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It’s time to play my favorite game.

It’s called ‘the catch up game,’ and if you can’t tell that I’m being sarcastic (SOMEONE INVENT SARCASTIC FONT FOR ME, PLEASE), then I should go ahead and say, “I’m being sarcastic.”

That being said, I should also point out that it means I’ve finished this run-through of book 2 in the Reave series, which means B2 is out of my hands (meaning I can’t touch it again until my friend gets through revising it). This is good. B2 was my priority (obviously, as I’ve fallen off the face of the social-planet), and now I’ve reached the point I needed to reach with it. I don’t have to spend every waking moment working on 3 and 4, so I’ll have all that time to do the other things I need to do. It also means that I’ll get to at least pretend I have some sort of life, and that’s good.

I have to apologize for how far behind I’ve gotten on reading blogs and the like, but I will TRY to remedy that within the next few days. Don’t get mad if I don’t go a month back in archives to catch up, but I’ll do what I can. (And by that I mean, “I’ll do what I can without making my brain explode.”)

Charles Yallowitz, HOW DO YOU MANAGE THIS? I’ll admit I’ve been baffled over that many times.

I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of blogging schedule, but I should also say I’ve been trying to do that for a really long time now. I’m kind of at a loss as to how anyone can even stand reading my posts (they’re always talking about how much I suck at blogging, or at life in general), but hey.

I’m thinking what I might do is use Monday for an ‘update’ post (but I’m kind of at a loss as to what I could actually update) or something to do with ‘work’ or ‘writing’ or SOMETHING, use Wednesday as a ‘random’ post (along the lines of Friendship: The magic of THE CLICK or Hello World. I am a moron. Nice to meet you.), then Friday will get back to my Friday Music posts.

We’ll see how well that works out. I don’t have a clue about it as of now.

We’re going to count this as my Monday post, even though it’s Sunday (I might change my mind about that, but I might not). I need to spend a few days playing that game I was talking about and try not to get overwhelmed by it.

If anyone has some pointers for time-management, I’m all ears (eyes). O.o

(If any of those pointers involve making days 50 hours or inventing a way for people to function on absolutely no sleep . . . I’ve already thought those to death. But if you can figure out how to do either of those things . . . it would be helpful.)

13 thoughts on “It’s time to play my favorite game.

      • That’s not the only thing I keep track of. Also keep track of how many words I add or remove on each chapter as I’m inputting the changes. There are other things . . . (Keep track of cursing on the first couple edits of books – this series is the tamest one where that’s concerned. Character names, places, events, etc. etc. etc.)
        Haha, I only wish I could pay myself for keeping track of the minutes (or for the minutes tracked – that one would be WAAAY better). I just do that because . . . erm . . . I have problems. I’m too particular about things. I could probably save myself twenty seconds every day if I didn’t write that stuff down. XD

      • Haha. I am so the opposite on that. I almost never write things down, barely keep track of many details, though I am pretty good at remembering dates and times I set up, barely ever remember things my wife tells me. She wishes I was way more detail oriented. Are you keeping track of how many words are being used on your replies too, you silly OCD, writer downer!

      • I write things down all the time, then lose them (if they’re not in a notebook). I can remember dates and times for things usually (if they’re important), but . . . my memory is horrible. My husband says I have a hard drive in my head that’s 99.9% full, meaning a lot of things fall through the cracks. I hardly remember anything he says. I’ve started forgetting a lot of random things (which used to never happen). In my defense, I’m thinking about work a lot when people talk to me, and I get distracted and miss a lot of things said (meaning didn’t hear them TO remember . . .).
        Haha, no, not keeping track of WC on replies. But yes, I’ve got a TINGE of OCD . . .

  1. Sarcastic font! Yes PLEASE! That would save a considerable amount of time, and misunderstandings.

    CONGRATS on completing your editing of Book 2! That’s such a great accomplishment. Be sure to pat yourself on the back and relax a little before it comes back from editing from your friend, and you re-dive into it.

