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At some point between posting my entry yesterday morning and now, I got my 200th follower. I just have to say thank you to any and all of you who (for some reason that is lost to me) find what I say interesting enough to read.

It sincerely means a lot to me.

And I sincerely love WordPress/the WordPress Family.


23 thoughts on “200 Followers!

  1. Gurl, I am not at all surprised. You have a way with getting your thoughts out that is endearing. I would even dare to say you could write non-fiction well. And you’re personable. People relate to you and your journey. You’re amazing!

    • Thanks, Sam.

      By endearing, you must mean clumsy (like my person). Like . . . my dog, running into walls. Yep, that’s what my blogging is like.

      I honestly wanted to write non-fiction when I was younger, but I don’t know about all that now!

      What you said really means a lot to me, honestly.

      • You’re welcome. Your blog makes me smile, that’s what I meant, just as you yourself make me smile. The dog, running into walls, thing was hilarious, by the way, but I don’t see you like that at all. Your writing is “real.” That’s what I meant. Authentic. Yup.

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