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The strange things people do in their sleep…

I do weird things in my sleep, or so I’ve heard.

It’s kind of funny, when thinking about it, that people who would be in the know about what I do in my sleep never deem it worthy to inform me of those things in a reasonable time frame.

I didn’t find out that I talk in my sleep until I was 22 years old – while my husband was deployed – and walked out into my parents living room one day only for them to ask me, “Were you talking on the phone last night?”

Um, no.

So, after being informed that they’d heard me talking, I decided to call Best Friend. I asked, “Do I talk in my sleep?”

Her response was, “Yeah.”

That was one of those how could I know that if you didn’t tell me?! moments.

Countless sleepovers throughout the years (we used to spend all weekend and nearly every day of summer and school breaks together), and she NEVER TOLD ME.

I’ve been known to sleep with my legs straight up in the air, tickle my arms, and do all sorts of EXTREMELY strange things. I think those two things are enough for anyone to know in that department. Too much, actually.

Yes, I tickle my arms in my sleep sometimes. I know it’s weird. TRUST ME; I know it’s weird.

Talking in my sleep was the most disturbing of things I’d heard I did by far. Needless to say that when my husband was preparing to return home from that deployment . . . I was afraid, despite having slept next to him for however long before that unwanted parting.

I’m unsure how long it took for Husband to inform me that I do not SPEAK in my sleep. I mumble – incoherent words that my brain must know, but not want let out. I’m a mumbler in general though, so I shouldn’t be so surprised. Still, I AM surprised, as my mouth is a constant frustration-inducer (it so rarely does what I want it to). I’ve mumble-sang in my sleep once before. That was interesting to hear about.

After so long of being irritated that nobody deemed these things worthy of telling me, I’m kind of glad now. Husband and I were talking about this a few days ago, and I got so uncomfortable at some of the things I do (the mumbling, which I wake him up doing because sometimes I apparently argue with myself, or some unknown person in my dreams [I call it fair because he wakes me up grinding his teeth and giving me the occasional *knee-jerk* in the rear], heavy sighs that also wake him up [I suppose I’m as discontent in my sleep as I tend to find myself while awake . . . such is the curse of nothing ever being good enough to suit me]) that I’d rather ignore the fact it happens at all.

Now, my husband also does some things in his sleep. There’s the teeth-grinding, which has lessened significantly from when he and I first met. But he, also, talks in his sleep. Not as often as I do, because I allegedly do it nearly every time I sleep, but when he does . . . it’s clear.

While in Alabama a few months ago, he woke me up doing such a thing and the only two words I heard were, “Soul cairn.” He’d been playing Skyrim and he loves video games in general (as do I, but his love for them goes above and beyond). What can I say? There’s not often that I can wake up out of a dead-sleep and laugh my ass off; I usually don’t consider myself awake until I’ve had my eyes open for at least an hour. I did that day. I laughed for several days about that. I’m laughing about it again now.

But there was a one or two week time period about two months ago that was just . . . unprecedented. I’ve only heard him say things in his sleep a few times (which might be due to the fact that I am generally a HEAVY sleeper), so when it happened three times in that time period . . . I don’t even know.

Once, he woke me up laughing. I asked, “What are you laughing at?”

He was dreaming about a dude on skis falling.

Once, while he was napping, I asked him where the extension cord was. He said, “It’s under the fish tank.” This was after we’d returned to Kentucky. Our fish tank is still in Alabama, with our former roommate. He didn’t know he’d said it until I managed to wake him up by VERY firmly saying, “THE FISH TANK IS NOT HERE.” He informed me he was dreaming about the fish tank that time.

The one that will forever stick with me was me walking into the bedroom to inform him I was going over to my mamaw’s to eat potato soup (I believe). He sat straight up in bed and literally almost shouted, “Good day!” at me. I thought he was saying it just to say it, as he seemed completely coherent and being strange/random isn’t off-base for him. Imagine my surprise later when I bring it up and get the scrunched-eyebrows-confused-face and, “Did I really?”

Good day! is now a running joke with us, understandably so.

I’ll probably regret posting about the weird things I do in my sleep, but who really cares?

Hopefully somebody gets a laugh out of it.

14 thoughts on “The strange things people do in their sleep…

  1. Funny. I went through a period of about three years of some sort of nightmare where I thought Warren was trying to kill me. And I would wake up screaming or running through the house. It became rather comical. He jumped out of bed after me one time and I knocked glass balls off the Christmas tree which he promptly stepped on. Ouch. Then they suddenly stopped. Our relationship was probably its most solid during that time so I have no reasons to have been even a little worried.

    The subconscious mind is a marvel.

    • WOW!

      I can’t even imagine running around in a half-delusional state of terror (and in the dark!). I’m surprised there weren’t more injuries listed here (such as running head-on into walls and the like).

      The subconscious mind really is a marvel.

