don’t have the knowledge that I will NEVER RELEASE IT in my head like I did with the other trilogy I started between the trilogy I did finish and this. (Sorry, that was a bit confusing.) I’m sad because it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience thus far (apart from when I hit a brick wall at the beginning and spent a month trying to figure out how to get around it).

I guess that doesn’t matter.

The Reave Series gets top priority for now because out of ALL THESE BOOKS Herald (again, laptop) is storing for me . . . it’s the only one that’s RTG. (Or as close to ready-to-go as it currently can be.)

Don’t ask me what I’m going to do when I have the last bit of the Reave series RTG, along with the trilogy AND this new series. Admittedly, the latter probably won’t be at that point until book 4 is out. I say that, but who really knows? That will all depend on time between releases and how much attention I get to focus on it.

I only have one more edit on the trilogy before I’m ready for beta-readers to get their hands on it. I’m not going to do that until after I finish writing this one and do the first run-through of it. I should. I know I should, but still. Not gonna.

Wow, I rambled like crazy in this.

My apologies.

The entire point is that I’m having to switch gears.

Book 2 is already in the hands of a couple beta-readers, and the instant I get the first of those back . . .

I won’t be able to touch this new one for quite a while.

BUT . . . I am SO EXCITED that I’ll be releasing it soon. I like it so much better than the first, and I’m really looking forward to seeing if everyone else does as well. 🙂

End-note: After all the confusion of explaining which series and whatnot . . . I really feel like I should make a new page on here that explains all of them (as much as I will). Like, “Hey, this is what’s in the works, this is what I’ve done, and this is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.” Then I could consistently update it (as much as I consistently update ANYTHING), and maybe it won’t be as confusing.

Maybe that would make it worse . . .

I don’t know.

Hm. Also thinking about making a FAQ page . . .


Sorry. This was all over the place.

34 thoughts on “Writing and Releasing . . .

  1. Ain’t nobody got time for all that! You are crazy for having all these things in the air. But I commend you for taking it all on. I can usually only do one thing at a time, but that is because I am lazy. So for me, right now, it is the blog.

    • Hahaha. I’ve been working on that thing I was talking about at the end, the ‘what I’m doing’ page. I wrote up a list of priorities at the bottom, and what you said is kind of my thoughts on it. I don’t know how in the world I’m juggling all this stuff right now. And that’s not mentioning how crazy stuff gets with releasing a book, which puts EVERYTHING on the back-burner.
      I guess when you write a crapton of books without releasing them, you end up having more things in the air than you know what to do with. It’s stressful. But at least I have stuff to do. Granted, I wouldn’t mind having more out so I might have a little LESS to do.
      Maybe that’s wishful thinking. I’ll always probably have right about this amount of things to do.
      I have ended so many sentences with the word ‘do’.

      Haha. Well, your blog is awesome if that’s any consolation.
      So you have no intentions of writing soon?

      • I always have intentions of writing, but other lifes get in the way. I pretty much need to have your problem of having too many books rolling around in my head and never enough time to write them all. BTW, if you are looking for some made up words, I did a post called Alphabitter and I made all kinds of words up to make a bitter Alphabet. When you can squeeze in two seconds you should check it out. I thought of it because of the discussions we had about made up words..

      • I know what you mean. When I’m awake during the day, it’s SO difficult to get anything done. Get jerked around having to do other things (no thank you).
        LoL, the too many books in the head and not enough time problem is so frustrating. I honestly can’t tell you how badly I wish I never had to sleep, and I LOVE sleep. I just love working more.

        I am going to go check out that post time now.
        It’s awesome to think I had any part in a post you made. I feel all special and stuff. Because we’re totally like . . . best friends and all. (Again, don’t burst my bubble, please.)

      • I think if my job was all about writing and creating, I wouldn’t want to sleep either. I definitely would want to work all the time.

        By the way, there is no way I could burst your bubble. We are totally best friends. Reminds me of that Will Ferrell movie Step Brothers. “Did we just become best friends?” (Of course we didn’t just become best friends, we’ve been for a while.
        Let me just say that I try to find new words all the time now, instead of just occasionally like I used to. Since we are best friends I will let you in on a new one I just created today. Snarcasm. It is a combo of Snark and Sarcasm and I believe it should be immediately inducted into the dictionary. I’m going to email the person in charge right now.

