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Non-Music Friday/NEWS.

Instead of doing my typical Friday Music post, I’m going to say that MY NEXT ENTRY WILL BE MY COVER/BLURB REVEAL.

Hardly anyone knows what my book is about. After my next entry . . . you all will. 🙂

I’d like to say that I’ll be on here more frequently after it, but I likely won’t be for a little while. I’m currently in the midst of an epic battle with my book. It’s putting up a good fight against my brain, but I will prevail. Once I come out victorious, I will get back to all the other things in life.

Be patient with me during the latter point of this entry, and be on the lookout for the former.


11 thoughts on “Non-Music Friday/NEWS.

      • I saw your novel cover on Facebook yesterday and it was awesome. So impressed by whoever helped you with that one. I totally want to do a book just so I can get an awesome cover like that. When is your book available?

      • Thanks, haha.
        I was so impressed with the covers they’d done that it was the last little kick I needed to push me into self-publishing (which I’m SOOO glad I’m doing).


        I’m THINKING December or January. December was the initial intent, but doing this last edit on it is proving a major pain. And given that I’ve never done this before, I don’t know how long the things after will take (getting the proof(s), because I want the BOOK and not the e-book, etc.)
        Wish I could give a more nailed-down date, but . . . can’t. Will be able to on the next one, hopefully.

      • I guess I can’t get it for Christmas now. So bitter!

        I have been working on one for about 4 years now. I’ve already done a first draft, now working on the second. I just need a shed that I can go and disappear from the wife and kids for a while, but they seem to like me for some reason.

      • Maybe Christmas?
        That would be a HORRIBLE Christmas present for yourself, just saying!

        I honestly think everyone needs a shed. If not an actual shed, a ‘shed’.
        Haha. I’m sure they do like you (which is good!). XD

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