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What began as something with the sole purpose of creating background noise in the silent space of my world transformed itself into something else entirely – a glorious, albeit too-short, love affair.


What did you think I was talking about?

Seriously though, that’s how my obsession (and I call it that word in the most endearing way that an obsession can be felt) with the show started. It was simply . . . on. It was on (reruns) at the same time I found myself waking up while living in Alabama several months ago. I noticed, gradually, that I began paying less and less attention to the games I was playing on my phone and more attention to the show itself. After a little while, I started ensuring I woke up in time to watch it. I was a little embarrassed the day I admitted, “I really like this show. I know it’s silly, but . . . I really like it.”

Soon the reruns began rerunning themselves on BBCA. By that point, I was hooked and desperate for more.

If you were following my blog while I was in Alabama, you’ll know that my internet was ATROCIOUS, if it could actually be CALLED internet. I reversed my schedule back to my preferred nocturnal, so that I could watch it on my roommate’s Netflix. (We had a data cap until 2AM, but after that . . . Fair game.) I watched all four seasons of it that could be watched, and then . . . nothing. The fifth season was still airing at that point, but I couldn’t just start watching it part of the way through. So I waited. Impatiently. Frustratedly. I waited.

The first several seasons are rife with silliness and something that can only be described as jackassery. It wasn’t until at some point in either the second or third season when I realized, “Holy crap (not that word). These people are exceptional actors.” The instant – and I mean THE INSTANT – I realized that . . . there was no turning back from the love I was starting to feel for it. It went so far past ‘being hooked’. Merlin had stolen a part of my heart. If you think I’m being dramatic . . . you have no idea.

Husband and I had intent to watch the fifth season sooner, but it just didn’t work itself out that way.

So, about a week ago, when I’d come in from writing for the morning, we started watching the last season.

It was epic. Seriously. I can get over the horribleness of the dragon and the other ‘not real’ things – they truly were horrible at worst, and meh at best. I don’t even care. And I USUALLY care. But I swear to god, there is just SOMETHING about that show. Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Bradley James (Arthur) together are pure magic. Yes, that was a little joke, but a serious one. I’m not kidding. If I could bottle the two of them up (I want to smack myself for that one, I’ll admit) and throw their chemistry into all of the movies and television shows where believable interactions are nonexistent, I would do it in a heartbeat. I can get over the sub par acting from some of the others for that alone. I don’t think I even realized how amazing Angel Coulby (Gwen) was until the fifth season. She was spectacular. And my god, how Katie McGrath (Morgana) will make you want to smack THAT FREAKING SMIRK off her face. I could list off all the others, but I will spare you all of what I think of each knight and whatnot. And who couldn’t love Gaius?

Now, to be fair, I am a ‘Read The Ending’ kind of person. After all the frustrations of, “HE IS USING MAGIC RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! HOW CAN ARTHUR NOT SEE THIS?!” I had Husband look up when Arthur found out about Merlin’s magic. I knew it wasn’t until close to the end. About . . . three days or so ago, I looked up what happens in the last episode.

I was heartbroken. I’m not kidding. But I was so glad that I looked so I could be preparing myself. I read all the complaints about it and already had the idea in my head that it was just going to be unarguably horrible.

The last episode came up, we watched it. I spent some teary-eyed time processing it. And then I decided . . .

That was PROBABLY one of the BEST series finales I have ever seen in my life. It really was. I do understand why it made so many people (including myself, in ways) so angry.

Still, I’m sad. I don’t want it to be over. I want them to do something else with it, as they CLEARLY left it open for possibilities. There needs to be more.

Husband made a comment yesterday about the funny interactions on a serious show and how well they did it. And they did. Like Doctor Who, I could laugh and cry in the same episode. Throw the occasional bit of fear in there (some things were PRETTY creepy and I’m jumpy by nature), and you’ve got something truly spectacular. Some people might want to smack the crap out of me for comparing the two shows and, if you’ve talked to me even a little, you’ll know that I LOVE Doctor Who.