      • If they ever did experiments on people to make us capable of functioning without needing sleep, I would almost volunteer for it. My only issue is worrying it would kill me and that I’d never be able to finish writing all these books in my head.

        Haha. Husband and I say that all the time. (Did we just become best friends?) I’ll admit I don’t typically enjoy/watch movies like that, but I did see that one.
        Thank you for not bursting my bubble. 🙂

        I’ll agree 100% about snarcasm. If you look up the definition for snark, it’s to be rude or sarcastic, but you can be sarcastic without being snarky. (A lot of people might disagree with that, but I’ll make the ‘People suck’ comment again and put an end to that potential argument.) If we really want to get into this, then I’ll say that maybe someone is being snarky without being overtly rude, which would mean that it wouldn’t be ENTIRELY appropriate. I could get farther into it, but I’ll spare you because I’m sure you get my point.
        I think it SHOULD be a word. I don’t know if you were joking about emailing ‘the man,’ but you actually legitimately should.
        The other form could be ‘snarcastic,’ which just sounds fantastic. And that rhymed.

      • I would love to be a non sleeper. I hate missing anything. Whenever I got to sleep it feels like I’m going to miss stuff. Plus it is the only peaceful time of the day. Can I just enjoy the peace and not have dreams about things that I hate in the daytime?

        I actually looked up snarcasm and it is in the Urban Dictionary, my go to source for figuring out stuff that kids say that I don’t quite get. That way I don’t always look completely out of the loop and they can’t use their secret code on me. Oh and thanks for coming up with snarcastic. I didn’t even think about that form of the word.

      • I don’t really have anything to miss while sleeping, other than work time. (Not really.)
        LOL, you make the point for being nocturnal in saying it’s the only peaceful time of the day. Nighttime is seriously the only time I can work without interruption.
        As much as I enjoy warm(ING) weather, I’ve already been reminded many times as to why I’ve started to prefer colder (freezing in the shed or not).
        I really hate a lot of things during the day. In fact, I probably say that I hate daytime at least once daily, before going to sleep. (Or when my sleep schedule is messed up.)

        I must admit I don’t go on UD often. But yeah, a lot of people say nonsense words nowadays that I really don’t get. If they were legitimate words, I might be more concerned over it, but … well …
        There definitely is the worry of having secret code used on you. I’d imagine that worry is tenfold when you have kids.

        Speaking of snarcastic…
        During my (most recent) impromptu break, I was thinking about snarcasm. I could swear right now that I’d thought of a place to use it, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was.
        Prime example of why one should carry around a notebook at all times.

      • I think sleep could be useful if dreams were always able to be remembered and if you could use them in your creative endevours. The problem being is sometimes at night you get in a zone creatively and ideas coming right and left and sleep interrupts it. Or interrupts you during an awesome video game session. 🙂
        I kind of agree that working and hunkering down is easier during the winter. Getting to work and doing work is much easier because other people want to sleep in when it is dark.
        I go on there whenever I start hearing words I understand that I start hearing a lot. Just for curiosity sake, not that I will ever start using it in everyday conversation. Recently I had to look up Bae, because of its frequent use. I guess it means Before anyone else, or short for babe, because that one letter shorter is so hard to say. Kids these days.

        I’m sorry you didn’t have a chance to use snarcasm. It’s a great word that needs to be used.

        Speaking of having a notebook with you all the time, I actually do now and it has been great. My phone is a Galaxy Note 3 and it has a pen that you can use to write digital notes, so it is great for jotting down notes that I know I will forget in a few minutes if I don’t write them down. It has been awesome.

      • Dreams are interesting.
        I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered if they’ll ever invent a way for dreams to be recorded. (Could potentially be problematic for some sorts of dreams some people have . . .)
        I could probably get all kinds of great book ideas from my dreams.
        Last night, I dreamed about a tornado. Better than underwater zombies, I suppose.

