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Well. Unexpectedness.

So I . . . finished that book already.

Wasn’t planning on that. I was planning on writing for at least five more days. I was planning on putting about 40k more words in it.

But I sat down last night – stuck in a horrible headspace – and wrote one chapter. Then I sat there, and sat there, and sat there. I wrote another chapter and then . . . it was just . . . done.

I had no say in the matter whatsoever.

I don’t have a clue where I’m going to go with it from here. Will I write another book from the same character’s perspective? Will I throw in a new main character?

Honestly, with this STUPID FREAKING HEADSPACE, I have half a mind to just leave it where it is. But the world is so vast – with so much potential – that I feel like I’d be robbing it of something amazing if I didn’t continue on. I don’t know. I’ll probably take a few days off (like I said), and attempt to regroup. Maybe something will come to me. Maybe it won’t. We’ll see.

All I know is that if I don’t somehow find a better mood to inhabit my body, I won’t feel like doing diddly.

I have two blog awards that I need to accept, which I have intent to do at some point during the next few days (after I’m feeling a little better). At the current point in time, I can’t bring myself to post them.

I think I’ve responded to all the comments I needed to on here. Checked out new followers, etc. (WELCOME TO MY MADNESS!)

I need to send a few emails and respond to some messages (badly – everything in my world gets neglected when I’m writingΒ  – SORRY). I’ll probably do that this morning. Who knows?

Sorry to all for my bad mood. I probably shouldn’t even be posting anything, but isn’t the entire purpose of this blog to be like, “Hey. This is what’s going on with me writing-wise, and in general.”??

So this is what’s going on with me.

Unpleasant headspace. Finished writing the new book. Again, I’ll say it – I type fast, and I have a lot of time.

It’s always so surreal to me. I wonder if that feeling of finishing them will ever fade. Hopefully not. I guess when you know that you have months and months of editing after the writing . . . well . . . Yeah.

I should probably end this post.

Hope everybody is great. And I mean that. Sincerely. I wouldn’t wish these stupid moods on anyone.

Oh, I should thank J. Lau for inadvertently giving me a good laugh last night. After having a small commenting-conversation about hearing Matt Smith’s voice saying something . . . Well . . . I got a good laugh later, when thinking about it. That’s all I’ll say. So thanks J! Was definitely in need of that, for sure.

I think I’ll watch some Merlin (SEASON FIVE, FINALLY!) for a little while. If that doesn’t make me feel better, then I swear to all that is holy – absolutely nothing will.


18 thoughts on “Finished.

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚
      But there’s still many miles to go before sleeping . . .
      It’s such a long process. Getting the book written is only the beginning of a VERY LONG journey.

    • Haha!
      That’s good to know. I’ve been sitting here thinking I shouldn’t let my negativity bleed into this space, but hey . . . writing is supposed to help, isn’t it?
      Glad to know somebody out there isn’t thinking, “Wow. That chick is SO unpleasant.”

  1. Congrats on finishing your book. Hopefully time away helps you decide what to do. You could always make a new hero with a new adventure in the same world if that’s what you want to explore.

    • Thanks Charles. πŸ™‚

      Yes, that’s what I’m hoping will happen. Time away (hopefully) for clarity, and time to straighten myself out.
      That’s kind of what I was thinking, just to change things up (stepping out of my usual box) – having a new MC taking the main plot of the story forward and tying it all together.
      But I find it VERY difficult to let go of main characters once I’ve got them fully developed.

      • It is tough. I always remind myself that even a character has to retire. The alternative is to run them into the ground until people beg me to kill him off and put him out of his misery.

      • I definitely know what you’re saying. That’s kind of like with my last series – the MC’s story was done in four books. Period. No getting around it. I thought about writing more, just for my own amusement, with zero intent to let anyone else read them.
        As for this new character, I’m conflicted. I feel strangely satisfied with her overall progression and her arc, but I’m trying to think of a new character to continue the story and I’m coming up empty. So I don’t know.
        But yes, I’ve read many a series where you reach a point and think, “Really, Author? END THE STORY!”

  2. That’s great that you finished your book! How weird that the ending just pops out of nowhere sometimes, isn’t it?

    And okay world, you need to throw us some Happy Pills or something! Enough of everyone being down in the dumps! I mean, come on! It is summer, people are supposed to be outside enjoying nature! Authors are supposed to be able to take a break from work to do something fun!

    I hope you get back to feeling back to normal happy self very soon! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks!
      It really was an extremely weird moment for me. I had the ending in my head, and it wrote itself out the way I’d intended, but it just happened WAY sooner than anticipated. I guess it was just ready. But knowing me, I’ll end up adding about 20k more words to it during the different editing go-throughs.

