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The Life-Clinger: An Apology

This is an addition to a previous entry (which you can find here).

Yes, I know I said that I was disappearing into writing oblivion and wouldn’t return for days, but this is the first time on here that I’ve HAD to get something out.

I’m hoping I feel better afterward.

If you read that entry about friendship, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that I’m adding a new category to it.

You click, right?

You click, and you’re friends, and you keep clicking and everything is just ten million different shades of awesome.

And then this happens.

The Life-Clinger: The Life-Clinger is a person who gets too caught up in the clicking. So they cling to the other person until they’ve sucked every bit of life from the friendship. It’s not purposeful. Anyway, they cling to the life of it until they’ve drained it dry.


I am an extreme person. Like I said in my last entry – when I’m doing something, I’m DOING it. Normally I don’t put too much stock in other people. It only ever ends in either pain, or disappointment. You get the rare occurrence where it doesn’t. That’s great. It really is. It’s really great when people do good with each other – in relationships, families, friendships. It’s a pretty rare thing for me to latch onto people though. It’s extremely rare for me to let other people get under my skin – at least far enough where they could actually hurt me. But it happens. Even with the best of us.


This is my apology.

It’s possible you’re reading it, or that you will at some point. And if you are, you’ll know that I’m talking about you, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’m sorry.


. . . I don’t feel any better.

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