        Are people seriously so lazy that they have to drop one letter from a four-letter word? -.O
        I’ve seen that word a few times. I pretty much just disregard it. Yes, kids these days.

        Maybe I’ll eventually remember what it was that I was thinking about snarcasm.

        You’re lucky your phone has something like that. I’m sure it’s convenient. I’ve only recently started putting things to remember in my phone (dates and the like).

        Speaking of my phone.
        That text you sent me the other day, I read it to my husband because I thought it was funny.
        He was like, “What’s up with the Beatrice stuff?”
        My response was, “Um. That’s my phone.”
        He said, “Your phone’s name is Penelope.”
        He was right.
        Penelope is my phone, not Beatrice.

        I feel horrible about it. I must’ve been tired initially, then not really thought about it. Beatrice is a name used once in the RS. At the very end of the third book. I think I’d just finished going through the fourth a day or two before commenting on here and maybe got everything confused. I have too much in my head.

      • All I know is that when I was in high school I though dreams were so fascinating that I looked into being a dream interpreter or therapist. I realized that really the only career for that would be like a medium. I decided to move on, but I have always been fascinated with the meanings of dreams. I even wrote them down from time to time but they are always so fragmented and weird.

        I love that my phone has the note feature. I must have at least 30-40 notes on their about posts I should consider. It has actually helped me not have so many post it notes and unfinished posts. It has been quite awesome. Though just like some post it notes, when I read some of them again, I’m like “what did I write this for again?” Not gonna lie, I’ve even written some notes while driving. Yeah, I’m that evil.
        That must have been so confusing for you when you recieved that text going to Beatrice. I thought about not sending that one, but couldn’t resist. Now, I feel bad for calling your phone the wrong name. Penelope must be so mad at me. Tell her I’m sorry I called her the wrong name.

      • I’ve always thought dreams were really interesting too!
        I read (most of) a book about interpreting them and went on a ‘writing down the dreams’ kick for a while. It’s pretty crazy how once you’re actually writing them down, all these connections can sometimes be made to how they’re somewhat relevant to your life at the time. Super interesting.

        CTM about the notes. XD
        I realized a while back that I did the same thing – writing things down that I was SURE I would know what I meant later. Annnnnnnd I don’t. So when I write notes for my books now, I have to be way more descriptive than I’d like. (No post-its for that purpose.)
        Haha, yeah, I wouldn’t suggest writing notes while driving.

        No, it wasn’t confusing to me about the text going to Beatrice. I’d totally forgotten that it was Penelope because I’d said it to you so recently.
        I’d tell her you’re sorry about calling her the wrong name if she wasn’t so angry with me for thinking she was the wrong name for like a week or so.
        My phone actually HAS kind of been acting up for a while…

      • I just remember some things that I would dream about seemed so real and memorable and emotional, but the moment you woke up, you forgot them almost immediately. That’s why you write them down. For some reason my dreams always happen BIG. I used to dream about school and work and they would look similar, but they would be so much bigger and they would have secret rooms and additional mazes and different pathways. I must mean that I have a lot of secrets and I feel overwhelmed in this big world or something.

        I usually write something more that will trigger my memory if I really think it is significant. But at least now I’m not cleaning up post it notes everywhere. Now I just have to go through a bunch of notes.

        Maybe your next phone can be called Beatrice. That would only be fitting right? I guess you better record a nice message on your voice mail asking for her forgiveness and maybe PENELOPE will forgive you.

        I wonder what Harold 2.0 will be called? (Though hopefully you won’t need a new one soon.)

      • Wow, your dreams sound crazy. Mine are more weird than BIG. Underwater zombies. Don’t think I’ll ever forget that one.
        Sounds interesting though. Maybe you could write a book about something like that, with all the mazes, etc. ?
        (After you finish up with the current one, I mean.)

        I think I always have too much faith in my own brain where note-writing is concerned. (Or I used to.) ‘I’ll TOTALLY remember this because of this word.”
        That’s a good point about not having the post-its everywhere. I have the little ones that keep my place in books when I’m editing. They’re strewn about all over the place at the moment…
        Couldn’t imagine it would be as fun going through notes on the phone. Maybe I’m wrong.