      I really was extremely down for several days there. Feeling better now, I think. At least for the most part.
      I’ve realized that I’m not too big a fan of summer anymore, actually. I think it has something to do with getting older and having less things to DO, you know? Or maybe I’m just weird. haha
      You’re totally right that we need to take breaks from our writing, but writing is just so fun for me (most of the time) that it’s hard to pull myself away from it.

      Thanks for your well-wishes. I hope whatever down-bug was going around didn’t pay you a visit. πŸ˜‰

      • Glad to hear you’re feeling better! And I know what you mean about adding so many more words during editing! I think I added another 2,000 (I write small…I’m working up to that monstrous volume πŸ˜‰ Hahaha!)
        Weird thing with me is, all I ever come up with is the ending. I think up this phenomenal scene, and then sit there thinking, “Okay, so how did this happen? And how am I supposed to write a whole book with nothing but the ending to go off of?!?” LOL
        The down-bug officially visited Colorado, but I’m back to normal (sort-of) now. Thanks! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

      • Monstrous volume, haha. I like that. They never really feel monstrous, until you get several printings (for editing) of them together and are trying to relocate them. Then they feel like monsters, for sure!

        The ending is usually the clearest thing for me, once I get a good feel for a story. Little details up in the air here and there, definitely, but yeah – the ending is usually pretty solid and it’s all a matter of working up to it.

        Ah, I’m sorry the bug got to you too, but I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better as well! Too bad nobody can find that dag on thing to step on it . . .

        I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too. Gotta recover from that bug. πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations on finishing your book!

    As for next steps, how about telling the same tale albeit from a different character’s perspective? Maybe a prequel (as origin stories are all the rage these days), or one of those Alternate Universe tales where things might have ended up differently (for better or for worse) if [something] did (or didn’t) happen?

    As one of my main characters often says, “Actually, there are three sides to every story – your side, their side and the truth.”

    Also, glad that I was able to provide a moment (or several) of amusement, and it’s lovely to comment-converse about Whovian things; I hope your mood changes for the better, though maybe during this odd mood, the Plot Bunnies bounce about and poke and prod you profusely (yet gently) and plant some new ideas for your next book. They are persistent like that.

    • Thanks, J!

      I THINK I’ve figured out where to go with it next, but I’m not entirely sure. I will have to play around with the ideas once I get my sleep schedule back to normal (nights).

      I LOVE what your character says! Isn’t that the truth?

      Oh, it ended up being several different moments of amusement. I tend to drift off in my head sometimes, and I think about three separate instances that night I found myself giggling about it. I’m easily amused, what can I say?
      But yes, I’m always up for talking about Doctor Who. (If you haven’t noticed . . .)

      Ugh, when I’m in my moods, the bunnies don’t poke and prod gently. If they visit at all during that time, they have fangs. It’s the only way to get my attention. They certainly are persistent little . . . uhm . . . buggers.

      • Well, it’s a long way until November, when I suspect there will be tears shed, minds implosions and many fists will wave in the air amid cries of “Moffat!”, so giggles associated with the Doctor are a good thing.

        LOL – fanged plot bunnies made me think of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog – methinks you will need to have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch on hand to be rid of these fearsome beasts.

        Seriously though, ideas will come when they come, whether or not they will work will resolve itself in the end. [OK I’m not sure that sentence actually made any sense…]

      • I don’t even want to THINK of all the tears that will MOST ASSUREDLY be shed by my eyes in November. There will definitely be fist-shaking. And you KNOW it’s bad when you actually shake your fist at the sky. It’ll happen.
        You’re right. Should definitely giggle while we can.

        I’m going to be totally honest and admit that I didn’t know what you were talking about with the killer rabbit thing, though I did have a clue just by how it sounded. I’ve never seen Monty Python. Yes, go ahead and wave the shame fan in my face. :/

        And don’t worry, I totally got the sentence.

  4. Your characters need as much of a break as you do. I suggest you sit down together for some TV and your beverage of choice, then when they’re ready have a group discussion about where to go for your next adventure. Remember, they all deserve a say but you have the right of dictator.

    Be proud.

    • I’ve never been much on taking breaks. I lose my mind when I’m not writing (while I have a story playing itself out in my head). If I force myself not to write during those times, my head is still writing. But I just came back from a spur of the moment trip to Florida with my sister, which honestly helped more than I expected it to.

      If I told any of my characters that I’m the supreme dictator, they would laugh in my face.

      Thanks. πŸ™‚

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