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New Year’s Eve Breakfast Pie. O.o

It only seems a bit fitting that my 100th post on here is coming on the last day of the year. I can’t say I have a crapton of resolutions (I stopped making lists of those a long time ago), but I do have goals I intend on reaching in 2014. I’ll keep them to myself to ensure no jinxing takes place.

I can’t remember the first time I heard, “What you do on New Year’s is how you’ll spend the rest of your year.”

It’s BS, obviously. I can’t remember a single New Year’s that set the tone for an entire year. Still, on the off-chance that it might work this year, I have a plan for the next two days…

As I sit here eating my breakfast pie (yes, I am eating pie – my favorite pie, actually – for breakfast, and I am eating breakfast at 3PM), I’m determined to spend the next two days doing a few things. I’m going to edit the fourth (and last) book in the Reave series, because I effing love that one and I want to do it. I’m not going to freak out about how far behind I am at responding to comments on here, or on Twitter. I’m not going to stress out about Reave. In fact, I have absolutely zero intention of stressing out about anything. We’ll see if I can accomplish that, but it’s the plan.

So give me a couple more days to be behind and then I’ll catch up. I think I’ve given myself about a thousand more grey hairs (which will get dyed over when they grow out, just like the rest -_-) since Christmas eve alone, because all I’ve been doing is freaking out about how behind I am. So…I’m putting it out of my head to ensure I don’t lose my mind.

Gonna hang out with some of my family this evening. Do as much editing as I can fit in. And you know what? I might do a bit of gaming between now and the end of my little mental-well-being-break. I dunno. I might even eat more pie. We shall see.

Wish me luck on not stressing. And I wish that all of you have an absolutely spectacular New Year’s and new year. 🙂

30 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Breakfast Pie. O.o

  1. Curious minds want to know what kind of pie are you noshing on? [I do like all sorts of pie]

    You’re light years ahead of me by publishing your first book – I’m still in the process of extracting mine from my the recesses of my mind, striving to avoid the plot ninjas and attempting to steer the narrative arc in a quasi-linear fashion.

    Best of luck on not stressing and I hope you have a fantastic New Year’s too!

    • You might think I’m weird for this, but it was buttermilk pie. It’s my favorite (pie, not dessert). I love it so much, but I rarely have it.

      I still have a hard time believing it’s out there, to be honest. It’s just…WEIRD.
      How is the extracting going?!

      I actually managed to not stress like I usually do. Don’t have a clue how, but I did.
      I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

      • CM, thank you so much, that’s the nicest thing anybody has said to me all year…we’re like an awesome-fest! theShed is doing great, want a beer?

      • Hahahahaha!
        Well, I’m glad I managed to say the nicest thing to you all year in the….ONE DAY since it switched.

        I’m also glad to hear the shed is doing great. And I’d definitely take a beer right now. Do you have an extra lying around somewhere? Preferably lying around somewhere cold.
        I should be taking a bit of time off anyway.

  2. Lol, I hope you had a stress-free couple of days and enjoyed pie, gaming and spending time with family. As much as responding to comments, tweets and writing is important, you can’t do any of that if your brain is fried. Something I learned the hard way. There will always be something to do, but never underestimate the value of “me-time”.

    Hope 2014 gives you much success, happiness and wonder moments and memories. Oh, and more pie and “me-time”. (In quotes because it’s for you and not me… I hope that made sense).

    ~ CiSu

    • Thank you. The days were surprisingly stress-free, which has been fantastic. I’m wondering if I can keep this ‘no stress’ attitude up for a little longer than planned.

      And you’re absolutely right. All of that stuff IS important, but so are a lot of other things. I struggle a lot with that. I go kind of crazy when I don’t have anything to do. Actually…my me time is….working (writing/editing). I feel like I’ve forgotten what ‘time off’ actually is. I haven’t even done any gaming yet. But I intend to!