    As for tips… well I can’t change the amount of hours in a day, or lower the need for sleep, so I shall simply offer this: Don’t try to do too much to start. Three blog posts in one week is A LOT! A LOT! You’re posts are generally a decent length too, and I fear that it’ll be hard for you to maintain that schedule once you’re back into Book 2 of Reave.

    So, here’s my proposed Social Media schedule for you m’dear:
    Monday: Blog post – update about what you did this week, even if it’s not writing related.
    Tuesday: Facebook update
    Thursday: Facebook Update – You could do your Friday Music post (Condensed edition)
    EVERY DAY: One tweet. Doesn’t matter what it is about, just what you’re doing/reading/feeling/thinking. Tweets get lost easily, so you should try to write one each day just to keep up. It doesn’t have to be deep and meaningful… it’s twitter.

    That’s all. Pretty laid back but manageable. Plus, if you do more than one post on here you’ll feel accomplished instead of feeling like you’re falling behind.

    So there’s my long comment, best of luck!

    • Ah, sarcastic font. I’ve been pushing for that for about . . . 10 years now. lol
      I keep thinking one day I’ll give in and figure out how to make it myself, but I’m still holding out the hope that if I talk about it enough, someone else will do it. I just don’t have the time (or the smarts to figure it out). XD

      I only wish I had the time to pat myself on the back! I’m working on 3 at the moment (along with about a million other things). One day I might stop and do some back-patting. My friend will probably have 2 for quite a while, so maybe I’ll fit one in before I get it back. 🙂

      To be honest, blogging only once a week is hard for me. It’s probably because I go back through them about twenty times before I post them (I have problems . . .), but I’m going to try shortening them.

      I REALLY appreciate you making me up a schedule, and yours definitely sounds do-able (more so than mine). Maybe it’s bad, but I usually just post links to my blog entries on FB for updates. I can’t ever think of anything to say on there.

      And Twitter is definitely something I need to get on more frequently. It just gives me copious amounts of anxiety (which I’m trying veeeery hard to get over).

      I think once I get used to doing something, I’ll be fine (at least until the next thing comes around that stops me from doing anything).
      I’m trying to find time to get some reading and some writing in, and I’m just . . . overwhelmed at the moment. Everything will hopefully get sorted soon.

      I just have to say again that I SINCERELY appreciate you taking time out to think of that for me. I definitely need to figure something out, or maybe just find a way to get over all the stress from interaction that stems from my ridiculous anxiety.

      • Well if you ever come across one, please inform me, I’d greatly appreciate it ^_^

        Take the time! Sheesh girl, if it wasn’t for your latest post I’d beat it into you that getting your own rest is just as important. It seems you’ve gathered that now though… so rant averted.

        As for once a week being hard, you’ve already written four posts this month, which is one a week should you average it, last month you wrote over 8, and in November 8 and 10 in October… which need I say is twice as many as I suggested. I think you don’t give yourself enough credit. Plus if making it on a day is difficult, then screw what day, just look back at the end of the week and see if you wrote at least one post. Brava.

        Links to blogs on Facebook is perfectly great! So there, one facebook post a week accomplished… next update… umm… “Taking a break from Book 3 in Reave to play “. Does it have anything to do with the book, no but you alluded to one, plus your followers get to know more about you and your interests, which is really what they go to your page to learn about anyway.

        Lol, I’m not good with Twitter, so I can’t say much. Twitter is used for short updates. Link your blog entries for sure, then just simple updates like “It’s so Cold my fingers are falling off while I type”. “Taking a me day today”. “Am wondering why hyphenated words only count as one word…”. Simple. Tweets don’t have to be meaningful, just something to keep your name up in the feeds. Even post what you’re reading, and what page you might be on. Anything counts on Twitter.

        Well… I honestly hope you don’t find me to be pushy because that’s not my intent. My intent is solely to help and encourage. I believe that once you get into a routine (which I think I read somewhere takes like 6 months before it actually sticks) you’ll be fine. Until then, don’t stress.

        The world will not end if you don’t tweet, fb post, or blog. We’ll just miss you, but we’ll still be here. 🙂

      • I will be sure to do that!

