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Please excuse me while I stand in the ‘defeat corner’ . . . (Wednesday Randomness)

My newest plan has been foiled by an unexpected foe: Cold

(Isn’t that the way plans go? Yes, I know as much, but I still plan everything anyway.)

Obviously, it’s winter, and obviously Cold is expected to some degree (bad pun?). I’m not that stupid (Debatable after the pun? Does it help that it wasn’t intentional?), and trust me when I say that Cold and I are WELL acquainted.

Many of you know that I work in a shed. It’s a pretty nice shed. It has an AC that works well enough to keep Hot at bay in the summer (as long as I stick to my nocturnal schedule) and it’s well-equipped with measures to prevent Weather from causing too much trouble for me year-round, apart from insulation, which I’m sure would help IMMENSELY. But preventative measures only go so far, especially without insulation. And when Cold decides to strike rather than hang around, I only have two choices.

I can (not) grin and bear it, use up my supply of tissues due to my nose constantly leaking fluid (which seems to be more water than anything that typically constitutes as ‘nose fluid’), have my two heaters on full blast (until the breaker blows and leaves me in the dark for a bit), have my fish hand warmers (yes, they’re fish – one of the best gifts ever) on both hands (until I need to smoke or write something down at least, which requires alternating removal). I can handle it most days. I can (not) grin and be totally fine because I’m working and that’s what I love doing, even when my fingers feel like they’re going to break off anytime I touch anything. It’s fine.

It’s all fine until Cold actually strikes. I can (not) grin and sit here with all those things above, while my heaters try in futility to keep the temperature JUST ABOVE what it is past the second (first?) line of defense against Weather (and risk getting myself legitimately sick during). OR I can stop being so freaking stubborn, go inside, and be warm (apart from when I have to come outside to smoke and/or take my dog out).

Sounds like a good time, yes? Yes, it really does.

The thing is . . . I don’t TAKE time off. I might take a bit of time here or there to watch some TV with Husband. I might take off a bit here to chat with a friend or two (sometimes I multitask during, which only partially counts – either as work, or time off [and I suck so bad at multitasking that it’s hardly either thing]), or a bit there to do things that people have to do (eat, sleep, etc.) . . .

When I’m not working, I’m THINKING about working. I’m thinking about all the things I need to do, formulating a ‘plan of attack’ (an order to do those things). So time off really isn’t ‘time off’ for me. I’m either working in my head or feeling guilty about all the things I should be doing instead.

I haven’t taken a full day with no guilt in . . . I can’t even remember. (Guilt = not ‘time off’ . . . Planning = not ‘time off’ . . . An Hour or Two = not ‘time off’ because that is NOT enough to relax me)

I took one yesterday. A full day where I did nothing but watch some TV with my husband, and played hours upon hours of video games. I woke up and saw the temperature on my phone and basically said . . . well, I’m not going to say what I ‘said’ here because I try not to say anything too bad . . .

It was a series of four-letter words though, and I think that’s enough to go on . . .

Anyway, yesterday was pretty spectacular (and, alright, alright, I did do a bit of catching up on Twitter INSIDE [that was weird]). It was really nice to say, “I’ll do it later,” ย while thinking, “I’ll do it later and that’s fine.” Rather than saying, “I’ll do it later,” while thinking, “OMGINEEDTOBEDOINGTHISRIGHTNOWHOWCANIBETAKINGTIMEOFFOMG.”

It was nice, and it really made me see that I . . . need to take breaks. I need to spend more time with my husband than eating and watching an episode or two of Modern Family during. I need to do that. I need to let myself enjoy things other than WORK. So . . . I think I’m going to start taking at least one day off every week, to spend with Husband. I think that will be good for my sanity (I’m also sure it would make him happy, and that’s a very good thing).

Unfortunately I woke up today and Weather had changed only the tiniest bit. Knowing I needed to get some things done today, I trudged out to Shed and thought, “I can stick it out for a few hours.”

Also unfortunately, a series of events happened which frustrated me to no end and I found myself thinking a set of words I never, ever think.

I just can’t be bothered with this right now.

(It didn’t help that the last time I’d been working with Herald [my laptop], I essentially stormed off in a fit of frustration, which MIGHT have carried over . . .)

So I went back inside, played more games, ate an unhealthy amount of white cheddar popcorn while playing those games (I’ve got skills, and apparently was lacking self-control today), made dinner with Husband, then came back out here now. And honestly . . . I’m still feeling like I can’t be bothered (Word is driving me insane).

Anyway, obviously Cold has hindered my plans to catch up on here (among about fifty other things I need to do), but like all things, it will pass and like all things, I will get it done. I will (not) grin and bear as much as I can of Cold until it decides to just hang out rather than punch me in the face. Then I WILL grin (no parenthetical aside needed) and not bear anything more than a ridiculous workload that seems like it will never, EVER lighten.

By the way, I sincerely hope no one is as cold as I am right now.

(I know it’s not Wednesday, but obviously I wasn’t out here to write this Wednesday, and this was ABOUT Wednesday, so . . . WEDNESDAY.)

15 thoughts on “Please excuse me while I stand in the ‘defeat corner’ . . . (Wednesday Randomness)

    • When it reaches a certain point, definitely. All you want to do is just . . . sit there. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, but I’m sure it’s bothering me more this year than it used to.
      And I didn’t know you biked?
      My husband and I were talking about taking that up (obviously not in the winter) . . .

