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My trip to Florida. Yes, there are pictures.

Florida was definitely . . . hmm . . . unexpected – all around.

I had some fun. I had some revelations. It was an experience, for sure.

One of the first revelations will be one of the last that I mention on here.

The following one: I might have to do some spelling lessons with my niece when she returns.

IMG_20130629_143335_390 - Copy

My next revelation was that Florida during the rainy season is quite unpleasant at times, and somewhat scary at others. I recorded a video, but have no intention of posting it.

My disdain for Spanish Moss has not lessened in severity since leaving Georgia several years ago. No offense to those who are fans of it, but it just disgusts me. I have a horrible daymare about a big chunk of it falling from a tree, such as the one below, and landing on my head.

IMG_20130629_190201_400 - Copy

Something completely unexpected was (what my friend J calls) a magnificent little plot bunny hopping around in front of my face, while looking out very early into the trip at the scenery below and hearing a story about a certain bird. (If you follow me on Twitter, that is the lamppost I mentioned on there as well, though from a different angle).

IMG_20130630_201220_860 - Copy

Beach Day Number 1 was fun. My sister and I went alone and alternated between laying out, and walking around in the water.


We then shared a giant platter of fried seafood (and fries) after, which was lovely. Our waiter needed a haircut.

IMG_20130630_122619_504 - Copy

Dogs, generally, love me. The latter of those below followed me around the entire time while at the house. He tried to sleep on the bed with me one night and was so insistent on staying there that he had to be picked up and carried away. Poor thing. And yes, those are two different dogs. They are both thirteen or fourteen years old, believe it or not.

IMG_20130629_125407_139 IMG_20130703_180632_589 - Copy - Copy

Beach Day Number 2 involved several people and LOTS of rain. Needless to say, I have no pictures of during. It rained on us the entire time. I had children holding my hands (which was strange, but made me wonder if I MIGHT NOT be so horrendous at dealing with them when I possibly have my own one day).Β  I got the crap beat out of me by waves (which was a good laugh). All in all, it was a startlingly fun time. I’m glad there was no lightning, or else the time wouldn’t have happened at all.

The picture below is of my grogginess waking up on Beach Day Number 3. Those are my favorite sunglasses. They broke, shortly after I took this picture.


I am expecting some pictures of BDN3 to appear in my email at some point, but as of now, I have none. That was another day with many people. Another revelation I had that day: My social anxiety has NOT lessened. I nearly had a panic attack due to the COPIOUS amounts of people on the beach. It was not pretty. Not at all. Well, the BEACH was pretty, but me on the beach? Not so much!

Later on, after it rained (which cleared out most of the people), my sister and I walked around in the water, looking for seashells. She found the best ones, but she let me have them.

IMG_20130703_092314 - Copy

Beach Day Number 4 was only me and my sister again (yes, I know that is not the appropriate way to say that).

It was lots of fun, apart from some strange sand-bee things that were hovering around our laying-out-blanket. And, of course, the seagulls always make for a nervous time. Poo? No thank you. Also, some jerks tossing a football over people’s heads right before we left caused a bit of frustration. Anyway, that was the only day we saw dolphins. As mentioned in the last entry, my sister took 30 pictures of them while I was away for a few minutes. I will spare you of them all. If you see the little specks far off into the distance on the second picture – that’ll be the dolphins. Yes. Specks.

IMG_20130703_123425_505 - Copy IMG_20130703_140959_556

The last full day was the 4th of July. I was missing Husband terribly, dyed my hair again, and was then thrown around people I didn’t know, a couple more kids, etc., and was about fifty million different levels of uncomfortable. The picture below is me sitting in the car while the kids did things at a little carnival type . . . thing? My misery level was 9000.


But things got a little better (about 3 hours or so after that picture). Watched fireworks. Got a glow bracelet (hadn’t had one of those in a long time . . . I’ll disregard that it was yellow). Plus, I’d had some awesome blue cake earlier in the day, which was pretty great.

A few small things? I got an email from a friend that absolutely MADE one of my days. I spent some time with some awesome people. I found out that my favorite band, Geographer, will be playing close enough for me to see them. Yes, six hours of driving is close enough to see them. Don’t even talk to me about social anxiety; I will stomach it for them. I missed them the last time they were that close and I’ve been regretting it ever since.

Anywho, that was basically my trip.

But apart from realizing that I DO NOT LIKE BEING AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND, I also realized that my sister and I? Well, we can have a pretty dag on good time together. That was the best thing about all of it for me, which is what he’d hoped – for the two of us to get some quality time together. We did.