        Haha, I’m glad to have averted the rant. I definitely don’t want to make you mad.
        I’m just having to tell myself that some things are good for me, even if it makes other things more difficult.

        I hadn’t kept track of how many posts I’d written in any month, and that kind of puts it in a different perspective. Here I’ve been sitting talking about how I never blog and . . . I guess I have been! I wondered how I’d hit 100 posts, I guess that explains it . . .

        And you make a good point about people and the FB page. I have this problem where I feel like no one would care about anything I have to say, so I try not to say anything on FB and whatnot because I don’t want to fill up people’s news feeds and get on their nerves.
        Is that weird? >.>

        There are some people that post things every five minutes on Twitter and I just don’t know how they do it. I guess Twitter causes the same general problems for me as FB (among other ones).
        It’s hard doing this sort of stuff when you’re an introvert and just want to be a hermit (and work, with nobody knowing you exist in the world). haha

        The six months thing made my stomach sink.
        I keep hoping that when I get into a more balanced routine, I’ll stop wanting to work ALL THE TIME, but so far . . . that hasn’t happened. It makes me sad, and that might be a bit pathetic, but it’s true.
        I’m trying not to stress, but I have enough gray hair showing up on my roots to say I stress a bit too much about everything. (Is the sky falling?)

        Thank you though, for everything, and for the last bit. I’m always worried people are going to hate me when I fall behind on reading their blogs, commenting, etc. So seriously, thank you. 🙂

      • Not mad, the “Down time is important” rant. I feel like I give it to a lot of people, and it always seems to get longer, lol. I’ll never be mad. It’s your life, only you can decide what’s best for you.

        I’m glad I could do that! You’re doing a lot better than you thought! For facebook, that’s why I said two a week. Besides, your one post can get lost amongst the mass of feeds, so something short and sweet is perfect. Lol, no not weird I’m exactly the same way. I post very little myself, but then again, I’m not an author…

        Ugh Twitter… that’s exactly why I don’t use it. However, it’s an important social media tool, and in 5 minutes 100+ new tweets could appear. That’s why I say every day post something. On Twitter it can’t get more annoying than it already is… okay… that’s harsh but that’s just because that how I feel about it… I’m going to stop now….

        Don’t let it. If you have good will power, getting past the first two weeks is the first step. Just take it one day at a time, and don’t try to go against your nature. You seem like a hard worker, and I doubt you can change that about yourself. So instead, make sure you take breaks, but pride yourself in being hardworking. There’s few people who are, so don’t nag on yourself for being one of them.

        If you stress a lot… accept it. You’re not going to just stop stressing. I stress to, and I personally find that procrastinating eliminates the immediate stress, but not so good for long term. As an actual fix, and it seems to be working, I accept the stress, allow myself to freak out for a few minutes, then make a plan of attack. It seems to work. My brain gets to stress for a while, then it gets over it.

        You’re most welcome. I think all bloggers understand that life gets in the way and we are only human; can only do so much. Take care and much love! ❤

      • You’re right about things getting lost in news feeds and whatnot. I do think about that sometimes, and I know I should post more often, but . . . I don’t know. I just have trouble making myself do it.

        There are some things I like about Twitter. I like making little comments here and there, but I get nervous responding to people I’ve never interacted with before (and even sometimes people I have). So I tend to avoid it like the plague.
        Not to mention the whole ‘can’t think of what to say’ bit.

        I can’t remember the last time I let myself freak out. I do have to wonder if that would help, but WHERE’S THE TIME? I’m always stressing out about trying to get things done and if I took a minute to just stop and freak out about it, I’d be stressing out about how I wasn’t doing what I should be doing and it would just start all over.
        Is that crazy? >.>


  2. Hey C, I guess every blogger goes through this phase. Don’t be harsh on yourself for having a life outside of blogging. I guess the key is to just prioritize and if, in these few days , you have prioritized your book, a tad bit, over blogging, that’s absolutely fine !! Your readers will definitely understand :). I think you are doing a great job and Kudos to you lady, for handling a book ( I mean A BOOK !!!! – that’s a lot of work and responsibility !!) while making time for your family and blog readers 🙂

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