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Bucket List

When I was younger (probably 17-18 or so), I wrote up a list of things I wanted to do in my life. That list, unfortunately, has been lost – along with any and all the endless amounts of notebooks I’ve had throughout the years. Shame. It’s an even bigger shame that I can’t remember the things on the list. Not really.

There were probably things like, Get a tattoo, or Travel to [some unknown place]. I’m sure it’s baffling to at least one person out there that I can’t even remember where I wanted to travel to seven or eight years ago. I can say that it likely included destinations where my friends were located then (as I used to have a LOT of friends scattered across the country, and still have a few of them, actually).

I can say that, since that time, I’m sure I’ve done a lot of the EASIER things on my list. I didn’t do things like, Bungee jump, or Skydive. I don’t want to do those now, and it baffles me why I ever wanted to.

I have several tattoos. I’ve been a lot of places (outside the continental US, but haven’t had my feet off American soil). I’ve lived in five states since age 17, and right on the border of another. I’ve visited more states than I care to count right now, for one reason or another (almost always involving seeing people that I knew more so than doing THINGS). I’ve gone snowboarding more than once. I’ve been to the top of a mountain (driving, not climbing, but that’s one experience I don’t care to do again as I was nearly having a panic attack the entire time). I’ve seen the northern lights in person. I’ve gone whitewater rafting. I’ve been in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. I’ve gone snorkeling. I’ve driven to the point of being utterly lost and found my way home without a map or GPS or smartphone, both literally and figuratively.

I’ve written a book (quite a lot more than a), which was always on the list.

I’ve done some things in my life. I used to do so many things on a whim. I’d get an idea in my head and just . . . do it. It made for some amazing experiences, I can’t deny that, but it also made for some amazingly bad experiences along the way.

I’ve realized that – most of the time – when you reminisce with people, you filter through the memories. You laugh about the good (laying on a blanket around a bonfire with some of your best friends, staring up at the stars, while people play guitar and make up ridiculous songs sang in a Schwarzenegger-like voice), and skirt around the bad. You skirt around the bad and the REALLY bad is rarely ever acknowledged.

It’s better that way, I think. You know what happened and why talk about it when you can laugh instead?

BF and I often reminisce, as we have about 16 years or so of life spent (mostly) together to reminisce over. I realized that . . . most of the time, when I speak with people who have been in my life for a long time . . . reminiscing is involved (as long as there’s time to catch up and get past the ‘how have you been the last several months?’).

I have a lot of things that I still want to do, rather than talking about things that I’ve done before. They’re different wants than they likely would’ve been when I sat down however many years ago to write the old list. Then again . . . I wouldn’t know.

I’ve seen a few people have those sorts of lists on here, and it made me really think about it.

Rather than randomly spout off the things I still want to do, I’m going to make a new list and put it on here. I will cross things off when I get to them. I may never get to most of them, but I’m going to try.

It’s much more difficult to do when you get older and have so many things to take care of, but it’s not impossible. It’s much more difficult when you set your sights higher, but it’s not impossible.

It might take me a few days to get it up, but that’s the goal.

Aim for the stars.

14 thoughts on “Bucket List

    • I’m just curious . . . what sort of things ARE ‘bitter’ things to do, exactly?
      I’m wondering how they differ from normal things, or if they’re the same things only with bitterness involved in some way or another.

      2-3 months is a lifetime. You’d better get on that list!

      • I just looked up a few of the things on my list. To save you from having to go back and look them up, here they are.

        Cause a bitter feud between DC and Marvel Comics Fans.

        – Get crumbs in someone’s laptop without laughing at them.

        – Egg someone’s house with toilet paper

        -I will eat some bitter breakfast. Perhaps some thistles, a nice cabbage and a chard on the side. Hey, a dude has to eat.

        – Play video games for 34 hours and 13 minutes straight.

        – Jump off the top of the 7,430,003,093rd largest building in the world. My clothes drawer. Arghhh my ankle.

        – Learn the meanings of some English words, like the, it and and. Also discover what sweet means.

        – Annoy everyone in the world. I’m almost done.

      • That was hilarious. I had to read it to my husband. XD

        Do you actually have a list like that on your blog? I want to see it if you do. If you don’t and ever make one, I’ll look forward to it.

        Out of curiosity . . . how does one egg a person’s house with toilet paper?

      • I meant Bucket List, but, yeah, recently I’ve been examining the possibility of a book. I wrote a post (Crashed But Burned) that I asked a few people for some feedback on. Basically all the negative feedback was to do with my editing skills and all the positive stuff was about my “voice”. It seems people like my style…go figure. So, it’s got me thinking about a memoir or sorts. Self-motivation isn’t my long suit and self-discipline is ally non-existent sooo, I don’t know it will ever get past the “nice idea” stage.

      • Haha. Well, I guess all great things have to start with nice ideas. I say go for it. Editing skills can be worked with, but you can’t fake a good ‘voice.’ I’d imagine that’s something you’ve either got or don’t.
        So I’ll say the same thing I say about a crapton of stuff in my own life. “Maybe one day.” Only I’ll add a question mark to the end of that for you. 😀

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