      I had a dream during a nap a few hours ago that involved a stray Newfoundland trying to protect my husband and I from a bear (that was probably the size of one and a half normal-sized bears), a split tree, and a very small stick. Don’t ask me, but it scared the crap out of me. (Fair warning, small sticks do nothing for warding off bears.)

      Thank you so much for sharing, seriously. I was starting to wonder that there was something wrong with my weirdness. At least I know I’m not the only weird-sleeper out there. But I am SINCERELY glad those nightmares stopped for you.

      • That’s SO weird!
        I’ve heard a lot of people say that they can’t remember theirs (and some who are convinced they don’t have them at all).
        It’s so strange that it would happen out of nowhere after such a long time of nightmares. Maybe they stopped because your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from bad dreams (or from running head-first into a wall)?

        Sorry. I just got a little far out there!

    • Sleep walking is terrifying to me. Don’t they say a lot of children do that and then grow out of it? It’s so dangerous!
      Let’s hope you’re really not doing it any longer and there’s nothing to tell. Then again, if the people you know are anything like the people I know . . . . . . .

      Thanks. I was pretty embarrassed about it. ha

  2. Man, to think no one mentioned anything to you until recently is absolutely astounding! I`d be pretty interested in finding out what I was saying in my sleep and if an actual conversation takes place that is worthy of note. I think there`s an opportunity for some pretty strange recording to emerge from your room the next day. But I`ll tell ya, you`re courageous to admit all your nightly antics to us all–very courageous, indeed! 🙂

    • It really is astounding. Especially from my best friend who had, I dunno, over ten years or so by that point to inform me of it. lol

      I doubt I do any conversing, given the mumbling. But no recording. Not happening. Not ever. I’m starting to wonder if everybody talks in their sleep at some point. I figure, it’s bad that I seem to do it every night, but at least I’m not actually saying distinguishable words. That’s something to be happy about.

      Courageous, or stupid. 😉
      Thanks for choosing to use the former of those. haha

  3. When I was younger, living at home in a room with my two brothers, I was informed by my sisters that all three us would talk in our sleep and to each other. They said we had some pretty epic conversations.

    • XD
      Do you still talk in your sleep?
      I’d imagine the funniest sleep-talkers are the ones that actually respond to things. But I’m GLAD I don’t. (Respond.)

      • I’m pretty sure I still do, but since I don’t sleep as much as I used to, I probably don’t have near as much time to. All I know is my sister’s used to love to use that against us. But I didn’t get the nickname Revengermin for nothing. I always get my revenge and sometimes I wasn’t really nice about it. Yeah, sometimes my sarcasm goes a little too far and it get’s a little biting. That all started happening when I went to college and my roommates brought out my sarcasm a little too far. I went home for my first Christmas and I started capping on my brother and my mom said to me, “Wow college has really gotten you to be so mean!” It kind of made me step back a little, so now I try to toe the line a little bit except when I am with other people that can really take it.

      • Yeah, I don’t know how you function on such little sleep. What do you get? Like five hours?

        I think a lot of brothers aren’t very nice with how they get their revenge.

        I’ll admit, I’m extremely glad you’re nice to me. That’s all I’ll say about the meanness you learned in college. lol

      • I would say I get 5 hours yeah. I kinda wonder the same thing about your sleep schedule too. I wonder how you function with varying hours. I just know that I see that you are replying to some of my stuff at 3, 4, 5 in the morning and wonder when you ever sleep.
        Someday my brother will get revenge against me, and I will admit that I deserved it. Just sayin,
        Actually mostly I’m nice when I know someone and they are nice to me. I just get bitter when other people do stuff that make me angry and I hold grudges and get bitter and all that stuff. And some people are just so stupid you just can’t help it. Like people I work with.
        And I guess really what I learned in college is sarcasm and like you know, some people don’t get it and treat it like it is rude…That’s all I will say about my meanness in college. :0).

      • I don’t know how in the world you can get by on five(ish) hours of sleep. I did that yesterday (accidentally) and was a zombie. Couldn’t function at all.
        I do have varying hours. My ideal schedule for being awake is 9PM-noonish (which would be 6PM-9AM your time), but it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes I have to be like a normal person and be diurnal. (boooo) That messes me up for a while. Takes about a week to mess up the sleep schedule and then fix it again, if I’m lucky.
        I really don’t know how you function. lol

        You’ll have to let me know when/if your brother ever gets revenge on you.

        I honestly don’t think I’ll ever forget when you started being nice to me. I felt so special! haha
        (I’m really not joking about that.)
        It’s easy to get bitter when dealing with people. It gets pretty difficult to be nice sometimes…
        Yes, some people are VERY stupid. I had to erase what I wrote after that.
        Moving on.

        A lot of people really don’t get sarcasm. I’m actually pretty sarcastic sometimes in real life, but I think it doesn’t always translate well when you can’t see or at least hear people.
        I don’t always take well to that sort of stuff. Depends on the person and the delivery. It’s not necessarily that I think it’s rude (can be), but I can get a bit sensitive when I actually like people.

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