      I hope 2014 is filled with wonderful things for you as well. Pie and “me time” is essential, so I hope you get lots of that too. And yes, it made complete sense! 😀


  3. If this is true, I will spend the rest of my year laying on the couch and playing video games. Wait a minute, that is what I will be doing in 2014.
    By the way, how do you write a book, edit 3 others and somehow do 100 posts? Are you a crazy workaholic?

    • Haha, there are worse ways to spend a year.

      I AM a crazy workaholic. I don’t feel right if I’m doing anything else. I’m trying to get it through my head that other things are mandatory to having a ‘balanced’ life, but I’d work all day every day if I could. I seriously wish I never had to sleep. And I LOVE sleeping, if that tells you anything…

      In all fairness, I finished up the writing aspect of the Reave series at the end of 2012, so I can’t say I did any of that this year (last year), minus the editing. 🙂

      • Well, I’ve been lazy my entire life with everything but writing books, so I get it. There’s the whole ‘do what you love, never work a day in your life’ thing that I’ve found to be true. ‘Work’ is the thing I love most in life, but if it was any other sort of ‘work’ I wouldn’t feel the same way.
        And you’ve got to do the fun stuff when you spend so much of your time being ~~> :/

        This is like cheesecake. It might not be the best thing, but by god…it makes me happy. So let there be some effing cheesecake.

        I don’t really know what I’m saying right now.

      • You’ve got the whole work thing down don’t you? I know it is awesome having the job of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your challenges right? The writing process definitely has its ups and downs huh?

        Me and pizza have quite a relationship. Since about 10 years ago, I made it tradition to do pizza on Friday’s about every other week. It probably isn’t the best thing, but I sure enjoy it.

      • I guess I’ve got the work thing down? I dunno.
        But yes, it definitely has its challenges. A lot of them.
        And the writing process…….yeah, that’s one of them.

        I go through spurts where I love pizza and want it all the time, then I eat too much of it and don’t want it for a while. I’m kind of like that with everything.
        Your plan sounds best – not doing it ALL the time, then you can’t get sick of it. But I’m not so good at that sort of thing…
        (I’ll listen to the same song on repeat until I find one to replace it. I have issues…)

      • I burn out songs really fast too. My problem is when I listen to one right before bed, I listen to it in my head all night long and it gets old really fast. I hate when that happens. I like to think of mediocre ones so I don’t burn out the good ones.

      • You see, that’s the problem. It takes me FOREVER to get sick of songs. So I’ll just sit there listening to them over and over and over.
        It helps that my husband is pretty much the most laid-back person in the entire world. That would drive people insane (it would drive me insane if it wasn’t me doing it).

        I hate when they get stuck in your head (not YOURS, but you know what I mean). The only thing I can do with that is just wait for the next song to take its place.

      • What song are you currently playing over and over again? I like one of the girls on the Voice and she did a duet with Kristina Aguleria and it’s from the Hunger Games. Speaking of which I need to see that. I guess I will have to wait until it comes out on Bluray.

      • Which girl from The Voice did a song for The Hunger Games??

        Well, last week I was playing Pompeii by Bastille repeatedly, but this week thus far has been lacking on the music front. (Which is good and bad)

        I liked the second HG movie more than the first, which is not the same as my preference for the books…

      • Her name is Jackie Lee I think and she was one of the finalists.

        I still haven’t seen the second one that just came out, but I will definitely get it on Blu Ray when it comes out. I thought the second one was the best of the books. Which book did you like best?

        I’ll have to look up that song Pompeii by Bastille. I’ve probably heard it, but just don’t know the name/artist.

      • I’ll admit I missed a lot of last season of The Voice. I have this problem where I usually can’t watch shows if I miss an episode. I missed one of those and it ended the entire season for me because they just kept piling up and I was busy. :/
        Unfortunately had that same problem (or similar) with NCIS: Los Angeles. I missed an episode and we switched cable providers, lost it, and now I’m missing out on all of it however many seasons in. -_-

        The first was my favorite of the books, then the second, then the third. I liked them less and less as the series went on. Maybe if I re-read them I might like the second more, but there’s no hope for the third with me. I couldn’t stand it. Could barely get through it, to be honest. :/

        Yeah, that songs playing on a lot of radio stations now, so you’ve probably heard it. I heard it a while back, but didn’t get obsessed with it until recently.