I have no shame in admitting that I love the two shows equally. If you think it’s stupid, you can bite me. I don’t care.

So I will declare it to the entire world.


The end.


14 thoughts on “Merlin

  1. Love that show! I got into when BBC did a marathon and I was stuck on the couch with my newborn son. He refused to be put down, so I was a couch potato for the day. I still need to see most of the 2nd and 3rd seasons. The actors are amazing and I love how they retold the story of King Arthur. Not sure what most of the actors are doing now that the series is done. All I know is that Katie McGrath is supposed to be in the Dracula mini-series (or is it a full series) that is showing up in October. Don’t remember the channel.

    I liked Gawain.

    • I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one!

      That seems to be the way people get into that show – by chance.
      If you haven’t watched all of them, YOU NEED TO!
      I’m not kidding. The interactions (especially between Arthur and Merlin) just get better and better. And it does take on a more serious tone later in the series, which I appreciated (still, they have their funny moments).

      I was a big fan of Gwaine at first. I loved it that he was one of Merlin’s only friends, but they seemed to drift apart later, which was sad.
      Still, you can’t help but love him.

      I’m an avid IMDBer and I haven’t seen much that the rest of them are doing, but I’m hoping to catch them in other things later. I’m just crossing my fingers that they choose to do something else with the same characters. It’s not often that you find such fantastic chemistry between people. I will have to check on that Dracula thing. I suppose I just hated Morgana so much that I haven’t wanted to look at what she’s doing. haha

      • I need to buy the remaining box sets when I can afford to. That’s the only way I can get around to watching them.

        I loved Morgana, so she was one of the first actors that I checked future projects for. Being BBC, I’m guessing most won’t be jumping to American shows. That’s why I was surprised that she’d be playing Lucy.

      • I need to buy ALL of the box sets when I can afford to! I always try to justify season-buying with how much more time you can actually have watching it, compared to a movie which is usually about half the price (Blu-ray, at least). But still . . . it’s pretty difficult to justify dropping $60 or so on just about anything for me. LoL.

        I sort of fell in love with Bradley James while watching (and not in a, “He’s so dreamy,” way, but in a, “I think he’s an amazing actor,” way). Yeah, I’m not expecting them to be jumping across the pond (unfortunately), but I have been a little surprised by the lack of projects by most of them. I need to check on the knights to see if any of them have things going on.

        I DID check out that Dracula thing on IMDB after you mentioned it. I might have to check that out when it comes on. I’d be very interested to see her acting in something else, to figure out if she will forever be Morgana to me, or if she can completely change herself. That’s the sign of a real pro, in my opinion.

  2. Yet another show to add to my endless ‘to be watched list’. And woot for great endings.

    I fell for Buffy in much the same way. I was nursing my newborn daughter at all hours, mindlessly watching infomercials, and managed to catch re-runs of the first season. I found the premise mildly amusing (never been a huge vampire fan). Then I kept watching and watching and watching. I loved the smart dialogue and the mixture of expected and unexpected characters. I became obsessively hooked (which meant I could not be disturbed when Buffy was on and my husband had to watch the show with me). I have not moved on from her death (which means my Buffy experience ended before most fans, as I thought *that* ending was perfect and was horribly disappointed when they resurrected her).

    My latest obsession *was* Teen Wolf. Stumbled across it, fell in love with Stiles and immediately ordered the first season on Netflix. Not loving season 3, though. The back story is awesomely complicated, but if they need to tell this much of it through flash backs, it’s too complicated. I’ll stick with it, though. Still love Stiles.

    • Oh, you should SO watch it!
      I always try to tell myself to calm down – that not everybody will feel the way I do about Merlin, but I just love it so much and I want everyone else to love it too. LoL

      To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full episode of Buffy. I’ve watched the movie about fifteen million times (clear exaggeration, but it feels pretty close to that). I’m a pretty big vampire fan (don’t ask me how I can be when I have an issue with blood in movies/TV, but it is what it is), so I don’t know why I’ve never sat down and watched it.
      Totally weird though. She dies and they resurrect her? I had no idea.

