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Mae – Falling Into You (Friday Music)

If love were a song, this would be it (my opinion). I feel that’s the only thing that needs to be said here, but I will point out that obviously I know it’s not Friday (I’m behind this week, but trying to keep up), and I will also add that this song might possibly have brought a tear to my eye on one or two occasions.

Hope everyone is having an exceptional weekend. I’ll try to get another post up on Monday, but I’m not making any promises, proposed schedule or not. Trying is about as good as anyone can do.

17 thoughts on “Mae – Falling Into You (Friday Music)

  1. That’s a great song, thank you for the introduction.
    I know what you mean about songs making you cry a little, my favourite, that I guess would be a little like this would be Any Other Name by Thomas Newman. I’ve seen my eyes leak on a crowded train listening to that lol

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