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I’ve done it . . .

I have actually let another person impact a decision, past what to eat for dinner.

Many of you who actually read my entries on here know that I’ve had a very difficult time trying to figure out if I wanted to attempt to publish traditionally, or if I wanted to self-publish.

None of you know how many times I’ve flopped back and forth about it. Seriously – I kid you not – every other day it will be the one, then the other. Throw small presses into the mix and you’ve got a very not-fun mix of things to flop over (and over and over and OVER) with. I’m sure many of you have been in that boat before. But I’m sure most of you – after doing the research – have been able to make the decision that was best for you. I couldn’t. I’m not kidding. There are pros and cons to all sides, which anybody who does a Google search will know. All those pros and cons evened themselves out with me.

When talking to people (especially my husband) about it, they tend to just go along with whatever you say. That’s not bad. Most people understand that a person will do whatever they want in any given situation, and trust that a person is capable of making the best decision for themselves. So when I call you at two in the morning almost screaming my lungs out about how I’m GOING TO SELF-PUBLISH, of COURSE you’re going to think, “That’s the best thing for her to do.”

I’ve done it. Yes. I have made those calls.

I have made those calls, slept on it, then woke up with a different outlook.

And if you read my post Balance, then you know (where I’m talking about my hair) that my husband is THE ULTIMATE agreer. Yes, I know agreer is not a word, but it should be.

So (after going through this for months on end) while laying in bed yesterday morning before sleep (yes, I said that correctly – I am nocturnal), I caved. I said, “Husband, I NEED your input here. All of these pros and cons are even. HELP ME, FOR GOD’S SAKE!” That is not verbatim, but it’s close enough to pass.

He thought on it. Just now, we had a conversation about it.

He wants me to try to get an agent. And he wants me to do that so I don’t lose my mind. Getting an agent . . . well . . . it’s damn near impossible to do, I know. I don’t think I REALLY realized how damn near impossible it actually WAS until recently. I’ve realized. The likelihood is . . . not good. I’ve accepted it.

I’ve accepted it and am backup-planning in my head.

But you know what?

Until my editor (WOOO) gets done with my book in . . . let’s see . . . my brain is NOT working right now. A little over two months. Yes. She’s starting it August 1st and will get done at the end of the month. So until she gets done with it, I will get to focus on my writing rather than stressing to the high heavens. I’ll take that.

So when I fail with getting an agent (I’m not being negative – only realistic) . . . I will cross that bridge when I get there. The good thing about being realistic is that you ALWAYS have a backup plan. But now, I’ve got a plan BEFORE the backup plan is necessary.

Thanks Husband.

How strange it was to just say, “Alright. If that’s what you think I should do . . . it’s what I’ll do.”

If you know me at all, then you will know that DOES NOT HAPPEN. Just saying.

Sorry. Figured I should get all that out there. It’s off to bed for me.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.


12 thoughts on “I’ve done it . . .

    • Haha thanks!
      I’ve gotta give my husband the credit for it though. The only thing I feel like I’ve done is give him all the information. It’s super nice not to be stressing out about it – at least for now. We’ll see how it all pans out.

  1. Stick with what feels right in your Heart.
    I had to make life altering decisions, not just for me, but for others.
    And I realised one day I had to just “Decide”

    Also when I did this: http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/the-dream-died-no-football-for-uncle-shaun/
    I had to make on the spot decisions that would cost REAL MONEY and create real problems.

    I decided long ago, decide and go with what you decided with the 1st time. The more we go back and forth trying to decide, the bigger the chance we will call it wrong..

    I have not known you long, but I believe you will choose correct.

    Shaun x

    • You’re absolutely right. Flopping around does nothing but cause problems. And, generally, your first gut instinct will be the right one. Then you start second-guessing and all that (with flopping).

      Thanks for the faith. I find myself a bit lacking with it a lot of the time. You’ve been giving me quite a lot of it lately, and I appreciate it. Amazing what a little positivity can do.

      And I’ll just say it again about that blog entry of yours.

      I really need to find one of those. Seems like everybody is in need of it.

      • I will be fine…
        I spend more time helping others it helps me.
        I am here to help, I am here to love and care..

        Got a surprise for you with a song, gimme 10 minutes..

        Shaun xx

  2. Stephen King once said in an interview, that the greatest stories are those that stick with you. That is why he never writes any notes. Sounds like you have hit onto a great idea with your book. My writing day would be probably start at 8 A.M. eat, read, write, reply to things, go through the reader on WP, repeat, nap for twenty minutes, repeat the rest, go to bed at 12 am

    • I can’t write them if they don’t stick with me. Might take a little while for the glue to set in sometimes, but I think I’ve been lucky with that so far.

      Thanks for sharing about your perfect day.
      I really do think it’s amazing how much writing means to all of us. It seriously creates such a strong sense of community with our peers on here. I love it.

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