      • I missed a lot of the Voice this year, but just heard a few songs and followed it through to the end.

        I have a problem missing getting into shows that I miss just one episode too. I didn’t miss one episode of Smallville in 10 seasons. I would freak out if I missed even one. Also missed a couple of episodes of that Marvel TV show and after that I just couldn’t get into it. I really only have a few can’t miss shows and Community is one of them. I also love the Tim Allen show Last Man Standing.

        Do you not remember the ending of Catching Fire? I was blown away by how they ended it. Maybe I was the only one that was surprised by it, but I remember just being so excited for the second one. I assume the movies are going to find a way to make the third one more entertaining because they are breaking that one into two different movies. Good luck!

      • I have a few shows that I watch religiously. Elementary is one of them. I LOVE THAT SHOW.
        I didn’t get into Merlin until it was almost completely over, but if I’d started watching it from the get-go, that would’ve been a freak-out inducer for missing any. I have Merlin withdrawals sometimes. I’m serious.

        It took me a little while to get into the Marvel show, but I like it alright now.
        I’ve missed a few episodes of Community (the last few of the last season), but I’ve been watching the new ones. What did you think of the last episode? It reminded me of all the paintball ones (which are some of my favorites).

        I’ve never seen Last Man Standing.

        And yeah, I remember the end of it. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal because I already had Mockingjay there and ready to be read. Or maybe cliffhangers just don’t do that much to me (apart from a few here and there that have made me want to throw books across the room, which is so atrocious I feel guilty for saying it).
        But yeah, it was a spectacular way to end the book, I’ll give her that. Totally something I would do. Gah, I love cliffhangers.
        I think I might be a bit evil sometimes . . .

        I’m kind of at a loss for what they’ll do for the third and fourth movies, but Jennifer Lawrence is spectacular. She could act out poop and be amazing, so I have faith I’ll like the movies better than the book. I don’t know how much that’s saying though . . .

      • Haven’t watched Elementary yet. I usually avoid shows that are on CBS for some reason. I tire of all the crime/detective shows because there are SO MANY of them. If people didn’t like them so much maybe there would be less, but it is apparent that people just love them, so they will never go away.

        Loved Community this season. Glad that Dan Harmon is back, but really sad that Pierce and Troy are gone. I will really miss Troy, but I think his sendoff was perfect. I have to admit I shed a few tears for that. I tear up on the unlikely things. Like Cool Runnings.

        It’s funny because you said you didn’t like cliffhangers, then turned around in the same paragraph that you loved them. It’s okay, though. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you don’t. I just remember being blown away at the end of Catching Fire. Hope the movie portrays it as well. And yes, I’m sure you are so evil. How could you cliffhang your book like that…

      • I used to be like that, until the shows on Fox turned into garbage.
        I’ve always enjoyed crime/detective shows, but even I have my limits with them. I never thought I’d get sick of The Mentalist, but I did. If things keep up, I’ve still got several years of Elementary before I get sick of it. I love that one.

        I’m still not sure where I stand with Community as of now. I LOVED the first bit of it, but it just got so ridiculous that I haven’t enjoyed it as much.
        I don’t mind Pierce being gone, but yeah, definitely will miss Troy. I don’t know how it’s going to work without him.

        LoL, did I say that? I’m not surprised. I do both like and dislike cliffhangers. I love them when they’re done well. I hate them when they’re done well and I don’t have the next book. I love writing them. I hate them when they’re pointless, not natural, or done badly. It all just depends.

        Like I said, I really liked the movie. I hope you’re satisfied with it if you enjoyed the book so much.

        And yes, I know. That cliffhanger was actually my husband’s fault. I’d planned on keeping it going for a few chapters, but he said cut it there, so I cut it there. It’s the only one he’s had a say in. XD
        But it made sense to cut it there.

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