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Small update on new WIP

I remember now why I become so hermit-like while I’m writing.

I started working on a new book the other night and have been alternating between that, one I started on a few months ago (and haven’t done much with), and messing around on here in between.

I’m EXTREMELY satisfied with the progress of the newest, although I have some concerns about it. Mostly because it’s screaming the word ADULT at me, and I have a very difficult time writing adult-type things. I’ve got around 14k words on it already and I’m trying to just . . . take it one step at a time.

The older-new-one makes me want to break my laptop. I’ve realized very recently – partially due to this particular WIP, and partially due to fixing some technical things in my first series – that I seriously suck at writing contemporary stories. Well, maybe it’s not so much that I suck, but just that I don’t really enjoy it as much.

I haven’t started on that ‘experiment’ I mentioned the other day, mostly because the newest WIP has been forcing me to tackle the things that I’d planned on tackling with it anyhow. Well . . . to be totally honest, there hasn’t been much tackling of anything quite yet (apart from a few things), but it’s gonna happen – that’s for sure.

My family has been on my case about going fishing while it’s ‘nice out’, but I feel like I don’t have the time to piddle around. I should probably go back there, at least for a little while. (We have a lake [large pond, but we call it a lake] on our property – I have a picture of it somewhere recently on my Instagram).

I’ve been trying to work out some sort of schedule. Work (Write), Read, Work (Write), Blog . . . it’s just not quite working out the way I wanted it to. I guess I’m just going to have to get accustomed to doing more than one thing at a time in life. Ah, it’s an experience.

All I can do is grow. I think it’s helping.

Hope everyone has a glorious Friday, followed by a fantastic weekend.

You know where I’ll be. In my shed. Writing.


4 thoughts on “Small update on new WIP

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one!
      It’s definitely difficult, trying to figure out how to ‘keep it classy’ all around.
      Honestly, it’s difficult for me trying to figure out how to make it ANYTHING.

      PROBABLY a bad time to start writing one (I’d planned on doing it sometime in the – distant – future), but when a story starts . . . you can’t do anything about it other than get it out.

      • I’ve done many a cut-off while writing, but your wording sounds better. Fade outs. I like that.
        Do you mind if I use it? XD

        And when it comes to the OTHER aspect of adult novels (where ‘aftermath’ is concerned) . . . I have a difficult time being descriptive during action scenes.

        I’m going to be totally honest and admit that I was literally stomping around the other night while talking on the phone to my friend and explaining to her the issues with this new book. I felt like a child. “But I DON’T WANNA!”
        Meh, it is what it is.
        All that I can do is try and tell it as well as I can.

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