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OooooOoOoOooOoooooh. *ding* Level Up.

So I just had a light bulb moment.

I’ve had the most uh-may-zing idea for this new series I’m working on.

I will be laughing maniacally on the inside while I’m falling asleep here in about . . . five minutes or so.

I know this isn’t much, but I was stoked, and just had to share.

Guess this just added to the workload. I’m not complaining.


G’day, all. And goodnight.

I’ll be enjoying the 10000xp I just received from opening that chest hidden in the corner of the map.

9 thoughts on “OooooOoOoOooOoooooh. *ding* Level Up.

    • Thanks! I’ve been pretty stoked about it.

      Despite my (generally) HORRIBLE memory, I can’t forget about this one. It doubled my workload. πŸ˜‰
      Isn’t it a little (or more than a little, sometimes) frustrating when you get this ridiculously amazing idea for something, but you can’t work on it yet?
      At least I have something more to be looking forward to, which one can never complain about.

      • You’re very lucky.
        If I feel something slipping, it’s already GONE.
        Then all I’m left with is the knowledge that I had an awesome idea (or statement, as I do this in all aspects of life), and lost it.

        You must have better hands (mind hands?) than I do.

  1. YAY! Those ‘light bulb’ moments are the best! I have hundreds of post-it notes scattered everywhere from my own light bulb moments! I’m so glad you’ve gotten over the writer’s block! That’s the worst!

    • They really are, aren’t they?!

      Yes, I’ve got my own post-its scattered here and there, stuck on things and shoved in boxes. Mostly post-its get songs that I randomly hear and like, but they do get the occasional message for a reminder about something in one of my books. I make sure I put THOSE post-its where they won’t get lost. hehe

      Thanks! I’m super glad I’ve gotten over it too, and the recovery seems to be holding up pretty well for now.
      I’ll take a light bulb moment over writer’s block ANY day.

      • Yes, hell yes!

        I had a post-its app on my laptop and if I hear a song that I like while I’m on it {which is 99% of the time} it doesn’t take long at all for me to write stuff down! :]

        Haha I would definitely take the light bulb moment too! Without a doubt :]

      • I never listen to music on my laptop (it’s used SOLELY for writing purposes). I have a giant file of songs that I like on my regular computer though. No post-its app. πŸ˜‰

        I think anyone would take a light bulb moment over writer’s block.
        Unless there’s something wrong with them.

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