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Blogging Problems . . .

I’ve been having a blogging problem lately. It’s not that I haven’t been on here, surprisingly enough. I’ve done a better job with that lately than I had been doing.

My problem is that I keep typing up entries, getting to a certain point, and then discarding them. It’s been leaving me very frustrated, needless to say. It’s possible that my issue is that I keep trying to talk about actual STUFF, rather than random stuff. I can’t get anything to come out right.

For those of you who have never gathered as much, I don’t blog how I write; I blog how I talk. Might be silly, in some ways (especially when trying to say, “Hey look. I’m competent. I promise,” given that I don’t speak very well), as most people look at blogging as sharing writing. And it is, yeah. But for me, blogging is more like sharing bits of yourself. I didn’t start this thing up however many months ago to share my writing. Books are how I intend to share my writing, and I’ve never been one for short stories and the like, which are more postable (*ding* New non-word). I started this up to interact. That’s just my purpose with it. Everybody has their own.

So, when going from rambling about news/random things and into thoughts and feelings (or frustrations and worries) . . . there becomes an issue. It’s probably because I don’t share my thoughts and feelings with everyone coming and going. I have a hard enough time sharing my thoughts and feelings with most people I’m close with. Then when you combine writing with sharing . . .

Well, it leaves me unhappy with the results.

Maybe that will come with time, and I DO feel more comfortable with blogging/sharing via blog than I did before. Maybe it won’t. I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, I will continue being frustrated anytime I have anything of importance to say past sharing book-news.

Which, by the way, the photo shoot for the cover will take place in TWO DAYS. I’m stoked, seriously. I can’t wait to see the photos from it, choose one, and move forward.

. . . . .

I’m kind of comparing the entire feeling of this (in my head) to preparing to jump off a cliff. I’m standing way back and, as of right now, I’m at the ‘feet bouncing’ stage where I’m anticipating the running start. It’s almost time to start running. So close.

And it’s kind of funny when I’ve compared releasing the book to that (though it’s always me throwing it off a cliff, rather than any amount of jumping involved). So maybe it’s more like me running to the edge of the cliff then stopping and throwing it off.


Yes, that’s what it’s like, I suppose.

As for blogging, I might try again later to get some of those things out. I might not. But for now, I intend to do some reading.


19 thoughts on “Blogging Problems . . .

  1. lol, stop forcing it is all the advice I can give. If you randomly wander into some deep thoughts, put that out there. then if you randomly wander from the pretty ocean to the deep dark forest that is ok too. That’s all part of searching to find your unique voice. i’m still working to find mine. I come closer every time I write. but, I still don’t come across as I talk. i’d like to! have an awesome day!

    • I wasn’t forcing it, that was the problem.
      I was just writing away each time and then got to a point where I strayed COMPLETELY off topic and nothing sounded right.
      I liked what you said about the ocean/forest.

      I find blogging enjoyable, but sometimes I do get very frustrated with it. All I can do is be my random/spastic self.
      Me literally talking is a mess though. Maybe my blogging is a happy medium between my speaking and my writing. hahaha

  2. Nothing wrong with blogging as you talk. It’s a great strategy! And who cares what the “standard” is anyway, blogging’s about having fun with your audience, even if, as it sometimes happens with me, you run off at the mouth leaving everyone scratching their heads!

    Keep ’em guessing! 😉

    • It’s just how the chips fell (is that the correct saying, or is the word ‘landed’? Why does that even matter? LoL >.>) with it. I’m not really good with ‘writing’ on a personal level, so ‘me’ comes out way more than ‘writing’ here. I like it that way.

      I can’t say that I’ve ever once thought you ran off at the mouth, or that you’ve left me scratching my head after reading anything you’ve written.
      But if head-scratching was/is/has been intended . . . I’m sorry. XD

  3. I have been going through the same thing this week. I always had a pattern on how I do posts and this week, I’ve had a few posts in mind and have completely got stuck on them and just left them in blog post purgatory. As much as I wanted them to work, they just weren’t. I guess I need to go back to why I started this thing in the first place and I will get it back.

    • Given the usual nature of your comments, I had to take a moment (or four) to try and decide that you were being serious. (I guess that means you’re doing pretty damn good.)

      It’s easy to get burnt out on things, or just frustrated in general. If it counts for anything, I thoroughly enjoy your blog (which I’m sure is the point of it). And (also, if it counts for anything), I have full faith that you can ‘get it back’.

      • I can be kind of ambiguous sometimes given the nature of my comments. I was really getting stuck on one and couldn’t figure the right angle on it, so didn’t write anything. That one yesterday was an old post that I did about a year ago, just so I could get something on the blog. I did get things worked out about the post and taking a different angle on it is getting me back on track.

        And I’m sure you will get your groove back too!

      • Yeaaah, I’ve noticed that.

        The bacon one was an old post? I have your page up right now and for some reason it’s saying I didn’t like that one, but I distinctly remember doing so. I just liked it again. I’ll blame it on my internet.

        Was the post you were talking about the Friday one, or is it a separate post entirely?
        I’m glad to hear you’re getting it sorted. I knew you could. 🙂

        Does Stella ever get her groove back in that movie? I’ve never seen it . . .

  4. Loved your post. Loved your cliff metaphor even more (insert big smile here). I seriously can’t wait to check out your book. Good luck with the photo shoot, and good luck with making it to the finish line!

    • Yeah, I thought that (the cliff thing) was pretty crazy when I read your post yesterday morning. Definitely get it!

      Thanks. I know you know how crazy ‘making it to the finish line’ is (stressful, but fulfilling and amazing). I’m trying to just take it in and not get overwhelmed by all of the worries and ‘stuff’. haha.
      Not easy to do sometimes!

      (I think your ‘insert smile’ things are hilarious, by the way.)

  5. Good luck at the photo shoot!

    Much of what I write is in my own voice. I have friends comment to me all the time that when they read my posts and reviews, it’s like listening to me talk. I choose to believe that is a good thing.

    As for blogging subjects, I write more about things I am interested in than personal issues. That way I can get enthusiastic! But everyone’s blog has a different purpose, right? I also have a tonne of posts saved to drafts. A few paragraphs that didn’t quite work or felt flat. A picture to inspire a post when I’m looking for something to write about. Some of them are reminders of posts I need to make.

    When I have nothing to post, I pull out an old book review and put that up. 😀

    Did I tell you I’d started watching Merlin (just to ramble off sideways)? Really enjoying it so far.

    • Oh, I sooo badly wish I could be AT the photo shoot. It’s a VERY long ways away (distance-wise). But thanks for the luck wished. I will send the wish-vibes to the photographer and hope she receives them. 😀

      I think it’s a good thing as well (blogging how you talk), but I’ve got to admit that it would probably be a better thing if I was better at ‘talking’. haha

      Sometimes I wonder what I’m even doing on here, as my blog seems to generally have no purpose rather than random spouting-offs about things. Everyone does seem to have a pretty distinct purpose with theirs, but hey . . . it works, I guess!

      I wish I was more comfortable writing book reviews, but I’m really not comfortable with it at all. :/
      I enjoy reading them though, which is kind of funny.

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it so far. It really does only get better as it goes along. 😀

    • 😀 HEY THERE YOU!

      It’s totally fine. Email me back whenever you want to do so. Sometimes you’ve just got to slack, lol.

      Speaking of, slacking and writing sounds EXCEPTIONAL right now . . .
      I still haven’t had any time for that lately.

      I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

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