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Quick Question . . .

I just have to know . . . how can you NOT tell the difference between salad dressing and mayonnaise?



Maybe then I will get over The Potato Salad Fiasco that occurred yesterday.

That is all.

12 thoughts on “Quick Question . . .

  1. You’d have to look at the ingredients, but mayonnaise probably has the same basic ingredients regardless of the brand name, while salad dressing could pretty much be anything as it’s such a generic label, but my guess would be it’s highly sweetened.

  2. Apparently, particularly in the south, mayonnaise is referred to as “salad dressing” even though it’s clearly not and everyone seems to understand that. I think the confusion comes from the fact that it’s very common here to make “pasta salad” (and also potato salad) which consists of mayonnaise, pasta, and an assortment of vegetables etc …. so calling it salad dressing became routine. I don’t think they necessarily think mayonnaise goes on actual green salad though. :3 At least that’s how I understand it. I’m from oregon, but I live in texas and I argued the point many times to my relatives here XD

    • I’m from the south – though farther north than Texas – and I’d never seen anyone get the two confused until yesterday.

      Apparently someone didn’t look at the label and picked up salad dressing instead of mayonnaise. My sister then proceeded to put the salad dressing into the potato salad, which made it . . . *shivers* UNBEARABLY disgusting.
      I swear, it tasted like soured milk to me (the aftertaste).

      What I was frustrated about was this . . .
      Literally more than HALF of the people eating it could not taste any sort of difference whatsoever, which baffled me.

      They don’t even have the same consistency. -_-

      It was kind of ridiculous to post an entry about it, but it’s a day later and I’m still disgusted (and baffled). LoL

  3. For me? Salad dressing has a zestier taste. Depends, though. If you’re looking at a direct 1:1 comparison, it’s more like mayo has this viscousness that one can only detect when looking for it. Not sure. I don’t know if I’m much help. Yikes!

    • Salad dressing (by itself and not used as a binder in any other sort of food) will always remind me of sandwiches at my best friend’s house growing up, and DESPERATELY wishing that her family liked mayonnaise instead. haha

      You’re totally right though. Salad dressing is zestier (and much sweeter, as noted above), without the globbing consistency of mayonnaise.
      Mayo is my go-to.

      Seriously though, you can tell the difference when tasting them, right?
      Like . . . you KNOW when it’s one instead of the other.
      I worry about my family, not being able to notice.

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