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I’m really behind on here. I was doing good for a few days there. Prepare yourselves while I prepare my excuses.

I had to reverse my sleep schedule to days (due to appointments and the like). It’s impossible for me to be productive in any way during the daytime, as there is so much pushing and pulling in whichever direction to do other things (like . . . eating, and things of that nature. Who does that?! Just joking . . .). I’m not kidding; the temporary daytime schedule is mostly to blame for it. It’s part of the reason I prefer to be awake at night – no distractions, etc.

I had two appointments yesterday – one early in the morning, and one in the evening.

The first was to speak with a . . . um . . . tax . . . person . . . lady? I highly suggest everyone do that at some point or another, especially if – like me – you’re so clueless about that sort of thing that you don’t even know what to call them. Tax representative? Probably. Anyway, that was highly informative.

Yesterday evening, I had some head shots taken. Why is it that every time I say the words ‘head’ and ‘shot’ together in that order, I think of video games, or zombies, or things of that nature? Anywho, I think that went well. I should have them back from the photographer around the beginning of next week. Then, I can actually get an author page up on the good ol’ Facebook (>.<), and do all of that fun stuff. So . . . yaaaaay?

I’ll be spending the next several days attempting to get my sleep schedule back to normal so I can actually do the things that I do and can catch back up on here.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


8 thoughts on “Stuff.

    • You’re not alone with that. If I’m not talking to my husband about my books, we’re talking about video games (or playing them). So I likely relate far too many things with them.
      I suppose part of the ‘head shot’ relation is that I’m usually sniping, if I’m playing a game where I can. 😛

      • I’m such a bad sniper. I don’t have the patience for it, nor the aim. In Gears of War my other guys are always the ones that snipe. I’m more of a close quarters combat guy.

      • Well having both isn’t a bad idea. Husband and I always get into debates over ‘quality versus quantity’ when gaming. He says ‘quality’, with me sniping, and I grumble things back at him (generally). LoL.
        I can’t think of a single game that I’d rather do close quarters in, apart from POSSIBLY Borderlands (1 and 2 – my GOD, I love those games). I like watching his back and taking down the baddies that are going after him. XD

  1. A tax consultant, perhaps, is the correct term?

    Well I think of theater and actors when I read “head shots”, though video games are a close second. Do let me know when you set up your Facebook author page, as I will gladly “like” [I’ve also created a Facebook author page, which I quasi-regularly update with links to my blog and other random musings].

    Best of luck on reorienting your internal clock.

    • You’re probably right about that. >.>

      Ooooh, I want a link to this page!

      I will definitely post a link to mine on here (or use one of those fancy widget things that took me about four or five months to somewhat figure out, or both) whenever it’s made.

      I need to catch up on your blog. I had to bookmark it on my desktop (ugh, that madness with trying to find it), and I haven’t been getting on here with my desktop in . . . a very long time. I made myself memorize it just now so I can do that here in a couple of hours (playing Diablo III with my husband for a bit at the moment, shhhhh).

      Thanks for the luck wished. It’s proving a pain in the rear.

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