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The first of the Monday Update posts . . .

Today is my first Monday Update post, and after writing two full entries that are going to rot in Draft Land . . . I THINK I’m starting to figure out why blogging occasionally frustrates me (very badly). (Not to mention I have a streak [not steak] on my glasses that I didn’t get cleaned off, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Maybe my problem with this particular post is that I have about five million (clear exaggeration) things I could/might possibly want to say. Maybe it’s my mood. Maybe my biggest problem with it is that, in some way, all I want to write for this entry is:


I’ll keep this short (for me), just to spare you until I get all these possible topics for Monday separated into smaller subjects that could potentially be written about at a later date.

What I’ve been doing lately is editing book 3 in the Reave series. One of my largest issues is not ‘fleshing things out’ so this second run-through since December is to do just that. (The first was more to fix technical errors.)

I added A LOT to book 2 (I’m not saying how much), and I need to make sure this one is on par with what I put in the last. The problem is book 3 is/will be the most difficult to do that with (for reasons I’m not going to say because releasing it is just too far off and I don’t want to spoil anything).

I’m also not going to say how many hours of work it’s taken me just to get to chapter eight, but . . . it’s a lot.

That’s what I’ll be doing work-wise for . . . a very long time (for me), if the hour-count per chapter holds.

Along with all that, I’ve been trying to catch up on here. I’ve neglected Twitter and Facebook (surprise, surprise). I’ve been struggling with pushing through my anxiety in order to do what I need to do for Reave (working on it). And I’ve also been struggling with the INTENSE desire to just fall off the face of the planet for a little while, workworkworkwork, then come back at some point.

It’s extremely difficult not to, and I just have to remind myself that I wouldn’t be doing Reave any favors in doing that. Then again, I’m not really doing it any favors currently anyway, given that I can’t even figure out 140 characters to promote it. That might be adding to the temptation to disappear. It’s just overwhelming and I feel I’m not doing any good anyway.

I probably shouldn’t even be blogging when I’m in a mood like this, but it’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon and . . . well . . . at least it’s real. That has to count for something, right?

So that’s my life as of now, as far as updateable things go.

Hope everyone is doing well out there (and kicking any struggles one may find themselves going through in their frustrating [non] faces).

Also, Reave is now available on SmashWords. You can find it here: Look, I’m a link to Reave on SmashWords.

15 thoughts on “The first of the Monday Update posts . . .

    • I need SOMETHING. Like I said, can’t even think of a tweet for the book. >.<
      I guess I can publish your book for change and you can promote mine for the same. haha (just joking)

      • That would be fun. Since you would be the publisher, you would get first crack at reading the long slog. Anyways, it would be fun to be your promoter. I would do all kinds of fun stuff with it.

      • Did you just refer to your book as ‘the long slog’? >.>

        If you have any promotion ideas, feel free to share them. I’m pretty much at a loss. >.<

      • Well, right now the organization of it is quite a mess and there is a lot of circling around that need to be edited out. If you ever get bored(which I know you never do), I could send you all 250 pages and you could see how far I have to go on it. You know, in case you didn’t have enough editing to do yourself.
        Do you ever go to bookstores? (are there any left anymore?) You could always just see if they would allow you to do signings etc. You have a link on your blog right? You could go to libraries and see if you could camp out in front of them with your book. Any conventions around there? Do you have T-shirts you could give away? Any business cards? Facebook or twitter updates on how the next book is coming? Just whatever kind of ways you could get your name and the book name out there.

      • Do you mean circling around in the sense that you’re repeating yourself, or circling around in the sense of going but not getting anywhere?

        Haha, no I never get bored anymore. But I will go through it whenever you want me to. I’ve thought about the whole editing or beta-reading thing, I just worry about how effective I would actually be at it.(Also time is definitely an issue, but I’m hoping to find more of it eventually).
        But yeah, whenever you want me to, I’ll give it a go. (Between projects would be preferable. I’m trying to get these freaking edits done and it’s taking me SO LONG with all the adding. I’m just worried I’m going to ‘lose my stride’ if I don’t keep going with it. Is that weird?)

        A lot of that sort of stuff you suggested is where my anxiety REALLY gets in the way. I’ve been trying to get over it a bit, at least to the point where I could manage a few of those things, but so far . . . no luck. Husband has been trying to help me out with some of them (getting in contact with the bookstore here, etc.).
        He’s offered to go to conventions or whatever for me (he would do more good than I would and I would be having an anxiety attack the entire time – again, not good in any way).
        But a lot of those things require money, for buying things to sell to other people. And we just . . . don’t have it at the moment. So all those things will have to wait, along with the second cover.

        My mom actually suggested the business cards thing the other day, but I don’t know what I could actually put on it. I thought about fliers because I could put the blurb and whatnot on there. But even getting them anywhere would require Husband to do it. I really just can’t. I really am hoping to get past it one day.

        It probably sounds ridiculous that my anxiety is bad enough to get in the way of that sort of thing, but . . . it really is. I can’t even make phone calls. It’s taken me all this time to email a book reviewer (did that a few days ago). I dunno, a lot of it just bothers me, anxiety aside.

        It really sucks.
        A lot.

      • Well, my book is barely ready for my writer’s group and I haven’t been able to get anything to them in month’s especially these two months because I’ve had early morning church cleaning duty, so it probably won’t be a rush for you to finish all your projects anytime soon. I do appreciate you at least being willing to look at them, you know a famous published author like yourself.
        I know all those things cost money and such, they were just a few things I was thinking off the top of my head. I know once people get their hands on your book they will love it, so as soon as they get out there, they will be great. I just know it.

