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Overwhelmed by the new WIP

The title says it all, doesn’t it?

I somehow managed to fix my sleep schedule back to normal (nocturnal) after that first night of coming home from Florida. So, for the past several days, all I’ve been doing is WRITING. Time has slipped away from me. I’m not ashamed of it, and I feel only slightly guilty.

Things are going well with this second book (so far). I’m writing it from another character’s perspective. Interactive. The story rolls on.

Here’s the thing . . .

I write a LOT of characters over the course of a series. I’m not even going to tell you how many were in S2. It seems natural to me. People meet other people. I guess it’s enough to be confusing if you have a difficult time remembering names. Normally, I don’t.

And you see . . . it’s not that there are a crapton of characters being introduced in these new books. There really isn’t. It’s everything else.


I made up a new world in S2. Cities, small towns, etc. But it seems so . . . my god, I’m going to hate saying this, but it seems so basic in comparison.

Now I’ve got magic to deal with. Who can do what most efficiently. What it looks like when each of them use it (and its differences).

I’ve got creatures.

I’ve got dragons with names.

Ties. Families. Wars. Lineage. Kingdoms. Villages. Armies. Generals. Units. Laws. Punishments. More ties. Marriages. Kids. Taverns. Weapons. Soldiers. Secrets. More magic. SO MUCH MORE MAGIC. HAVE I USED THAT NAME? WHICH DRAGON IS WHICH? HOLY JESUS, WHAT COLOR DID I MAKE THEM AGAIN? WHAT’S THAT ABOUT REPRODUCTION? WHAT WAS THAT NAME? WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!

I uhm . . . I’m going to have to map this stuff out.

This will be a first, minus my little lists for sh . . . er . . uhm . . . craps and giggles. Lists of names, usually. Gotta make sure they’re not too similar (as I tend to do that occasionally). Lists of chapter titles. Lists of word counts for each chapter after each editing. Tallies of each cuss word and how many times they’re each used. Yes, I’ve got a bit of OCD. I like lists. And apparently the word each when writing the past few sentences.

But now I’m going to have to make detailed sheets, like . . . for each thing. It’s new. It’s made my eyes twitch a few times, thinking about it.

Anyway. What I’m trying to say here is, “Hey. I’m a little busy right now.”

I know I try to post every three days. I think I’m a day off right now. I might have to extend that a little.

Here comes the guilt.

We’ll say I’ll try to give an update and say hello every four days or so. I’m usually pretty good at responding to comments, but I’ve even fallen off on that. I’m just feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, but honestly? I’m looking forward to it. This will be a new experience. New experiences – yaaaaaay.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s what I’ll be doing. That’s what’s going on.

Hope all of you out there in the vast expanses of internetdom are having wonderful days and all that good stuff.

I sure am, despite the eye twitching.

I shall wave the shame fan in my own face for being such a horrible person and neglecting my social networking stuff.

5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by the new WIP

  1. Ah, I fully understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by all this detail and such – I have Word documents and legal pads dedicated to intricate details and a “name bank” for all the names I’ve thought up and “borrowed” from other works I have read/seen, as well as a file full of character archetypes; also, as my Epic Saga spans several centuries, I’ve taken to using the PowerPoint Org chart template to create family trees. While there are no dragons (yet) in my Epic Saga, and only the slightest hint of magic, I do have vampires [the old school ones, who only sparkle when wearing sequins] existing (or not) in my alternate [historical] universe, which has a specific (color-coordinated) social system.

    All of this plotting, pondering, and planning (as I’ve mentioned on my own blog) is probably why I have yet to actually *write* any of the narrative – I’m perpetually stuck in the land of Exposition and Characterization, where everything has to be carefully explained and figured out… [you know as I type this, I’ve come to realize that this current and perpetual state I am in can be the basis of a very tongue-in-cheek book series, similar to the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde]

    Sneaky plot bunnies…

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that takes such extreme measures to ensure all the details line up. But I’ve got to admit that your organization of it is much more . . . uhm . . . organized than mine. I have notes spilling out of notebooks which are usually only there for me to make a more linear list of them at a later date. Lists from different book series right next to one another, etc. I’m going to have to get a new notebook, that’s for sure.

      You see . . . that’s the thing I’m scared about with this. I’m scared all of my plotting and planning is going to keep me from WRITING. I’ve never been one to plot something out rather than just write it, so this is new (and INTENSELY frightening) territory for me. A plotter, I am not. It’s just not the way I function with all of this.

      I say to you, “WRITE YOUR SERIES J!”
      Part of that is purely selfish. I just want to read it.

      BTW – LOVED the vampire bit. Sequins and fangs. Now that would definitely be a sight. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Indeed, but I believe the plotting and planning (generally speaking) does help clarify the writing, or at least gives me a foundation of sorts to allow me to actually write the narrative. I suppose I’m the type that likes to know everything that goes on in my fictional universe to leave subtle clues here and there.

    I just might have the vampires in (tasteful) sequined outfits, but that might be too campy, and my intention (thus far) is to have this series/saga be foreboding and serious, and a little scary.

    • Honestly, sometimes I really wish I could write that way, but I’ve tried planning out books in advance (even certain scenes), and they NEVER work out the way I intend them to. I can’t control the people; I just stick them into a world and tell them to exist.
      Being able to map out a story (beyond key points here and there) would DEFINITELY make my life easier.

      It’s funny what you’re saying about leaving clues. I’m all about (ALL ABOUT) subtle hints towards character identities that MAY not be apparent on the outside, and little clues here and there about plot lines that happen later. Don’t ask me how I manage it with the way that I write. I’ve been lucky so far, with my subconscious seeming to know things before I consciously know them.
      Then the tidbits that don’t line up from all the things I figure out at a date later than the actual writing are taken care of during the many edits that follow. Pain in the butt, for sure, but it works. πŸ™‚

      As for the vampires/sequins . . . Well, I think if there’s anybody out there who could manage to make that serious/scary . . . it would PROBABLY be you.
      Besides, even serious books need a bit of lightness to them. And you could make those vampires creepy (with a taste of weird). Enough to make people go like this – O.o. And then *eyetwitch*.
      Playing with emotions!
      Then you can laugh maniacally about the reactions they may have over it.

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