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Time-splitting and other things…

It’s been several days since I blogged last, mostly because I haven’t felt like I had anything worth saying. I know I can’t be the only person out there who feels that way… (What am I doing on here again?)

I’ve been drawing a blank on ideas to write about, but I reckon I’ll settle for the most relevant topic(s) for me at the moment.

I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was trying out this thing called ‘time-splitting.’ I’m pleased to report….

It’s working.

I’d been trying to figure out how to balance my time for so long. It’s an impossible thing for me to do – or it WAS an impossible thing to do – while actively working on a book. I’m not sure if that was due to the way I went about it, in trying to split all the things I wanted to do into separate days (which never worked because I would always end up either writing or editing without stopping for anything but the necessities in life, like sleeping), or maybe because regardless of telling myself I HAD to do whatever things…I didn’t actually HAVE to.

Releasing Reave has done good things for me, where that’s concerned. I’ve got a ‘baby’ out in the world and feel I need to take care of it like I would if it was still only mine (only in a different way). I might not be taking care of it the way I necessarily SHOULD, but this is a big learning process for me and I’m trying to figure out what to do as I go. It doesn’t help that my anxiety leaves me absolutely scared out of my wits to be promoting as shamelessly as I should. That also might be due in part to a lack of confidence…

But time-splitting has thus far been what I would consider a success. I’ve been doing a massive edit on book 2 of the series (which is necessary because I haven’t touched 2, 3, or 4 since the beginning of this year), and I’ve been REALLY GOOD (for me) at responding to things. Apart from yesterday, which I spent thinking about stuff. We all need those days.

I’m not going to say I’m evenly distributing time (like I SHOULD be doing), but I’m at least figuring out ways to functionΒ somewhatΒ normally. Balance. I’m finding some sort of balance for the first time in…….three years. Well, maybe for the first time ever. Maybe better time-allocation will fall into place when I get more accustomed to this half-and-half thing (half-and-half with working on different things, and also spending time awake on the opposite side of daylight than what I’m used to).

Yes, obviously my sleep schedule is weird for me right now (and yes, I know I’m always going on about my sleep schedule). I’m used to sleeping from around noon until whenever, so I usually see the sun before bed. Now I see it when I’m waking up and that’s thrown me a bit. I don’t adapt well to change. Usually not at all, actually, so…this is good.

Like with doubleyewteeeff to do now that I have a book released…I’ll figure this other stuff out along the way as well.

I’ll tell ya though…Christmas stuff is not helping me regulate my schedule. It’s all random stuff at random times. My Grinchyness is kind of overridden by the fact that I’m weird and could wrap presents … pretty much all the time.

Still, I feel in a lot of ways like I’m playing a waiting game right now. Waiting for my world to straighten itself out, and waiting to see what happens in the meantime.

I’m still working on some things mentioned in previous entries that could pertain to the last few sentences. The world-straightening, for one. Trying to readjust, trying to figure out what’s going on, what to do. Trying not to freak out so badly at the prospect of interaction (I’m not doing so well with that one). Trying to be more positive and realize that things…maybe aren’t quite as bad as they are in my head (it’s not very pleasant in there, just saying…). Trying to learn how to take good things as they come rather than digging around for bad that maybe isn’t there. I’m not successful with that all the time, but…I’m working on it. Even a small bit of success with that is a step in the right direction for me. I’m kind of taking things one day at a time right now.

I hope everyone is doing well out there, that life is cutting everyone a break and that, if it’s not currently break-cutting, it will start to do so soon.

I had to stop myself from continuing on with that. You’ll have to forgive me – all this ‘working on stuff’ has been turning me into a bigger pile of mush than I’m used to.


31 thoughts on “Time-splitting and other things…

    • I REALLY miss being completely nocturnal. You have no idea…

      I haven’t been getting diddly for sleep lately, which has already made me feel kind of insane. (Did I need help with that?)

      I honestly wish I never had to sleep, but….I do. A lot. Too bad I haven’t been.

      I will cross my fingers that you don’t go insane ever.