      • Is that early morning church cleaning duty forever, or is it a temporary thing?

        I totally don’t mind you giving me crap about the ‘famous published author’ bit.
        But really, of course I’d look at it/them. Like I said, whenever you’re ready, I’ll make the time. But fair warning, don’t rely on any fact-checking on my part with it. I SUCK at that. Bit worried now that I know what it’s about, haha. I’m just concerned I’ll end up looking like an idiot when I go through it.

        I hope that eventually I’ll have enough money to cover doing that sort of thing. If my anxiety wasn’t so bad, I would love to set up a table at a Renaissance fair or something. Luckily, I could probably get away with that – the knives and all. Maybe I’ll get over my anxiety enough to handle doing something like that at some point (and have the funds to cover it in advance). I won’t hold my breath though.

        Thanks for having so much faith in the book. I think everyone else’s faith in it is what’s holding me over when I go through the low points (which there have been a lot of).

      • That early morning church thing goes until March, then I have to do it again for two month in July/August. I think if I could trust the families going to help or appoint a lead, I might be able to skip, but just don’t know the protocol yet.

        Sorry, I know how you don’t really like being called attention to so I will stop. I’ll just say experienced author or EA for short (published and unpublished works). I’ll send you a short bit of it when I get the chance. (is your email on the blog?) I don’t want to overwhelm you, just give you a taste of where I am going.

        It would be awesome to go to an E3 or PAX (have you heard of this? It’s a video game conference in Seattle called Penny Arcade Expo) and it have a booth there. It would be such a riot to sell books there(as long as you had an agent or something to buffer you from the people).

      • That sucks, but at least March is next month?
        Would you be ABLE to skip?

        I’ll admit I totally thought you were just giving me crap about the ‘famous published author’ bit. LoL, EA is pretty cool though.

        I’ll text you my email address as soon as I get done responding to this. It might be somewhere on here, but I don’t think it’s on my page. I should probably fix that, but I’ve been worried about spam and whatnot (and weirdos, to be honest).
        And I’m kind of taking a bit of time to get caught up, not getting on here as much or whatever (apart from responding to comments), so I’ll just add that onto my list of things to do while I’m catching up.
        Haha, I’ve been in a pretty constant state of being overwhelmed the past couple months, so I’m kind of used to it. I’d be more than happy to help. 🙂

        I haven’t heard of PAX.
        Your book sounds like it would fit right in at a place like that. You should totally do it when you can! Would your wife go with you? That would be a good buffer? Or at least maybe I’m trying to tell myself that, with trying to get the guts to do something similar and having Husband there…
        But maybe?

      • I could assign someone to be in charge for the week, but I only have two more weeks to go this month, so I will just finish out. Definitely in July and August, I will have to assign someone because there is going to be a week in or two that I won’t be able to. We are almost certain to be on vacation at least one of those weekends, maybe more.

        You’re an experienced author now because you are published. I still can’t say that, so just accept that you are going to be mentor when it comes to someone that has been published.

        I got your email. When I get around to getting the guts to send it, I will. Thanks for being willing regardless. It means a lot to me.

        Honestly I think my book would be great in the hands of an experienced author’s hands. I would love to just pitch my idea to someone or co-write it with my best friend, but I just know that I’m going to have to be the one that does it. I just wish i had more time.

        PAX is a riot. It is the best when you have a 3ds and you are trying to get Street Passes. There are so many people that have them there that you just keep opening it up getting your street passes and doing it over and over again.

        My wife might go, but she doesn’t like crowds that much either and would be totally out of her element. Me and the boy went this year and had a ton of fun. I hope to go this year, but tickets are really hard to come by.

      • Good news:

        It’s so weird even still thinking of myself as an ‘author’ because I wouldn’t call myself that for the longest time. So adding ‘experienced’ in front of that is baffling. And I guess I’m still trying to figure so much of this out that I don’t feel like I’m an experienced anything. (Prepare for a self-deprecating add on riiiiiiight . . . NOW.)
        Maybe an experienced moron.

        Whenever you find the guts, my email is open. 🙂

        I can’t tell you how badly I want to co-write a book one day. It will happen. At least if you do this one yourself, you’ll be like, “Hey, I totally did this myself.” And I believe you’ll find the time. 🙂

        I don’t know what you’re talking about with street passes, but I could add the moron bit here again.

        Ah. Husband and I are the same – neither of us really like crowds, so we’re often struggling with the ‘We should get out more. Neither of us are comfortable around people.’ thing. He’s good with people one-on-one, so he has that on me.

        I hope you’re able to go to PAX again this year. 🙂

  1. One day I will have lots of time, when I am old and wish I was busy more. It always seems like you are chasing the thing you don’t have. I’ll just try to live in the moment more. I am so glad Feb is over now. It was a beast. I think the only way to survive my job right now is to take it day by day. If I think too far ahead (which I normally do), I’ll just make myself crazy. Not that I’m not already crazy.

    Streetpass is a thing on the 3DS. If you pass by someone else with a 3DS, their Mii character is sent to your 3DS and you can use it for games on your 3DS. I’ve always thought it would be a great idea for an app on a phone, because there are so many more people that use phones than 3DS’s, but i don’t know the technology part. If I could figure that out, I think it would be a huge money maker.

    I would love to go to PAX again this year, but I would depend on others to get me tickets. Besides, I hope we are in Utah by then. Hopefully, I can make some ground when we go in April.

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