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Inspiration: One Word

After some advice from the fantastic Charles Yallowitz about writing down topics to cover on here, I’m going to give it a shot. Normally I just blog about whatever comes to mind (which is usually apologies for my lack of blogging), but with Reave going live soon (NEXT WEEK – aiming for December 4th), I do have several things I’d like to cover on here pertaining more specifically to the book/series than, say, progress with it.

Be patient with me while I try this thing out – attempting to stay on one subject, for one, and actually having a focus in an entry, for another. I’ve always struggled with thinking nobody would give a crap about anything I had to say, so . . . guess I need to just get over that and write about whatever I want. Over the next eight days or so, I’ll be trying this out (seeing if I can stick with it when it’s more firm than my usual blogging routine). Maybe not the best time to experiment with things, but I’m worried I’m going to lose my mind and it’s possible that this will help me calm down a bit (blogging).

In this specific entry, I’ll say how the series came about as a whole. Don’t ask me what the next entry will be about. I have some ideas, but I’m not that advanced in ‘plan-blogging’, so . . . let’s not get too crazy.

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you’ll know that I’ve written more than just this one series that I’m releasing now. This one is the second that I ‘finished’ (why do they never SEEM finished?). If you’ve been following my blog for an EXTREMELY long time, I believe I said something waaaaay far back in the archives about one word popping into my head, essentially creating . . . this series. It popped into my head and I started writing that night. Didn’t get out of my head.

Wow, I suck at this, I’m all over the place. Don’t ask me how I manage to write books. Anyway . . .

After writing and going through that first series several times – which I am determined will never see the light of day – I took a break. I should say that my ‘break’ only lasted about a month or so. When setting off into novel-writing, I had no idea how emotionally/mentally taxing it can be. Of course, I never thought I would write a fiction book either, due to an unquestionable lack of imagination (which I found at some point – don’t ask me how). 

That first series was draining in a lot of ways, but they all have been. Anyway, the entire thing was rife with paranormal things and was . . . pretty typical of the genre as a whole.

When ideas for other series began popping into my head, needless to say, I wanted to leave ‘paranormal’ COMPLETELY out. I’d had my fill of it for a time and decided I might go back to it eventually. I wanted to stretch myself, to try new things and writing styles (mostly stretch the newly-found imagination). And, above all . . . no paranormal.

Thus, I created a strange fantasy world with no magic or creatures running around. Despite it being a different ‘place’, at times it can seem like it’s not. There are a few things in later books (that do NOT exist here), which clarify it a bit more. But I like that about it – that it’s different and the same at once.

I’ll admit that when I sat down to write the first book, I intended for it to be a dystopian novel. I got a decent way through it and one word (again), changed everything. I wasn’t going to say what the word was because I didn’t want to admit that I ran around shouting the word (fist in air) for a day or so, but I’ll go ahead.


I didn’t want there to be concrete. How could there not be concrete? But . . . how could there be concrete? It just didn’t fit. (I don’t even want to get into the questioning that followed – which I’d never thought about. I’ll say there were a lot of things along the lines of, ‘. . . . . wait. How are there no guns?’)

(I should clarify that I’m talking about concrete in the modern form. Like, “Hey, let me go call that concrete company and have them send out a truck so we can get this thing poured.”)

It took me a small amount of time to get over that roadblock (CONCRETE!), but I did. Guns and concrete trucks do not exist there.

Looking at it now, I can’t even believe what it started out as. What it is . . . it’s what it should’ve been all along. I’m just glad I realized in the first book.

I don’t know that I consider it a typical fantasy novel, given the lack of magic and whatnot, but I can’t really consider it anything else. I tried. It just fits. Even if certain aspects make it seem like it could take place here in our non-magical world . . . it couldn’t. Maybe because . . . it doesn’t. I’m weird, I don’t know.

The entire purpose of this particular entry was to point out that inspiration can be a very simple thing – just a single word. A single word started this series, and a single word changed it.

It’s the little things that make me love being a pantser.

And the word that started it all?


Simple, yes. Not so simple in my head.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day I’ll do the entry about them – the assassins. They’re loads of fun, let me tell you . . .

(I’ll try to focus better on the next.)

22 thoughts on “Inspiration: One Word

    • 😉
      Now I have ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ in my head . . .
      Luckily I got by without hearing that while I was writing/editing. Don’t ask me how. I don’t have a clue.

      • I can see Don’t Fear the Reaper more so than Welcome to the Jungle for calm scenes, but . . . that’s just me and you know I don’t listen to music while I’m writing anyway.
        I don’t know how you could manage listening to Welcome to the Jungle at all when writing, let alone during a calm scene. Then again . . . I hate that song, so I might be biased . . .

    • I really do feel like I’m losing my mind (which doesn’t help with focusing) . . .

      Maybe if I come back to this post occasionally and read your comment, I’ll be able to convince myself that’s true. I’m not past trying something like that right now. XD

      • I totally get the feeling. Trust me, I totally get it. I’ve been there a lot lately. But you are doing fine. Sometimes a ramble is just what you need.

      • I wouldn’t wish how I’ve been feeling lately on anyone. Not ANYONE.
        Several times I’ve found myself hoping that the feelings of the past two months or so are worse than what other people get when in similar boats.
        NOT ANYONE. >..>

  1. I’m really good at the ideas and the putting them together, but when it comes to getting them down on concrete, then I struggle. Concrete is a good word. I know what you mean by just one word making a huge difference.

    • Concrete is a BAD word.
      I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I cringe sometimes when I hear it now.

      Gotta watch out when you’re getting ideas down on it. Maybe a jackhammer would help, but then again, it would PROBABLY destroy the concrete.
      Doesn’t sound like a bad idea . . .

      Nice one, by the way. 🙂

      • Thing that helps me for blog posts is those one word things that inspire me, just write down the title and maybe a sentence that got me thinking about it. Then I just go from there.

      • Yeah, I mostly wrote down (working) titles for the entries I was wanting to post on here yesterday when starting to try this ‘planning’ thing out. Of course the one I just wrote today accidentally merged two of them together, but that’s neither here nor there . . .

  2. Pingback: Action vs. Thought: Meet the Reapers | C. Miller

    • I hope you’re right about that. I’ve been stressing out so(oooooooooooo) bad lately. Honestly, I just want this bit of time to be over and done with. Maybe the second won’t be as bad (at least not in the same way). You’ll have to let me know if the second is easier than the first! I’m kind of wanting to hide under a rock right now to be honest. haha

      But thanks. Gonna need it. Definitely. (Luck) XD

  3. I dont know where but at some point while reading this, I saw myself here. It’s crazy when eletrical kind of flow of thoughts happens from just one word. It can make you panic and just write everything at once. I admire your wit and having a book? Wow! Thats hard work right there! Thanks for sharing, ill definitely read it! 😀

    • Yes, it’s definitely a crazy thing. And it might be because I’m ridiculously tired, but I’m sort of comparing it (in my head) to saying, “Do you,” to my dog. Her ears perk right up. Don’t even have to finish the question.
      Haha, I’m a ‘panic and write everything at once’ kind of person. Or just a ‘panic’ kind of person in general, if I’m being honest. XD

      That would be awesome, and I really do hope you enjoy it whenever you get around to it. 😀

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