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I think I jinxed myself…

And I’ll say that’s what I get for making a statement about how I was managing to do something successfully. I should’ve known that no good would come of it.

Granted, this is a difficult time of the year to attempt a drastic schedule adjustment, especially with the intention of making it permanent. I should add right here that I’m missing my entirely nocturnal schedule VEEEEERY badly, but this is how things have fallen.

I feel like I’m getting pulled in about fifty different directions and don’t have a clue which way is up. Sometimes I can’t do much more than allow myself to get tugged along whichever way is necessary, then get back to doing other things when I have the time. Speaking of time…….

Does anyone know where to find some?

There aren’t enough hours in the day. There really aren’t.

I think I’m just realizing that I have to do a slight adjustment to the adjustment. I said in the last post that the time-splitting wasn’t even. I think I’m gonna have to split it a bit more evenly. If I don’t, this isn’t going to work. What good is doing the other half of things if I’m not coherent enough to do them? I dunno.

I’m gonna have to do that, and will also have to get over this ridiculous problem I have with interacting via Twitter. I don’t know what it is, but every time I interact with people on there…freaks me out. (I say that, but what I mean is that it freaks me out worse than interacting with people in most other ways – apart from in person, which is HORRIBLE – which truly isn’t saying much, given that I get lost when someone says ‘hello’.)

Damn my anxiety for being so bad. I’ve been getting really frustrated with it lately (my anxiety), but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, a few random things…

I’ve been a bit O.o (yes, that’s a way to describe it) over the positive feedback I’ve received on Reave. So that’s cool. I need to thank everybody who’s put up a review for it or in other ways said anything about it where it’s gotten back to me, or told people about it, or just even read it. So…….thank you.

Also, I’m planning on doing a GoodReads giveaway, probably next month or so. I’m a GoodReads moron, so it might take me a bit of time to figure it out (or to figure out the site in general), but I’ll get there. I think. Maybe. Possibly. But I will definitely post on here whenever I set that up.

That’s basically it, I think!

Hope everyone is doing well! 🙂

15 thoughts on “I think I jinxed myself…

  1. I get that interacting on Twitter can be a little scary and that is fine. I’ll make sure to remember that and stick to just interacting here. I’m kind of the same way about Facebook. And for me Twitter is just about me putting up lame one liners. I hope your book is doing well, because you deserve it. I’m getting so into it!

    • I honestly don’t know what it is about Twitter that bothers me so much. Maybe the character limit? Because I’m prone to word-vomit (I mean, really, I post comments sometimes that are longer than blog entries), I think it makes me nervous. The following is my brain on Twitter. Welcome to it.
      ‘WTF am I supposed to say to this? Is it acceptable to just send a smiley face? Will someone get mad if I just send a smiley? That’s all I can think of to respond with. Well, they took the time to say something, so I should say something back. But….maybe I’ll just do it later after I think of something.’ Then however long goes by and I’m still stressing over how I haven’t thought of anything.

      I really hate my brain sometimes…

      And it’s weird. There are a few people I’ve had no problem interacting with on Twitter (you’re one of them), so don’t ask me. I don’t get it.
      I’m the same way with my Facebook page. Well, I take that back. I kind of get >.O over normal interactions on FB too. God, I need to figure out a way to not stress so badly.

      I like putting the random little things on Twitter, but sometimes I avoid it like the plague because I don’t want to ‘be on there’. haha
      Isn’t that pathetic?
      Your lame one-liners are fantastic, by the way, and totally not lame at all. Unless I’m lame, which….I guess I am. So there’s that…
      But I enjoy them. 😀

      As for the book, it’s doing … better than anticipated (because some people have LIKED IT…so weird). It’s not like it’s flying off the (figurative due to POD?) shelf or anything, but that can mostly be attributed to me and … well…. all of the s*** mentioned above.

      Do you see how long this comment is? I AM RIDICULOUS. XD

      • Twitter is a challenge for me to try to be brief, so that I why I like it. But I do prefer longer when I get a chance, so that is where Twitter is kind of limiting. I like Twitter because I can’t post stuff I can’t on Facebook, because mostly twitter followers are people that I don’t have on Facebook.
        I think it is funny how my blog has given me a chance to talk about stuff that I don’t normally talk about with people that I know because I’m not a big talker, but I think about stuff all the time and it is a way to share that without having to speak it. You know what I mean?

      • Haha, Twitter is DEFINITELY a challenge, due to brevity and me being …… pretty much incapable of it. But there IS something satisfying about saying anything in 140 characters or less, opposed to…2k or so of them.

        I know what you mean. Completely. I DO talk a lot in person, but only to a few people (A FEW). Otherwise, you’re lucky to get a few sentences out of me. And I have a major problem with not being able to translate what’s going on in my head through my mouth, so yeah. I get it. I’m a mess with talking.
        Do a lot of people you know (like…in rl) read your blog?

        I might have totally taken all of what you were saying in a different way than what you meant, but that was what I got from it.

  2. I feel okay interacting on Twitter. In fact, it’s one of my favorite venues. Everything in small sound bites. 🙂

    I look forward to your Goodreads giveaway. I’ll be sure to enter!

    • Do you have problems interacting anywhere else?
      That’s one way to look at it – as small sound bites. I might get used to it one day…

      Fantastic! At least now I can rest assured there will be at least one entry. haha

      • It’s not so much the interaction for me as the realization that I’m so ‘out there’ online. Given everything stays on the Internet ‘forever,’ I still get a bit anxious making myself so visible.

      • Next to the interaction…that’s my next thing with it.
        It does get a bit unsettling at times. Such as when you’re deprived of sleep and ramble about nonsense on comments. I’m guilty of that.
        Luckily most things slip away into the vast oblivion of ze internets.

      • Prime example: Using next twice in the same sentence, and wording said sentence in a way that wasn’t even remotely acceptable.

  3. I’m probably among the few who do not use Twitter, as I have difficulty writing brief messages that make any semblance of sense. I mainly use Facebook (and my own blogs) to expound my thoughts, musings and other random things that pop into my head at any given moment.

    I’m glad you’re getting great feedback on your novel, and I’m looking forward to the GoodReads giveaway (I’m also a quasi-novice when it comes to using that site).

    As for finding more time, I think you need a TARDIS (as do we all). It’ll be sad to see Matt Smith go, but I am looking forward to seeing what Peter Capaldi will bring to the role…

    • Twitter is good for practicing brief messages. I’ll give it that much. I’ve had it for quite a while now and still don’t really know how I feel about it. :/

      The feedback is weird. I’d like to stop saying stuff about how my mind is blown over it, but I kind of can’t, just because it was/is so unexpected. I’m waiting impatiently for the first person to tear it apart. Gosh, I am so negative.
      I am a GoodReads idiot, to be honest. I don’t know what it is about the site, but I just feel stupid every time I go on there (which has only been a couple of times). I might get it down eventually, but I’d imagine that would take actually DOING things on it.

      Oh, you know how I feel about Matt Smith (at least generally because I typically try to spare anyone from knowing whatever goes on in my head about him, but I know I’ve made a few comments to you about him…). I thought his last episode was the 50th, so that was an unexpected (and wonderful) surprise. I AM looking forward to Peter Capaldi, but…….Matt Smith. 😦

      Oh, and yes. A TARDIS would DEFINITELY come in handy right about now.

  4. I decided to stop by your blog as well. As I was reading, I kept seeing Reave pop up everywhere and it took me so long to understand that it was a book. A book that you wrote! So firstly, congratulations on publishing a novel! That’s excellent. Secondly, the story sounds so interesting and I think I’ll be adding that to my list of books to read over this winter break!



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