      • Honestly, I use a stationary bike, but it’s been so cold at times that it’s painful getting out of bed. It’s in the teens right now, which I think is calls for not being forced to leave the house. Though it’s an icebox here.

      • A stationary bike would HAVE to be more fun than a treadmill. I got one of those several years ago so I wouldn’t get bit by a snake from running outside here (too many poisonous ones) and it was so boring that I just couldn’t stand it and called it quits on running. IS it better than a treadmill or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

        It was in the single digits for a couple days here, so I feel your pain. Is it warming up a bit there? :/

      • It’s not that different, but I listen to music and think about my writing while on it. It’s become one of the few ‘alone’ times I get.

        It got warmer for a day or two, but it plunged again. Supposed to do it again tomorrow.

  1. I can’t believe you took a break, you workaholic! At least you played games. On the opposite side of the coin planet, I’ve been working way too hard at work and need to take a break before I start punching my work in the face. Can we just switch lives right now? That means you will be given the gift of wanting to be lazy and I will be given the gift of liking to work hard.

    • Haha, I know! Surprising, isn’t it?! And a full day at that! (Apart from that Twitter bit . . .)
      (We’ll disregard that it wouldn’t have happened if not for the weather . . .)

      Oh no (about wanting to punch work in the face). Is it just the amount of work, or time spent, or what?

      And noooooo, I can’t want to be lazy right now. As much as I wish it would, Reave won’t promote itself and the other ones won’t fix themselves. I have too much to do to take a bunch of time off (as nice as it sounds . . .).
      If I figure out a way to let you borrow some of my ‘liking to work hard’, I will be sure to let you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I bet even if you gave me all kinds of your liking to work hard, you would still have mountains to spare. And I would still want to be really lazzzzy..

        Well, I just found out that I in addition to all the duties I have, I am now the main backup on phones, which if you know me at all, is the worst part of any job. I hate talking on the phones to people that are picky, angry, demanding or want way more than they are entitled to and pretty much that is all I ever talk to. I got the current job I have because I didn’t want to talk on the phone as much, but just like the Godfather, just when I tried to get out, they pulled me back in.

        You know how you have anxiety in your life a lot? That is how I feel whenever I talk on the phone. Or with other people I don’t know for that matter. Anyways, I should be saving that rant for my blog. Sorry.

      • Haha, this is probably true.
        I’ll be totally honest, I used to be so lazy that I didn’t think I would ever WANT to do anything. And when I fell in love with writing stories, I spent a VERY long time worrying I’d lose the drive for it. But yeah, definitely have some mountains to spare now. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I lost my drive though.

        Are there any people in the world that LIKE talking on the phone to people that are picky, angry, or demanding?
        Gah, that sounds miserable.
        Is you being the main backup a temporary thing? I really, REALLY hope it’s temporary. There is seriously nothing worse in this world (apart from a few things) than being stuck doing something you hate.
        I’ll bring up the cheesecake point again.

        Yes, I definitely understand what you mean when comparing that to my anxiety. I’ll be totally honest (again) and say that I HATE talking on the phone to people I don’t know. I’ll have my husband answer my phone to tell people they have the wrong number. I hate it. So I can’t imagine what you’re having to deal with and how that’s making you feel daily.

        At least it’s the weekend?? :/

        And you feel free to rant in my comments all the time. I went on a rant in yours a few minutes ago. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Fluctuating weather is just as bad as consistent Cold – those fleeting hours/days of mild-ish weather followed up by another blast of Cold (and snow!) can wreak havoc to the Writer and to the Muses.

    Though taking a break every now and then is not a bad thing, since the Muses abhor Cold (at least mine do), though with all this talk of Cold as the enemy of the Writer, you can develop a meta story about it…

    • This is true. I hadn’t even thought of that. It always does seem worse when it comes after a decent(ish) streak of weather. (The temperature right now would make 20 degrees seem decentish.)
      You know, I would rather it snow if it’s going to be this cold. At least gives you something nice to look at, but it does suck if you have to drive . . .

      I’m totally fine with writing when it’s SORT OF cold – as long as it’s not to the point where it feels like my brain has stopped working. Then again, I haven’t WRITTEN in so long that I guess it almost doesn’t matter. I’m trying to find the time for it. :/

      Is your Muse affected by the cold if you’re still indoors?

  3. Colds are not fun. They suck everything good out of you and leave nothing in its place. Although, I must admit, if a cold brings on a fever, there are interesting ideas floating around that you can use for a books someday! Feel better soon!

    • Thankfully I didn’t get a cold, I was just COLD. I did worry for a bit yesterday that I was actually getting sick, but I think it was just a false alarm. (Again, THANKFULLY – too much stuff to do at the moment).

      I haven’t had a fever like that in . . . well, not ever that I can remember. (Is this an instance where knocking on wood is appropriate? I feel like I should . . .)
      It would definitely be interesting, but I think I’d rather not deal with all the other aspects of it.
      Would you even remember fever-induced ideas?

      I’m definitely feeling better temperature-wise, at least for the time being. So thanks.
      Hope you’re doing well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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