      • I have always loved the nighttime and being awake late into the night. There is just this kind of mystery and magic and hope in the night that doesn’t exist during the day. I’ve always been a late night guy. I used to go to bed at 10 pm, because I knew I had work early, but then I would stay up late playing with the bros sometimes until 12:00-12:30. Now I just love those extra two hours to just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the house (kids are asleep and wife goes to bed usually at 10.
        I sacrifice sleep but I don’t care. I just like being up later.

      • I had someone tell me very recently that being on a nocturnal schedule is unhealthy (apparently it’s going to kill me), etc. etc.
        Honestly…some people just function better at night. I don’t care if I’m on a daytime schedule for however long, my brain hits peak functionality at 10:00PM. At 10:01PM it’s over, but that’s not the point.
        I LOVE nighttime. It’s so peaceful. No distractions (or less of them), quiet, PEACE. Not to mention how fantastic it is grocery shopping without having people standing in your way for 20 minutes.
        So I definitely understand.
        As much as I love sleeping, I would sacrifice a LOT of it just to be awake at night.

      • What do people know anyways? If it isn’t the unhealthy sleeping schedule its the pizza. I figure something will kill you eventually, might as well enjoy yourself.

        The best are night drives, (except when you are really tired) and the fact that you can dream about great things and not have to deal with reality of weighty things. In fact, my story starts with my main character going on a night drive to relax from getting fired from his job. (Kinda reminds me a little of me. Wink Wink.) The night drives not the firings.

      • I agree. That’s how I feel about pretty much everything. Cheesecake, for example. Or cake in general. I love cake. You have no idea…
        I would never not eat cake. (Check out those mad grammatical skills!)

        Omg, yes, I agree with the night drives as well. I used to love just driving around, getting lost, then eventually figuring out where I was again.

        How is this story going????
        The extra question marks is saying, “I really want to know about this.”
        Should it be ‘are saying’?
        I should really stop commenting like this.

      • I’m a big fan of certain kind of cakes. I love ice cream cakes, and funfetti cakes, because you know I’m five. Carrot cake, no.

        The story is kind of stalled right now. I have a writer’s group and they keep giving me ideas of what would be awesome but everytime they do that it causes me to start all over.

        I think I have your opposite problem. I work on my blog so much that I barely have time for my book. If only I had a writer’s shed and the ability to write, I could have a book just like you!

      • I LOVE carrot cake. Omg.
        (Do you hate me now?)

        So I have to ask if the writer’s group is helping or hindering your progress? I typically don’t listen to input until after the fact. Everyone could think of an AWESOME IDEA(!). You just have to make sure it’s something you want to translate onto paper. Maybe I’m a bit biased with this, given that I’m so ALONE in my writing. You probably shouldn’t listen to anything I say pertaining to that sort of thing. And when I say ‘don’t listen’, I don’t mean ‘don’t take to heart’. I mean ‘completely disregard’.

        Everyone needs a writer’s shed, or at least the equivalent of, even if they don’t write. If only I had the time/ability, I could write AWESOME books.

      • So you prefer eating veggies with your cake? I don’t hate you…yet. πŸ™‚
        Honestly, I think they have helped me in some ways and hindered in others. Sometimes they seem to tear my book down to its core and I wish I had more time to refine before they got really picky. They were both really ahead of me in the doneness of their books, so I found it hard to keep up. Some days I will come out of the group and feel inspired, other times I was ready to quit. They did help me find the PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association) and they have a conference every year which was great and terrifying at the same time. There were seminars and classes and many chances to pitch your book to an editor or agent. I did get one to agree to see 50 pages, but I haven’t sent it in yet, because it is nowhere near ready. If you had something there where you live I would highly recommend it, because they gave a lot of ideas for marketing your book. I actually like the idea of marketing it.

        BTW, you did write an awesome book.

      • LoL, I’m not really a veggie fan in general, so I suppose I’ve got to get them in somehow. XD

        I don’t know what it is about writers groups, but they freak me out. I mean, obviously with the anxiety and having to actually be around people. I’d imagine it could be a good thing if you got with a really supportive group, but I actually looked into a few near here after reading this comment, and it only reinforced my lack of interest in them. (Reading comments from people who’d gone.)

