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Facebook Author Page . . .

As of this morning . . . it is up. You can find it ~~> here.

I know I’m a week or so later with this than intended, but it is what it is!

Apparently it needs more ‘zazz’. There isn’t really much ‘zazz’ currently to be had. haha

And for anyone who is interested, questions have been asked about my shed. That is it on the second picture on the cover photo. And in case you didn’t know . . . I WRITE IN A SHED (oh, I love it – no sarcastic font).

Anyway, news will go up on there. Thinking about it that way, there doesn’t seem to be much point for anyone to ‘like’ it, as I also post news on here (though I’m shorter-winded on FB than I am on here XD). But like it if you’re interested and you want to!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday (I know it’s difficult sometimes . . .)

❤ 🙂

11 thoughts on “Facebook Author Page . . .

    • Perhaps, but perhaps not. 😉

      I’ve got you liked as well, though I’m still a bit confused over liking as pages opposed to accounts and whatnot (which is what I’m doing – liking as the page). Figuring it out slowly. It’s caused a few eye twitches already, I’ll admit. XD

      The whole ‘spreading the word’ thing is feeling a BIT overwhelming to me right now, but . . . it’s all good.


      • I think there’s a difference between a page liking a page over an user account liking a page; I’ve also added the ‘like’ widget to my writing blog, so that might help.

        True, using social media is a overwhelming business (and I only use Facebook, and will probably not venture into twitter, instagram, Vine, etc) – it does take up previous time better spent writing/plotting/pondering.

      • I was feeling very lost in the sauce with the page that first day, but I’ve finally figured out how to check feeds from the other pages I’ve liked on it, and also how to comment/interact with it. This sort of stuff (and my complete lack of knowledge/comfort with it) makes me feel very old . . .

        Vine kind of creeps me out for some reason; I’m not sure why. I do have Twitter and Instagram, but I’ve looked into the other more ‘popular’ social media outlets/sites and, as you said, PROBABLY won’t venture into them. I’m really not super comfortable with social media in general. It just makes me feel awkward, lol. But I can handle Twitter and Instagram.

        And you’re definitely right. It does take up precious time. I can’t find much of that lately. It seems I’ve misplaced it . . . . .

  1. You need to name your shed. Like Thoreau had his lake you can have the Cnmill shed or something clever like that. If I had one, it would have to be called Ben’s Bitter Blog Barn or something bitter like that.

    • Haha.
      Well, my phone has a name (Penelope), and my laptop has a name (Herald) . . . so in a way, it would almost be fitting to name the shed as well. I might have to ponder over it for awhile to come up with something suiting. (Though it would probably be one name, rather than a four-word-name. XD)

      I might just go for the simple and name it ‘Shed’, like I did with my pet goose when I was little (Goose).

      You should GET a shed, just so you can call it Ben’s Bitter Blog Barn. It would be so awesome (which PROBABLY makes you not want to do it).

      • What is funny is that when I first started my job here, I made a ton of mistakes and the lady I worked with would tell me that she was going to “take me out to the wood shed” whenever I did something stupid. For my birthday that year, she made out of Lincoln Logs a shed and put on there ,”Ben’s Wood Shed”. I think somehow I belong in one and that it needs a name. I also thought about making those same sheds and selling them as Ben’s Blog Cabins. That would be cool.

      • Did the lady ever clarify her intent with ‘taking you out to the wood shed’?

        I thoroughly enjoyed the story, by the way. And I also think it’s really cool that she made you one (taking the time and whatnot).
        As for belonging in one, I’m sure they’re not for everyone, but I’m very happy with mine . . .
        Love the Ben’s Blog Cabins idea! You should at least make one for yourself and take a picture of it. I would do it for you, but I don’t have any Lincoln Logs, and I also fear I would be incapable of building anything with them, apart from a straight line or something similar. (I don’t think I ever played with them when I was little, but I had a difficult enough time building houses out of Lego blocks.) 🙂

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