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My parents’ take on World War Z

Hardly any of you know my parents to appreciate this (how anything was said [with the southern accents] or any amount of cussing on my mom’s part that I’ll leave out).

Watching movies with them can be quite fun, and World War Z definitely wasn’t a disappointment in any sense of the word. The running commentary by the two of them was rather entertaining.

If you haven’t seen the movie and intend to, I won’t ruin anything. It was one of the fastest starting movies I’ve ever seen. Zombies in a manner of minutes (and PG-13 so I can stand the blood). Who can complain about that (plus, there’s the unrated version for all of the people who don’t have problems with blood in movies – WIN-WIN)? Within the first few minutes, there is a car accident (okay, that’s putting it lightly, but there was a car accident involving the MC). Before it, my husband said something along the lines of, “It’s a good thing they have a Volvo.” During it, I said, “That would’ve been MUCH worse if they didn’t have a Volvo.”

Those were the only good ones we got, but they were both immediately followed by my mom making a comment about how, “if he was watching the road and not his kids . . .”

I’m pretty sure there was a cuss word thrown in there. At least one.

Amid zombies throwing themselves off of things, my dad noted, “Zombies don’t have any brains.” I’m taking liberties with that, but imagine it with a southern accent/different word choices.

Those weren’t the ones that got me, and there were a few more zingers throughout (by my dad, as that is his way). My parents’ dog is relentless in his need to go outside when people are paying attention to the television so he can sit there on the rocks and just stare off, but I can’t really complain. It was on the first of those that my mom said, “They all should’ve just laid down and died.”

I asked, “Wouldn’t you fight zombies?”

Her response was, “It’s like you said. They’re just too fast.”

That was my mom’s take on World War Z. Everybody should’ve just laid down and died.

Thought someone out there would get a kick out of it, regardless of not knowing my mom to really appreciate it.

But hey, I thought it was a pretty good freaking movie.

And just a reminder . . .


That is all.


14 thoughts on “My parents’ take on World War Z

  1. Hey, I thought it was an amazing movie! Two scenes especially are the best for me. That interval where Gerry picks up the mirror and there’s this sort of silence wondering what’s happening in traffic. Then it all happens at once. So good! The second scene is the wall climb. Oh, who can deny the zombies didn’t look like a swarm of ants as they scaled upwards…so good! And your parents sound like fun! 😉

    • I thought it was pretty spectacular as well.
      That wall climb was EPIC, but I’ve got to say . . . I’d take ants over those zombies any day.
      I think the greatest thing about that movie for me was the ‘spread’. I’m not trying to give the movie away in my comments, but just the biting/eating and how different it was. It was extremely cool to me. (UGH, and how FAST!)

      My biggest complaint with the movie was the reason I couldn’t finish the book. I didn’t really feel an emotional attachment to it (a few characters more than others), which is fine. I know my husband did, as he was talking about ‘how sad’ certain situations were. I just thought it was a fun time (not for the characters, obviously!).

      And my parents can be a ‘hoot’.

      Seriously though, I think I was shaking my head about the ‘trigger’ bit for several hours after the movie was over.
      I’m shaking my head about it again now.

    • I’m glad someone got a laugh out of it! I thought it was hilarious, but it coming out of her mouth really wasn’t that surprising to me. I really want to do a running commentary of the things that she says, but I don’t know that she’d appreciate it. My husband asked if I was going to tell my parents I posted this and I was like . . .

      I'll agree it was definitely one of the best of the summer. I know a lot of critics wouldn't agree, but I actually think it's been a good summer for movies all around. I enjoyed The Lone Ranger and The Mortal Instruments as well.

  2. I agree with your mom. I’ve always thought that just not running and becoming a zombie is so much the better choice. Then you can chase the humans, or in my case, not and watch TV. I’m not going to run for my life when Zombie life can be so much more relaxing. And you don’t have to worry about being smart.

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