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Hello World. I am a moron. Nice to meet you.

You know that overwhelming feeling of panic that you have when you’re turning a doorknob and nothing happens?

You’re turning, you’re pulling (and YES, it IS a turn and pull door). Nothing.

And then your claustrophobia starts setting in. And then – in the span of about five seconds – you’re contemplating all the ways you could POTENTIALLY break this door to get it to open. And, “Hey, C. How ironic is it that you wrote a scene in one of your books, making a joke about a door being broken? BET IT’S REALLY FUNNY NOW, iddn’t it?”

Anyway, the door opened.

And apparently I’m talking to myself via blog.

I should probably sleep, but I can’t yet.

Wow. This isn’t as bad as jumping and nearly screaming when you catch your reflection in a pancake syrup bottle.

Hello World. This is me.

– C

15 thoughts on “Hello World. I am a moron. Nice to meet you.

    • HAHA. Maybe inspiration for a post at a later date?
      Glad somebody got something out of it. I was just left here on the other side of the computer, feeling like an idiot.

  1. Talking to yourself via blog… sounds like the basis of a new series [your subconscious leaving messages for yourself via your blog, trapped in an alternate universe, broadcasting a looming danger threatening to invade the real world… oh wait, this kinda sounds like an episode of Doctor Who…. well, several episodes, maybe.

    Just remember: Don’t Blink and Count the Shadows.

    • One can NEVER complain about something having a similarity to Doctor Who. Not unless it falls short of the mark, which anything inevitably would. Shame.

      And now you’ve reminded me of the Weeping Angels. I’ll be *eyetwitch*ing at all of the garden statues around my house for the next week.

    • I thought so too!
      It was definitely one of those moments where I wanted to smack myself in the face for giggling about a joke in a book so many times.

    • That would be half the fun of it!

      But then we/I/you/WHO? would look very crazy, rather than only slightly.
      Talking to yourself is one thing.
      Carrying on a conversation?

      Yeah, I’ve done it.

    • HAHAHAHA! Thanks!
      I say, “Weirdness is the light of life.”
      Deep, I know.
      But really – it makes things interesting, that’s for sure.

      Luckily I’ve since realized that the door is just wanting to stick itself at the top. I haven’t freaked out about it since. Trapped in ANY room? NO thank you.


      Btw. I will reply to your email ASAP. I PROMISE!

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