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That’s what the past week and a half or so has been for me. It’s gotten to the point – numerous times – where I’ve just wanted to close my eyes, put my hands over both of my ears, and scream, “STOP THE MADNESS!” Best Friend will get the inside joke there, if she reads this. It’s really not a joke though.

I guess it’s just been one of those, “When it rains . . .” bouts of time.

There’s just been madness in what seems to be every avenue and aspect of my life, ranging from small frustrations, to outright confusion, to absolute discord. A lot of that is my fault, I’ll admit, for being how I am. Such small things from flopping around again about what I want to do with my books, to gigantic things that I have no desire to talk about. I’m pretty sure I’ve got an uncountable amount of new gray hairs that will have to be covered up, just in the past ten days or so alone.

I’ve been hiding in my shed. I kind of realized about a week and a half ago that ‘hiding’ is what I do there, among other things. Being happy, being productive in the only way that I am, etc. I’ll admit without any issue that this past week, hiding has been the main priority there – hiding from life as much as I can. It works a little. Works better than anything else.

But I was struck yesterday that I can’t hide from most things. Acknowledgement, and acceptance.

I – partially intentionally and partially accidentally – messed up my sleep schedule so that I’ll be awake on days for a little while. I can’t write during the day, as I get bombarded with what I’ll politely call distractions. Basically, I’m forcing myself to take a pseudo-break. I’ll still be writing (yes, I’m writing), but I’m going to have to do some other things too. I asked Best Friend and her significant other to hang out with Husband and I tomorrow. I’m going to see my grandpa and have lunch with my parents. I’m going to be getting sucked farther into Diablo III with Husband. I’ve been trying, very hard, to get some things out and dealt with (though it’s difficult due to reasons that I have no control over).

Writing for me, generally, is healthy in most ways that matter (at least to me, which I’ve mentioned recently). But given all the nonsense and madness and . . . ugh . . . other things currently going on around me, I just can’t let myself do what I usually do. Can’t run and can’t hide from everything. It’s not healthy.

Anywho, that’s the reason for the lack of everything on here. I’ve been hiding.

Expect my usual Friday post tomorrow.

I really, genuinely, hope that everybody out there is having a fantastic day. I really do. The world needs a bit more good and fantasticality.

6 thoughts on “Madness.

    • I know all about weathering the storms of chaos. You’re right – sometimes that what you’ve just got to do.
      Unfortunately cannot do so on this occasion.

  1. We all have different things we do to cope. I’ve been ready to run away – seriously just run away and not tell anybody where I am. I know that doesn’t solve anything, but thinking about it, helps. Hope things lighten up for you soon.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets the literal ‘run away’ urge. Not to run away from things (I’m content with hiding), but to literally GO somewhere and GET away from everything. I think it can help, in some ways, depending on the reasons for doing/needing it. I used to do that when I was younger, just to get a change of scenery and whatnot when life got too monotonous.
      And you’re right, thinking about it really can help.

      Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

  2. “Chaos makes for brilliance.” I just made that up. You’ll probably agree once the chaos dies down to a managable heap. Before then, ride the wave. Surf the troubled waters. You can do it, I’m sure of it! 🙂

    • I can see how it would, especially after doing a little thinking over it. My first thought was something about how I like my entire life to be organized, but then I realized that my head is quite chaotic in general (which might have something to do with appreciating order and structure to even it all out).

      I guess that with chaos going on everywhere, it just leaves everything a mess with me struggling to pick everything up and put it in its proper place.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I reckon that’s all anybody can do – ride one wave and prepare for the next, whenever it comes along.

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