      You’ve got to love those shows that make you say, “THERE MUST BE SILENCE!”
      I know I was so dead-set on my husband watching every single second of Merlin with me that I was almost screaming at him (I don’t do that) when he was asleep on the couch for one of the season finales. Excalibur AND the round table in the same episode, and he missed it.

      Is Teen Wolf that show on MTV? I know when I’m watching Catfish (which is the only MTV show that I watch), I’ve seen previews for something that sounds pretty similar to that. Is it worth a watch, even with the unhappiness for the third season?
      I’m always up for a good, new show to watch.

    • Also, from what I’ve read on the interwebs, I think I’m probably the only person in the world who was even remotely happy with the series finale of Merlin. :/

      • LOL on your husband sleeping through the finale. Wow. I’d have smacked him. And, yes, I make my husband watch shows, too. He’s been sucked into several series with me.

        Yes, Teen Wolf is on MTV. I see the ads for Catfish while I’m watching it. Is that show any good? It looks interesting.

        Added Merlin to my Netflix list, btw. <—See, we're still on topic!

      • Oh, no. No smacking here. Not saying the temptation to smack wasn’t there, because I DISTINCTLY remember it occurring somewhere in my head that night. LoL
        I’m glad I’m not the only one who sucks their husband into watching shows with them. He almost always ends up liking them though, so I don’t feel bad for it. I wouldn’t make him watch anything if he legitimately didn’t want to. He’s pretty good with chick flicks too, but that’s probably due – at least in part – to the fact that I don’t watch them often. I don’t have the time.

        I might have to check out Teen Wolf, just to see what it’s like.
        And yes, I LOVE Catfish (and I’m not usually into that kind of stuff). It’s really scary thinking about how you can talk to someone for YEARS and them not be who you thought they were. It’s just madness. But I love Nev and Max. They make the show, I think.

        You HAVE to let me know what you think of Merlin after you’ve watched a few episodes, once you get around to it.

        And hey, I’m up for staying on or getting off topic at any time. XD

  3. I was contemplating to give this series a try. Every since Legend of the Seeker was canceled after only 2 seasons, I’ve been looking for something similar. Will the networks keep giving us more copy/lawyer/doctor shows or can we have something different like these? Also working through Warehouse 13 from sy-fy. Another great show.

    • I’ve never heard of Legend of the Seeker. I looked it up on IMDB just now and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a single thing for it, which is leaving me with this weird, unpleasant feeling. I usually have some sort of idea (even if only remotely) what people are talking about when it comes to movies and TV. Even if it’s just thinking that I have some idea what they’re talking about, lol.
      Was it good?

      I totally get what you’re saying about the repetitiveness of television. I mean, I love detective shows as much as the next girl, but even I (BOLD LETTER I) am getting sick of them. Some of them more than others. I was a big fan of Elementary though, and am looking forward to the next season of that. And Person of Interest. Like those.
      But yeah, I still wish for new things.

      I think that’s why I love Doctor Who so much. There’s nothing else like it out there.

      Seriously though, give Merlin a try if you get the chance. Like I said in the entry, the first season is a little ridiculous and silly, but it gets so good after that.

      • Legend of the Seeker was a decent series (based on the Terry Goodkind fantasy novels), but because it was canceled after two seasons, you’re kind of left hanging. Person of Interest is good one, though I don’t catch it every week,

      • I’ve never read those books, which seems to be happening a lot lately – not even knowing what books people are talking about. LoL
        If it’s a decent series, I can sort of get over the hanging. The Finder was like that, and I loved it for the one season it was on. Definitely a hanger that never got resolved though.

        I love Person of Interest. I don’t know what it is about that show – possibly that you never really know how each of the little stories is going to play out (apart from THEY WIN!). I’m sure it will get old after awhile, but I’m enjoying it for now.

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