We drank a CRAPTON of coffee (though it was never as strong as I like). We laughed. We talked. We talked some more. She made jokes about her Flintstone feet; we then painted our toenails to match and had ‘chrome wheels’. She fishtail braided my hair (I’d never had it done, and she’d never done it). I made her listen to Mr. Roboto (WHO HASN’T HEARD THAT SONG?!). We listened to SO much music. We did a lot of talking.

I’ll tell you what . . . that plot bunny aside?

All of that stuff with my sister was the best part of the trip. And missing Husband (and having several anxiety-episodes) aside?

I’m glad I went.

IMG_20130629_184748 IMG_20130630_173010

12 thoughts on “My trip to Florida. Yes, there are pictures.

  1. Well that sounded fun and thanks for sharing the pictures..
    Thanks for the food one..it is 00:40am here and it made me Hungry πŸ™‚

    I had been checking to see when you were back, glad you had a good time and got back safe.
    And now you are back with Hubby, you can be all lovey..The heart grows fonder apart does it not?

    Shaun x

    • I don’t know why you’re saying thanks if it made you hungry!
      I’d be shouting curses at myself for it.

      Thanks for checking in. I often wonder what I’m doing on here, and it’s always surprising to see that anyone actually even thinks about me. haha

      Oh, the heart growing fonder. I heard a lot about that while I was away. That’s what everybody said to stop me from moping about. I think my heart just is what it is. So no fonder; I just missed him.
      I’m a little weird, if you haven’t already noticed!


  2. Great photos and wonderful stories attached to the photos to boot. I remember Florida from a few years ago, the rainy season scared me silly. It’s a gorgeous area, though. I stayed over in Orlando and we had a phenomenal time. BTW, awesome seeing your reflection of you taking a photo of you in your glasses! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks!

      Yeah. The rainy season down there was definitely (DEFINITELY) an experience. All the random lightning strikes, and that thunder! My gosh that thunder was loud. It was different than storms here, that’s for sure. I prefer Florida in November.

      I love Orlando. I might be biased because I love Disney World and Sea World. I’m tired enough right now that I might go spouting off about how it’s like being in a magical land. I guess that’s the point of it though. Glad to hear you had a phenomenal time when you went. That’s what vacations are supposed to be about!

      LoL. Yeaaaaah, about the reflection. It happens. At least I wasn’t wearing my super-reflective-sunglasses that day. Wouldn’t have been able to post a picture like that at all.

  3. Hope you enjoyed our sunny yet rainy summer days! I’ve been a Florida resident all my life and it takes reading post like this to remind me I live in a vacation spot haha!

    • For some reason, your comment got lost in the sauce of my spam folder. Don’t ask me how it happened, but it did. I apologize immensely for the amount of time it took for me to notice it!

      But yes, some pleasant days for sure.
      I will try not to be jealous of your location. Then again, I’d be RIDICULOUSLY broke if I lived very close to Disney World. πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi there. I just perused your site and like so much that I see. You seem like a really cool person and very real. I like that. When you are not too busy, stop by The Community Storyboard, pay us a visit. http://www.neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com and hang out with us. We practice writing there if you are unfamiliar with it. Or you can come by my place anytime. I found this post on Florida and since I live in Orlando I thought I had taken a walk around the neighborhood. So happy to have met you.

    • Thanks!

      When I think ‘real’, I think flawed. I’m a lot of that word, but aren’t we all (in our ways)?

      I have that link open in a tab and did some quick looking on it – the Mission Statement and whatnot. I will have to do some reading on the actual page probably tomorrow. I’m about two hours past my bedtime right now (I’m nocturnal!).
      I will definitely be following you here in about . . . two seconds. Or two minutes depending on whether you’re going by the time I’m at this point in typing, or the time I press Post Comment. I liked the ‘come by my place’ thing. Kind of takes the impersonalness (Non-Word) of internet interactions away a little.

      I love Orlando, I really do. If I could live in Disney World, I would do it in a heartbeat. Of course I would be miserable if I did that, having so many people in my house all the time.
      Can you tell that I’m past my bedtime, rambling on about nonsense?

      I’m happy to have met you too!

      • I missed my bedtime last night and wrote an entire post about it this morning. When you wake up, drop by and have a read. Hoping you have a lovely day (night).

      • Oh I definitely just did that (but it’s before bed again now).
        Good stuff, for sure.
        Hoping you have a lovely day (er . . . um, night? No, it’s daytime right now) as well!
        It’s GOTTA be better than yesterday, right?

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