        The writer’s association stuff sounds neat though. Gah, marketing would be great if you were great with people, I’d imagine. I’m not. So maybe you would think it was awesome?
        How long do you think it will be before you get those first 50 pages ready to send off? πŸ™‚

        And thank you. πŸ™‚
        (Look, I didn’t use the word ‘garbage’!)

      • I usually get my veggies from the corn that is in my Fruity Pebbles. I am going to go on a hiatus with my writer’s group, until I can get my writing going back again. Until I get inspired on how it is going to go. They may not like it, but it is fine. They will understand.
        That conference was great. It was nice to know that there were so many people out there in the same situation you were. It ranged from seasoned and famous authors to newbies like me who hadn’t even finished a first draft. One day I will send my first 50, but not until it is way better.
        If you can do your books with no writer’s group, there is no need to do one. And from your results, it seems like you are doing just fine without one.
        No using the word garbage about your book. People have said it is good. I say it is good. You know it is good. Now get to work so I can read the next one. :0)

      • Hm. That’s fair enough. Definitely not a bad way to get your veggies in!

        I understand about the writer’s group hiatus. Pretty much the only way I can write is to take a hiatus from life. It helps getting everything out of my head and focusing on the one thing. I hope inspiration strikes you. πŸ™‚
        If they don’t like it, they can just get over it.
        Is that mean?
        Probably. Sorry.

        I really do think it helps to see other people in your situation, knowing you’re not alone and whatnot.
        I was going to say if you ever needed help with your book, I’d be more than happy to. But given the whole ‘lack of technicality’ thing I mentioned before…I don’t know how much help I could actually be. The offer is out there!

        I don’t think I could do books at all in a writer’s group, to be honest. I’m telling you – distractions really get to me!

        LoL, fair enough. I will refrain from using the word garbage about my book when talking to you. Or…I’ll try very hard to. πŸ˜›
        I wish I could release the second one right now, honestly.

      • It’s funny how much anxiety about writer’s groups. I totally understand, because when I went into it, I was really skeptical. I wasn’t not ready at all to show any of my work. We do mesh well as a group, because I like them as people, but the pressure of having to have chapters ready for them, as well as having to read their stuff was just too much work for me. A lot of times I ended up reading their stuff the morning of and not really giving them good feedback. Then I would get my stuff completely changed. It just got to be too much especially with my blog being so regular.

        I would love your help with my book when I get my stuff together. Probably advice on how to do details and world building. A lot of times I don’t even know what my place looks like, so I am constantly changing to whatever suits the world and I know that isn’t the right way to do things.
        I can’t wait to finish your first one, so I can look forward to your next.

      • I was going to ask if showing them your work before you were ready helped or hurt. And I guess I still want to know the answer to that partially asked question.
        I don’t know if I’ve been lying to myself all this time thinking there was some definitive moment where you’re ‘ready’ for people to read your work. I know there was a point where I was MORE ready, but still not really ready. (Hence the pretending it’s not happening bit, lol.)

        I can understand how that would be difficult, and a lot of pressure. People are busy. Sometimes we don’t get things done as quickly as we want them done. And it’s hard when you’re so freaking busy to do things for other people (or at least do them the way you’d want to do them). Maybe I just don’t like being on other people’s schedules…
        I really am at a loss as to how people find the time to get things done though. I’m pretty much constantly running around in headless-chicken mode.

        Yeah, I can definitely do that. One of my biggest problems with writing is adding those ‘details’. You see what you see and it’s easy to forget that other people won’t be seeing the same thing (or close to it) unless you help them along. One of my friends pointed out where she felt details were lacking and that helped me A LOT. So I would love to do that sort of thing for you whenever you want/need it done.
        And it’s also really easy to just see what you see and let it be a bit…HAZY – to fit whatever is going on at the time. I totally understand.
        Honestly, one of my favorite things about the entire process was her revising the book. I got a play-by-play of what she was thinking as it went along, and that was awesome for me. So yeah, definitely would love to help.