        Haha, yeah, I suppose I can call the next phone Beatrice.
        I would probably call the next laptop Herald 2.0. 🙂
        Or Herald Jr.
        Or Horace.
        Or Heraldo.
        Or something.

        Definitely hope I don’t need a new one soon. I’m pretty attached to this one. So funny how the keys get all smooth from usage. Don’t know how they’re not falling off yet, to be honest.

      • Awesome!
        And thanks!
        (I do like that word. Along with using ‘parenthetical aside,’ which writing in parenthesis and talking about it gave me the excuse to do.)

      • I like to think so. I know they’re distracting and whatnot, but that’s how my brain works.
        I started doing video diaries a while back, to keep a ‘journal’ (of sorts) for publishing things. (To look back at later.) I’ll be in the middle of a sentence, then talk about something else.
        ‘So then oh wow you can see my gray hair in the video . . . what was I saying?’

        Glad to be of assistance. 🙂

      • Oh man, I would pay lots of money to see some of those video diaries. I know you would never give them up, but they would be gold to see.

        I get distracted easily at work too. And if I can’t multitask at home, I miss everything that is going on there. If Calvin doesn’t have ADD (I don’t think he really does) he is definitely and energizer bunny. He keeps me on my toes, that is for sure. He is the SQUIRREL in our family.

      • Haha, yeah, I suppose the video diaries would be considered gold. If I knew how to edit videos, I would make mashups of them. I could probably have several minutes straight of all the horrible faces I make. I’d definitely need to know how to bleep things out though. I curse a lot when I talk. :/ Not out in public though. I don’t curse while out and about. I don’t want to be responsible for some kid saying the F word, and I was raised not to speak that way in front of elders. (I’m getting pretty elder myself.)
        I said sh** in front of my mamaw on accident once. I don’t even think she heard me, but I was so ashamed and upset with myself that I immediately left and went back home without another word said. Just walked out.

        I’m sure Calvin keeps you entertained with his SQUIRREL moments.

        (That would be funny to do a mashup video of. All the times I stop mid-sentence to make comments about random things. Then continue on…)

      • I am actually quite the face maker myself. I used to fancy myself a comedian like Jim Carrey, making all the faces and such, but you have to have some comedy to go along with it too. Though I make faces all day at people I talk to on the phone or when people that annoy me at work walk by, then I make so pretty bitter faces at them. It’s kind of fun anyways.
        Well, if you ever feel comfortable sharing the video diaries, I would love to see them. But I totally understand if you never want those ever shown too. 🙂
        That swearing in front of your mom reminds me of when I was young and my brother and I decided to go outside and say every swear word we had ever heard and my brother all of a sudden stopped and as soon as he did, I knew my mom was right behind me. Got a pretty good grounding for that one. I don’t swear in public, but do a lot under my breath.
        The boy definitely keeps me entertained especially when I don’t need any.
        You should definitely do a mash up of your SQUIRREL moments. That would cheer me up at work when I was on a stressful call. 🙂

      • At least you made faces intentionally. I don’t, for the most part. (Sometimes purposeful.) I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten me in more trouble than it has.
        LOL, do you really make faces at people on the phone?

        You might see a video sometime (as we talked about), but probably not the diaries. I really would like to do a mashup of some of the horrible bits though, with the faces and whatnot. ha
        And the SQUIRREL stuff. I’m really bad about that.

        Oh, I swear in front of my mom all the time. It was my mamaw (grandmother, it’s a southern thing) that I said it in front of, which was not okay for me. My mom swears all the time. My dad doesn’t, so I tone it down in front of him. They’re the only two older people I’ll really talk that way in front of. But you know I swear a lot in RL. It’s a normal part of conversation with people I’m comfortable with (unless they have an issue with it, in which case I keep a lid on it). (But if my mom didn’t curse, I wouldn’t do it around her, apart from the few inevitable slip-ups.)
        In public, I swear a lot in my head. haha
        Then I wait until Husband and I are alone and get all that out.
        That’s funny about you and your brother when you were younger. You’d think he would’ve had the decency to say, “Hey, mom’s coming up behind you.”
        I mean………why not?

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