        Haha, thanks. πŸ™‚

      • I guess it depends. They do help when it comes to coming up with new ideas and asking me questions that expose the holes in my story. What it doesn’t help is getting me to want to start over all the time. So weights and balances.

        It must be so surreal to have people read your work for real, edited and made to read in one cohesive story. I’ve never gone back and done a lot of editing before, because I always seem to be in the writing phase. I think I would enjoy the editing process, but would find myself rewriting all the time instead of just cutting and pasting.
        I have just have to tell myself that I can only do so much writing now, while my kids are young and hope that by the time they are older and I can do more that I have started to get better at it. I am patient, but not forever patient, ya know?
        Thanks for the offer for help. When the time comes I will be glad to take advice from a NY Times Best Selling Author. My friends will be so envious.

      • Yeah, finding stuff like that is really important, even with the little things. Devil, details, blah blah.
        But why does that make you want to start over rather than patch up holes? I’m picturing a road and rather than filling in little potholes, ripping the entire thing up and starting from scratch. You just start out with the basic foundation, then build on it until it’s sturdy, then cover it with a pretty layer of asphalt (asphalt CAN be pretty when it’s new and hasn’t been destroyed) to even it all out. If roads were completely ripped up every time there was a hole, no one would ever be able to drive. (I’m feeling very awesome for the way I put this, so feel free to knock me down from it.)
        I did a rewrite on the first couple books in my first series and made them worse. Better writing, yeah, but worse overall. :/
        That’s just my own (bad) experience with rewriting.

        Yes, it’s very surreal having people read my work for real. But even edited, they never quite feel ‘done’.
        EDITING IS MY FAVORITE PART. I enjoy figuring out the story while writing, but that first run-through of editing is the first time I get to really enjoy the story as a cohesive thing.
        There’s been a lot of cutting/pasting/stuff along those lines recently with editing (which I do NOT enjoy), but that’s with figuring out more of what I’m doing and being at a different place with that sort of stuff than I was a year ago. But I love editing because it’s more…….making it BETTER, rather than making it EXIST.

        LoL, yes, I understand about not being forever-patient. I’m not patient at all, so you’ve got me beat there with being it even a little. And at least you can find the time to write with kids. That’s part of why I’m putting off making a decision about having them. Not ready to cut back on work time…
        But yeah, any bit of writing is improving. πŸ™‚
        I say just do what you can while you can and hopefully at some point ‘while you can’ will be more time.

        Haha NY Times best selling author. That’s funny.
        My mom says stuff like that to me and it’s just…. *headshake*
        Yeah, that would (obviously) be great, but…let’s be realistic here. XD
        Anyway, we’ll add that to the awesomeness factor and a motivational driver. Help Ben make his friends envious.

  1. My mind can be a pretty dangerous place to be sometimes too so I can definitely relate! And trying to balance things is definitely something I struggle with. A lot!

    • Aren’t you EXTREMELY glad sometimes that people can’t actually know what goes on inside your head?
      I’m definitely sorry to hear both of those things. I always wish people have easier times with things than I seem to.
      I mean, one would think that balancing would be easy. I know I sure think it and I can’t do it, so don’t ask me. I hope you find a way to ease the struggling. If you do…….please share!
      Wow, I’m rambling. Sorry!

  2. I am very, very glad that people can’t see inside my head! Can you imagine? Shiver… My friend is the exact same way and we sometimes think it must be so nice to have a normal brain! Hopefully 2014 will be a year that we will all get better with these things! And if one of us finds the answer first we will definitely have to share! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, yes, I can imagine EXACTLY how it would be if people could see inside my head.
      I’ll say again: SOOO GLAD!

      I can imagine it would be nice sometimes to have a normal brain, but I can also imagine that it would be extremely boring.

      LoL, I will cross my fingers that one of us figures out some sort of answer to that so we can get back with the other. XD

      (I said imagine about fifty times here, haha)

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